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part 6 : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~


Soon their designs were announced on stage and the models started leaving one by one.. Ridzi's stress level was increased. She was shivering with the discouragement she got from Anji and others. She assumed her designs were not good and that was the reason Anji left her like that.. The water started to flow out of her eyes when Armaan sees her standing along at the backstage.
"hey.. don't be scared.. I am sure everyone will love your designs..", he said as he knew how disheartened she must be from Anji's taunts.
Ridzi looks at him with the glum eyes seeking the ray of hope; the confidence in his eyes brought some satisfaction to her. No one ever took a stand for her like he did.. She felt strong from inside and quickly wiped her tears.
"this year's award is definitely yours Ridzi".. Suddenly a strange but friendly voice followed them.
Announcement: Here comes the designs of our new upcoming designer.. Anjali Gupta… Please give her a big hand…
As the introduction finished.. models one by one started to walk on the stage..
" …..Mar jaawan.. Mar jaawan
tere ishq pe mar jaawan….. "
"I thought you were disqualified Anji.. then what is this??.. why did they announced your name? " Shashank confusingly asks.
"oh this.. don't even bother dad.. you wont believe this.. but these are Ridzi's designs.. I have no idea what is she upto.! I am definitely finished now..", Anji said sternly.
Armaan and Riddhima both turn around to see whose voice was it and gets a huge (friendly) smile on her lips.. "hii.… really?? Do you think the designs are good?".. she asked innocently. Armaan on the other side was confused.
"yes, they are brilliant Ridzi.. and I am 100% sure you will be getting this award ", he hugs Ridzi from the side giving some assurance to her.
Ridzi looks at Armaan's puzzled face.. "oh.. I am sorry.. I forgot to introduce you both.."
Departing from the hug, Armaan and Atul faced each other.. "he is Atul…", he forwarded his hand towards Armaan..
"and he is….", before she could take his name Atul guessed.. "he must be Armaan.. rite?"
Armaan and Ridzi were impressed.. "heyy.. how do you know?".. Armaan too shook his hands.
"Anji told me about you.. you see she doesn't hide anything from me ", Atul replies proudly.
"wow.. you must be her best friend.. I hope your friend didn't say too many bad things about me" Armaan asked in the friendly gesture.
Ridzi realizes that Atul doesn't know the full truth about Armaan.. and Armaan too doesn't know about Atul.. and what if they get to know.. she panicked looking at the duo.. but it was too late for her to do anything now..
"yea.. not much.. bas thodi bohot", Atul teased making him laugh..
"by the way… I am her boy friend", Atul winked at him making Armaan go shocked. Suddenly his facial expressions changed from the nice smiling ones to a completely shocked one..
He felt fury, he has been asked to see a girl who herself is seeing another guy. He clutched his fist tightly to control from bursting out Anji and Shashank.
Soon the fashion show was over, and now it was turn for the winners to be announced..
Atul excuses himself when Ridzi looks at Armaan innocently. He had a lot of annoyance and many questions in his eyes. But his mouth was shut.
"I am sorry", she slightly whispers in the watery voice to calm him down. He looks at her and suddenly feels a strange pain deep inside him. He never wanted to see her feel sorry for him. He himself has seen how she has been treated like a slave in that place. And besides that Ridzi doesn't say anything against them.. she doesn't even raise her voice in front of them. She has always been used, and above all she is yet so simple and sweet. Her caring nature makes her so different yet so special.
Just then the announcement was made "Ladies and Gentleman.. now here we are to announce the winner of the night.."
Armaan heads towards her; he knew how much she needed his support for this very crucial moment. So he decides to keep his anger on side and play a friend's role here.. "Come, lets see you winning"..he whispered to her only to see her surprised.
She was amazed to see his reaction. She thought he might blurt at her now like everyone else, but it was going opposite.. he was yet supporting her. She felt some kind of positive energy in her that was building with him beside her.
As they proceeded towards the main hall.. the winners were about to be announced.. all the designers felt like their world will be apart any moment. The nervousness in the atmosphere was clearly seen. And so as Ridzi was shivering thinking what if her designs gets rejected! She doesn't want Anji to be humiliated in front of everyone because of her.
As the heartbeats were rising.. her lips kept on praying to god to save her this time.. Armaan kept on smiling looking at her so anxious.
"We are so pleased to announce the winner of tonight.. this person has created totally a winning designs.. something that everyone will always remember in their hearts… and not creating any further suspense… the winner is…" The lady on the stage announced.
Shivering with the depth of the situation, Ridzi nervously held Armaan's hand.. she felt as if she was going to faint any moment..
Armaan felt her cold hands in his.. for the first time someone needed his support to this extent. He rubbed her hands softly "don't worry.. I am sure its you.."..
She looks at him with a surprise and lost herself in his deep blue eyes. She had never seen someone so confident for her.. Her shiver felt low as she no longer remember where was she standing.. for what purpose she was feeling nervous.. even if she was feeling nervous?
"And the winner is…. None other then our great upcoming designer.. Anjali Gupta"
The hall soon filled up with the loud applauds that indeed disturbed the major eye lock between them.
They look around to know who was the winner, as they were so much lost that they themselves didn't hear the winner's name.
She felt a sudden hug from someone… She looks around in amazement and see it was Padma..
"congratulations Ridhu… I knew you would do it… I am so proud of you my baby" Padma kissed her forehead..
That news indeed made Ridzi completely shocked… she has done it.. she has saved Anji's job.!
She looks at Armaan happily and finds him clapping for her with the smiling face. "Congrats.. see I told you that it has to be you"..
His words brought so much of satisfaction yet happiness inside her. She smiled at him gently and blinked her eyes to say thank you… as the words were not coming out of her mouth in happiness.
Soon they see Anji going to the stage to collect her award.. All three of them stood there excitedly waiting for her to give the credit to Ridzi..
"oh my god.. I cannot believe I won this.. thank you everyone.. my hard work has really paid for me today.. thanks everyone.. and thanks Marie for all your support.. Love you all"
The claps again burst up in the entire hall.. but this time Ridzi, Armaan, Padma.. and infact Shashank felt heartbreaking. Yes, Shashank felt bad too.. but not because she didn't even took Ridzi's name but because she forgot to thank her parents.. and mostly him… He did so much for her.. all the efforts he has put in for her.. and in return she didn't even think him eligible for her one thanks?.
After all the media attention, Anji finally gets the time to come to her family too. She comes and hugs everyone especially to Ridzi.. She gives a tight hug to her.. All becomes happy atleast Anji feels that all this happened because of Ridzi only..
"di.. congratulationsss", Ridzi smiled at her and tightly hugged her..
"aww.. thank you Ridzi.. I knew this award was definitely mine.. now I will see how Marie will throw me out", Anji excitedly winked at her making all dazed.. and mostly Armaan.
Everyone knew Anji's nature very well but it was new for Armaan..
"I knew it di.. you are the best", Ridzi again smiles at her keeping her own contentment aside to become happy in her sister's success.
In the bedroom, Padma notices Shashank reading his book upside down. She realizes that something was definitely disturbing him. She keeps the glass of milk on the bedside and sat next to him.
He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even notice when Padma came to him. Padma knowingly takes the book from his hands and turns it upside down. Shashank gets disturbed and notices he was holding the book in opposite direction.
"Shashank.. what happened?.. I have never seen you so disturbed", Padma politely asks keeping her hand on his.
Shashank sighs, he knew he was caught so he had no other option but surrender the deep pool of his thoughts.
"Padma.. today Anjali received her first award.." He started..
"yes, she did.. and you must be really proud of her right?", she asked straightforwardly.
"yes.. I am.. I am very proud of my daughter.. but.. she forgot us Padma"…the water started to approach his eyes in emotion.
Without interrupting in between Padma let him to continue..
"You know Padma.. in all my speeches.. I always always remembered Anjali whole heartedly.. for all my success I always claim it on her.. she is my lucky charm.. and today.. she didn't even took my name in her success.. Don't I deserve one thanks from her Padma??" he shook her hand tightly as the pain for him was intolerable.
"Instead of celebrating her success with me.. she chose her friends.. now her friends are more important for her then me?.. "
"That Marie.. the lady with no good.. she was the one blaming her like anything.. but I am the one who always support her.. in all her success or failure.. I am the one who always hold up to her.. and today leaving me aside.. she chose Marie to thank.."
"Tell me Padma.. what have I done wrong??.. Why am I getting punished like this? I never even shouted at her then why she did this to me? Why padma why??"
He fell of his knees crying but this time Padma was not feeling any new. She has been in the same situation 20 years ago when she married to him. It was now the right time for Padma to make Shashank realize his mistakes..
She too bends over her knees and goes to him to soothe him.. "Shashank.. I know what you are going through.. but honestly tell me.. what you did was right?"
Shashank gets puzzled listening to her and stares at her "what do you mean?? You mean have I done anything wrong?"
Padma takes the deep breaths as she knew she has to do it tonight..
"yes Shashank.. what Anjali did with you today.. didn't you do the same thing to Riddhu?"
Shashank gets shocked listening to Riddhima's name..
"What did I do to her?? Whatever she asked we did it.. she wanted to open a boutique.. and we let her do that too.. didn't we?", he asked shockingly.
"oh really Shashank? tell me.. when was the last time you called her your daughter??.. oh forget that.. tell me when was the last time you smiled at her??.."
Shashank kept mum listening to it.. as he just started to see where he actually went wrong.
"You remember the day she got her award after she topped her university.. did you even smiled at her saying you are really proud of her.. did you even patted her on her success??.. She was the one who wanted to celebrate her success, her happiness with us.. like you wanted to with Anji but Anji, she doesn't even care about it.. and that hurts you the most…doesn't it.."
Shashank felt a sudden point from Padma.. that was actually correct.
"Shashank its you.. its your fault.. if Anjali is my daughter then how Riddhu is not your daughter??" Padma cried her heart out for the first time in front of him
"What did Riddhu do wrong to you??... tell me Shashank.. all the injustice that you have done with her… today Anjali is doing the same to you.."
"How many times did I lied to Riddhu that you are busy with your work that's why you don't have time to talk to her.. the work burden on you made you frustratedly talk to her.. how many times Shashank… and that poor kid.. she always kept on crying and crying that why doesn't her father love her.. why does he always favor Anji in front of her.. Why for every success Anji gets so many presents from her father while she gets only and only sadness.. "
"Shashank you are so much blind in your one daughter's love that you neglected your other one so much.."
"If ever you even look at her once smiling, she would dance in so much of happiness.. just think Shashank how much she desires your love and what you did to her"
"Today also, did you notice how Anji behaved with Ridzi???.. no I think you didn't…Anji won that fashion show not on her own basis.. but on Riddhu's credits.. it was Riddhu's success in real.. she is the one who won tonight.. it was her designs, her hard work that was appreciated and awarded.. but in return.. instead of being grateful to Ridzi, Anji didn't even realize this fact.. she thinks it is her success.. and you too Shashank, instead of making her realize that, you yourself got angry because she didn't thanked you infront of everyone?"
"In the inauguration, she kept on waiting just for you.. that her father would come to cut the ribbon but you never went Shashank.. can you tell me once.. what was her fault??.. She always proved herself as the best daughter.. but in return did she deserved this type of behavior of yours?.. is it too much she is expecting??.. "
Padma holds his shirt tightly to force him to answer the questions she always had in her heart….
"tell me Shashank.. was it too much for you to call her your own daughter??", but gets no response from his side…
"Or actually I should have told her that her father died so many years back.. and now she should stop searching for her father in you!.."
Saying this she leaves his shirt with a jerk making Shashank dazed on doing such a big crime..
Same night, Ridzi lies down on her bed thinking the moments she spent with Armaan today. How they became great friends.. he considered her his true friend.. his compliment to her.. and most of all, how he supported her when she needed someone the most..
But her chain of thoughts broke when her mobile buzzed. She looks at it.. and gets a huge smile on her face seeing Armaan's name flashing on the screen.
She instantly picks it up "hello..", she softly answered
"hello… Riddhima.."
She felt sudden shiver in her.. listening her name from him. "I hope m not disturbing you at this night.." he gently asked.
"no.. umm... I wasn't asleep yet", she mentally patted herself.
"oh that's great", he smiled
"oh.. I mean.. I am also not feeling sleepy… so yea…we can just chat for a while.. if you don't mind",  he fumbled.
Listening to him, all Ridzi could do was smile.. an uncontrollable smile approached her lips bringing the redness to her cheeks.
He could feel the pinkness of her face in the phone also.. May be that's the 'dil se dil ka connection' is all about!
"pata hai Riddhima.. main abhi iss chand ko dekh raha hoon aur pata hai mujhe kya yaad aaya".. he sweetly asked
Riddhima too opens the window of her room and sees the moon. It was the full moon that night.. Suddenly the room was lit up with its light and the wind caressing her cheeks and hair hugs to her through the silky curtains on the side.
She closes her eyes to feel the oasis of passion in her. "kya".. she whispered.
"your beautiful smile" he replied making her open her eyes in amazement. His praises for her melted her heart completely… she could feel his love, his care as the water in her eyes filled up.
She looks at the moon and sees his face in it… the way he glances her with those deep green eyes.
She smiles and only smiles..
"tumne kuch bataya nahi?" Armaan asked making her puzzled
"kiss baare mein?"
"yahi ki.. what did you just see in this moon"
She was shocked to listen that.. how on earth he gotto know she was glaring at the moon.
"aapko kaise pata ki maine kisi ko dekha hai ya nahi?", she smiled at her lie..
"bas.. mujhe iss chand ne bataya.. jo iss samay tumhe dekh raha hai..", he romantically replied making her blush.
Listening him, she could not help herself but blush.. it was now almost impossible to face that moon also.. She felt as in he can see her getting red through that moon.
She turns around "acha.. arm… umm… good night..". When she felt that it is becoming uncontrollable.. she tried to disconnect the phone… but Armaan was in no mood..
"hey hey hey.. one sec.. one sec.."  he tried to make her keep holding the phone.
"kuch nahi.. just wanted to ask you something.."
"yea.. what is it?", she politely asks..
"Riddhima.. why don't you take my name?" he straightforwardly asks making her dazed.
Its unbelievable, how did he noticed that? She thought.
"no there is nothing like that…", she lied.
He knew she was lying as it's not the first time she took his name half..
"ok.. if it is so.. then take my name".. he softly tries to catch her lie.
"Arm..".. unknowingly stopped making him smile on his victory..
"there is nothing like that.. and now I am feeling very sleepy.. good night", she said to change up the topic and also to save herself from the embarrassment.
He too feels her getting embarrassed so without any argument he kept the phone "good night"..
After they hung up their phone, both again looks at the moon for a while thinking about each other.
"Armaan..", she whispered to the moon and immediately hid face with her hands.
Armaan on the other side deepens his dimples as if he really heard her.
Jai too joins Armaan on the terrace.
"hello son.. aap abhi tak soye nahi? Lagta hai kisi ke khayalon mein khoye hue ho kyun…" he winks at Armaan
Armaan feels embarrassed as what he said was true.. "no dad.. there is nothing.. I just came up to take some fresh air" he lied.
Jai pats up his back in affection and says "beta.. I want to tell you something.. "
"jee dad?"
"beta.. jo tumhari ma hai na.. bohot hi simple si ladki thi.. waise abhi bhi hai.. "
Armaan laughs with him for this
"dad…" he points out
Getting back to the serious mode, Jai continues "jokes apart.. sach mein jab maine usse pehli baar dekha tabhi mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki yeh hi meri dream girl hai.." he replied.
"dream girl?" Armaan asked
Jai nods with the smile "haan.. dream girl.. ek aisi ladki jise mujhse pyaar ho.. naki mere money or status se.. jise main apne parents ke saamne sir uthake le ja saku.. ki dekho yeh hai aapki hone wali bahu.. aisi jise nafrat karna to aata hi na ho.. jo sabko pyaar deti chale.. that's a dream girl"…
"hun??.. wow.. that's nice. Aapki dream girl mom.. " he smiles thinking his parents madly in love.
"par tum soch rahe hoge ki main tumhe yeh sab kyun keh raha hoon.." Jai asks only to see Armaan nodding
"kyunki beta… ab tumhara time aa gaya hai decision lene ka.. aur main chahta hoon ki tum koi jald baazi mein decision na le lo.."
Armaan understands what Jai was trying to tell him.. "thanks dad.."
They hug each other when Jai went from there.
All night he couldn't able to sleep.. He kept on remembering all his acquaintances with Anjali and Ridzi. How Anjali behaves with Ridzi, and despite of that, Ridzi sweetly do everything only to see Anjali happy. Although both are sisters yet are totally different. Anjali already has a boy-friend.. while Ridzi is so simple and subtle. He analyzed each and every aspect of them as he was in mood to take his final decision tonight.
Next morning, Armaan calls up Shashank to tell him that he would be coming to their home. In Gupta Mansion everyone joys that today Armaan is coming only to inform that he wants to marry Anjali.
At the breakfast table, when Ridzi puts the plate for Shashank, he genuinely smiles at her to say 'thank you'. Ridzi as well as Padma were astounded to see the sight. For the first time in their entire life, Shashank, her father smiled at her.
They cheer up like anything.. They exchanged their happiness through their eyes.. while Padma thanked Shashank wholeheartedly through her eyes only. Shashank also informs everyone about Armaan's arrival. Padma was extremely happy today as after such a long time they were finally feeling the happiness in them.
Although Anjali felt very weird as she was not expecting it at all. She never even gave him any positive vibes.. then why would he still want to marry her?, She amazed.
After the breakfast, Ridzi takes Anjali to her room to make her ready before he turns up.
Soon Armaan arrives with the lots of hopes in his mind. His heart beated at its maximum speed today. Shashank and Padma welcome him as they all settle down in the sitting area.
"beta.. how is everyone at home? How is Mr. Mallik?", Shashank ask to start up their conversation.
"oh.. uncle everyone is perfectly fine.. papa came back just yesterday only from Australia..", he informed with the fake smile.. He was hesitating thinking of what their reaction would be after listening to his final decision.. His whole life depends on their agreement only. Although he knows that his selection is perfectly correct!
Anjali in her room was sitting tensed. She was thinking how will she able to say 'no' to Armaan.. what excuse would she give.. but after she gets called by Shashank, she too joins them while Riddhima accompanies her mother to the kitchen to arrange for some snacks.
Seeing Padma coming back, Shashank put his arm around Anjali in affection and asks Armaan straightforwardly "so beta.. what have you decided..? how did you find our Anjali beta.."
Armaan felt very nervous for the first time.. he gulps the big throat and looks at his eyes.. There was no point talking to him about here and there. It was now time he face the real challenge of his life..
"Sir.. your both the daughters are really nice and very talented. I met Anjali various times last week.. and felt.. may be.. we are not compatible.."
All of them felt shocked listening to that.. especially Anjali, she anyway wanted to reject him.. but getting rejected by him was intolerable for her.
"what are you saying Armaan.. ?..."
"Anjali..beta… look what is he saying??" Shashank was completely baffled..
Anjali looks at him angrily… as if he has no right the reject 'THE MISS ANJALI GUPTA'.. she concluded.
Armaan too looks at her… and knew how to tackle her and get this turn in his favor.
"yes Anjali.. why don't you tell your father.. that Atul"… he paused to see Anjali even shocked reaction.
Anjali was wholly shaken listening Atul's name from him.. how does he know about him. But seeing his impish smile Anjali understood that he is aware of everything.
Padma and Shashank were now more confused.. "what.. Atul??.. who is he?", they both asked..
But seeing Armaan opening his mouth, Anjali hopped in.. "no.. nothing dad.. actually yea.. we both felt that we are not compatible.. so that's why we don't think this relationship can be possible"
Armaan smirks at her, as he was happy to see it was bull's-eye that his shot has hit right at the target. And seeing him smiling, Anjali to sighs with the relief that now he wont say anything about Atul to her parents.
But there was yet another big shock left for them.
Armaan notices Ridzi coming towards them too… So it was the best time to express his feelings, he thought.
"Uncle.. but I want to marry your daughter", he spoke half way making them perplexed like anything.
"what are you saying Armaan??.. you still want to marry Anjali?" Padma asked furiously.
This indeed drew Ridzi's attention.. she quickly came closer holding a tray in her hands.
"no aunty.. I said I want to marry your daughter, but the other one.. Riddhima"
His voice echoed in everyone's ears for several times…
Everyone stunned to listen that… they were not believing their own ears..
For Riddhima, her world came to a still… something that was beyond her dreams or expectations is coming true to her..
He goes near Ridzi and bends on his knees… while she stares at him with the haze
"Riddhima.. I love you.. I promise to give you all the happiness and take away all your sorrows.. you are my love, my life.. and I cannot imagine my life without you Riddhima.. pleaseee… will you marry me?"
The water from his eyes started to flow out, as the love in them was boundless.
Riddhima felt the biggest shock of her life.. She stood still there with the blank face.. what should she do now? How could she even listen to this? Was it another joke that her life is playing with her?
The droplets of her disappointment fell over her eyes.. she cannot accept that Armaan too could play with her emotions like this… He was choosing her over Anjali?
"nahi… yeh nahi ho sakta", she shouted and ran towards her room in the disagreement..
Armaan felt completely disheartened seeing her reacting like this..
"Riddhima.. Riddhima.. pleasee listen to me.. Riddhima..", he shouted only to see her vanishing.
On the other side, Shashank's anger boiled.. "ARMAAAAN", he shouted in his full anger..
"You have no right to insult my family like this.. get out from here", he shook his hands and pulled him out.. Armaan couldn't believe this..
"no uncle.. I am not insulting you or your family.. I really love Riddhima.. "
"pleaseee… unclee…aunty… pleaseee listen to me.. I cannot live without her.. uncle…", he pleaded for his love but there was no one there to give him the mercy.
He cried for his love, but nobody listened to him… and soon was thrown out of the house.

"Hum Donon Ek Jaan Hain
Do Dil Ek Armaan Hain
Lekin Ab Is Mod Par
Dekhein Daaman Chhod Kar
Waqt Ka Hai Ye Faisla
Hum Tum Ho Jaayein Juda
Maangein Khushiyon Ki Dua
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Maangein Khushiyon Ki Dua
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste"


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