Saturday, 5 November 2016

part 9 : Bheege pal

'I Love You' said Armaan leaving Riddhima in a shock!!
Hearing those three magical words so unexpectedly, riddhima loosened her grip on armaan.. Seeing this, Armaan too left her and they part off their hug. The silence was filled. Armaan was struggling to observe her expressions, her reaction but was shocked so see her expressionless face.
Ar: riddhima kya hua?

Riddhima realized that it's not a dream; this is the reality, which had a lot of importance in it. He found her really confused, with which he too got confused 'yeh kya ho raha hai? Maine toh socha tha riddhima bhi mujhse pyar karti hai? Agar haan toh yeh aise kyun behave kar rahi hai?? Abhi tak toh isse bhi mujhe hug karke I love you kehna chahiye tha.. magar yeh toh.. god please help..'
Riddhima still being silent stands up to go from there, leaving armaan yet confused. Armaan panicked with the thought, why is she leaving now? Have I done something incredibly wrong? Doesn't she love me? Am I a bad guy? Why is she not reacting at all? What's wrong?? He too swiftly stood up to stop her from going.
Ar: riddhima..ruko.. kahan ja rahi ho?
Riddhima didn't stop and walk off the fire escape
Armaan jumped, and followed her, he dreadfully wanted his answer..
Ar: riddhima ruko..batao baat kya hai?
Riddhima walked even faster and went out of sanjeevani.
It was raining heavily, but she didn't care about it'there was much more in her life to be cared about. She just got proposed by a guy, about whom she doesn't even know much. Its been just a month they have met and this guy has already started loving her? The main problem was that her whole depended on her one answer, If she says 'yes' then she is accepting the fact that her parents will actually make her marry him. She will not be given a second chance to think about their relationship. Her entire life will change on her this answer.
She kept on going, not even realizing where she was going, didn't even knew that armaan was following her. She was completely lost. Armaan knew something is definitely wrong with her that is why she is behaving so awkwardly. He kept on shouting 'riddhima..riddhima' but she didn't listen to it. He ran behind her to stop her and manages to hold her hand from back. Riddhima shocked seeing someone was holding her hand, so she immediately turned back to see who has this much of power to stop her, to hold her hand. As she turned her hair came all over her face, but she managed to see it was Armaan.
Armaan took few steps to go close to her, seeing him getting close she too started moving back. Since armaan wasn't stopping, she shouted 'armaaaaan'. Everyone around looked at them, armaan get embarrassed and pulls her to the basket ball court.  Riddhima struggles to take her hand off, but was unable to do so because of armaan's tight grip.
When they reach the court, armaan pulled her with a lot of energy and leave her hand..Riddhima rolls over and find herself in front of him. She shouted 'armaan what do you think you are doing?'. Armaan didn't answer but was staring in her eyes. Riddhima too looked into his deep eyes. Everything went silent. All they could hear was the music played by rain drops and their heart beats pounding heavily.
Without interrupting the major eye contact, armaan went closer to her. The rain was singing at its loudest. Their hearts were beating even faster. Excitement was now rolling over their nerves.  Both breathing heavily, the world seem faded away; it was now just him and her, burning in the obsession. Armaan gets even closer to her, riddhima blink her eyes.. their pulse rate was at its maximum. Both breathing profoundly. They now can smell each other's sweet breath.. armaan hold her both the hands and kiss them, feeling his lips on her hands she shivered.
He put his hand on her waist to bring her closer to him. Her brain, her senses stopped working; all she could see was his love filled eyes, and feel his warm breath, and the crazy perfume he was wearing; his heart beat was synchronizing with her heart beat. Armaan from the other hand pulls her hair strand away from her face. His touch made her crazy, she shivered to the spine and closed her eyes.
Armaan had never seen anyone as beautiful as her, there was something in her'the rain drops on her face appeared like pearls. She was looking like an angel, who has come on earth just for him. He looks at her face from top to bottom; her eyes were closed as if they are waiting for something, and her red lips were presenting the delicious want in them.
He sees a rain drop on her forehead, and he kisses it. Her brow relaxed but now her other parts were waiting. The raindrop travelled through to her eyes, he kissed her eyes. His touch shudder her; she held his back tightly from one hand. The touch of her made him even passionate.. Riddhima could feel he is following the rain drop. She shivered even more, when that raindrop stepped to her cheek, she knew where is it coming next. She slightly moved her cheek closer to his lips so that he kisses it quickly. Armaan now knew that she is also enjoying it and he kisses her cheek.
Now she was hoping for rain drop to go to her lips, so that she can take out all her passion through that kiss, but unfortunately that drop went to her chin. Armaan smiled seeing riddhima's upset face but then also he kissed her chin only and suck the drop. Feeling his lips so close to hers, she became restless; she eagerly wanted a kiss on her lips. She put her other hand on his neck and moved her lips closer to his, and seeing her being so desperate he moved his lips real close to hers'now there was only ' inch distance between them. Riddhima, who was very anxiously waiting for him to kiss, when realized that it's been too long waiting for her kiss..she opened her eyes to check what he was up to, but suddenly he brushed his lips with hers and she again closed her eyes. Their small kiss was now turning into the most passionate one. her one hand was on his back and other on his face because of which he was getting wilder. Armaan tightened his grip on her waist; she was playing with him, by nudging her hand sometimes on his face and sometimes on his hair which was making armaan totally nuts. Frustrated armaan pulls her hand and places it on her back.
Nothing can stop them now; they both were burning with the passion. After 5 mins, they both seemed breathless and depart from each other.  Breathing heavily both looked down on the floor and hugged each other very tightly.
The camera is now swirling around them'
Background Music (Male):
asmaani rang hooo'..pyaar ki boond ho..roshni ho dhoop ho..chahaton ki goonj ho'aanchal mein hai nag chandni.. haathon mein woh chand hai..gayron se bhi hai wasta apno mein pehchan hai..
Tara ra ra ra ta ri ra' Tara ra ra ra ta ri ra' Tara ra ra ra ta ri ra'tu zindani
Mera izhar hai..pyar hi pyar hai..yaaron ki yaar hai.. tu zindagi
Tara ra ra ra ta ri ra.. Tara ra ra ra ta ri ra' Tara ra ra ra ta ri ra'tu zindagi
Tujhse mein kya kahu'tu hi mera sukuun' sang tere rahu..tu zindagi
They depart from the hug. Armaan hold her face with both his hands and they both looks into each other's eyes. A smile approached in Armaan's face but a tear approached riddhima's eyes
R: (in a moist voice) I Love you armaan
Listening to this armaan's eyes also get filled up with water and they again hugged each other..
Background Music (female):
Asmaani rang hu, pyaar ki boond hu, roshni ka odh hu..meri teri dhoop hu
Tujhse hi hai meri bandagi..tujhse hi chand hai
Saaya tera mera aasmaan' tu mera Armaan hai
La la la la la la laaa.. La la la la la la laaa.. La la la la la la laaa..tu zindagi
Mera izhaar tu
Mera iqraar tu
Pyaa hi pyaar tu
Tu zindagi'
Ar: I Love You riddhima


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