Wednesday, 21 December 2016

part 5 : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~


After they came home, Ridzi was continuously furious. She felt very restless. If her mum or dad get to know about the coffee shop incidence, then what they would say. She roams from here and there in tension. What Anji did today was totally unexpected. How would Armaan be feeling about it. She couldn't believe Anji is still seeing Atul when Shashank is already trying to fix her marriage with Armaan. From inside she knew Armaan is a good person, a totally reliable type. But she had no faith for Anji, as she still has that childhood in her that can make her take wrong decision.
At night, Ridzi goes to Anjali's room and finds her joyfully talking to Atul on her phone. She hesitantly knocks the door to which she asked her to come in. And instantly Anji disconnected her phone.
"tell Ridzi.. what is it?" She asked cunningly
But Ridzi hesitated to ask her doubt.
"umm.. di.. how did you find Armaan..?"
"armaan.. he is nice.. but not my type.. we are totally opposite you know..", Anji told her everything truly
Ridzi was shocked to listen to that. Anji is actually rejecting such a nice guy, she felt really really bad for him.
" but di.. then why don't you tell papa about it?" Ridzi questioned
But Anji was in no mood to tell the news to everyone "ohoo ridzi.. I wil soon tell papa.."
"by the way, why are you feeling so bad for Armaan? Have you started liking him hun?" Anji naughtily asked her
And listening this she shivered inside out, "what are you saying di..I'I' "
"I mean.. if we see.. you and Armaan look quite good together.. if you say should I ask dad for you both", Anji winked towards her
Ridzi completely petrified. "no.. di.. please.. "
"oh come on Ridz.. I was just joking.. " Anji added relieving her
"di. I just wanted to ask you when will you tell papa that you don't like him?" she asked forcing herself
"ohooo.. Ridzi.. I will soon tell him.. now you go.. I m feeling very sleepy, good night.. please close the door once you leave", she exclaimed.. and went to her bed.
Ridzi disappointedly goes from there.
Next morning, Anji left early to her office, as it was a big day for her. For the first time, her designs were going to be shown in the fashion show. She always has dreamt for this day, and today she had many many responsibilities on her shoulders.
Ridzi too goes to her boutique early as she skipped a day out for Armaan and Anji coffee meet. She inspects the shop inside out, and closely notices the stock, and dresses. It was just like a usual day for her.
"hi ridzi.. how are you?" Muski came running to her and hugged her tightly.
"hi muski.. I am good.. what is it Muski.. you seem so happy..", Ridzi asked her excitedly.
"how do you always get to know what's on my mind", Muski puzzled
"because.. I know you very well budhu.. today you hugged in such a filmy way as if we met after 4-5 years", Ridzi jokingly teased her.
"hahhahahahahah" Muski laughed her weird laugh
"tu bhi na Ridz.. "
"guess what Rahul asked me yesterday", Muski asked her with the red cheeks. The happiness was so clearly seen in her eyes.
"oh my god.. he.. he didn't fight with you all day right?", Ridzi naughtily increased her anxiety
And listening to her, Muski hit her hand on her arms.. "fitte mu.. I don't think that day would come".. and they both laughed.
"we are getting married soon Ridzi", Rahul spoke from nowhere making both shocked.
They turn around to find him coming inside from the door.. Ridzi notices Muski's changed expressions.. her crimson cheeks now were making her blush in her eyes too'
"muski is this true?", Ridzi asked excitedly
Muski just nodded her head with her eyes down.. and Ridzi jumped on her to hug her.. "wow. Guyss' I am so happy for you both..!"
And Rahul-Muski too joys with the happiness..
After departing from hug
"I wonder when did all this happen".. Ridzi confusingly asked the duo
"well.. actually.. you know how long we have been seeing each other.. so I thought of proposing her", he blushed conveying his happiness.
"wow. And muski said yes instantly right", Ridzi asked.
Listening her Rahul's face fainted.. "not really.. actually she fainted right away"
"what???", Ridzi shouted in a shock..
And they both laugh hard out on Muski.. On such a special moment, she fainted.
Ridzi kept her hand on her tummy, as she felt the pain because of her uncontrollable laughter at her.. "muski.. did you really??"
Muskaan was feeling very embarrassed but at the same time, she too was finding it very funny..
"you should ask me about that Ridz..", Rahul replied.
"all the people were like staring at me as in' don't know how bad I did with her", Rahul explained and laughed again
But it was now enough for Muski
"so what I fainted.. any one would if they wil get such a big shock like that" she tried to explain.. giving an alert to both
"this Rahul.. couldn't he just have given me a clue that he would be proposing me..", she faced the other side in anger
"but I wanted to give you a surprise", Rahul became serious with the change in atmosphere
"yeah right..! and I also was joking..  I didn't fainted.. I was just seeing how much will you take care of me " she winked and started laughing weirdly'
Both Rahul and Ridzi look at each other and raised their eyebrows..
"what??.. really? Stop lying muski.. you liar.." Rahul announced
"you are calling me a liar.. no rahul.. you.. you are liar.."
"liar liar liar.." she repeated teasingly
"I m nt going to leave you muski."
He scratched her hair and she took his shirt collar in her hands and soon their WWE started..
"guys.. chill' chill now.. no one is a liar",  Ridzi somehow managed to keep them away..
"jesus.. god knows how both of your's son/daughter would be like.. would he be fighting with himself only", she imagined making them laugh at themselves..
Around in the evening, Ridzi gets a call from an unknown number.
"hello.. "
"hi.. is this Riddhima?", he asked
"yes, may I know who is this?"
"hi Riddhima, this is Armaan.. Armaan Mallik.. "
hearing his name, a cold vibration touched her spine.. she couldn't utter a single word
"hello.. RIddhima?", he asked again getting no response.
"hh.. hheellooo.. yes I am here only..", she stammered in nervousness.
"ohk.. actually I was trying to call Anjali, but her phone is not getting through.. I wanted to know the venue for today.."
Ridzi calmed herself down, thinking its only related for Anjali.. and not for her
"hmm.. its in the hotel Samrat at 7", she replied politely.
"ok.. so how will you be going there?", he genuinely asked.
But she had no answer for this; she herself didn't know how to get there. As Shashank and Padma would be getting there directly after attending some business party.. and she herself had to arrange something for herself..
"umm.. I will see.. may be by bus", she felt embarrassed
"oh great.. then I am coming to pick you.. is that ok?", he announced making her dazed
"what..' please.. you don't.. I will come by myself"
"please Riddhima.. I don't want to go alone there.. please.. you can think me as a cab driver and I can take you there right", he naughtily replied making her shiver more..
"no.. please.. why are you saying like this.. ok I will come.. ", she replied
"great.. so I will pick you exactly at 6.. byeee"
Ridzi quickly reaches home and gets ready in her white suit. She took longer then usual today. She sat in front of the mirror and looked at the time it still had 10 mins to 6. She hurriedly combed her hair when she noticed her face in the mirror. She stopped combing and just kept on glaring at her reflection.
She checked twice if that white color suits her or not.. whether she has over done her lip gloss. The little make-up on her face didn't look bad on her.. then she wondered on herself why was she looking at herself like this?.. she never thought twice for what she should wear then why today??..
"you and Armaan look quite good together.. if you say should I ask dad for you both", Anji's words alerted her..
"no.. this is not possible.. never", she decided to herself mentally.
He was the first person (a guy) who did not treat her as a slave or a clown. All the guys in school/college always laughed at her for wearing traditional dresses.. she never applied any make-up, hardly had any friends'she was more of a nerd types, a 'book worm', that's what they called her. And she always accepted it happily. But Armaan was different, he was the first person who talked to her nicely, who cared about her.. who thinks of her as a person but not as any heartless animal like everyone else.
Her thought sequence was broken when she heard a loud horn of Armaan's car.. "oh no.. he is here.. tu bhi na Riddhu.. pata nahi kya sochti rehti hai", she mentally kicked herself and left.
As Riddhima goes to his car, Armaan like a gentleman opened the door for her and made her sit but this time along his side, in front. Ridzi felt some other kind of awkwardness with him.
As they rode in the car, Armaan broke the silence in them.. "Riddhima, you are looking beautiful", he complimented her..
Listening this, she get goose bumps all over her body.. She never got complement from anyone before.. not because she wasn't beautiful but she always liked to stay simple.
She just kept on glaring at her fingers on her laps that were tossing each other in anxiety. She tried harder to calm herself down, but getting a compliment from him brought different magical vibes in her.
Not getting any reply from her side, he continued.. "seems like, somebody don't like my face" he pouted making Ridzi look at him with a shock..
"no arm' nai' kuch ni..", she fumbled seeing his instant gaze to her eyes..
She felt her heartbeat rising with every second' And seeing the dimples on his face she almost flattered. His little smile also makes her smile from inside.. His presence was doing some magic on her definitely..
"we are here", he parked the car as they reached the venue.
As they passed the main hall way, all the guards bowed in front of them.. Ridzi wondered why they were getting such royal treatment. But looking at Armaan and his posture she understood.. its due to his public figure..
She was immensely impressed how everyone respect him and value him but still he never showed off his fame.. his down to earth nature melted her heart completely and made her respect him even more.
They entered the main hall where the fashion show was going to hold but it still had some time.
"we still have some time", he looked at his watch'
"yea.. why don't we go inside and wish di all the best.. It is one of the most important day of her life..", she says..
"sure..", he too happily agreed.
As they go inside, a lot of models were dressing up to get ready and a lot of movement was going on. It was totally a different kind of environment, more tensed it was.
They confusingly looks here and there to find Anji when they hear the loud voices from somewhere  "what have you done??? I cannot believe I gave chance to you.. you are no good.. You have ruined my whole fashion show.. You pleaded to me for this show and now see what have you done.. you just go away from here now.. Anjali' you have disgusted me..!"
Ridzi and Armaan looks at each other with a shock listening to Anji's name.. they knew she was in some big trouble for sure.. they hurriedly followed the voice and found Marie, Anji's boss shouting at her and Anjali just standing there with a sad face.
They also find Shashank and Padma too standing there beside Anji. Shashank tried really hard to calm Marie down and use all his resources to save Anji.
"Look, you cannot talk to my daughter like this, she has worked so hard for this fashion show and now you just cant tell her to go away like this.. I can talk to the owner of your fashion house, he is a good friend of mine and you can be in trouble Ms. Marie", he said in his stern voice.
It makes Marie burn in anger even more.. "Mr. Shashank Gupta.. keep your contacts to your side.. we all know how you used your contacts to make Anjali enter this international fashion house.. Don't even try using that tone with me.. why don't you first go and teach your daughter what the responsibility is all about.. If you want to talk to Mr. Mehra about it.. then go ahead.. I will also see how does she stays in this fashion house.. and that's my challenge to you Mr. Gupta", she snapped her fingers in front of him, giving hard time to his ego and goes from there.
Riddhima gulped in terror.. she didn't expected that to happen..
"dad' why do have to say all this to her.. you already know she doesn't like me.. then why do you do this??", Anji over blamed Shashank for everything
But for the first time in his life, he felt helpless.. he knew this time he cannot do anything for his darling daughter.
It was a shocker for Anji.. everything was finished for her.. her whole career is over now..
Ridzi sees Anji breaking down on her knees and she hurriedly runs towards her to support her..
"di.. what happened.. di.. please' hold yourself.. " she asked in concern.
Anji felt like everything was over now.. and didn't had guts to tell it to Ridzi..
Armaan too joins Ridzi and asks Anji what happened.
She tells them that by mistake the raw material she chose was faulty. And all her designer dresses that models were wearing got torn, including the show stoppers dress.. and now if she doesn't fix this before the show, then she would be fired..
Ridzi and Armaan both feels very sad seeing her so heart broken..
"I am so sorry Anji", Armaan showed his sympathy.. while Shashank broke out his anger..
"what the hell were you thinking Anjali while buying that raw material??.. cant you see which one is good and which one is bad??"
It was completely tragic for him too.. his daughter's failure was his failure..
"no dad.. if I knew it then why would I have had chosen that faulty material..", she screeched.
Ridzi asks whether it can be fixed now??
"no ridzi.. there is no chance.. that raw material is totally faulty..", she yelled.
Shashank feels disgusted and goes away from there with Padma.
When suddenly an idea pops out in Ridzi's mind..
"di.. has any one seen your designs??"
"no.. they are my personal designs.. no body has seen them not even Marie..", she replied in her sobbing state.
"di.. I think I can do something.. I have got few new dresses that I designed today only.. we can get those dresses and quickly alter them for models.. what say?", she asked enthusiastically.. making them go shocked and Armaan smile looking at her caring for Anji so much.
"what are you saying.. are you out of your mind.. Ridzi this is an international fashion house.. how can I show your designs in it??..and moreover we don't have time for all this.." she blurted.
Armaan felt weird for her behaviour.. Ridzi was trying so hard for fixing up her mess, but Anji was showing much of attitude.
"no di.. we can still do it.. trust me di.. my all the dresses are fresh and no one has seen them.. I will quickly go and get them' trust me", she showed a ray of hope in their dark night.
Ridzi instantly stood up, caring a damn about others.. she now have to quickly take the step as the time was really less..
"wait.. I will also come", Armaan shouted to stop her.
He quickly drove the car with her and took her to the boutique.
With the help of Armaan, they opened the aluminum shutter in the front and she quickly collected the dresses. Armaan on the other side, explores the whole shop as his eyes gets stuck on the 'Ganesha's' idol that was kept on a temple rack.
He smiled remembering the incidence when he and Ridzi first met and they both chose the same idol.. "wow.. so you kept it here??", he smiled making her look at him with the confused look..
"I mean.. this..", he pointed towards the idol. Looking at it Ridzi sees him with a smile and too remembers that shop incidence..
She blinked her eyes.. "haan.. I wanted to buy this first for my shop.. Vighnharta hi mere liye sab kuch hain", she politely told him getting very spiritual.
It somehow touched him.. "wow.. you must be the first person of our age who believes in god so much.."
"kyun.. aap bhi to inhe buy karna chah rahe the that day in the shop?", she teasingly asked..
He smiles at her comment.. and acts as if his big secret was caught.. "wel.. yeahh.. kind of.. ".. he tried to get away with the topic but seeing her looking at him with the 'bull's eye' eyes.. he laughs at himself.
"umm.. yea.. I too believe in them.. but only very few people know about it", he revealed his darkest secret so easily.
She giggles at his act.. "so what's there to hide?? Isn't it a good thing??"
"wel.. actually my friends would laugh at me.. that's why I never tell any one.. you see I am a guy.. and guys are not much into it.. you know..", he replied in a bit unsure tone..
"aww... Really??.. then that means they are not your true friends..", she commented and continued collecting the stuff when the clothes from her hands fall down.
She bends down to collect when he too joins her.."what do you mean.. they are not my true friends?", he asked in confusion.
She looks at his deep blue eyes, which felt so tempting to fall in them.. but she controlled as her hands felt touch of his hands while taking up the clothes..
She mentally kicks herself and replies.. "that's because you cannot share your own inside thoughts with them.."
He felt a great point in her words.. That means in his whole life time he hasn't made even a single true friend.. what a waste, he sighed.
They took up all the clothes and kept them on the table together.
"wow.. mujhe to pata hi nahi tha.. you are so right.. aur aaj tumne yun mera itna bada raaz pata bhi kar liya..", he was impressed..
Ridzi smiles at his comment that soon fainted seeing him bringing his hand forward to shake hands with her..
She was frowned.. she tightly clenched the clothes in her grip to control her nervousness.
"friends??" he politely made a move
She just kept on glaring at him with the unsureness in her eyes..
"I just want to make atleast one true friend in my life", he dimpled making her melting from inside. Suddenly, her grip loosened and her eyes were just struck at his hands that wanted just pure friendship.
She hesitantly moved her hand in his warm hand that bring an unknown confidence in her..
On their way back to the venue, he tells her that he now wants to know his friend.. All the time all she yakked is about Anji, Anji and Anji.. but now he wanted to know about her.. While she just kept mum getting so much of attention for a change.
As they reach the venue, Anji blurted at her like anything "Ridzi what is this?? I cannot believe you took so long.. have you seen the time. Does it take so long hun?... ".
Seeing Ridzi keeping quiet, Armaan felt weird.. And when it was impossible for him to take it any more he explains.."Anji we were stuck in the traffic.."
Observing the situation under control, Ridzi quickly takes out the dresses but Anji looks at the them with the creepy reaction.. "I am gone now.. Ridzi.. do you think these designs of yours will even be approved?? ".. she tackily throws them away making Ridzi feel bad.
Armaan was shocked to listen those words from her. After putting so much of effort atleast someone is trying their best to save her, but she and her attitude never breaks!
But Ridzi didn't leave hope for it.. "di.. may be these are not good enough.. but we can try atleast..".
"yea yea..", Anji made faces and went away from there leaving Armaan and Ridzi to do all the things on their own.
Soon they did the alterations with the help of few tailors and got them wore by the models.
Anji joins Shashank and Padma on their table. They were no where interested to see anything.. But only waited for the time to arrive when Anji's designs would be rejected straight away.
Inspite of getting any attention from them, she continued to do her work dedicatedly. She was making sure that everything was getting stitched perfectly and was making it sure the models were carrying it the way they were designed. In short, she was all doing all the work that Anji was supposed to do.
Soon their designs were announced on stage and the models started leaving one by one.. Ridzi's stress level was increased. She was shivering with the discouragement she got from Anji and others. She assumed her designs were not good and that was the reason Anji left her like that.. She felt like crying when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

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