Saturday, 3 December 2016

Epilogue: Woh Lamhe

Another night came where Armaan had to leave Riddhima in the hospital and go home alone. He was feeling very sad and annoyed. Wandering here and there he spent his whole night. When the clock struck at 6, he gets a huge smile on his face. He excitedly jumps over the staircase, and goes towards the door to open before she could ring it.

He excitedly opens it and finds her there all tired. He give support to her and bring her inside.. "how was your day jaan..", he sweetly asked closing the door.. "it was good armaan.. I am just very tired.. I want to sleep..".. she kept her head on his his chest.

"pehle yeh batao.. did you had your dinner?", he asked caressing her hair..

she just nodded her head to say no..

"to chalo.. first we will eat something and then sleep.."

"nahi armaan.. I cannot walk.. mujhe apni baahon mein le lo..", Ridzi pouted like a cute baby making him smile.

"aww.. my shona.. acha theek hai". He grabs her and make her sit on the kitchen slab..

Feeling sleepy also, Ridzi kind of was enjoying the moment.. she loved how he was taking care of her..

He hurriedly makes the sandwiches for her and feeds her adorably.

"kal ka din bohot acha tha na Riddhima.. I mean jo bilkul expect nahi kiya tha.. woh sab hua.."

"haan.. mujhe to pata hi nahi tha ki tum mujhe meri engangement se bhaga kar le jaana chah rahe the", she giggled pulling his leg.

"acha ji.. aur yeh to socho mujh par kya beeti hogi tumhe kissi aur ka hote hue dekhkar..", he annoyingly replies..

"tum bhi buddhu ho armaan.. humari shaadi to pehle hi ho gayi thi.. tab bhi tumhe bharosa nahi hua ki main sirf tumhare liye bani hoon.."

"I am sorry my jaan.. main to bilkul budhu hoon na.. itni si baat bhi mujhe samajh nahi aai".. he hit himself on his head making her giggle.

"armaan.. bas mujhe aur nahi khaana.. mujhe chakkar aa rahe hain.." Ridzi says holding her head

"kyun riddhima.. tum theek to hona..".. he become tensed..

"kahin riddhima tum…?? Tum..??", he smiled before completing his sentence.

"tum… kya Armaan?" she was puzzled..

"kahin tum.. you know.. jab chakkar aate hain to.. good news.." he cheekily smiles making her blush

"armaan.. tum bhi na.. abhi humari shadi ko sirf 1 week hi to hua hai.. aur tum bhi na.. chii" Ridzi hid her face in him..

"acha chalo.. now its time you sleep"..

He takes her in his arms and put her on the bed putting the comforter on her..

Making herself comfortable she takes his hand.. keeping it below her head like a pillow she slept.. mumbling the magical words "love you armaan"..

Armaan smiles gleefully at this.. and affectionately caressed her hair "finally love you bol hi diya" and he too sleeps beside her kissing her forehead.


Woh pyaar hi kya jismein zindagi ke do pal na ho..
Aur woh zindagi hi kya jismein pyaar bhare Woh Lamhe na ho.. 

(written by me *Big smile*)

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