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part 8 : Bheege Pal

It was a quiet night; Rahul and Muski were sitting in rahul's car.
Haaa shehar ki ladki'ohh hooo shehar ki ladki.. aankh ladake pooche hi how are you.. haath milake pooche how do you do.. style pe uski, smile pe uski' hai tabiyat bhadki, shehar ki ladki'
Rung Muskaan's phone

Mu: oye kaankhajure, mummy ka phone aa raha hai..tu kheek se baat karna ok
Ra: haan haan..bharosa rakh
Phone convo (only from rahul's side):
Ra: hello
Ra: sat sri aakal aunty ji
While looking at muskaan
Ra: haan aunty ji.. sab changa hi changa hai
Muskaan hits on his shoulder, giving weird look 'yeh mujhe aise kyun dekh raha hai?'.
Ra: Aunty tusi daso.. muskaan bata rahi si twanu mere naal kedi important gal karni si?
He showed Muskaan 'le pooch liya..ab mat maarna' look LOL
Ra: (shouted) yeh aap kya keh rahe ho??
Muskaan gets tensed thinking what must have her mum told him, listening to which he shouted so much
She signals him 'kya hua??'
Rahul too tensed to say anything
Ra: parr..aise kaise? Ek dum achanak se???
He put his other hand on his head..
Ra: (disappointedly) jee aunty ji'acha changa.. sat sri akaal.
And hangs the phone..
Looking at rahul so sad and disturbed, muskaan shouted furiously
Mu: Kya hua rahul.. kya kaha mummy ne? sab theek to hai na?
Rahul still in shock, didn't answer her anything, he just kept on looking at the steering wheel.
Muskaan taps his shoulder
Mu: rahul bata na kya hua hai? Tu aise kyun behave kar raha hai???
Rahul again silent
Muskaan had enough now; she couldn't take the suspense any more.. so she pulled his collar
Mu: (shouted) oye rahul tu bata raha hai ya nahi?
Ra: sab gadbad ho gayi hai
Muskaan takes hers hands back, after seeing at least he has started replying
Mu: kya gadbad ho gayi hai?
Ra: pandit ji ne kaha hai humari shaadi issi month honi chahiye, warna do saal tak koi mahurat nahi hai
Muskaan had her mouth full open with shock
Ra: aur aunty ji ne humein wahan bulaya hai jald se jald
Mu: nahi yeh nahi ho sakta
And the night passed..
 In sanjeevani.
Keerti wasn't feeling too well today. Shubhankar insisted her to take rest, but she couldn't ignore her responsibilities in the hospital so she convinces him that she will be fine.
Nurse Station
Ke: good morning interns
All: good morning
Riddhima notice keerti was a bit pale
Ke: dr. atul and dr. armaan aap OPD mein
At & Ar : ok mam
Ke: dr. anjali aap OT mein dr. shubhankar ko assist karenge
An: (excitedly) yes mam
Ke: dr. riddhima aap aaj mujhe mere cases mein assist karengi
Ri: yes mam
Listening this Armaan smiled, 'arey wah aaj saas bahu ek sath'
Keerti looks around and finds muskaan is not there
Ke: dr. muskaan kahan hai?
Nobody had any clue about her..
All: we don't know mam
After a while, Muskaan comes running there
Mu: sorry mam
Everyone notices her eyes were swollen, as if she has cried whole night.
Ke: dr. muskaan aap theek toh hain?
Mu: jee mam, I am absolutely fine
Seeing her sad face, keerti didn't scold her for being late
Ke: ok..aap aur dr. rahul in children's ward
Rahul and muskaan looks at each other 'ok mam'
Ke: ok you all may leave now.
Everyone goes from there.
Armaan goes to riddhima who was busy reading a file in the reception
Armaan cleared his throat 'ahem ahem', just to make riddhima aware that he is around.
Ar: hi
Riddhima looks at him, and then blushes down
Ri: hi
Her cheeks were getting red and red.
Ar: hmm.. riddhima mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai
Riddhima again looks at him
Ri: kya baat hai armaan..kaho
He was very nervous; he had never said this to anyone before. He had many girlfriends in the past but he never proposed them for marriage which he wanted to do to riddhima
Ar: woh main soch raha tha.. I mean humein ab decide kar lena chahiye' matlab tum toh jaanti hi ho na ki main.. aur main bhi jaanta hu ki tum bhi..toh main soch raha tha..
Riddhima laughed
Ri: armaan yeh kya keh rahe ho??mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha
Armaan disappointed..
Ar: kya tumhe kuch samajh nahi aaya
Ri: (confused) nahii
Armaan shaked his hair thinking 'ohh nooo.. ab yeh sab phir se kehna padega?? God please help..Propose karna itna hard kyun hota hai??'
Riddhima was observing his changing expressions.
But her pager rang
Ri: dr. keerti ka page hai..mujhe jaana hoga
Ar: (frustrated) ok
And she goes from there.. armaan thinks 'mom bhi na.. inhe aur koi time nahi mila tha'
He too goes from there'
All were busy with their duties.
Dr. Keerti and riddhima were checking up few patients together.
Keerti wasn't feeling well, she started coughing hard out. She started feeling dizzy and fell on a bed. She was trying to control it but was unable to so. Her face was now becoming red. Riddhima hurried up to her seeing her condition.
Ri: dr. keerti aap theek ho hai na??
But keerti didn't answer.
When ridzi touched her to give support, she found her body was burning with the high temperature. With the help of a nurse, she took her to the special ward and gave her an injection immediately in addition to the oxygen mask, which would help her breath easily.  Keerti was very much relieved but was unconscious. Ridzi seeing her temperature was too high so she starts putting up the wet straps on her forehead. Everything was under control now. After a while, keerti came into conscious'and she finds ridzi was still putting up the wet straps. She smiled at her
Ri: arrey aapko hosh aa gaya.. ab aap kaisa feel kar rahi hai?
Ke: much better' thank you
Ri: ismein thank you kehne wali kya baat hai? Yeh toh meri duty thi..Ab aapko thodi rest ki zaroorat hai, and then you will be fine.
Keerti again smiled, thinking how caring she is'and she puts her hand on her head (giving blessing)
Riddhima get confused, but she again smiled.
Ri: maine sabko inform kar diya hai.. bas abhi woh log aate hi honge
In the mean while shubhankar comes
He was really tensed; he cannot see his love being hurt.
Sh: keerti..keerti tum theek to ho na?
He takes his hand on his..
Ke: haan shubhankar I am fine
Sh: maine tumhe kaha tha na ke tum aaj araam kar lo..par tum to tum hi ho'
Riddhima felts a bit awkward standing there
Shubhankar kisses her hand
Sh: pata hai main kitna darr gaya tha
Keerti puts her hand on his cheek
Ke: shubhankar main bilkul theek hoon
Armaan too came running there, and everyone else behind him
He almost had tears in his eyes..
Ar: mom kya hua.. aap theek toh hain?
Everyone shocked''''OMG!! Dr. Keerti is Armaan's mom??'Shocked
Ke: haan beta I am absolutely fine..
Tears started approaching out of Armaan's eyes seeing his mother in this condition
Ke: armaan aise bachon ke tarah kyun ro raha hai'mujhe kuch nahi hua hai' shubhankar dekho na isse
She holds riddhima's hand, who was standing on the other side of the bed
Ke: aur waise bhi riddhima hai na mere paas
Shubhankar and armaan both smiles, seeing what keerti was trying to notify them. By saying this, she actually meant that she has accepted riddhima as her daughter-in-law.
Riddhima's eyes too filled up with water thinking 'they have so much love in the family..'
Just to lighten up the things, atul said
At: (excitedly) dr. keerti..ab aap khud hi patient hain toh.. ab humein duties toh nahi milegi na?
Everyone stared at atul' how he can say this, especially in this situation
Ke: dr. atul kuch kaha aapne?
He looks at everyone'
At: kuch nahi dr. keerti' bas yehi aap jaldi se theek ho jaiye fir aapko humein duties bhi toh deni hai
All giggled at this..
Ri: acha aap sab bahar jaiye, abhi inhe araam ki zaroorat hai
All go, except armaan
He hold keerti's hand..
His eyes were again moist..
Ar: love you mom
And kiss her forehead. Then, he hurriedly went outside.
Ke: (to ridzi) armaan bahut hi emotional hai, woh kissi ko hurt nahi dekh sakta'especially to those who are very close to him.
Riddhima smiles at this
Ri: yeh toh uska pyaar hai..aap sabke liye
Keerti smiled.
Ke: riddhima tum mera ek kaam karogi?
Ri: jee kahiye
Ke: tum armaan ko dekh kar aaogi.. mujhe lag raha hai kahin woh ro na raha ho
Ri: jee'main abhi dekh kar aati hoon
Meanwhile, she sends a nurse to take care of keerti.
Riddhima searches the whole hospital, but couldn't find Armaan anywhere.
While passing by, she noticed him sitting in the fire escape.
She enters there, and sees him sitting there hiding his face, with his hands
Riddhima taps his shoulders, and sits next to him
Ri: armaaan'
Armaan took his hands off. His face was wet because of the tears falling from his eyes. She felt really sad seeing armaan in this condition. She wipes his tears.
Ri: armaan, your mom is fine..unhe kabhi kuch nahi hoga'I promise
Armaan sees riddhima with so much of concern for his family and hug her tightly. He really needed someone's shoulder to cry on. She firstly shivered, seeing how armaan unexpectedly hugged her, but after a while she realizes the situation and puts her hands on his back. She nudged her hand all over his back, just to show that she is always with him..
After a while,
Armaan was feeling much relaxed. Still in her arms, he felt she is his world, without her he cannot even imagine his life. Today what she did for him and for his family was really something that no one else could have done. He was now confident of his love. He remembered how keerti accepted her as her daughter-in-law.
'thank you' would be too small to express his feelings. She deserve more than that..
'I LOVE YOU' armaan whispered in her ears' leaving her in a big shock!!!
Sorry guys for taking too long to update,
and also if you find it very emotional.Cry
Please don't kill me for ending at this point'LOL
But I promise to give the most romantic part in the next update Wink
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