Monday, 12 December 2016

part 2 : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

prologue & part 1

~*Part 2*~


She slowly opens the door and stands in front of him with the trophy in her hand. She was very scared; she didn't know how would he react. But getting such a great achievement, she wanted to share it with her father, at least she considered him as her father.
But Shashank was too lost in his files that he didn't even realize if someone was standing in front of him.
When she notice him not reacting, she calls in her shaky voice "papa"..
He look upwards and notices her standing there with a trophy in her hand..
"papa.. I topped in my university", her smile showed how happy she was, but him being the typical him replied.. "Ok.. now would you mind I am doing some important work here", listening this her face fainted.. and she ran out to her room. Throwing the trophy away, she lied down on her bed crying..
Padma comes and seeing her condition, she understands it all. She goes towards her and waves her hand on her hair, soothing her..
"Ridhu.. baby.. don't cry like this.. you know how your papa is busy with work.. half of the time he also doesn't know what he is saying.. please ridhu.. for that you don't have to be disheartened.. come-on cheer up.. "
Listening her stood up and wiped her tears.. "now that's like my good daughter, come-on lets celebrate your trophy.. guess what did I made for you.."
Ridzi had a huge smile on her face, of even thinking about it.. "mumma.. did you made my favorite chocolate cake??"
"yes dear.. I have made a yummy chocolate cake just for like it na.."
"like it? I love it mumma.. where is it.. I want to have it now mumma.. pleasee mumma.." she was craving for it forgetting all her sorrows.
Padma takes her to the kitchen, and shows it in the oven that was still baking. "wow mumma.. I cannot wait for this.. it looks so yumm.." Ridzi's mouth was already so much watering..
"Ridhu.. wait for a while… and Anji would be coming too right.. so don't you want to share your happiness with your sister" Padma reminded her
"offcourse mumma.. we will cut this cake once di comes", kissing her cheeks Ridzi went to her room.
It was late at night, and still there was no sign of Anji. Padma and Ridzi both decorated the cake very beautifully and kept it at the center table, so that whenever Anji comes, they would cut it together.
It was 12 at night when she entered.. "di.. finally you are here" Ridzi jumped with excitement..
"beta.. what took you so long? We were all worried about you.." Padma asked in a worry..
"oh mom.. actually I have my show coming up soon, so was very busy with work.. didn't get time even to inform you.. m sorry.." Anji replies sweetly..
But it was now hard for Ridzi to control her news so she hopped in their conversation.. "di.. guess what.. today I topped the university.."
"good on you Ridzi.. congrats..", she showed her happiness..
"aww.. mom.. m really tired.. I have to go to sleep now.. good night guys", she continued.
Listening her, Ridzi's face fainted..
"but beta atleast have some dinner", Padma insisted
"no mom.. I already had my dinner there.. bye mom.. good night", wishing her Anji goes to her room.
Padma sees how disheartened Ridzi was feeling.. there was no one who could share her happiness.. but nevertheless.. she was with her.. as always.
"looks like.. some didn't like the cake I baked" Padma pouted sitting on the couch.
Ridzi looks at her innocently.. "no mumma.. I love this cake.. you know na how much I love everything you make.. it has so much love for me.. come on now.. we will cut this cake together.. so what di is tired.. we will give her a piece tomorrow"
Padma cheered up seeing her daughter so matured. They both celebrate the little moment together. After cutting the cake, they fed each other with the small pieces and Ridzi slept keeping her head on Padma's lap.
In the morning, Ridzi enters the dinning hall..
"Ridzi.. you are late.. now come on hurry up.. I want my breakfast now.. I have an appointment to go with" Anji called out.
"sorry di.. I will just make it ready now.." Ridzi kept everything aside and quickly prepared her diet food.
It was Anji's habit to have proper diet food daily, and that only Ridzi makes for her.
As she served her the food, Padma too served Ridzi's food.. and all had their breakfast peacefully.
"where's dad?" Anji asked gobbling her food.
"he already left beta.. he had some urgent meeting today" Padma replied.
"ohk.. I had to ask dad for some money.. I have my show coming up so I would need to buy some raw materials"
"by the way.. Ridzi.. what are you planning to do now? I mean your graduation is over now.. so I think you should do something" Anji stated.
"yea di.. actually.. umm.. even I wanted to tell this to mumma.. " Ridzi nervously continued
"actually mumma.. I want to start my own boutique.."
"a boutique?" Padma was shocked..
"yes mumma.. a boutique.. I always wanted to have a boutique where I can show my designs to the world.. mumma I don't want to waste my degree by sitting at home.. mumma pleaseee.." Ridzi pleaded, as she wanted it very dearly.
"but Ridzi.. would you be able to handle it all alone..?" Anji asked in a worry
"yes di.. I think I can manage.. and also you are with me na.. then why would I need to worry"
"ohk.. go ahead Ridzi.. anyway I have to go.. byee" Anji mentions and leave.
But Riddhima continued to persuade Padma..
"mumma pleasee.. this is really important for me.. can you please talk to papa about it?"
"yea.. its ok with me.. but have you done the enough planning for everything?" Padma assured..
"yes mumma.. everything is ready..", she tells her the whole planning and Padma assures her that she would talk to Shashank once he is back.
Shashank was reading a book on his bed when Padma gulped with nervousness..
"Shashank.. I have to ask you something.."
"hmm.." Shashank replied keeping his all concentration on his book itself.
She sits on the bed and looked at him with a belief
"Shashank.. Riddhima has now completed her university, so she was thinking if she could open her own boutique" She said it all in one sentence, expecting him not to shout at her regarding this..
Listening this, he was shocked "no Padma.. this is not possible".. he replied in the single sentence.
"but Shashank there is no harm in that.. Anji too works at the fashion house, and it is also very important for her.. please Shashank she needs our support" Padma tried her best to convince him..
Seeing her getting adamant he gave up. He didn't wanted to do an argument for Riddhima.. he never found her worth it.. "fine.. I will give you my check book"
"no Shashank.. you took me wrong.. Ridzi doesn't need this money.. she wants our support.." Padma explained.
"how is she going to open it without money??" Shashank was surprised.
"she has some savings with her, and she is opening this boutique in the partnership of her friend.. so she would only have to pay the half amount"
"fine.. ", saying this he closed the table lamp and went to sleep.
Padma excitedly goes to Riddhima to give her the good news, but Riddhima observes her happy expressions and understands it all before Padma could saying her anything.. She run towards her and gave a tight hug to her twirling her around..
"aww.. mumma… thank you thank you soo much.. mumma… you are the best mumma in the world.. I love you"
"and you are my best princess.. love you too.. now you are happy na?" Padma confirms aparting from the hug
"mumma.. m very happy.. all this happened just because of you.." she credited everything to her
"nah.. its not because of me.. its because of your determination.. you deserve it my bacha.." Padma affectionately kissed her forehead.
"so come-on.. don't you want to start your preparations??" Padma excitedly asked her..
"ohh… yes mumma.. first I need to tell Muski.. she has called me 100 times already to know dad's decision.. she would be soo happy.. I can't wait to tell her.. and mumma.. the first thing I would buy for my boutique would be 'Ganpati's' idol.."
Padma was over-whelmed to listen that.. "god bless you beta.. I am happy that you didn't forget god in your happiness.."
"offcourse not mumma.. happiness came to me just because of him and you.. you both are everything for me.." Ridzi stated her love for them.
"hmm.. and I hope you also get your prince charming soon.. who would love you more then me.."
"mumma.. please don't start again.. there cannot be anyone who would love me more then you.. and I would never leave you.." Ridzi replies keeping her head on Padma's lap.
"ok baba.. don't go.. but now go to sleep.. tomorrow you have to start looking for the place and go for shopping".. Padma changed the topic making her go excited again..
"yes mumma.. love you… good night" Ridzi gave the good night kiss to her and went to sleep.
Padma soothed her hair until she was completely asleep.. "doesn't matter how much you deny.. but there would be someone who would give you all the happiness and love you deserve.. he won't even let you remember your sorrows.."
Ridzi wakes up with the happy mood today.. and soon excitedly dials Muski's number..
"hey muski.. guess wat?? "
"omg.. your excitement says it all Ridzi.. so uncle finally agreed.. great newwssss.. " Muskaan replied in excitement..
"so Ridzi.. now we will have to do lots of things.. we have to do lots of shopping… wow.. m soo excited…", she continued her blabbering not giving room for Ridzi to speak.
"ridzi yaar.. why are you so quiet.. aren't you happy.. I thought you wanted to open this boutique.. but now.. hey have you planned anything to buy as yet..?"
"do I have the permission to talk??" Ridzi asked politely knowing her habit.
"come on yaar Ridzi.. you are also talking like others.. do I have the permission to talk.. I mean did I ever told you to shut up.. don't know what's up with everyone.." Muski again started to blabber..
"oh.. shut up Muski.. and listen.. I would be going to the mall today, gotto buy 'Ganpati's idol' first.. and then we may start our other shopping..rite.."
"ok yea.. that's great.. ok then I will see you at 11.. byee", Muski bid her goodbye..
And Ridzi too smiled at her childhood "byee.."..
Muski was the only one who would change her mind from all her tensions. She is the best friend of Ridzi, and protects her as much as possible.
At the mall, Muski was as usual late so Ridzi decides to go by herself to look for an idol.
She enters a shop and closely observes everything around. It had the lovely wind chimes hanging all over the shop's roof with a refreshing smell of incense. The pure and divine surroundings made her feel the special optimism in the environment. The big sculpture of laughing buddha was at the entrance of the shop that symbolizes for happiness, luck and plenitude.
With the sacred feeling in her heart, she moved forward and found the cute little 'Ganesha' idols column. She looks at each of them very closely.. all looked so pretty and beautiful that it was hard to choose..
While a salesman comes to serve her "mam.. how may I help you"
"I am looking for a 'Ganesha's' idol.. but I am confused which one to choose.. " Ridzi innocently tells her confusion.
And he comes up with the idea "wait mam.. today only we got the new structured idol of his.. I will bring it for you"
He went inside while she just glared at the other stuffs. She was so much obsessed with the interiors of the shop that she wanted to buy everything they offer.
Soon he came back with an idol in his hand and kept it on the table. Ridzi's eyes were just stuck on it, she never saw an idol prettier then this.. but when she was about to say that this is the one she wants, that salesman was gone. She turns around with the amazement but doesn't find him.
She quickly goes to the counter and tells them that she wants to buy a figure. They send another sales man with her..
She points him towards it "here.. this one I want to buy", but she heard someone repeating the same sentence "here.. this one I want to buy", to the same idol.
She surprisingly sees the man.. he was standing right in front of her with that idol in his hand..
The salesman confusingly replies "sorry but we only have one piece of its.. so to whom should I give?"
Ridzi was annoyed, because she chose it first, and so as the other person who wants to buy it.
The other guy turns his face around and astonishes to see her. A simple girl, with the serene features, she had sharp brown eyes that were gazing at him with the anger.
Ridzi too notices his features that looked very sovereign. His dressing style was also no less then a prince. In over-all, a rich guy who believes in god.. means good at heart!
Alarming from her anger, he goes towards her and moves his hand in front of her "its ok.. you can have it.. ", he replied politely.
"no.. umm.. you took him in your hands first.. so you have it.. I will choose another one" she replied composedly.
"no miss.. its really ok.. you take this one.. anyway it has to be a gift for my sister-in-law.. so am sure she wont mind if I choose another one for her.. so not a problem!", he held her hand and pleasingly keep the idol on it. Ridzi was shocked to see his gesture but his dimpled charming smile melted her..
"thank you", that's all she could say.
Ridzi happily hands the idol to the salesman and ask him to pack it at the counter. In the meanwhile, she again looks back at that charming man.. he was trying to choose another idol but was confused. He looks at her accidently but finds her gazing at him.
She dazed as he just caught her red handed, staring at him. But instead of reacting, he took both the idols excitedly in his hands and with his gesture asks which one to choose. Ridzi first smiles at his act but later she nods for the one in his left hand.
He becomes happy to see her choice and thanked her through his eyes. Soon the idol was packed for her and she leaves.


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