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character sketch & part 1 : Alvida


Armaan Malik : A handsome young doctor :)Yaaro ka yaar hmara armaan :D loves his friends and most importantly his wife ;) he is a bright doctor ....

Riddhima Armaan Malik : A sweet innocent yet headstrong doctor .... she is married to Armaan .... and loves him alot .... she is also a very successful doctor ....

Shilpa Malhotra : A very bright and mischievous doctor .... she had been working at sanjeevani but left bcz she had fallen in love with armaan but he was to marry riddhima .....

Anjali and atul are married too .... while muskaan and rahul are married too

Part -1 

Subah subah ek beautiful si larki smile krke apni ankhein kholti hai ….. jese hi wo apni ankhein khol kr ooper dekhti hai … to she finds the love of her life …. Her hubby …. Her Armaan …. Staring lovingly at her ….. her smile brightens as he gives her a peck on her forehead …..

Riddhima : kab se jage hue ho tum ?
Armaan : me to bohat pehle se jaga hua hun madam ….
Riddhima : acha ? to phir mujhe bhi jaga dena tha .....
Armaan : agar apko jaga dete hum to phir apne angel ka chehra kese dekhta ……
Riddhima confused : angel ?
Armaan caressing her face with his hand : haan ! jab tum so rhi hoti ho na …. To bilkul angel lg rhi hoti ho ….. (riddhima smiles) aur vese jaagte hue to har bivi hi khadoos lagti hai …… 
Riddhima frowns and armaan gets up laughing ….
Riddhima : arrmmaan tum ne tumne mujhe khadoos kaha …. 
Riddhima beats him with a pillow while armaan gets off the bed to save his life ….
Armaan : are tumhe kaab kaaha …. Me to baqi biviyon ko keh rha tha …..
Armaan runs around the big master room …. With riddhima chasing him and beating him with a pillow …. She finally got tired and stopped beating him …. She sat down on the floor with her legs crossed ….. armaan came and sat beside her ….. 
Armaan joining his forehead with her’s : I love u basket ….
Riddhima : I love u too janu …. 


Armaan riddhima ko cake khilata hai and then riddhima usko khilati hai ….
Atul : congratulations guys …. Tum dono ki shadi ko finally poore 6 months ho gaye hain ….. 
Anjali hugging ridzzii : conratualations ridzzyy …. 
Muskaan : dekh tu … dekha armaan riddhima me kitna pyar hai … aur ek tu hai ke haarr waqt mujhse larta rehta hai ….. 
Rahul : me kahan larta hun ….
Armaan : oyyr Rahul … tera ye dialogue bohat purana ho gaya hai …. 

Just then an announcement is made for all the doctors to be at the nursing station ….

Doctor Keerti : Doctors … All of u are here today bcz there is something very important I need to tell u …. Kal se ek nayi doctor hmein join krne wali hain …. Wo pehle bhi yahan kaam kr chukka hain …. So best of luck ….

Saying so she leaves ….
Muskaan : are ye kon si doctor hai ?
Rahul : hogi koi …. Humse pehle kaam krne wali …..
Armaan : kahin ye shilpa to nahi ….
Atul : arree lekin shilpa to USA chali gayi thin a ….. 
Anjali : yes no chance it is not her ….
Riddhima : to phir kon …..

To Be Continued …

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