Wednesday, 14 December 2016

part 4:Teri meri prem kahani,

The epi start with shilpa

Shilpa come out of her class thinking about the bet

Shilpa:oh god mein kya karoon iss bhaiya hain mujhe muskil mein dal detha hain jab mook koltha hain tabhi aur jab chup rehatha hain tabhi

Atul:hi kya hua

Shilpa:kuch nahi hain atul bas iss bet ki barimein soch rahi thi atul armaan bb match kaise kelthe hain
Vo acha keltha hain kya?

Atul :nahi

Shilpa:thank gof and drinks water

Atul:par humara armaan bohot acha keltha hain

Shilpa splits the water
Atul:arre yaar tume kya hua !
Shilpa:mein kya karoon atul mujhe basket ball kehlna nahi atha

Atul:kya shilpa tum bohot badi problem mein pas gayi hoon

Shilpa:kyun atul
Atul:humari team mein leader hongi armaan
Tho tumari team leader hongi sid
Aur phir next player tum hongi

Shilpa:yeah iss mein kya bat hain

Atul:tho tum automatically ridz ki opposite avongi
Aur humari ridz bohot acha basket ball keltha hain

Shilpa:atul iss college mein basket ball court kahan hain

Atul say the way
Sid,yuvi,JP and jiggy will in there classes

Shilpa will be trying to put the ball in the net
But she fails

Armaan see this
And come inside

Armaan :wohhhhooo tho phir basket ko basket ball kehlena nahi atha

Shilpa gives a shock expression

Armaan comes laughing

Armaan:tho tume kehlena nahi atha right
Abe mein looser nahi tum ho asli looser

Shilpa:haan nahi atha but phir bhi mein tume jitunga


Shilpa:meri bhai kileye mein kuch bhi karongi

Armaan drags Shilpa closer
Shilpa:tum kya kar rahi hoon
Armaan:yeh match meinhe jitugan mein tumari aur tumari bhai ko loser's banavongi

Shilpa:agar tum agar gayi tho
Armaan:mein tumari servant rahongi
Aur mein jith gayi tho tum meri servant rahongi


Shilpa thinks for a minute
And then says deal

Later armaan goes to the science lab

Its shashank Gupta class
But he arrived soon so only riddhima was standing there

Armaan goes and hug her from the back
Which makes riddhima shiver

Riddhima:armaan kya kar rahi hoon

Armaan:tume hug kar rahi hoon aur kya

Riddhima pushes armaan but can't

Armaan make her turn
Armaan looks at her lips

Armaan was about to kiss her

That time sid and shashank enters
And shock to see this

Riddhima see shashank and push him hardly
Which makes armaan fall down
Sid goes near him


Shashank leaves the place with teary eyes

Ridz follow him

The epi ends
How was it ?
Pls do comment

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