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part 4 : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Part 4




Ridzi comes out of the room and climbs the stairs when Padma looks at her coming..

"she is our daughter", she steered him to look at her.

He was surprised to see her there and from inside he was smiling deeply. Ridzi too notices him, his deep green eyes, 'omg.. he is.. he is the same person.. that Ganpati guy'.. her gaze was stuck on him with a surprise when she lost her balance and landed up on his arms. He saved her from falling and both their eyes were stare locked with each other.

"Ahemm'.", Shashank acted of clearing his throat to bring them to reality.

They leave each other and awkwardly kept their gaze down at the floor.

"Anjali didn't came as yet?", Shashank asked Padma repulsively.

"yea.. wait a minute"..

She turns toward Ridzi "beta, where is Anji?, Armaan is waiting for her"

Both Armaan and Ridzi looks another time at each other with the perplexity getting over. He dimples at her, as she adjusted her dupatta edgily.. She didn't knew why was she acting so differently.. Her heartbeat rose up in a great speed and she herself was panicking.

"hi.. I am Armaan", he politely stirred his hand towards her..

She dazed looking at his gesture, and from her eye corner she apprehensively notices Shashank who was in a huff. But Padma with the smiling face blinked her eyes pointing her to go for it.

She trembled and slightly touched the tip of his fingers and replied "I am.. riddhi.."

As she was about to complete her name, Anji hopped in between.. "hi armaan.. I am Anjali.. please to meet you"

She took his hands into shake leaving Ridzi shivering on the side. Armaan notices the sudden change in the atmosphere and Anjali's dynamism.

"oh hi.. please to meet you too.. Ms. Anjali", he replied to her formally instead.. but it made Shashank glad.

"why don't we all just sit down", Shashank happily asked them to be comfortable..

"while.. you may bring some soft drinks for us", he continued and pointed towards Ridzi  dreadfully making her leave from there.

"wait I will also join you", Padma added..

"well.. you both have to excuse me too.. I have got an urgent call to answer", Shashank deliberately left them both alone to spend some time together..

Anjali makes herself more comfortable and sat down on the couch cozily.

"So Armaan.. I heard you came from Australia", Anji began their conversation confidently..

He sighs.. "yup.."

"how cool it is.. you must have seen the night life there.. how is it? Is it rocking like here?"

"umm.. yea.. the night life there is way more exciting.. especially on Friday nights.. you should really see the crowd", he gently replied.

"oh that's great.. I just like that kind of life.. I mean you so much enjoy those moments, the energy, the surroundings..everything.. I just love it", Anji got thrilled even of thinking about it.

"so you like going to the night clubs?", he asked

"I just love going there.. infact I go around 2-3 times a week", Anjali chuckled at herself.

"and what about you?" she asked.

"well.. I am not much of that kinda person.. I have been there only for 3-4 times when my friends really forced me.. that's it", he replied courteously not making Anjali feel bad about it.

"so.. Anjali.. you know why we have met right?" he genuinely brought her to the topic.

"oh yes, dad told me.. but to be honest, I really don't believe in arrange marriages..", Anji shared her thoughts openly with him..

"actually, I am with you for this one.. neither do I.. before spending your life with the person, you really have to know about him/her.. right", Armaan added.

"oh yea.. completely", Anji grinned.

Just then, Shashank comes back..

"so you guys having good time.. hun?", Shashank playfully asked making the duo shy..

Both Padma and Ridzi too join them with the refreshments in their hand.

Ridzi serves them, and Armaan pleasantly takes the glass of soft drink from her hand.. "thank you"

"uncle.. I was thinking, if we could go for coffee tomorrow.. like that we will be able to know each other more", Armaan elegantly put the proposal in front of him.

Shashank was amused to see the progress in their alliance.. "yes offcourse beta.. I am sure Anji would not mind it either.. isn't it Anji"

Whereas Anji was all surprised, they both knew how different they both are but still Armaan wanted to meet her.. "yea I don't have any problem.. but only if Ridzi would accompany us"

It made Ridzi and Shashank both knocked out.. "beta.. how is that possible", Shashank trembled.

"no.. its ok uncle.. even I would like if she could join us too", Armaan retorted.

Ridzi looks at him with a shock.. she couldn't see a reason why should she accompany them but finding Anji in the pleading expressions she agreed and gently nodded her head.

Next day, he comes to pick them from home. Both Ridzi and Anji excitedly went with him. Armaan like a gentlemen, opened the car door for ladies. Anji sat in the front while Ridzi sat at the back.

Ridzi's fingers kept on tossing with each other feeling the nervousness over her spine..

They goes to the best caf in the city.. fully decorated with royal touch. And soon both the ladies joined him on a table.

"wow it's a nice place..", Anji remarked sitting next to him.. leaving a space for riddhima to sit next to her.

"I knew you would like it", he softly replied

Riddhima too settled herself down but became uncomfortable seeing the high class touch to this caf..

A waiter followed them for the order,

"so what would you like to have?", he gently asked the duo

Ridzi just kept on flipping the menu pages, as she was not even able to understand those French words written on them that described their coffees. And the prices looked horrible too..

"di.. I don't know what to order.. can you do that for me pleasee..", She panicky whispers to Anji

She nodded her head and ordered their coffees.


After the coffee was served, they had a small casual chitchat. Anji was telling him about her carrier in the most famous fashion house. She had all praises for herself while Armaan listened to them patiently. Ridzi most of the while just kept quiet, as she didn't wanted to disturb them in their conversation. She was nervously sometimes look the people around or sometimes at her coffee that she didn't liked at all. It was the sourest coffee she ever had. And sometimes she would smile when Armaan looks at her.

"it seems like only I am talking.. you also tell about yourself Armaan", Anji said to Armaan giving a chance to him too.

"wel.. my life is not as interesting as yours.. I always wanted to be a doctor, and today I am", he proudly smiled at himself making Anji finding it not interesting at all..

She took out her cell and started to type a text message.

"I always wanted to help people in their pain.. I like to give smiles to them.. and by joining my dad's business this wouldn't have been possible.. that's why I chose doctor as my carrier..", Armaan continued ignoring Anji's tactics but looking at Ridzi.. who was listening to him with full interest.

And suddenly Anji shouted from nowhere"oh nooo'.!"

They both looks at her with the puzzled face

"what happened di?", Ridzi furiously asked.

Anji hit hear head in the anger "oh noo.. I forgot to order for the raw material' shit my boss is really going to kill me.. "

Both sighs as in nothing has happened.. "ok guys.. I really have to go now.. please you guys stay here.. I will just go and come back"

Ridzi gets shocked listening to her and holds her hand from going.. "no di.. wait I will also come", she panickly requested..

"no ridzi.. you please stay here.. if dad gotto know that we left so fast he would definitely not leave us", she quickly whispered in her ears making her afraid even more.

"if you want.. I can drop you guys home..", Armaan notices the compromising situation

"no its ok armaan.. I wont take too long.. I wil just go and come" Anji replied and hurriedly went from there leaving Armaan and Riddhima both in the awkward situation.

Ridzi sat there furiously, she doesn't know what to do now..

Armaan sees her panicking for some reason.."hey you ok?", he politely asked.

She felt a tug in her heart.. She shivered with the fear "umm.. I.. I will just come in a minute.."
Armaan nodded his head with the agreement and she instantly leaves to follow Anjali.


"di.. di please don't go", Ridzi pleaded infront of Anji as much as possible..

"oh come on ridzi.. what's your problem.. why cant you just talk to him.. and just accompany him for a while?", Anji arrogantly replied

"no di.. please.. what will I talk to him?? I don't know di.. please don't leave me like this.. and what mamma and papa would say.. please di", she appealed

"don't worry about them.. I will fix up everything.. you don't worry.. you know he (the mysterious man) has finally come from his trip.. and I so much want to meet him.. that's why I really have to go.. "

She takes out some money from her purse and handed them to Ridzi "you keep this money.. and please don't try to call me again and again.. I will be back soon.. and you just stay with him", she assured and went away leaving Ridzi all alone in this discomfort.


Anji excitedly goes outside the caf and quickly ran towards a car.. suddenly somebody took her in his arms and twirled her around in happiness.

"o my god atul.. I missed you soo much", Anji expresses her feelings to her boyfriend.

"I missed you too jaan.. ", he replied.

He keeps her down and takes her hand in his "now come.. we have to go"

"so.. where are you taking me today", she asked excitedly while sitting in his car.

"we are going for a lunch at your favorite restaurant", Atul replied winking his eyes only to see her happiest expressions.



Atul is a matured yet fun loving guy. Madly in love with Anjali. He knows her negative points and tries his best to eliminate them without even letting her know. He is good at heart and think about others the same way..!


"by the way.. what were you doing in that caf?", he questioned.

"wo.. armaan ke sath", she quickly answered..

"armaan.. kaun?"

She suddenly bit her lips as she never told him about Armaan.. "wo actually' armaan ridzi ko dekhne aaya hai.. and ridzi wanted me to accompany her.. ", she lied.

"ok..", and he believed in her..


Riddhima nervously enters the caf and looks at him from the distance. He was playing with his phone as he was getting bored without anybody's company. She forced herself and joined him again. She silently sat on the next chair that was completely opposite to Armaan's.

Armaan too adjusts himself as he sees her settling down. Both remained silent as the awkwardness was filled in the air. Nobody had guts to start talking to the other person.. All they could hear was the crowd around and their heartbeats that were running faster then usual.

"Coffee", both says to each other at the same time.. and then realizing it they laugh on themselves.

"thank god you smile too.. I thought you are always that quiet and serious types.. by the way you look very cute when you smile ", Armaan complimented melting the ice between them.

Ridzi heartedly smiled listening the comment.

"I am really very sorry.. I didn't knew if di would go like this.. " Ridzi apologized.

"no its ok.. ", he genuinely replied.

And they continued to have their coffees..

"so you are the younger daughter hun..", he started the conversation again..

Ridzi feeling more confident replied "yes.. I am the younger one.. "

"but Mr. Shashank never told us about you.. ", Armaan clarified making Ridzi go sad.

"I am sorry.. may be I shouldn't have asked you that", he apologized seeing Ridzi not responding to him..

"no.. there is nothing like this.. actually.. I am closer to mumma.. and Anji di is to dad.. so that's why may be.."

"he anyway never considered me as his daughter.. because I am his step dau..", Ridzi was flown away with the emotions and didn't realize what she said to him.. she never even said this to her mum.. she mentally smacked herself.. and embarrassingly lowered her eyes..

Armaan understands what she was going through' her moist voice revealed so much of pain inside her.. He too felt grief in his heart, somewhere deep inside..

Wiping up his eyes, he tried to lighten up the environment.. "oh.. so its like that.. you know.. even I am closer to my mum.. so my dad.. Billy.. he too many times forget that I am his son.. sometimes in front of everyone he asks me who am I.. And to make him remember.. me and mum has to put a lot of efforts"

"you wont believe we actually show him some old photos too "

She laughed at his situation and he too joined her..

'finally she laughed', he patted himself..

"you know di has a huge fashion show coming up.. and she is working very very hard for it.. she is a very sweet girl.. she cannot see anyone hurt.. she believes in helping and making others smile. She is a very confident designer and her boss Marie, she is very very impressed with di.." Ridzi kept on going about Anjali all the time.

Soon their coffees finished in their chit chats..

"you know what.. Anjali is very lucky", Armaan sweetly commented making her go puzzle..

"why?", she asked

"to have a caring sister come friend like you"

Ridzi looked at him with the amazement

"no.. seriously.. its almost 2 hours.. and you are just praising her so much.. " he sweetly justified.

Ridzi surprisingly looks at her watch.. and realize that yes, its almost 2 hours now.. "aww' am so sorry' I didn't realize the time.."

"I don't think Anjali is coming.. so shall we go now?", he politely asked

Ridzi panicked.. "no.. please.. we will wait for some more time.. lets order one more coffee.."

Armaan smiled at her gesture and sat back.

Soon Anji too joined them..

"oh.. I am so sorry guyss.. the consignment took so long.. ", Anji apologized

"no its ok.. now I think we should leave.. its quite late", he replied

"yea ok.. but Armaan.. Ridzi. please guys don't tell dad that I left like this..actually if he comes to know about it.. he would be really upset.. but this was also very important for me.. please guys"

"no its ok Anjali".. Armaan looked at Ridzi

"we will not tell anyone", he assured from Ridzi's side too.


He dropped both the ladies back home when Shashank invited him for the Anji's fashion show lining up the very next day. He gleefully accepted it and bid them good bye.



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