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part 5: Teri meri prem kahani,

And the episode start with shilpa

At night
Shilpa will be sitting in her bed

Shilpa:hey bhagwan kya mein iss match ko jith pavongi nahi tho mein iss armaan ki servant ban javongi
And vo vo armaan

And she starts thinking of armaan
Vo ek handsome and bohot caring ladkha tha inthi ache se baat kar rahi thi
Oh shit mein kya bol rahi hoon
Vo vo bilkul arrogant thi
Focus shilpa focus

Sid in his room
Sid take a bath and comes out with a night suit
And she takes the shirt which he wear for the college
And close his eyes and imagine
When ridz fall on him

Sid:errr mein bar bar uski bare mein kyun soch rahi hoon
Snapout sid let's just think about the match
Again think about riddhima

Sid :ahhh mein riddhima ki bari mein nahi bath karongi aur sochna bhi nahi

Yuvraj naina JP and jiggy will be watching

Naina:humari sid tik tho hain
Yuvraj:vo kaise tik rahengi jis ki pas demak nahi hain vo kaise tik hongi

Naina gives a irritated look

Yuvraj:what just kidding

Malik mansion

Armaan :kal match hain aur mein uss shilpa ko zaroor har avongi aur haan basket ne mujhe Milne kileye kaha tha aur mein uss ki baren mein soch ne bina mein iss match aur shilpa ki peche kyun pade hoon

Aur basket ne mujhe bulaya hain tho vo zaroor meri feeling ko accept karne kileye bulayi hoga

Billy and ananya in there room

Bilvender :mein armaan ki bohot fickar horahi hain

Ananya:kyun billy meri armaan beta saab se best hain so aup voski fickar na kare

Billy:vo riddhima ki piche pade hai

Ananya:kyun riddhima achi ladki nahi hain

Billy:nahi nahi ananya vo bohot achi ladki hain par shashank itna acha insan nahi hain kyun ki vo kabhi bhi humari bacha ko apni beti nahi dengi mujhe armaan ki bohot fickar ho rahi hain
Jab hamari bacha bilkul toot jayengi

Gupta mansion
Riddhima :kal mein iss bath ko zaroor armaan ko batha dongi mein kaise kahongi mein usski dill ko kaise haan boch ke thod sakthe hoon


And the next morning
Everyone come to bb court

And the two teams
Faces each other
They start playing
First goal will be taken by Sid's team

Shilpa:har ne kileye tayar raho armaan malik

Armaan:how funny meine har nahi rahi hoon time jithne diya

While playing riddhima will be thinking what shashank said

She didn't know the ball was coming towards her

Sid:riddhima riddhima move

But riddhima is fully out of mind

Sid go and push her down
Riddhima come back to her sense

Sid usse dektha hain aur dekthe he rejayen gi
(Suno na sang marmar dill yeh mera hain )

Armaan usse dekthi hain
Aur uss ki akon mein asu athi hain

Shilpa usse dekthi hain

Shilpa:kya armaan riddhima se

Shilpa bar bar usse sochtha hain

Aur ek goal ko miss karthi hain

Aur vahan se jiggy announce karthi hain

Armaan ki yani seniors team jith gayi

Sid:kya shilpa itna asan thi na kyun miss kiya that
Shilpa:vo iam sorry bhaiya vo mein
Sid:tik hain leave it princess

Armaan:oye mere servant

Shilpa turns

Sid:Teri himat kai hui meri princess ko servant kehe rahi hoon
Armaan:cool cool bet mein Teri bhen har gayi hain
Usse pocho usse ne kaha tha agar vo har gayi tho vo meri servant rahengi

Sid see shilpa
Shilpa nods her head
Sid Gives a shock reaction

Armaan :OK servant meri ek bohot important cam hain tho kal se Teri ko bulvongi

Armaan goes from there
Riddhima GIves a message

"Meet me in the garden "
Armaan goes running to the garden
And see ridz standing there

Armaan :riddhima
Riddhima :haan tum agayi mein tumse ek important baat bolne aya hoon

Armaan:bolo riddhima
Riddhima:vo vo mein
Tears roll from her eyes

Armaan isse dek kar shock ho jathi hain
Armaan:riddhima tume Jo kehena hain jaldi bathavo

Riddhima:aaj se tum !mujse baat mat karo tum mujhe door rahi meri papa yahi chathe hain

Armaan hold her tight
Armaan :tho tum sirf Teri papa ki waja se door jarahi hoon
Riddhima:;meri bhi vahi decision hain pls dor chale javo mein time pyar nahi karthi aur nahi kabhi karongi pls chale javo

Armaan bilkul tot jathi hain
Ridz run from there

The epi ends
Precap:a car dash on armaan and he fells in road and covered by blood

How was the epi
Pls do comment

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