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part 3 : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

…PART 3…
"hey ridzi.. where were you.. I was looking for you for so long.." Muski asked in a tensed voice.

"nowhere yaar.. just went to buy Ganesha's idol for the shop.. and by the way ma'm, its not you.. its me waiting for you for so long.. where were you??" Ridzi asks sternly

Muskaan blushes.. "come with me.. I have to take you somewhere.."

She pulls her hand to take Ridzi with her. "hey muski tell me atleast where we are going.."

But she doesn't listen and makes her sit in her car. Ridzi was all furious, where was she taking her.. but all Muski was doing was smiling in excitement.

Ridzi too smiles at her "ok fine.. don't tell me.. I will myself see what is it..".

After they reach somewhere, Muski asks her to close her eyes and Ridzi followed what she said. With the help of Muski.. she came out of the car and followed where she was taking her.

Ridzi was feeling that it should be something good that Muski is acting like this.. but.. what can that be?.. all these feelings were making her more eager. She tried asking her once again but as usual she denied revealing the surprise.

Her heartbeat started to rise as Muski takes her hand away from her eyes, asking her to open them.

Ridzi smiled at her this act and slowly opened her eyes.. making herself ready to face anything in front of her..

And she gets shocked to see the sight in front of her.. It was a beautiful, huge building in the city center.. and Rahul was standing in front of her with the opened door.. She confusingly looks at him and he just smiles at her.

Ridzi glares at Muski too and found her too smiling at her. Her eyes followed Muski going to hug Rahul cheerfully..

"what is it guys.. now will you tell me?" she asked in a confused tone.

"surprise surprise!!", both Rahul and Muski shouts at excitement making Ridzi thrilled..

"its our new boutique", Muskaan gleefully hugged Ridzi making her shocked in happiness.

"what..are you serious.. when did you guys find it??", Ridzi asked keeping her eyes wide open in shock..

"It was all Rahul's plan... he only found it for us and did all the paper work on his own", Muskaan happily replied..

"rahul.. you did this?" Ridzi confirmed

Rahul finds them reacting over-shocked.. "oh come-on guys.. this is not a big thing.. this would be the least thing I could do for my friends right.!"

"thanks Rahul..", both Ridzi and Muski goes to him and hugs him tightly. This was a very big thing especially for Ridzi, who never even got this much of support from her own family. Obviously he would do anything for Muski as they are so much in love.. but for the moment Ridzi too felt so special.

Seeing water in her eyes, Rahul interrupts.. "what happened Riddhima?"..

Ridzi looks at him to thank for everything he did.. but Rahul replied "why.. Muski is your only friend.. am I nothing to you?.. we are also friends right..! and friends never do favors.. they just do their duty like I did.."

Ridzi smiles listening to him.. "god has really blessed me by giving you two as my best friends"

"hey when are we going to look at our own shop??" Muski howls in excitement of entering it..

"as you say my sunshine.." Rahul sweetly bowed in front of them asking them to enter first..

Both mesmerize its appearance from inside. Although there were not much furniture/decor done but its structure really did impressed them. They quickly discussed their plans, where would they put the racks, their designer clothes, bags, and shoes and how would they want their decor.

With the few arguments and few literal fights between Rahul n Muski, they finally managed to virtually design their plans.

With the help of Rahul, they painted the whole shop on their own.. bought new furniture that could bring the modern touch to it.. They also arranged for some little green plants that could bring the fresher look to it. Ridzi insisted to put a small play area too.. because she love kids, and there would be many mothers who would bring their kids along..

Ridzi got very much involved in it, she almost forgot all her pains.. She enjoyed it whole heart3edly.. there is something in her life that she wanted to do and is finally doing. She could not thank enough to the god, her mother and offcourse her friends, who helped her whenever she needed.

They all started to give their maximum time to it, and in few days, they manage to give the final touches to it. They managed to get the correct materials from the suppliers, and their designs came out beautifully as dresses.

Now it was the most important day of her life, when she has to start a new life. It was the inauguration of her boutique.

"mama.. please I have to go Muski is relying on me for the final arrangements.. so I really have to rush up.. please mumma be there on time.. I will be waiting for you and dad. I have also talked to Anji di.. she would be coming there directly..", Ridzi tells Padma while chewing the last bite of her toast.. almost running away from the dinning table in a hurry.

"ok beta.. all the best, we will be there..and drive safe", Padma hollered bidding her good bye.


Fearfully Padma goes to Shashank to plead him to accompany her for the inauguration but depressingly he denied it.. "see Padma, I don't have time for this.. I have an urgent meeting to follow up.. so I cannot come."

Padma felt tears in her eyes, once again Shashank has rejected Ridzi as his daughter..


Padma and Anji reach their boutique just in time and find the trio standing outside the shop.

"aww..mama.. I am so happy you came..thank youu", Ridzi hugged her mum and as to Anji. Muski and Rahul too bid a warm welcome to both.

"mama.. where is dad?", Ridzi confusingly asked searching for him

Padma felt a tug in her heart, she didn't wanted her daughter to feel sad on such a special day "beta you know na how busy he is.. he said he would be joining us soon..", she lied.

From inside Ridzi knew he won't be coming, but she didn't even wanted to prove her mother lie.

"so comeon.. lets do the ribbon ceremony", Padma excitedly spoke to bring back the excitement in the atmosphere.

"who would be cutting the ribbon?" Anji confusingly asked.

Ridzi, Muski and Rahul receive a huge smile on their face. They bring the scissors, fully decorated in a plate in front of Padma.

"aap karenge..", the trio announced together.

"me..", Padma was surprised.

And Muski explained "Aunti ji.. you know our parents are not here.. and you are the only one, to whom we consider as our mother.. so who else would be the best person to begin our new lives with their sacred hands other than you"

Padma happily accepts the honor and cuts the ribbon. The trio comes and touches her feet and Padma blesses them all.

Entering the shop, Padma and Anji was mesmerized to see the beauty of the shop. It had shining floors, magnificent lighting and the decor was superb.

"Congratulations Ridzi.. your shop looks superb.", Anji congratulated her keeping her eyes on the text message that she was typing in her cell phone while chewing the gum.

"thanks di.. Am glad you liked it", Ridzi sweetly replies.

"but I wonder how you manage to get a shop at this locality.. I mean.. only the tycoons can these types of places..", Anji picked on.

"actually di.. I don't know.. Rahul.."

Before Ridzi could complete her sentence Anji cuts her in-between.. "I am sure dad must have put his recommendation to it.. otherwise you wouldn't have been able to get it right..", she taunted

Ridzi stayed silent as she didn't wanted to protest her own sister..

"anyway ridz.. I have to go.. you know 'he' must be waiting for me", Anji winked at her and went away.

Ridzi smiled at her.. "thank you di", she sweetly whispered after Anji was left.


As the few days passed, Ridzi's boutique starts to its customers. It didn't came out as one of the most successful shops, but managed to keep their feet in this market.

Ridzi started staying happy as most of her time she spent in her boutique or friends and hardly used to get any interactions with Anji or her dad.


One day at the breakfast table, Shashank wanted to announce his happiness.. "I have a good news to tell you all.."

Padma, Anji and Ridzi look at him with the excitement.. "what is it dad?"

"well.. yesterday I had a meeting with the business tycoon 'Jai Mallik', the chairman of Mallik & Sons company"

"wow dad.. I heard about them.. they come in the rich and famous", Anji stated.

Shashank liked the fact that Anji did had knowledge of this family..

"yes exactly beta.. he is also a good friend of mine, and he proposed a proposal in front of me." He continued.

"what proposal Shashank?" Padma asked.

"well.. the proposal is that.. he want his son to meet our daughter", Shashank replied with a little smile on his face while glaring at Anji for her reaction..

All gave their confused look to him.. "actually.. we want you both to meet and see if you are compatible for each other or not.."

"compatible for what dad?", Anji confusingly asked

"for marriage bachcha..", he remarked making Anji blurt with a shock.."what dad.. you cant be serious..?"

Shashank calmly looks at her and in his polite expressions he explained.."there is no harm meeting him right.. just go ahead.. talk to him.. and if you don't like him then just tell me..I won't do anything wrong for you right.."

Listening him, Anji sat quietly.

Shashank wiped his face with the napkin, while leaving for his office.. "and by the way.. he would be coming at 5pm, so I want everyone to be home by that time.."

After he left, Anji pouted in front of Padma and Ridzi.. "I don't want to get married..".

Ridzi affectionately keep her hand on hers.. "don't worry di.. we will see what we can do.."

"I have to go mama.. I wil be back by 5..bye", Ridzi bid them goodbye and left for boutique.


Ridzi spent all her day happily, as the shop was quite busy. They made quite good sales, and for a change, Rahul n Muski didn't fight for the whole day..

"wow guys.. what is it.. why aren't you fighting today?" Ridzi teasingly asked the duo.

"I tell you Ridzi.. for a change Rahul is behaving very sensible today", Muski continued the teasing session and give high 5 to her.

Rahul gets frustrated listening her rude comment.. "oh I see.. I am behaving sensible, but actually Ridzi.. I think Muski is veg today.. as for a change she is not eating our brains".. he laughs whole-heartedly with Ridzi making Muski daze.

"excuse me Rahul.. do you think I eat up your brain??", Muski blurted giving alarm to the duo that soon a fight is going to happen..

"guyss.. leave it.. I think we should not take the topic any further", Ridzi interrupted to close the topic before its too late.

But Muski had no intentions to do so.."no wait Ridzi.. so Rahul.. what were you saying.. I don't have brain that's why I eat yours?"..

"but.. when did I said that?" Rahul confusingly replied..

"let it be guyss.." Ridzi tried again to stop them but her cell phone rung

"hi mumma.. "
"oh no.. I almost forgot.. ok yea.. I am just leaving.. byee.." . It was Padma's call to remind her that she was running late as Shashank and Anji has already reached home.

Ridzi sighed and looks at the other side of the room only to find Rahul-Muski fighting like cat and mouse. Both held each others hair and were screeching each other.. giving each other all the swears possible

She panicky goes to them "come on guys.. stop it.. you both are scaring our customers".. she came in between them and made them stop..

"it was my fault.. why did I say you guys didn't fight for the whole day" Ridzi stroked her head making Rahul n Muski look at the opposite direction in anger.


It was little rainy outside, Ridzi took out her umbrella in a hurry.. as she was getting really late to reach home. And she couldn't find any bus or cab to go in.. She started walking hurriedly, and kept on looking at her watch for the time.. 'she was in a great trouble today', she thought. When suddenly, she collides with another person by mistake. She held her umbrella tightly and turns around to see who it was.. and if he wasn't hurt. And to her shock, she finds the same gentlemen, green eyes, royal look, that Ganesha's idol guy.. with whom she met the other day in that shop. She never even thought of meeting him like that again, his eyes were just gazing at her as the droplets of the rain in between started to interrupt.

"aww.. m soo sorry", she softly says to him.

"arey aap.. no actually I am sorry.. I didn't know what I was thinking..", he replied to her even politely making her heart melt for him.

She lowered her gaze, wondering why is she blushing, why the every word he speaks make the shiver go to her spine. Her eyes struck at his watch, when she saw the time.. it was already 5.. Her expressions suddenly changed and fearfully she turn around to grab the cab on the other side of the road.

He found this little strange.. he brushed his hair, that were half wet and howled to stop her.. "hey. Can you tell me where is this address..", he showed the paper in his hand.

But unfortunately, she was too much in a hurry that she denied to do so.. "sorry.. But I am in a hurry.." and left sitting in the cab.

He just kept on looking at her in the amazement as she faded away.


Ridzi nervously enters the house and got relieved to know that boy hasn't arrived yet. Padma asks her to go to Anji and make her ready.

On the other hand, the boy arrives.. and like a cultured person, he touched both Shashank and Padma's feet. They gave their blessings to him and welcomed him whole-heartedly.

Making him sit in the hall, Padma served few snacks and tea to him.

"So beta.. how is Mr. Mallik?" Shashank began the conversation.

"He is fine sir, just today he went to Australia for a conference.", he acknowledged.

"oh.. that's great.. "

Padma tells Jaya to call Anji and Ridzi..

And Jaya goes to them excitedly "ma'm is calling you both downstairs, the boy has arrived"

"ok.. we are just coming", Anji replied making her leave.

"Ridzi.. can you do one thing for me? Pleaseee." She pleaded..

"what is it di?"

"can you first go and check how is this guy.. you know I don't want to face him like this.. if you like him then only I would come..", Anji pleaded making Ridzi agree to it.

Ridzi comes out of the room and climbs the stairs when Padma looks at her coming..

"she is our daughter", she steered him to look at her.

He was surprised to see her there and from inside he was smiling deeply. Ridzi too notices him, 'omg.. he is.. he is the same person.. that Ganpati guy'.. her gaze was stuck on him with a surprise when she lost her balance and landed up on his arms. He saved her from falling and both their eyes were stare locked with each other.


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