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chapter 29 : My Soulmate My wife

chapter 1- 28
she stretched her hand holding his
coat , waited Armaan to take it,
looking down.. but when didn’t feel
any movement, she looked up

and then saw, without blink Armaan
got up and walked to her.. She
again got scared.. stepped back..
but Armaan grabbed her upper arm
but politely, softly.. .. drew her
towards him , near him.. and to
her big surprised he placed his
palm on her forehead , pressed
and then again placed reverse side
on his palm , pressed, just to
check her temperature .
Ar: did you come down with
fever ? are you well ?
Ridhima was surprised, touched with
his gesture, his gentleness
concern and love which she’s felling
merely or deliberately
denying .. didn’t want to see fact,
want to admit this truth, he feels
for her and she knew it
Ridhima nodded yes : hum.. I’m fine
[ she said in mere whisper ]
Armaan moved his hand and took her
coat.. he was about to keep it
sofa then noticed it’s clean and
pressed.. he looked at her.
Ar: did you wash it , yourself ?
Ridhima shook her head positively
stay in same position . Armaan
didn’t why but he felt touched, as if
his wife had washed his
cloths.. he smiled on this thought..
He kept coat on sofa as he
can’t wear it.. he already wearing
one.. then went back on his seat.
sat down .
Ar: sit..
Ri: umm.. no thanks..I’ve
work..I’ll leave now.
Ridhima saying it slowly walked out
and Armaan was looking at her
Ridhima was in her cabin…. Called
all inters who were working
under her directions ..
Ri : what’s the hell is going
on ? why all sketches have been
rejected ?
Ridhima has send three rough
sketches of her design but all were
rejected and she got same reply that
she wasn’t following written
order.. now her inters were saying
same thing.. all of their drafts
were rejected due to inconsistency
with directions..
One interns : Maam, no Idea.. we’re
following what written orders
We have got from you .. but when
we sent drafts to selection board
, they rejected all..
Ridhima was wiping her face.. she was
tensed.. time was running
out,, here she was stuck in hidden
trouble which she couldn’t
even figure out ..
Ri : umm.. give me 1 hour.. I’m
searching the problem.. I’ll
call you all later..
Ridhima took out that direction
written order which peon had gave
you.. she checked it thoroughly.. no
there is no problem.. she has
followed all ..she thought for
sometimes then walked out of
She directly went to admin section ..
asked for main copy of
direction papers which has signed
by selection board. Admin
officer gave her that and she
checked it..
She was shocked , confounded to
read it.. there lot’s of
dissimilarity between this paper and
which paper she was
following …. Ridhima couldn’t
understand how could be it
She went one another senior
designer’s cabin and asked her one.
But that’s right. She find out only
her one was wrong otherwise
every one following right one.
Ridhima thought for several times and
she got her answer how it
happened ? she stormed to
Anjalis cabin. Without knocking
stormed in… Anjali to see her this
behavior stood up and barked
on her.
Anjali: how dear you to come in
my cabin without seeking
permission.. don’t you know office
decorum ? you stupid rustic..
Ri : yes, I can see your elitism
manner. Ridhima showed her
wrong order paper ………
It’s called elitism ? I know you
don’t like me.. you always tried to
insult me.. I thought it’s ok..I
ignored you just for sake of
profession .. but this time .. I can’t
believe you can stoop so low ..
are you friend of Mr. Malik
didn’t you think once for him who
believes blindly on you.. how could
you gave me wrong data ?
Anjali : shut , shut up.. when I’ve
given you this ? you crazy
women.. and as you’re talking that
you will do anything BIG if
you get right order ? how dare you
talk to me like this ? do you
know what I can do ?
Ri : you shut up .. miss.
Anjali.. You can’t do nothing to
I’m very well know you’re behind on
all these.. and what you said
what even I would have
done ?..Now I’ll show you what I’m
capable to do miss. Anjali wait
and watch………..
Ridhima pointing finger towards her
challenged her.. and walked
out the same way she had entered
in.. their conversation was so
high that others employee have
gathered outside of the cabin.
Armaan came back in office and when
he climbed upstairs he saw
that crowed … he approached
there.. then saw Ridhima was coming
out ,
Armaan couldn’t stooped her due to
high speed but surely had
noticed her angry face and sparking
eyes… which were moist..
he walked in Anjali’s cabin.. to see
him coming all moved from
there.. he heard the buzz of
swopping order.
Ar: out everybody !!! [ firm
voice].. [ to hear Armaan’s angry
voice Anjalu’s two assistants left
immediately ].. [Armaan walked
to Anjali ]..what the hell is this
Anjy ? why she is crying ? [he
angrily stepped towards her,
grabbed her upper arms ] .. why
you’ve swopped direction’s order ?
why you hurt her like that ?
damn it !!I have not call you to
hurt her, to take her away from
me.. do you what crap you’ve done ?
Anjali : Because, I don’t have
time.. I’ve to go back. Armaan..
Armaan [ confused] : means ?
Anjali: Dad had called me..He’s
not well, I’ve to go back USA
within 1 week….
Ar: gosh !!! Anjy make it clear..
how come these two matter
related ?
Anjali got off his hands and
turned back.. walked to her desk,
opened drawer.. brought out few
papers and came to Armaan,
handed him all these..
Anjali : watch them [ Armaan held
papers and straight them ]
Ar: what a crap ? who the hell
drew all these ?
Anjali: Ridhima
Ar: what ??? [utter
shocked] ..Impossible.. never ever.. I
her taste, eligibility ..
Anjali: me too.. but she has done
these.. I’ve seen her drawing
all these.. she was lost in her
thought.. something engulfed her
talent .. clouded her mind.. I’ve
observed 2 days but no
improvement, no change.. that why
I’ve changed her order, to hit
on nail and she is back in work with
all efficiency .. Now she will
pull her socks up and to defeat me
she will put her best Armaan
isn’t that you wanted…
Armaan turned , stood back facing
Anjali closed his eyes and
remembered something.. Anjali
tapped his shoulder.
Anjali : Armaan, what happened ?
well, I’m sorry to hurt her but
for her good and short of my time
I’ve to do it this way..
Ar : no.. no Anjali. I’m sorry..
for me you have to hear such
bad words.. and I hope she turns
the table otherwise she will go
far away from me..
Anjali: well, I didn’t mind what
she had told me.. she is doing it
unknowingly but we’re hurting her
willingly though for her good
but it’s paid off .. anything for my
dearest dost..
[Anjali hugged Armaan from back and
Armaan smiled.]
After few days…………………..
Malik mansion was preparing for
Akash’a wedding as Akash and
his family settled in Australia.. they
have Apartment in Delhi but
not Mansion.. they all decided his
wedding will happen from
Malik Mansion…………………
Nandani : billi bhaiya.. I’s thinking during
Akash’s married we’ll propose
kapoor….will ask Ridhima’s hand for
Atul.. what do you say ?
Ananya: not during wedding, after
that.. it’ll be so soon.. let Ridhima
& Atul know each other.. then we’ll
ask again for her..
Armaan who just returned home and
was going directly his room
,he heard his mother’s and Aunty's
conversation. He walked in his
room and locked door. Threw coat on
Ar: what the hell !!! how dare
they are ? they are planning
Atul & Ridhima's marriage .. and I
don’t even know.. damn it !!!
Armaan slumped on recline, ran his
hand through his hair in
frustration,, anger ,..
Ar: Atul.. I’ll kill you if I see you
even look at her.. she is mine,
only mine.
Armaan thought something then
managed to cool his 100’C
temperature .. got changed and
slept off………
Armaan just returned back in home
and saw Ridhima was sitting on
sofa.. waiting for someone.. before
he could go near her.. Atul went
to her, held her hand and walked
upstairs.. Armaan like numb follow
them.. they both walked in.. Atul
mad Ridhima sat on bed.. Ridhima
was smiling and blushing.. Armaan
stood there, doorway.. they
didn’t locked door..Atul bent little
and pecked at Ridhima’s lips..
then slowly laid her on bed.. he
also lay on her.. slowly pulled
down her Pallu off from shoulder..
he was about to capture Ridhima’s lips just then Armaan
screamed out in breathily voice ……..
Ar: nehi.. nehi.. Kabhi nahi.. ..
[ he sat up on bed ]
He was panting heavily.. his night
suit got wet due to sweat. Even
sweat beads were rolling down from
the side of his forehead when
AC was in below 15’C temperature.
Armaan was breathing every now
and then.. switched on table lamp..
realizing he’s in his bed, in his
room.. and it’s a incubus , at .least
for him. He picked up water
glass from cubbyhole and drunk in
breath . he threw blanket aside
then got down.. walked to
poolside.. he stood there before
was watching his own reflection in
water.. he was trying to make
her shadow in eater beside him
through image,, but every time
a wave came and flooded away her
far away from him……
Armaan has started feeling restless..
time was running out from his
hand like dry sand slipping away
from fist .. Armaan couldn’t sleep
for rest of might.
Next day at office…………
Armaan was quite busy as he has to
attend Billi’s meeting also.
Billi went USA to fulfill his
personal commitment … Armaan
hasn’t seen whole day Ridhima he
finished his works then walked
to glass wall.. but she wasn’t down..
he waited almost whole day to
get her one glimpse but here was
no sign of her.. at last he walked
towards her cabin.. he knocked and
then peeped in but she wasn’t
even there..
Ar: where is she ?
He asked Aman, receptionist and
even her assistance .. but no one
has seen her though she has come
at office as she had signed on
attendance and she didn’t go out at
per information.. Armsan was
irritated now..
Ar : then where the hell she is ?
what she think yourself ? I
won’t run behind her always to look
after her..
Armaan has started finding her.. then
at last find her vacant extra
room at the last of the corridor.. she
was drawing there.. in peach,
in silence , in solitude……..
Armaan‘ angry] : Miss. Gupta.. what
the hell do you think yourself ?
[ Ridhima startled a bit, turned at
him for seconds then again
continued her works ].. [Armaan
grabbed her upper arms and made
her face him ].. don’t you dare to
turn other side when I’m talking
to you.. where you’re here ? I’m
finding you whole building ..
[Ridhima shove his hands off ]
Ridhima : who told you to find me
and for what ? where is your
girlfriend ? and as far as I know you
don’t need me for anything.. [
Armaan raised his eyebrow] I mean we
don’t have any joint meeting
Ar: Armaan Malik never
seeks other’s permission for
anything, he makes sure he gets all
what he wants.. [he said all
closing distance between them ]..
what you’re doing last night ?
Ridhima [confused and shocked] :
what ? [ she frowned for sudden
queer question ]
Ar: What you’re doing last
night ?
Ri: what type of question is
this ?
Ar : answer..
Ridhima [ folding hands on chest] :
normal people usually sleep at
night and I’m a normal people..
Armaan [ closed more] : then why your
eyes red ? dark circle spotted
under eyes ?
Ridhima was bewildered , yes, she has
passed a sleeplessness night
yesterday .. but how could he figure
out it .
To be continue………


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