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part 22 : (last part) : Woh Lamhe


Ridzi shouts at what was happening.. "armaan.. armaan.. kya kar rahe ho??"..

Armaan without listening to her bring her on the stare case and pinned her on the wall.. They were breathing heavily.. Gazing at each other's eyes, both looses in the moment..

"armaan.. tum yahan aise??" she asked in her shaky voice.

"shhh.. ", he keeps his finger on her lips making her feel the moment.. "mujhe do pal apni jaan ko dekhne to do.. kitne time baad main tumhe aise dekh paa raha hoon" he lightly whispers with the stare lock in her eyes..

"pata hai.. ek ek pal maine kaise bitaya hai tumhare bina.. ab itni mushkil se mujhe mili ho.. aisa mann karta hai jaise tum yunhi mere itne kareeb raho.. aur main tumhe yunhi dekhta jaun..", the emotions were coming out of him.

"armaan.. ", she keeps her palm on his cheek.. "tumse yun ek pal bhi door rehti hoon na.. to lagta hai jaise meri duniya hi mujhse bichad gayi hai.. kyun tum mujhe itna pyaar karte ho ki main khud ko tumhare bina itni adhoori samajhti hoon… kyun Armaan..", the tears started to roll out of their eyes..

They hug each other tightly.. "yeh to mujhe tumse puchna chahiye na.. tum mujhe itna kyun chahti ho ki main ek pal bhi tumhare bina reh nahi paata.. please riddhima mujhe ek promise karo.."

She tightens her grip on his back "ek promise to kya.. main tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakti hoon.. tum kehke to dekho.."

They aparts from their hug and Armaan affectionately wipes her tears.. "Riddhima.. tum mujhse bas itna vaada karo ki kabhi tum mujhse door nahi jaogi.. main nahi reh sakta tumhare bina.. ek pal ke liye bhi nahi"..

Ridzi smiles at this.. "Armaan.. yeh mera vaada hai. Hum kabhi alag nahi honge.. tum to meri jaan ho na.. bhala main apni jaan se alag kaise ho sakti hoon??"

Listening her such sweet reply.. he again took her in his hug.. and this time even tightly.

After both calmed down a bit, Armaan asks her "acha.. riddhima.. agar tum mujhse itna pyar karti ho.. to woh teen shabd kyun nahi kehti?".

She smiles notoriously.. "dhat..", and tries to run away from his hold.. but suddenly he gets a hold of her hand and brings her back..

"now.. no excuses riddhima..",he again pins her on the wall and gets closer to her. Ridzi for a while tried her best to escape but feeling his warm breathe on her she melted. Finding him getting really closer to her, she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment. She was so much missing this moment last night.. and he too wanted to relax all his desperation from separation. He bents his neck and touches her lips with his slightly.

The touch made her breathe heavily because of his sensous approach. He enjoyed seeing her craving for the kiss.. and to increase her passion, he waved his hands under her top on the bare waist. His touch bring the sparks inside her.. making her irresistible. She keeps her hands on his shoulders to bring him closer.

But he wanted to play the moment, so he did not came closer to her.. irresistibly she herself goes near him and kisses his neck passionately. Taking off his first few shirt buttons, she nuzzles his chest completely. The tickling feeling made Armaan feel the fervour.. she brushes his hair with her hands and passionately continued kissing his neck.. He didn't realize when the obsession took over him and holding her tightly he sensuasly kissed her lips.. the kiss to take out all their desires, wildness.. eagerness. This atleast saved him from getting more desperate of her actions..  Their kiss continued until they ran out of breath. Breaking apart they hugged each other tightly to rest for a moment.

Breathing heavily, he whispers.. "ab bolo.. you don't love me.."

Ridzi blushes at her act.. how did she forced him to do it with her.. feeling embarrassed she hid her face completely in his chest.. He smiles at her gesture.. "Love you Riddhima… ab to bol do..", he winked at her holding her face in his hands.. She blushed hard out at his comment.. and replies "love you……..riddhima", laughing cheekily she runs away from there..

"arey.. yeh kya baat hui?? " Armaan surprisingly shouts to stop her.. and notoriously she replies "kyun.. tumne hi to kaha tha love you riddhima kehne ko".. laughing hard out she leaves him there smiling.

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At the nurse station, everyone was waiting for Armaan and soon Ridzi too joins them.

"hey ridzi.. kahan thi tum ab tak??" Anji asked in a worry..

"tumhe to pata hai na Riddhima Dr. Armaan kitne strict hain… agar wo tumhe late hote hue dekh lete na to tumhe bhi detention mil jaati" Nikki added.

Listening Nikki, Ridzi smiles at herself.. "and I know what detention he would have given me", she replies in her thoughts..

"Woh actually.. main ek patient ko dekhne chali gayi thi.. isi liye time lag gaya.. and thank god Dr. Armaan abhi tak aaye nahi..", she replies notoriously.

"Yaar.. kuch bhi keh.. Dr. Armaan hai badi kamaal ki cheez.. so handsome and attractive.. haayeee", Nikki sighs thinking about him.. making Ridzi and Anji look at her with a surprise.

"Nikki.. shut up yaar.. tujhe pata bhi hai tu kiske baare mein bol rahi hai?" Anji tried to clear up..

But unexpectedly, Nikki kept on going about him "haan Anji.. I know main kiske baare mein baat kar rahi hoon…senior doctor hua to kya hua.. hai to ek hunk hi na" Nikki winks at others making Ridzi choked.

"kya hua Ridzi.. are you ok??" Nikki asks her..

"no nikki.. I am fine.. don't worry" Ridzi replies gazing at Anji asking her not to say anything now..

Soon Armaan joins them to give their duties. Seeing him everyone came back to their serious mode. His eyes go towards Ridzi only to find her gazing at him too. He smiles through his eyes and tells her that he wont leave her now.. Ridzi too notoriously replies her back from her eyes that she shall see..!!

"Dr. Anjali and Dr. Muskaan.. OPD, Dr. Nikita and Dr. Riddhima.. Path lab, Dr. Atul and Dr. Rahul, you will be in the cancer ward.. So everyone is cleared?" Armaan asks everyone..

Everyone leaves for their work, but Riddhima stayed there to talk to Armaan. She goes near the table and flips through her file while Armaan asked him keeping his eyes on his file "kya hua.. are you ok?.. kahin tum ye to nahi soch rahi ki mere bina mann kaise lagega?".. Armaan smiles notoriously and looks at her with his eyes corner to see her reaction.

"Armaan… aisa kuch nahi hai.. main bas yeh soch rahi thi ki tumne mujhe apne saath duty kyun nahi di?", she hesitantly asked him

"I wish I could do that Riddhima.. but you know na if anyone would got to know about this to mera kya haal karte"..he explained

She nods her head listening to him but with the fainted expressions..

"waise.. whats in your mind hun?? Kahin tum mera faida to nahi uthane wali thi", Armaan added cheekily making her blush..

"Armaan.. tum bhi na.. chodo.. mujhe jaana hai", she replied shyly.

"oyee hoyeee..", he smiled at her only to look her running away.
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Everyone was working with full concentration.. helping patients, giving them treatment, talking to them, listening to their stories and giving them the best medication.. Everything was going very smoothly..

"Ridzi.. tum Dr. Armaan se kya baat kar rahi thi?" Nikki asked her impatiently

She panics to her question, she didn't expect anyone would notice it.."main.. nahi to.. kuch bhi to nahi"

She tried to ignore the question.. but Nikki didn't leave her so easily.. "batao na Riddhima.. maine tum dono ko saath mein dekha tha nurse station mein"

"Woh.. woh to kuch nahi nikki.. main to bas unse ek case discuss kar rahi thi..", she sighs as Nikki was not talking about the fire escape incidence..

"ohk.. par kya tumhe unse darr nahi lagta?" she bluntly asked

"darr kyun? When I know I am not doing anything wrong.. to darna kiss baat ka.. aur waise bhi he is a very nice person.."

"wohi to main sabko kehti rehti hoon.. magar koi sunta hi nahi hai.. he is so cute.." Nikki added which made Ridzi dazed..

But that was not her worry for the moment.. it was Rahul's cold behaviour towards Muskaan bothered her.

"nikki.. tumne kaha tha ki tum muskaan ki best friend ho.?", Ridzi politely asked.


"to kya tum rahul aur muskaan ke baare mein kuch jaanti ho?"

Suddenly Nikki's face turned red listening Rahul's name..

"uss Rahul ka naam bhi mat lo mere saamne.. main kuch kar dungi Riddhima..", Nikki almost blurted in anger.

This indeed made Ridzi furious.. "yeh kya baat hui.. why is everyone blaming Rahul..?", she didn't like the fact that everyone was after him only.. he is her best friend and how can she listen anything against him.

She furiously goes to the path lab to talk to Muskaan.. "Muskaan.. what the hell are you upto?", she shouted loosing the control of her anger.

"kya hua Ridzi… kya kiya hai maine?", she innocently replies.

"Muskaan bano mat.. tumhari wajah se sab Rahul ko bina wajeh blame kar rahe hain.. aur main Rahul ko ache se jaanti hoon.. wo kuch bhi aisa kaam nahi kar sakta ki sab usse hate karien.. I am sure its you.. it has to do with you.. mujhe nahi pata tumne aisa kya kiya hai.. but mind it… main pata karke rahungi..", she leaves saying all this from there making Muskaan teary.


After an hour, Rahul goes to Ridzi with full anger.. "Riddhima.. tumhe pata bhi hai tumne kya kiya hai?"

"Rahul.. why are you shouting at me.. maine kya kiya hai?", she innocently replied.

"tumne Muskaan ko kya kaha hai.."

"oh.. to tumhe Muskaan ne yahan bheja hai.. par Rahul.. maine kuch bhi galat nahi kaha.. because of her everyone is hating you.. its her jisne pata nahi sabko kya keh diya hai aur sab tum par hi blame kar rahe hain..", she tried to save her..

But instead of cooling down, Rahul's anger even rose.. "tumhe pata karna hai na ki sab mujhe itna hate kyun kar rahein hai.. to chalo mere sath"

He tightly holds her hand to take her somewhere.. She kept on asking him to leave her hand, but Rahul's anger was crossing over the bowl. He finally has to complete this chapter forever..

But suddenly he feels someone holding his hand tightly that was making him hard to pull her.. he turns around only to get punched by Armaan.

Rahul falls on the floor and Ridzi looks at him with a shock…


Ridzi held his hand tightly to control his anger.. "Armaan.. ab tum kuch nahi kahoge.. please.. mere liye"

Armaan kept queit just for Ridzi's sake.. but his anger was clearly visible in his eyes..

"Agar tum dono ko lag raha hai main itni wrong hoon.. to tum bata kyun nahi rahe ki baat kya hai?.. why you both are behaving so coldly.. and Rahul why everyone is hating you? Tum dono to ek doosre se pyaar karte ho na.." Ridzi asked, as it was the high time she should know the truth which that indeed puzzled Armaan completely.

Rahul gulps the fright.. "tum janna chahti ho na.. to suno.. tumhe yaad hoga jab maine tumhe bataya tha ki Patiyala mein mere sath kya hua tha"

Ra: Bas yaar, mere wahan jaate hi kuch din toh theek tha.. sab normal the, par fir mujhe bataya gaya ki meri kisi Patiyala ki ladki se shaadi fix ho gayi hai who bhi mujhse bina pooche' main toh darr hi gaya tha.. pata nahi kaisi gaaon ki gori hogi

Ri: OMG.. aisa kaise woh tumhari shaadi fix kar sakte hain?? Toh fir kya tum uss ladki se mile?

Ra: nah..!! usse pehle hi main bahana maar ke yahan aa gaya.. aur maine shaadi ke liye bhi saaf mana kar diya hai..mujhe nahi karni shaadi waadi..

Ridzi giggled at this..

"haan so?" Ridzi was confused..

"aur usse next day jab tum Armaan ke paas apna phone lene aayi thi.. tab maine tumhe phone par bataya tha.. ki wo log meri shaadi jaldi karwana chah rahe the issi liye unhone uss ladki ko yahan Mumbai bhej diya.." Rahul continued.

Armaan remembers that conversation…

(only one side phone conversation)

Ri: Heyy Rahul.. kahan ho?? I was waiting for you

After a gap..

Ri: Yeaa..mujhe phone mil gaya..haan Armaan ke paas hi tha

("Toh Mr. Rahooool ko saari information hai Riddhima ke baare mein".. Armaan assumed)

With a bit of tension she replied,

Ri: kya keh rahe ho.. sachi mein woh shaadi itni jaldi karwana chahte hain?

Armaan opened his eyes widely, and with the shocking expressions he looked at her (trying to play detective detective here..)

Ri: okk.. to tum jaa rahe ho..

Ri: nahi koi problem nahi hai.. I will go by myself..

Ri: byee.. take you

Armaan kicks himself mentally.. what was he thinking at that moment..

"haan.. to usse iss baat ka kya connection hai Rahul?", Ridzi asked furiously..

"hai Riddhima.. bohot deep connection hai.. fir kuch dino baad club mein main Muskaan se mila.. we spent sometime together.. and there was something that was attracting me towards her" Rahul replied..

**Rahul – Muskaan's first meet**
(sorry guys, its too big to post it here..)

"kuch time baad.. we realized that we are falling in love.. magar kabhi itne guts nahi the ki main kissi ko iss baare mein bata paata.. but.. uss din.. jab tumhare dad ne humse humari shaadi ki baat ki.. aur tumne bhi soche samjhe haan kar di thi.. tab mere paas koi aur rasta nahi bacha.. aur mujhe sab kuch batana pada"

"Beta main aur Padma yeh chahte hain ki kyun na tum dono ki dosti ko rishte mein badla jaaye. In clear words hum chahte hain tum dono ki shaadi ho jaaye" he said it all in one sentence listening to it all were shocked.

"So beta.. ab hum aap dono ka answer jaanna chahte hain" Shashank was now desperately wanting to their answer. He looked at Rahul, "Rahul..batao".. he was completely shacked. "Uncle main pehle Ridzi ki marzi jaan na chahta hoon, if you don't mind"

"Offcourse not beta… aur mujhe pata hai meri beti aur main kabhi alag soch hi nahi sakte.. haina beta.. ab tum bhi bata do apna decision" Shashank said while rubbing her arm in affection. "Jee papa.. aap sahi keh rahein hai.. jo aap kahenge main woh hi karungi.. mujhe iss shaadi se koi objection nahi hai" Riddhima declared her answer, gulping her throat. And listening to what, everyone jumped with joy.


Armaan remembers how Padma called him listening the news that Riddhima has accepted the marriage proposal with Rahul.

"haan Rahul.. mujhe ache se yaad hai.. fir uss sab ke baad when you see me crying for Armaan, you took all the blame on you.. Tumne fir sab ko bata diya tha ki tum Muskaan se pyar karte ho.. aur usse shadi karna chahte ho.. infact dad was happy with your decision.. and then you both got engaged rite? " Ridzi added making Armaan completely puzzled.

Because as per Armaan, Riddhima and Rahul were about to get engaged until he came and proposed to her..

"Wait a minute.. Rahul aur Muskaan ki engagement?? Jahan tak mujhe yaad hai.. you and Anji said to me that tumhari aur Riddhima ki engagement hai??" Armaan blurted that indeed shocked Riddhima completely..

"What?? Meri aur Rahul ki engagement.. no way Armaan..", Ridzi yelled..

"Well.. I think.. I am at fault for this", Anji hopped in between.

"di aap??"

"haan Ridzi.. uss din board room mein I saw how you and Armaan changing gares with each other.. aur jaisa tumne mujhe bataya tha about your first date with Armaan.. mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki tum dono kabhi ek doosre ko propose nahi karoge.. aur jab se tumne dad ko haan kari thi Rahul ke saath shadi karne ke liye.. mujhe laga ki tum dono ko ek karna jaroori hai.. isiliye maine Rahul ke saath milkar yeh show kiya ki Rahul aur tumhari engagement hai.. "

Both Armaan and Ridzi were shocked listening to that..

"I am sorry Armaan.. Ridzi.. par jab humne dekha that it has hit at the right place.. Armaan was totally heart broken.. tab humein laga ki humne bilkul sahi kiya.. and now.. you can see the result.. you both are married today..!" Anji replied sweetly.

Armaan and Ridzi were quiet for the moment.. they looked at each other confusingly..

"Armaan.. to kya tum uss din isiliye aaye the kyunki tumhe laga tha that I am getting engaged with Rahul?" Ridzi shook her head

And Armaan just nodded his head..

"armaan.. tumne yeh bhi jaroori nahi samjha ki ek baar mujh se baat kar lo..?"

Armaan inhales a deep breath.. he realized what he did was wrong..

"par Riddhima.. tum khud board room mein Rahul ko keh rahi thi ki engagement ring tum apni pasand ki laana chahti ho.." he exclaimed..

"haan.. wo to maine Muskaan ke liye kaha tha..", she defended herself.

"but baby.. you forgot to mention her name.. mujhe to yehi lagega na ki tum apni baat kar rahi ho..".. Armaan politely justified.

"ok.. anyway.. to uss din Rahul tumhari aur muskaan ki engagement thi.. fir aisa kya hua uske baad?" Ridzi asked.

Rahul sighed looking at Muskaan.. "haan.. magar wo engagement kabhi hui hi nahi thi..", he replied in one single sentence.

"magar kyun?".. she furiously asked..

Rahul doesn't reply to her.. His eyes filled with water thinking about that day..

"kya hua Rahul.. muskaan.. atleast tum hi bata do.", Ridzi pleaded

"haan.. maine hi iss shadi ke liye mana kiya tha.. kyunki wo ladki main hi thi jo bachpan se Rahul se pyaar karti thi.. pehli nazar mein hi mujhe isse pyaar ho gaya tha.. issne to mujhe kabhi notice bhi nahi kiya tha.. magar maine apne parents ko bata diya aur.. tabhi unhone meri shaadi Rahul ke saath pakki kar di thi.. mujhe aisa laga tha jaise mere saare sapne poore ho jaayenge… magar… kuch dino ke baad mujhe pata chala ki Rahul ne iss shadi se inkaar kar diya hai.. wo bhi mujhe dekhe bina.. main to ek dum toot hi gayi thi.. and then it strike me.. ki wo kaun hota hai mujhe chodne wala.. maine ye plan banaya Mumbai aane ka.. aur Rahul se milne ka.. uss din club mein mujhe pata tha main kisse baat kar rahi hoon.. aur yehi mera first step tha.. dheere dheere Rahul ko bhi mujhse pyaar hone laga.. magar mere dil mein jo kuch bacha tha uske liye.. wo thi sirf nafrat.. I hated him.."

Ridzi was shocked listening this..

"magar.. mujhe bas ek hi baat yaad thi.. Rahul se badla.. yehi ek maksat tha mera.. aur uss din engagement party mein.. maine sabke saamne isse reject kiya.. tab jaake mujhe thodi shanti mili.. iski wajah se mere parents ki jo insult hui.. uske baad main isse kabhi maaf nahi kar sakti.."

She started to cry hard out.. Anji gave her full support.. but seeing her condition.. everyone too felt like crying.. Nikki too joins them and notices Muski crying like this..

She tries to console her… and at the same time, her eyes struck at Armaan.. Riddhima was holding his hands.. it gave a big shock to her..

"Muskaan.. maana tumhare saath jo hua bohot galat hua.. Rahul ko tumhare saath aisa nahi karna chahiye tha.. magar ab kya Muskaan?? Tumne apna badla bhi poora le liye.. ab kyun tumhari aankhon mein yeh aasoon hai??" Ridzi bluntly asked her.

But Muskaan was speechless, she didn't knew why was she crying..

"tumne yeh to maana tha ki tum Rahul se bohot pyar karti thi.. magar kya ab wo pyar khatam ho gaya Muskaan?"..

Ridzi goes towards her taking Rahul with him..

"Rahul ki saza usse mil gayi Muskaan.. magar.. jo tumne kiya kya wo sahi tha??.. tumne bhi to Rahul ke parents ko insult kiya sabke saamne.. magar Rahul never said a word to you.. did he?"

Suddenly what Ridzi said touched her heart.. she didn't realize for what she was doing has not just affected Rahul but also his parents..

She glares at him with a surprise..

"Muskaan.. Rahul tumse sacha pyar karta hai.. aur yeh main jaanti hoon.. he loves you more then anything.. he cannot see you hurt.. usne mujhe bhi nahi choda tumhare liye.. just because meri wajah se tumhari aankhon mein aansu aaye.. Rahul was so pissed with me.." Ridzi tried her best to convince her..

"come-on Rahul.. ab sab kuch main hi kahungi ya tum bhi kuch kahoge?", she literally shakes him up..

Rahul goes towards her and wipes her tears… "Muskaan.. I am sorry..", that's all he could whisper.

Muskaan looks at him in amazement..

"nahi dekh sakta main tujhe yun rote hue.. dard hota hai Muskaan.. tu nahi chahti hai na ki main yahan tere saamne bhi rahoon.. to theek hai.. main tere liye ye bhi karunga.. tujhe apna chehra kabhi nahi dikhaunga.." Rahul bursted hundreds of tears in his heart.. "bas tu khush rehna Muskaan..".. he lightly touches her cheek.. "take care.".. he stood up from there and started to walk away..

"Rahul..", she called her… He turns around and finds her coming towards him. She hit him hard on his chest.. "tu samajhta kya hai apne aap ko Rahul.. tu jab chahe meri zindagi mein aaye.. aur jab chahe chala jaaye.. aur tu mujhe keh raha hai khush rahoon… tere bina kaise khush reh sakti hoon main Rahul..I hate you Rahul.. I hate you".. she grabbed his collar making him smile.."aur agar ab tune bhaagne ki koshish ki na to main tujhe maar dalungi.. samjha.. stupid.. idiot.. ".. she sobbed feeling his hands around her waist and soon both captures each other in a hug.. an unseparable hug..

Ridzi happily goes towards Armaan.. and hugs him tightly too.. he wipes tears from her eyes.. "Armaan.. hum kabhi alag nahi honge..", she pouted keeping her head on his chest. "I promise you jaan.. I will always love you..", he affectionately replied kissing her head affectionately.

"Ridzi.. tum aise Dr. Armaan ke saath?", Nikki surprisingly asks her and to which she smiles gleefully..

"Nikki.. Ridzi is Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik.. she is his wife" Anji replies cheekily.. and all laughs at Nikki's shocked face..

Armaan too apologizes from Rahul for being unfair with him.. and hugs each other for their happiest moment.

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