Saturday, 10 December 2016

part 12: sirf tum

After two weeks...

                                                                 Haal-e-Dil ko sukoon chahiye
                                                                 Poori ik aarzoo chahiye

 "Uncle Aunty kab tak aayenge Armaan?? Aditya asked lying beside Armaan who was laying on couch wd closed eyes

"abbe Oye..kitni baar 3 mahine baad" Dev came and put the popcorn bowl on table

"haa par aisa kya jaruri aa unhe jana pada vo b 3 mahino k liye" Avi asked while changing the channel on TV

"aree vo Dad ka hometown hai jaha kuch to legal properties se related problem thi jo sab dekhne gaye hai...aur jab hum dono ne kaha hum b aate bigad pade humpe" Dev informed to which the two nodded

"Oye so gaya kya?? Avi hit Armaan wd a pillow

"abbe Oye...kya kar raha hai" he jerked up

"toh hum yaha movie dekhne aaye hai...aur tu so raha hai" Adi spoke to which Armaan rolled his eyes

"yaa rite...vaise Shagun kyun nai aayi" he asked while playing wd the Popcorn's

"gussa hai mujhse vo..." Avi informed sadly

"kyun???" the three asked together

"aree yaar vo chahti hai shaadi...aur mai itni badi responsibility k liye ready nai hu"  Avi spoke to which the three shook their head

"aur tu kabhi ready ho b nai sakta..." Armaan taunted which made Dev and Adi laugh while Avi hit wd another pillow

Actually their parents and grand parents had gone to settle some property problems in their hometown and didn't want to bring them in this problems so when they insisted, their Dad refused and they had gone for 3 months so they also called Aditya-Aaysha and Avinash for staying here till the tym they came here Shagun stays wd her family so she didn't came.

So they all were staying from past 2 days together and today boys had decided to watch movie whereas girls were up chating and doing their masti!
"pata nai kyun...itne dino se Armaan mujhe avoid kar rahe hai..." Shilpa spoke to herself while sitting on her bed "mujhe us din zyada nai bolna chahiye tha unko...par meri b to family hai unko samajhna chahiye tha na...par Shilpa agar tu itne dino tak rehti to log kya bolte tere bare me...infact tujhe to khush hona chahiye ki Armaan ne tujhe bacha liya logo k sawalo se.." she picked the pillow on her lap


"haa aur nai to kya...shayad tabi se Armaan mujhe avoid kar rahe hai...par jaha tak mujhe lagta hai...Armaan vaise thodi hai jo itna bura maan jayenge...infact vo to duniya k sabse ache husband hai..." she stopped

"kya bol rahi hai tu...duniya k sabse ache husband...dekh Shilpa pehle b warn kiya tha aura b keh rahi hu...dur reh in sab matter se..." her mind scolded her to which she nodded in yes

"par kal sorry keh dena unko..aur thank u b" her heart spoke to which she frowned "par mai thank u kyun kahungi.." she whispered "aree buddhu agar Armaan tujhe lene nai ab tak vo saari Aunties fir se baate bana rahi hoti" her heart reminded her to which she nodded "haa mai kal sube hi sorry aur thank u bol dungi unko" she mumbled and layed on bed while waiting for Armaan

                                                  Jaise pehle kabhi kuch bhi chaaha nahi
                                                                Waise hi kyun chahiye

 "yaar ye Avi na pura...pagal hai samjhta hi nai hai Shagun ki problem" he muttered to himself while entering in his room and sat on bed untying his shoes when his eyes landed on his lady love who was sleeping peacefully

"meri ninde udaa ke khud so rahi hai.." he moved towards her and stared her "pata nai aur kitni der mujhe tumse dur rehna padega...kyun yaar tum aisi ho ki tumhe jitna samajhne ki koshish karta hu...utni hi complicated bana deti ho tum...yaha mai tumhare liye pagal hote jaa raha hu..aur tum chain se so rahi ho.." he thought while playing wd her hairs

 "mai tumhe force nai karna chahta...infact mai to chata hu ki u love me back...but shayad ye b ek dream na reh jaaye mere liye...kash tum samajh sakti ki tumhe avoid karna bohot mushkil hai...but mai apne aape trust b to nai kar sakta...shayad mai khud pe kiya control na kho du.." he took her hand in his

                                                   Dil ko teri mojoodgi ka ehsaas yun chahiye
                                                                Tu chahiye, tu chahiye

 "isilye mera tumse dur rehna hi thik hai...aur dekho tumhe farq b to nai padta ki mai tumhe ignore karta hu yaa avoid...tum mast ho apni duniya me aur mai..tumme"he whispered while kissing on her hand gently "aur kitna wait karna padega mujhe tumhare liye...Bracelet" he thought and drifted in sleep

Since the tym Armaan heard that Shilpa only believes in mother's love he was annoyed wd her that's why she can't love him like he does he was angry so he decided simple way to keep her away from himself is to avoid her coz if he get one chance to close her he will definitely lose himself in her

And she will again take him wrong so from two weeks he was avoiding her but from heart he was also living in hell wd out her he had stopped flirting wd her and also waking her to make food for him, he wakes and ate his breakfast quietly and went wd out saying anything to her which was very disappointing for Shilpa

He love her but he also knows she didn't love him coz he had seen her since the tym he was avoiding her, he was only hurting himself whereas, she was as-usual the same infact she did't asked anything to him that why he is not talking wd her etc. so was trying to kill his feelings for her for some tyms so that he can again be like he was before loving her
Next Day!

                                                              Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
                                                                 Tu chahiye.. Tu chahiye.
                                                                 Har martabaa Tu chahiye

"Oye Hero tu itna khoya-khoya kyun rehta hai aaj kal?" Muskaan asked while putting her lab coat in her locker where as others also looked at Armaan who was sitting quietly on bench in middle of the locker room looking lost in his lady love's thoughts

"kuch samajh me nai aa hafto se Bracelet se baat nai ki aur do hafto me mai...Devdas ban gaya hu.." he thought when Shilpa walked in locker room making everyone shocked accept Armaan who was lost and kept looking on floor

"Hi everyone..."she waved wd light smile to which others also smiled back

"Hey kaisi ho tum" Anjali asked walking towards her

"mai to thik hu aur tum sab.." she asked but her gaze was towards Armaan who still hadn't looked up


"we r also fine but yaha kaise achanak?" Nikki asked wd slight naughtiness in her voice

"vo mai..vo bas aise hi" she fumbled which made the girls giggle

"Oye tu apne Hero se milne aayi hai na..." Muskaan teased to which she nodded wd slight blush

"haa...mai aati hu.." she looked at Armaan and walked towards him who was still lost n didn't dared to looked up

"Bracelet yaha kya kar rahi hai.." he thought while looking at the floor he had already saw her when she entered in locker room but didn't showed up Shilpa walked towards him

"Armaan..." she called which made Armaan to closed his eyes but he didn't looked up

"guys hume chalna chahiye..." Sid spoke loudly in teasing tone which made everyone giggle

"Haa jaroor.." Atul also said in same tone which made Armaan angry

"Koi kahi nai jayga.. Bracelet tumhe jo kehna hai jaldi kaho aur jao.." he spoke rudely looking at everyone but not towards Shilpa who felt a sudden tug in her heart
                                                               Jitni dafaa.. zidd ho meri
                                                             Utni dafaa.. haan, Tu chahiye

"vo...mujhe aapse sorry keh na tha..." she spoke which made everyone stare at her quietly "aur thank you b..." she spoke in most sweetest way which can melt anyone's heart but Armaan didn't dared to look at her "Armaan uthiye na..." she insisted who gave her a 'not-so-interested' look to her "mujhe aapse sorry ...kehna hai aur thank u b.." she spoke when he stood up angrily and looked at her while others just stared at them


"Pehle to decide karlo ki sorry kehna hai ki thank bolo" he asked which made her confused

"Nai ...vo thank u...nai sorry...amm" she thought for sometime while Armaan stared at her cute face where as others giggled seeing this side of them

"Ho gaya...nai chaiye tumhara sorry aur thank u..ab jao" he almost ordered her to which she stared him wd pout look

"U know what u don't deserve it..." she pointed her finger "mai apna sorry aur thank u dono wapas leti hu...huh!!!" she gave him angry look

"Thank u very much aapka ye ehsaan mai zindagi bhar nai bhulunga...kyun ki aapka ye sorry aur thank u bohot bhaari pad jaata mujhpe.." he spoke in sarcastic way made  her mouth in 'O' shape

"Aap..aapna.." she pointed her finger at him while gritting her teeth to which Armaan stared and others were njoying now their small cute fight's

"mai...kya...Bracelet...main kya" he asked looking at her who turned immediately

"bhaad me jaaiye..." she crossed her arms and looked at front

"thank u ...ab mai jaa sakta hu" he asked in most polite way to which she looked at him

"go.." she almost shouted to which he went from there quietly making others laugh and Shilpa more angry "I hate u.." she shouted in her heart

                                                               Koi aur dooja kyun mujhe
                                                                     Na tere siva chahiye

"Armaan Malik tu ek number ka...pagal hai aise koi ladta hai apni wife se...vo b sabke saamne...ek to bohot din baad Bracelet mujhse baat karne aayi thi..aur tune idiot fir se sab gadbad kar diya" he cursed himself as he walked in his cabin where no one was there

"ok fine mana ki vo tujhse pyaar nai karti...par tu to karta hai na...fir kaise uske saath aise behave kar sakta hai..vaise kyun nai reh sakta jaise pehle rehta tha..." he asked to himself "aur vaise b jaroori nai ki agar tu use pyaar kare to vo b tujhse kare in return...shame on u dude...tujhe Bracelet se aise baat nai karni chahiye thi...ek to tujhse maafi b mangne aayi thi..aur upper se pata nai kyun thank u b keh rahi thi.."

"..but sirf teri wajah se pata nai chal paaya ki kyun keh rahi thi...idiot agar pyaar nai karti to karne lagegi...vaise b puri life hai tere paas...aur agar khud se dur kar diya to kabhi nai karegi...aur usne ye thodi kaha ki vo tujhse pyaar nai karti yaa kisi aur se karti hai..."

"usne to ye kaha ki she only believes in mother's love so that does means she can love u...use yakin dila tere pyaar pe vo b dheere dheere.. be patient...vohi to nai hai mere paas jab jab Bracelet ko dekhta karta hai kiss karlu...Arrrgghh Armaan kya soch raha hai focus focus..." he scolded himself


"aur dekh dheere dheere Bracelet ka trust jeet...agar trust jeet liya pyaar to ho hi jayga..." he smirked while bending towards his table where her pic was kept "ab tum dekhna meri jaan..kaise tum Dr. Armaan Malik k pyaar me girogi chahe uske liye...mujhe 6 saal yaa 10 kyun nai lag jaaye..." he smiled

"Oye tu itna wait kar payega...patience to nai hai tere andar 10 saal ki baat karta hai" he mocked at himself "fine not 10 par do saal tak kar hi sakta hu...after all I am madly in love wd Bracelet...aur tumhe" he pointed his index finger towards her "apna diwana na bana diya to mera naam b Armaan nai...sweetheart'" he smirked and kissed on her pic "I love u" he mouthed
"ye ho gaya...perfect kitna hard task tha na...Dev ko manna is date k liye...par finally aan hi gaya" Shilpa smiled widely which made Aaysha smile too

"haaa akhir kar finally dono ne ek dusre k liye tym...nikalenge" Shagun spoke which made girls giggle

Actually today the three girls had decided to improve Dev-Aditi's relation, Shilpa convinced the two to help her in this matter ! So, Shilpa and Shagun after putting all the efforts on Dev for the 'DATE' he agreed only for them while Aaysha convinced Aditi which is very easy for her so now the girls made arrangement of DATE in lawn were the table, candles were lit wd beautiful music and roses were kept.

Every thing was done by the girls only the left which had didn't arrived yet! and Dev-Aditi who were getting ready for the DATE. Dev was in his room where as Aditi was in Shilpa's room getting ready for the DATE

"bas ye sab to ho gaya...bas Dev ready ho kar aa jaye...fir everything perfect" Shilpa lit the candles on table and looked at Shagun who was decorating the rose petal's on water

"ho gaya..." Shagun hi5 Aaysha who giggle at this

"Done!!" the three girls smiled in excitement

"par ye Aditi kaha hai..." Shilpa looked upstairs her room

"aree samjha karo...thoda tym to legi na vo ready hone me.." Shagun said in teasing tone making the two girls giggle when Dev descends from stairs

"girls chalo yaha se vo dekho Dev aa raha hai..." Aaysha spoke and they moved from there and moved in kitchen to hide so that they can see how Dev took Aditi on their first date when

"Oyyee Hoyye mere Hero kya lag raha hai.." Armaan commented while entering in hall seeing Dev

"ye idiot kaha se bich me aa gaya.." Shagun cursed seeing Armaan there

"vaise kaha jaa raha hai...itna ready hokar.." he asked while correcting his collar which made Dev nervous

"nai kahi nai..." he fumbled which made Armaan looked at him suspiciously "ok fine mai vo da.." he was about to answered when Armaan interrupted him

"koi baat nai...chal IPL dekhte hai...u know is baar Dhoni Pune ki side se khel raha hai.." he spoke excitedly while dragging Dev in drawing room and sat on sofa wd him

"nai Armaan vo DATE..." Dev spoke to which Armaan interrupts him again

"DATE ...kya faltu chiz hai vo yaar...aaj hi pata hai tujhe Atul Anjali ko DATE pe le gaya aur guess what...Atul ne Anjali ko propose kiya aur Anjali ne kaha.." he spoke wdout looking at Dev while changing the channel "no Atul hum sirf ek ache dost hai...aur kuch nai...DATE pe aane ka ye matlab thodi I love u"  he mimicked Anjali while chuckling at the end while Dev was thinking something

"sahi kaha tune...faltu chiz hai ye.." Dev spoke sternly which made Armaan to look at him

"nai yaar infact it's a tym to know the person Dev...jab tak tym spend nai karega tab tak saamne wale ko jaane ga kaise.." he said wd calm look but Dev already decided something "vo to Angali ka screw dhila Atul kya kare ab" he joked while keeping his legs on table

"acha sun tu match dekh jaa raha hu...bye" Dev excused and stood up

"aree mujhe akela chod kar kaha jaaa raha hai match kon dekhega...mere saath.." he asked frowning to which Dev smiled

"kaam haina...tera hota hai to kaise nikalta hai...chal bye"  he spoke and before Armaan could ask anything he moved out leaving him confused and girls angry on Armaan when

"I am ready..." Aditi came and spoke excitedly which made the four to look at her

"kya baat hai koi aaj bohot beautiful lag raha hai..." Armaan commented walking towards her who blushed a little

"thanks Dev kaha hai..." she asked nervously

"aree vo to gaya...bol raha tha ki kuch kaam hai office me" he informed coolly which made Shilpa angry and the three walked towards them

"kyaa?? Office but vo DATE.." she spoke wd moist eyes which made Armaan more confused

"Date don't tell me tum dono jaane wale the.." he asked bemusedly which made her more sad and she ran upstairs hiding her tears "Adit..." he called slowly "ise kya ho gaya.." he frowned when the three girls looked at him angrily


"mil gayi khushi..." Shilpa asked angrily and he looked at her confusedly "itni mehnat se humne Dev ko manaya tha date k liye...aur aapne ek hi pal me sab kharab kar diya" she blasted on him

"par Bracelet maine kya kiya..." he asked confusedly

"aapne kuch nai kiya bas Aditi ka dil tod diya...kitni khush thi vo...par nai aapko to sirf apni padi rehti hai...kabi jaane ki koshish ki...kya aapka bhai apni life me khush hai.. kya Aditi khush hai.." she questioned which made some sense in him "aap bas apni masti me bhai aapki itni help karta hai...kabhi uski problems ki sochi aapne...nai kyun sochenge bas bigadiye sabkuch...aapko to jaise parwa hi nai hai apne bhai ki...rahiye apni duniya me...logo ko hurt kar k" she shouted

"par Brace.." he spoke but she raised her hand and moved from there leaving Armaan hurt

"ye thik nai kiya tune..." Shagun gave him angry look and walked behind Shilpa while Aaysha gave a sad look to Armaan and followed Shagun

"ye kya kiya...maine...but tujhe thodi pata thaa ki...par sahi to kaha Bracelet ne kabhi maine un dono ki problems k bare me soch kyun nai..." he thought and moved upstairs towards Aditi's room
"Damm...Armaan kya kiya tune ye..." he looked at Aditi who was crying badly laying down on her balcony's swing Armaan walked wd slow steps and sat beside her making her alert, for few min they were quite

"tum yaha kya kar rahe ho.."she asked while wiping her tears which made Armaan look at her

"ab jab tak tum chup nai ho jaati mai yaha se kaise jaa sakta hu.." he spoke in childish tone which brought a light smile on her face

"dekho ab mai nai ro rahi..." she cleared her face and looked at him to which he shook his head

"I am sorry Aditi meri wajah se tum dono ka date cancel ho gaya...but trust me mujhe nai pata tha ki tum dono jaane wale ho...varna galti se b Atul-Anjali k date k bare me nai batata.." he apologized wd honesty which made her smile at him

"tum pagal ho Armaan...tumhari wajah se kuch nai hua...sab meri galti hai...harbar hope karti sab kuch thik hoga...par aisa jaruri nai ki sab thik ho.." she spoke sadly making Armaan stare at her "aur upper se jab vo chata hi nai rishte ko aage kyun mai jabarzasti karu..." she spoke wd slight anger which made Armaan smile

"u luv him right..." he asked cheekily

"nai asisa kuch nai hai..." she denied

"yaa rite...I can read ur face Aditi...u luv him so accept it.." he teased to which she looked at him

"fine I loved him...but right now I just hate him...kyun ki meri b ek self respect hai.."  she spoke angrily

"haa vo to hai...infact ek din dekh lena vo khud aakar he loves u.." he pushed her wd his shoulder slightly which made her look at him

"sach..." she asked hopefully to which he nodded in yes "par tab tak mere saamne uska naam mat lena.." she pointed a finger at him who chuckled while nodding in yes

"ab vo sab chodo mujhe bhook lagi hai..." he gave her side hug like child making her giggle

"acha mai nai banana wali...ek to tumhe sab kuch taza khaane ki aadat...kitna khaate ho Armaaan tum.." she teased to which he glared

"nai banaogi.." he asked to which she nodded "abi batata hu...tumhe" he tickled her who laughed

"ok...ok fine...peace...banati hu.." she spoke controlling her laugh who stopped and looked at her "jaa rahi hu...pagal..." she ruffled his hair and ran outside before he could catch her

"tum dekh lena Aditi...ek din Dev tumhe khud kahega that he loves u...aur mai use majboor klar dunga ye kehne pe...i promise jab tak tum dono ki prblm solve nai kar deta...mai apni luv story aage badhaunga hi nai...he thought staring up at the sky "but tumne galat mujhe nai parwa apne bhai k bare duniya me sabse karib hai vo...mere haa mai dhyaan nai deta...but that doesn't mean that I don't care about him...shayad iske liye mai tumhe kabi maaf nai kar paaoon.." he whispered wd teary eyes

"but kal se Armaan Malik ka sirf ek hi mission hoga...Dev-Aditi.." he stood up wd confident look "ab dekhta hu kaise Dev nai jhukta" he smirked "par uske liye idiot...tujhe pyaar ko samajhna hoga...varna tu doctor Armaan se doctor Love kaise banega...after all tu dil ka jo doctor hai..."

"par dude tu ye karega kaise...abi taza taza to tujhe hi pyaar hua hai..." he thought "tujhe research karna hoga...haaa" he smirked

                                                                Har safar mein mujhe
                                                                Tu hi rehnuma chahiye

 "to problem solve karne...k liye mujhe use samajhna hoga...aur uske liye faltu novels ko padhna hoga" he pick another book which was named 'Different Shades Of Love'


Armaan was in Sanjeevani's library where he was reading all the novels which were related about luv infact from past two days he had ordered many books and was trying to understand the meaning of 'LOVE' whenever he get free tym he read them, infact he had stopped going to home he was hell busy in his cases and this matter

"tu love guru kyun nai...ban banana ki kya jarurat thi sab Bracelet ki wajah se hua.." he yawned and blinked his eyes fully so that he can read further "na uske pyaar me tu padta na ye books tujhe padhna din se call b nai kiya usne kaisi biwi mili hai mujhe..."

"kahi Aditi ki tarah mai b sirf wait karta rahu aur use farq b nai padega...NO.." he shook his head "mera to pata nai par Aditi k saath aisa nai hoga...haa" he thought when a wardboy came wd his 25 cup of coffee "hmmm thankx rakh do..." he looked at him to which he nodded and walked out looking back at Armaan strangely

"bas ye do bachi hai...fir finished" he smiled broadly and opened the book

After few hours..

"yes finished.." he stretched his arm while leaning against the locker when Rahul-Muskaan came arguing he looked at them "chal pehli shuruaat in dono se karte hai" he thought aand moved towards them "Oyye kya hua kyun lad rahe ho dono.." he asked while putting his one hand over Muskaan's shoulder

"Oye dekhna keh raha hai ki mai khubsoorat nai hu.." Muskaan gave angry look to Rahul

"aur ye keh rahi hai mujhe bhav nai deti.." he also gave the same look and they started fighting again when Armaan stopped them!

"Abee Oye...gadho...common sense...agar tu khubsoorat nai hoti to ye tujhse aaj tak chipka nai hota...aur agar ye tujhe bhav nai deti to aaj ye tere saath khadi nai hoti..." he made a sense in them to which the two only stared at each other while Armaan shook his head wd a grin and moved from there

"u are genius Armaan...ready ho jao...Doctor Love aanewale hai.." he smirked as he walked out from there

"maine kaha tum logo se nai hoga..." Avi spoke to which Shagun glared

"O really tum to aise keh rahe ho jaise tumse ho hi jaayga.." she looked at him

"I think teacher agar Aaysha hai to ye kaam use karne dena chahiye..." Adi came b/w them

"jaroori nai hai ki agar koi teacher wohi bacho ko padha sakti hai..." Aditi snapped when Dev looked at her

"to jarrori ye b nai hai na padhaye vo hi padha sakta hai" Dev retorted which Aditi ignored while the five were arguing where as Aaysha kept her one hand on her forehead looking at them and Shilpa was only staring at them

The reason behind their argument is Aaysha brought her one of a student who had failed in class 3 on some test whose parents challenged that their son have to pass in final paper but the boy is very mischievous and he has only work to do is to eat!

So Aditya shouted on Aaysha that she should take care of her every student but Shagun and Aditi took her side that it's not her fault if that boy was so mischievous so it resulted on that why it has only teacher who should take care and an argument started b/w them Shilpa and Aaysha only staring at them when Armaan entered in hall


Which made Shilpa's heart raced since two days she was missing him thinking he is fine or not eating properly or not once she thought also to call him but her ego came that why should she call he only left when she blasted on him she was hell angry on him but at night she thought she overreacted and she will apologized but he didn't cameback in room that night and that made her more angry

"ye kiska bacha hai.." Armaan looking at the boy strangely who was eating his burger while playing wd his ball

"aaja teri hume bohot jaroorat thi.." Avi called to which he moved towards them and they three narrated everything "to bol kon sahi hai.." Avi asked

"Pata nai...but 3rd std bache ko padhana to bohot easy hai.." he spoke coolly

"O really to tu hi padha Aaysha ka sabse badmaash aur aalsi bacha hai...agar tune ise padha diya to tu jo kahega hum chaaro ladkiya...teri har baat manengi.." Shagun challenged him which made Armaan look at her strangely

                                                                      Jeene ko bas mujhe
                                                                Tu hi meherbaan chahiye

"Haa...haa kar hai na Armaan...dekh lena agar ye mota pass ho hum teeno b tujhse promise karte hai Armaan tu jo kahega hum vo karenge" Avi spoke to which Armaan looked at them and then at Shilpa who was already looking at him


"soch Armaan...agar tune is mote ko paas karwa diya sab wohi karenge jo tu chahega...yehi mauka hai...Dev-Aditi k problems ko solve karne ka...Avi ko shaadi k liye ready karne ka...Aaysha ko self respect dilaane ka...aur apni Bracelet ko apne karib lane ka...soch...haa kehde..." his mind spoke "par idiot us bache ko to dekh...tujhe lagta hai vo paas ho paayga.." he thought and looked at the kid who was now jumping on sofa "Bracelet ko dekh..." then he looked at Shilpa who looked another side

"to ye karega...hai na Armaan" Dev asked coming infront of him and followed Armaans eyes which landed on Shilpa he smiled "ye padhayega...Vishnu ko" Dev announced making Armaan's head snapped

"WHAT???" he looked at them "Armaan haa kehde" his heart spoke "fine...mai karunga but meri b ek shart hai.." he spoke which made everyone to look at him

"KYA??" they asked except Shilpa who ignored while putting some magazines on table

"agar maine use paas karwa tum sab meri ek mahino tak baat maanoge.." he announced to which the boys smiled thinking "hume thodi ye kaam dega"

"manzoor hai...kyun ki mai jaanti paas ho hi nai sakta...kyun ki last tym ise 20% aaye the" Aaysha announced

"KYA??" Armaan asked in shock

"aur tumhe is at least 75% to lane honge iske...iske exams do hafto baad ALL THE BEST! " Aditi showed thumbs up to him who gulped looking at the kid

"haa to kar lega" Adi assured which made another argument b/w them while Armaan looked at Shilpa


"tum kuch nai kahogi.." Armaan asked slowly looking at her

"not interested" she answered moving from there which made Armaan sad

"don't worry Bracelet...mai kaise tumhe apne karib laata hu.." he smirked when Vishnu gripped his jacket

"maine suna hai aap mere teacher ho...yayaa..maza aayga" Vishnu roam around him excitedly

"bacha lo mujhe bhagwan ise...pata nai aur kya kya karna padega pyaar k liye.." he prayed in his heart
After one week

                                                                 Seene mein agar tu dard hai
                                                                       Na koi dawaa chahiye

 "hmmm to table yaad hua..." he asked strictly while moving here and there wd a small stick in his hand Armaan had made a small class on d terrace where only on bench was kept only for Vishnu and one table-chair for Armaan wd a whiteboard on wall wd black marker and some books of std 3

"nai...hua.." Vishnu spoke coolly

"abbe Oye pichle do hafto se kya gana gaa raha hu mai..." he asked controlling his temper when Shilpa walked wd breakfast tray in her hands and Armaan stopped only to stare at her


" tumhare liye.." she spoke lovingly while forwarding the tray towards Vishnu who showed his 28 teeth

"itne pyaar se agar mujhe puchti...shayad sab kuch bhul chukka hota ab tak.." he thought staring at her wd love to which she turned and looked at him they both were staring at each other Armaan wd pleading look and Shilpa don't know why she looked at him when

"bhaiyaa" Vishnu made them look at him

"fine bata ab tak kya padha.." he asked to which Vishnu thought for sometym

"yaad nai..." he spoke normally making Armaan mad and Shilpa giggle which made his head turn to look at her

"bye...All the Best Vishnu.." she spoke controlling her giggle and walked from there while Armaan looked at Vishnu angrily

"bhaiyaa...aapko pata bohot achi mujhe hamesa kuch khaane ko deti hai jo ki mujhe bohot pasand hai..." Vishnu spoke while eating the sandwich which gave an idea to Armaan

"aree waah! Bracelet mujhse baat nai karte hue b...tumne mujhe raasta dikha diya...I luv u more"he smirked and looked at Vishnu
Day before Paper

                                                                     Tu lahu ki tarah
                                                         Ragon mein rawaan chahiye

 "hmm chal ab 9th ka table bol..." Armaan spoke while forwarding  a plate full of French fries to which Vishnu looked at the plate and started the table in fast mode Armaan had started black mailing Vishnu wd food which worked also and now they both were in Armaan's room at 2 o' clock of night studying

"bhaiyaa ek question hai.." he asked to which Armaan looked at him

"kya??" he spoke normally

"vo jo didi mujhe khana deti hai...vo aapke saath kyun nai rehti...vo aapki wife hai na to unhe to aapke saath rehna chaiye.." he askec to which Armaan looked at him

"tujhe to bado wale questions aate hai...chup chap padh" he scolded to which he nodded and again started while Armaan read another book since when Shagun came Shilpa stays wd her only in guest room which was very disappointing for Armaan
Exam day

                                                        Anjaam jo chaahe mera ho
                                                                   Aagaaz yun chahiye

"mere sher jaa meri naak mat katwana..." Armaan bend to Vishnu's level while correcting his tie "meri izzat aur mere bhai ki luv story tere haath me hai...jaa bacha le" he ruffled his hair

"aap fikar mat kar bhaiyaaa..mai kar dikhaunga..." Vishnu smiled and ran inside the school

"plz god ye paas ho jaaye..." he prayed in his heart while staring up


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