Wednesday, 7 December 2016

part 42 : dard ka rishta

Wedding rituals was started when riddhima came and sat beside arman. Their eyes met once and riddhima bent eyes immediately but arman was staring her constantly.panditji asked him to chanting mantras but he was lost in her beauty,couldn’t able to hear him. Atul uttered : “yeh arman ko kya ho gaya hai? Panditji ki baat sun kyon nahi raha?”

Anjali chuckled : “lagta hai wo kisi aur duniya me hai.”
Muski : “par wo toh riddhima ko ghurey ja raha hai.”
Anjali uttered laughing : “haan lagta hai riddhima ke sapne dekhne laga hai wo.”
Rahul uttered loudly : “abbey arman..wapas aa ja sapno ki duniya se.”
Anjali yelled : “agar mantra nahi padhega toh sapne bhi purey nahi honge,jo tu dekh raha hai riddhima ke sath.”
Hearing it riddhima blushed but feeling arman was still in same state,she slowly pinched in his hand and whispered : “arman..
Arman whinned and uttered : “aah! Kya karti ho? Chutti kyon kat rahi ho?”
Riddhima glared him while panditji uttered : ‘beta,mere sath mantra padho vurna shadi kaise hogi.”
Arman realized the situation and started chanting mantras with panditji.after some time panditji asked : “ab dulhan ka kanydan karna hai..
Dadi came and uttered : “mai kanyadan karungi panditji.”
Panditji nodded and dadi gave riddhima’s hand into arman’s while chanting mantras. All started showring flowers on them.then their “saptpadi” started..they were taking a vow with each phere.all were showering flowers on them while dadiji’s eyes started raining remembering that if shshank and padma would alive,how they would be happy at that time. Sahil saw it and uttered holdiing dadi’s hand : “aap royoge toh mumma papa ko bahut takleef hogi dadi.aaj toh khushi ka din hai,arman bhaiya ab didi ke sath harpal rahenge.aaj mumma papa bhi khush honge meri gilhari di ko dekhkar.aur agar di ne aapka rona dekh liya ,wo paresan ho jayegi.”
Dadi nodded and wiped her tears.
After sometime when all rituals were completed arman and riddhima went for dinner with their friends. Then they started their journey to their own home. Dadiji and sahil stayed there for that night as they were very tired and dadiji was not feeling well.
Arman and riddhima were in a car which was decorated beautifully. Atul was driving the car and rahul was in front seat. Muski too sat in the back seat as riddhima requested her to come with. When they reached home,ananya ,dr. Kirti and some hospital staffs standing there to welcome them.ananya welcomed them with “aarti”, put mangaltika on forhead of both of them, some rituals were performed then ananya addressed to riddhima : “riddhima beta,ab aap aur muskan aapke kamre me jakar rest karo.kal subah aur bhi kuch rituals karne hain aapko.”
Riddhima nodded and uttered : ‘ji aunty.”
Ananya uttered smilingly : “ab aunty nahi,mujhe mummy kehna beta.”
Riddhima nodded with a blush .muski uttered : “haye!kitna achcha lag raha hai sab kuch...pata nahi meri kab shadi hogi us idiot se aur uski mummy bhi mujhse aise baat karegi.”
All laughed hearing it while ananya uttered : “kaho toh mai baat karun rahul ki mumma se?”
Rahul yelled : “no aunty..mai is mushibat ko apne gale me bandhna nahi chahta.”
Muski frowned while dr. Kirti uttered : “aaplog please rest karo,3 baz chuke hain,i think hum sab ko rest karna chahiye.”
All nodded and went their respective room.
Next day dadi,sahil,anjali ,her mumma and all who were stayed in anjali’s house for wedding ceremony,came there and the whole day spent with a lot masti . now riddhima was sitting in arman’s room on her “ flower bed” and anjali,nikki,muski were busy in gosiping.sukanya and naina joined them.all were laughing on muski’s joke but riddhima was smiled only then stared on the door. muski was laughing on her unique style but suddenly stopped and uttered : “kya hua riddhima? tu itna sad kyon dikh rahi hai?
riddhima didn’t reply but nikki chuckled : “arman nahi aaya na isliye.”
anjali uttered : “aur aaya bhi hoga toh muski ka horrible laughing sunkar bhag gaya hoga.”
muski uttered happily : “achcha hua.aaj whole night hum yahan gappe ladayenge.”
naina uttered : “ma’m its riddhima’s suhagrat.”
muski uttered rounded eyes : “toh? pahle friends ka right hai riddhima par tab uske hubby ka.hum jab tak chahe yahan baith sakte hain.”
anjali uttered laughing : “aur arman ko uske dost itni jaldi chodenge kya? sabne plan banakar rakha hai,mid night tak usey wahi pakadkar rakhenge.”
but they heard arman’s voice from the door : “mere dost tumlog jaise kamine nahi hain aur ab tumlog bhi bhago yahan se,riddhima ko rest karne do.”
muski uttered in a loud voice : “toh tu riddhima ko rest karne dega aaj raat promise kar,phir hum chale jayenge.”
arman uttered frowning : “jati hai ya mumma ko bulaun?
but on his words all burst into laughter ,even riddhima too started smiling.
arman looked at them and uttered : “ok,kitne paise chahiye?
he took out bundle of 500 rs. notes and said : “pure 10,000 hain,lekar dafa ho jao yahan se.”
anjali chuckled : “aww! mere best friend ko kitni baicheni hai dekho,pahle hi notes nikalkar de diye hume bhagane ko,kyon na ho khubsurat dulhan jo mil gayi hai...ab intza..
but before she could say more,arman pushed her out and said : “sab bhago yahan se..”
the girls went from there laughing and teasing arman in loud voice.after they going arman closed the door and uttered : “uff! sab ke sab saitan hain.”
riddhima smiled on his words and uttered slowly : ‘thank you arman.”
arman uttered looking at her : “for what?
riddhima uttered blushing : “mujhse shadi karne ke liye.”
arman laughed on her words and asked peeping in her almond eyes : “toh riddhima malik..aapko saq tha ki mai aapse shadi nahi karunga?”
riddhima uttered mischieviously : “100%..wo toh aunty thi jo mere side se thi burna tum toh dr.malika se shadi karna chahte the,i know it.”
arman uttered smilingly : ‘aaj ki raat toh kisi aur ka naam mat lo riddhima..aaj toh yahan bas mai aur tum hona chahiye,hai na?”
ridhima blushed and uttered hurriedly : “mai change karke aati hun,tum bhi kar lena.”
arman uttered holding her : “rahne do na kuch der aise ..bahut khubsurat dikh rahi ho dulhan bankar.’
they sat there sometime silently then arman took her hand near his nose,inhailed and uttered : “mujhe mehendi ki khusboo bahut achchi lagti hai aur tumhare hathon me bahut khubsurat lag rahi hai.”
riddhima’s cheeks became red tint hearing it ,she uttered hurriedly : ‘achcha batao tumhara naam kahan hai ?”
arman smiled and uttered pointing at her chest : “mera naam wahan likha hai tumhare dill me.”
Riddhima uttered frowning : “buddhu..mere hath me kahan likha hai batao.”
Arman nodded and took her hand and kissed it while uttered : “maine jahan kiss kiya wahan hai.”
Riddhima nodded but uttered : “mai tumpar bahut naraj hun.bahut jyada..
Arman uttered surprisingly : ‘ab maine kya kiya?
Riddhima uttered pouting : ‘tum na bilkul romantic nahi ho.aisa koi karta hai kya?
Arman : “kaisa?
Riddhima : “tumne mujhe pucha tak nahi ki honeymoon par kahan jana hai.actually tumhe yaad hi nahi ki shadi ke baad honeymoon par log jate hain.”
Arman chukled : ‘haan ,actually pahli baar shadi ki hai na,toh pata nahi hai,next time jarur yaad rakhunga.”
Riddhima smacked him hard and uttered glaring : ‘arman!
Arman : “uff!suhagrat ko bhi tum apne patidev ko maar rahi ho?
Riddhima uttered smilingly : ‘its my birthright.aur mai zinda hote hue tum dusri shadi ki baat soch hi nahi sakte aur mar gayi toh churail banker tumhari dusri patni ko mar dungi.”
Arman uttered laughing : “abhi churail se kam ho kya?
Hearing it riddhima made a pout face and started looking other side.
Now arman took out the tickets of switerzaraland and kept it in front of riddhima.riddhima saw it surprisingly and suddenly yelled happily : “yeeeeeeeeeeeee!switzerland!
Arman kept his finger on her lips and uttered : “sssssssh!chillao mat.sabko lagega ki pata nahi kya ho gaya.”
Riddhima uttered happily : “mai janti thi tum mujhe aisi hi kisi khubsurat jagah le jaoge..i looooooove you arman..
Arman uttered laughing : “maine nahi,dr. kirti ne as gift humey ye diya hai.
Riddhima asked happily : “wow!thanks to dr. kirti.waise hum kab jayenge?
Arman : “kal early morning humey nikalna ab soya jaye ?
Riddhima nodded and went to washroom to change.after sometime when she came out,saw arman was lying on the bed .now she was confused about where she would sleep.but in a while she heard arman’s voice : “khadi kyon ho riddhima,so jao yahan.”
Riddhima uttered in a confused voice : “par..
Arman opened his eyes and uttered : “shadi ke baad pati patni ek hi bed par sote hain riddhima.”
Riddhima uttered : “haan wo toh hai par..mai couch par so jati hun.
Arman got up and uttered : “don’t worry mai kuch nahi karunga.”
Riddhima bent her eyes and uttered : “I trust you arman par pata nahi,kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai..
Arman thought a while then said : ‘ok,mai couch par so jata hun,tum bed par so jao.”
Riddhima uttered : “nahi arman ,couch bahut chota hai .”
Arman : “toh phir kya karein?
Both kept quiet for sometime then arman put some pillow in middle of the bed then uttered : “yeh thik rahega? Tum udhar aur mai idhar.”
Riddima smiled seeing it and nodded in yes then came slowly to the bed and lied her side. Arman too lied on the bed while turning other side as riddhima wouldn’t feel weird.both were lying on the bed closing eyes but sleep was far away from their eyes. After some time arman turned riddhima’s side and stared at her for sometime. She was sleeping silently.arman forwarded hand and touched her cheek while whispered : “I love you jaan.”
And in a while riddhima held his hand and touched it with lips and whispered : “love you too arman.”
Arman uttered surprisingly : “tum jag rahi ho?
Riddhima opened her eyes and uttered : “need nahi aa rahi,sab kuch sapna lag raha hai.pata nahi kaisa dar sa lag raha hai.
Arman uttered softly : “ab dar kaisa,mai toh tumhare paas hun.”
Riddhima pouted : “kahan paas ho? yeh “great wall of china “beech me khada jo kiya hai.”

Arman smiled on her words and threw the pillows and uttered : “ab thik hai?
Riddhima slipped her hands around arman’s waist and uttered making close: “nahi,ab thik hai.”

Arman wrapped her in arms and both closed eyes.but riddhim’a scent became intoxicating arman and he could hear her heartbeat which was beating loudly.arman opened his eyes slowly and gave a light kiss on her forhead and looked at her. Riddhima was already looking at him .they lost in each other for sometime then riddhima waved his hairs and made more close to him.arman bent his head and his warm lips planted gentle kisses along her neck and shoulder.riddhima started melting in his arms and kissed on his chest while hiding herself in his muscular body.her kisses made arman’s body sizzle.his hands roamed her body and she returned his hot kisses ,waiting him with the same urge she feeling from him. Soon their kisses became passionate .their body started humming with the same desire ,the desire to lost in each other…the desire to complete themselves with each other’s touch..the desire to surrender themselves in each others arm and the desire to be one body and soul. They removed all barriers and lost in each other making the full moon as witness of this beautiful night.

Love u all

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