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part 7: ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Ridzi run towards her room crying and lies down on her bed. She cries like this for the first time. All the trouble or pain given by Shashank or Anji wasn't that painful as compared to the pain given by
Armaan. She cursed herself for everything…how could he can think about her in that way?.. Nobody in her life ever did that nor in school or in college. But the worst part was he came to see Anji then why did he choose Ridzi in front of her? She cried from her heart thinking about all his acquaintances with him. He was just a good friend, she thought.
Armaan on the other hand felt completely heartbroken. How could Ridzi betray him? He expected everyone else to behave like this but Ridzi, his love too didn't trust her. He felt that his world was apart without her. Now whom should he blame to? It was almost impossible for him to live without her. He subsided on his knees thinking his love rejected him.

"I love you Riddhima… I love you", he screamed with the full energy taking out his frustration and aggression. Only he knew how much he loved her. He fell down on the road, as there was nothing left in him now.
Padma comes over to the Ridzi's room only to see her completely broken. Seeing her she remembered the first time Shashank shouted at her and how much petrified she was. Her heart filled out seeing her in this state. She goes towards her and affectionately caresses her hair.

Feeling someone's presence Ridzi stood up and immediately wiped her tears. She sees Padma looking at her with so much of love, she couldn't able to control and her emotions again came out with the tears in her eyes. She held Padma's hands tightly and tries to convince her.

"Mumma.. mumma.. I don't know how all this happened? Mumma.. please trust me that I have not done anything. Every time we met I just and just talked about di.. I don't know why he chose me… mumma please trust me.. mumma.. please mumma"

She burst out her anxiety making Padma feel a tug in her heart. Padma soothed her the every way possible. She made her put her head lie down on her laps until her sobs soothed. Padma politely asks Ridzi her decision..

"Ridhu.. beta… you don't have to give any clarifications to me.. I know you my bacha… Every time infront of Shashank and Anjali.. you only got dishonored… either its their love.. or their aggression.. only you had to suffer… but now I don't want my bacha to suffer"

Listening to this, Ridzi rouse up and stares at her with a shock.. "haan beta.. you want to know why Armaan chose you inront of Anjali?"..

Ridzi nods her head innocently.. "because he is a good person.. he is good at heart, and he knows how to differentiate between good and bad. I am not saying that Anjali is bad.. but you my bacha is extra good. He saw your qualities, your politeness, your compromises.. he has seen you suffering yet smiling.. so it wasn't shocking at all that he fell for you".

Ridzi tilts her face downwards listening so many good things about herself.. "nahi mumma.. there is nothing like that.. I am never going to forgive him for what he did.. he played a joke with me and our lives.. He knew how much I love di.. then also he did this with me..".

Padma held her face in her palms tightly bringing her back to the reality. "Ridhu.. beta.. listen to me.. Armaan hasn't done anything wrong. He saw his life partner in you not in Anjali… It is as simple as that.. and Ridhu if you too like him then don't hesitate to tell me.. I promise you that this time your love will not be compromised." Saying this Padma leaves from there making Ridzi dazed.
Atul on the other side finds Armaan lying down on the road in this condition. He hurriedly picks him up and takes him to his home. He tries to calm him down when Armaan feels like uttering everything in front of him. He now doesn't care if Anjali or her family gets into trouble. After all, he himself was going through so much of pain because of them.
"Hey dude, you ok?.. what happened to you??", Atul politely asks giving some coffee to him.
After taking a sip, Armaan just nods his head. Atul sits next to him and says "dude.. you are friends with Ridzi.. that means you are my friend too.. you can trust me". He assured.
Armaan felt nice and says "if I tell you something would you believe me?".
Atul thinks for a while and sees Armaan's condition. He thinks why would Armaan lie to him?
Atul blinks his eyes in agreement and says "yes.. I will believe you".
Armaan takes the deep breath and starts telling the story.
"Atul.. I don't know what Anjali told you about me but I want to clarify that I came to see Anjali for marriage by her dad".
Atul gets shocked to listen that..
Armaan notices his changing facial expressions.. "hang on.. before you get hyper, let me explain you.. yes, its true  I came to see your girlfriend but I fell in love with Riddhima.. ".
Listening this he calms a bit down but he felt bad that Anji lied to him. Atul asks him surprisingly "then what's the problem?"..
Armaan tells it all to him. Atul puts his hand on Armaan's shoulder in sympathy and says "Armaan.. I think you are taking Ridzi wrong..I know her really well and I also know her compromising nature"..
Armaan sees him with the stunned eyes.."don't be so surprised Armaan, I am also aware of Anji's mean nature. At school and college Anji always took Ridzi's advantage.. I know and due to which Ridzi has become like this. She has not learnt to think about herself. For her, everything starts with her family and ends with her family only".
Armaan nods with the agreement as from the past experiences he too has noticed this fact.
"but she doesn't love me..", said Armaan with the broken heart.
"No Armaan, you are wrong.. Yesterday I saw you both sharing such a comfortable bond.. then only I understood how much you both love each other."
"And Armaan it is also possible that she herself hasn't realized the fact that she too loves you.. and now you have to do it.."
Armaan finds a new ray of hope from Atul's talks. He remembers how she kept staring at him at the fashion show.. how she always hesitates to take his name also.. He was convinced that she does love him.. Armaan gets a huge smile on his face.. he hasn't yet lost his love.. and now he would do anything to get his love, his lady back to his life.
With so much of enthusiasm, he quickly gets up and hugs Atul. "thanks man.. mujhe to laga tha maine apna pyar kho diya.. but aaj tumhari wajah se.. I will get her back".
Atul feels happy and pats him affectionately.. "Anything for Ridzi yaar.. now I will help you to get your love.. chahe uske liye mujhe kuch bhi karna pade..".
Atul and Armaan both found a different bond in them today… They took each other as brothers because the way they were conversing so comfortably, the way Atul was helping him in such a big trouble.. is all unforgettable.
Ridzi followed her usual day schedule. She went to her boutique, as a regular day but was exceptionally quiet than usual. So much happened to her made her completely drenched.
Rahul and Muski notice the change in her behavior. They try asking her as well but she didn't reply to them. They knew it was more then her father's invasion today. Something really big has happened to her.
When suddenly, Rahul's eyes follows the newspaper that had Armaan and Ridzi's picture in the front. He gets surprised and shows it to Muskaan and Ridzi. Ridzi gets stunned, how was their picture came from the yesterday's event. They read the story besides and that says how the winning designs were presented at the international fashion house. It had all its praises for Ridzi and did not even mentioned Anjali's name anywhere.
"Ridzi.. this fashion show was Anji's right?", Muski asked in confusion.
"Woh.. actually.. because of some reason I had to present my designs". Ridzi shuffled..
"What? And you won it??", Rahul asked in excitement. Muski too cheers up in the happiness and they hug each other.
But they notice Ridzi yet sad. "Hey Ridzi.. you won such a big award then also you are not happy?", Rahul asked but she kept mum as the tears from her eyes were about to flow out.
Muski suddenly notices Armaan's pic on the newspaper.. "who is he Ridzi?.. he looks quite hot and smart"
Ridzi wrenches her fist tightly and turns around, as the pain inside her was getting uncontrollable.
Rahul and Muski understood that they finally found the nerve of her problem. Getting irritated from their questions, Ridzi left the boutique saying that she is not feeling too well.
As Ridzi leaves, Armaan and Atul come there. Rahul and Muski knew Atul very well but seeing Armaan they gets surprised..
"Armaan?" Muksi confirmed.
Armaan nods his head when Atul confusingly asks how did they know him?
Rahul shows them the newspaper and seeing what they too get shocked. Armaan asks them where was Ridzi but they said she left. Armaan hits on the table with anger.. "damn.. ab kahan milunga usse?"
Atul too feels sad and asks Rahul when did she left. Rahul replies "she left just now.. She must be on her way".
Atul signals Armaan to stop her there only. As Armaan was leaving, Muski stopped him saying "Armaan.. woh tumse bohot pyar karti hai"
Armaan looks at her astounded.
"Haan Armaan.. magar woh khud bhi nahi jaanti.. Armaan.. usko tumharti bohot zarurat hai.. woh andar se bilkul toot chuki hai.. please usse apne saath le jao.. warna uske ghar wale usse waise hi nahi chodenge"
Muski got emotional.. although she didn't knew the full story but knowing Ridzi so well, she knew how heart broken she was.
Armaan puts his hand on Muski's shoulder assuring he won't let her friend happen anything. And he immediately leaves from there while Rahul held Muski in his arms.. and Atul too consolidates them.
Armaan drives his car in the highest speed to reach Ridzi as soon as possible. He was feeling relieved as it was now confirmed that she too loves him. His eyes get water in them as his dreams were coming true. He knew that he would be able to show his true love to her. She would definitely understand him.
The clouds at the sky started to gather taking away the light of the sun. The cold winds started to blow, as he was getting closer to her.
He finally sees her walking down on the lone street. He quickly gets there and stops his car in the middle of the street. But Ridzi was too much lost in her own thoughts that she doesnt notice anybody's presence there. As he came out of his car, the cold wind caressed his hair and his clothes started to flow in the same direction.

He loudly calls out her name "Riddhima…" as his voice stroke her ears..she shivered inside out making her feet stop taking any further steps. She turns around only to see the most lovable person in front of her. She felt a strange happiness in her when she found him there. May be she was waiting to see him eagerly.
Armaan too felt nice to find her welcoming him with the grin. He run towards her and stood closer to her. She could feel his hot breaths on her in this cold season.
"Riddhima.. I love you",  he repeated the truth of his life making her remember the incidence from morning. Suddenly her smile fainted and was taken over by the aggression.
Ignoring him and his confession she turns around to leave. Armaan felt the pain returning to him as he saw her changing behavior. He called her again "Riddhima.. I love you.. I love you Riddhima.. aur yeh hi sach hai chahe tum kitni bhi baar mujhe chodke chali jao.. main humesha tumse yunhi beinteha pyaar karta rahunga"
His words stopped her yet again while her hair strands came over her face with the wind's force. But it wasn't crucial, she has been again touched the most pleased yet the sorrowest moment.
"Tum bhagwan ko bohot maanti ho na.. tum bhi mere liye meri bhagwan ho.. you are my god Riddhima aur main tumhe poojta hoon"
She felt a sudden realization to her. He takes her as his god and that was not a small thing. The tears approached her eyes but got hidden by her hair. He knew his talks were affecting her deeply.
He confidently continues "haan Riddhima yehi mera sabse bada sach hai.. main tumse zindagi mein sabse zyada pyar karta hoon.. aur tumhare bina main ek pal bhi jeene ki nahi soch sakta".
Her silent tears soon were soon changing to bigger sobs. His heart hurt listening her sobs and he goes towards her .
Affectionately he takes away those strands from her face and lightly wipes her tears.
"I love you Riddhima", he whispered touching his head with hers.
"I love you..", he whispered.
The tears were falling down from their eyes as if it were raindrops coming out of those gray clouds waiting for the sunshine to come back..
"mujhe pata hai Riddhima ki tum bhi mujhse bohot pyar karti ho.. bas ek baar kehdo.. bas ek baar.. main sab theek kar dunga..".
She gets shocked listening to him and suddenly took her steps away from him. He dazed seeing her reacting like this.
"Nahi Arm.. main.. I don't love you.." she fumbled and again turns around to leave.
He quickly again goes in front of her and shakes her with her arms.
"Riddhima.. tum bhi mujhse pyar karti ho..", his voice was stronger.
But the feeling of betraying her sister came over her. She felt aggressive "Nahi… nooo… I hate you.. you betrayed di… app unhe milne aaye the.. mujhe nahi.. dad ne aap dono ke liye kitne sapne dekhe hain..", She cries even harder making him hold her tighter..
"aur tumhare sapno ka kya??", he shouted his point. "mere sapne?? Mere sapne to hain hi nahi.. mujhe bas apni di ki khushiyan nazar aati hai.. mujhe chod do .. please.. mujhe jaana hai.."
He felt the anger in him was rising. He gripped on her tighter "agar main hi khush nahi honga to tumhari di kaise khush rahegi??.. main tumse pyar karta hoon damn it! I love you.."
He leaves her arms and hits his hand hard on the car. His anger made her terrified. She shivered listening his loud hit in the car. He tries to cool himself down and takes deep breaths…
"Acha.. maana main tumhari di se milne aaya tha.. par woh khud kissi aur se pyar karti hai.. kya woh mere sath khush reh paayegi", he asked politely to which she kept mum.
"Riddhima tum nahi maanti ho ki tum bhi mujhse pyar karti ho.. to fir kyun tum mujhe dekhte hi sab kuch bhool jaati ho??.. kyun jab bhi main tumhara naam leta hoon.. tumhari hothon pe yun halki si muskurahat aa jaati hai?"
Riddhima realizes it was all true..
"kyun tum car mein aur fashion show mein mujhe aise dekh rahi thi.. kyun tum mera naam bhi nahi le pati? Kyun mera ek touch tumhe poora shiver kar deta hai?"
She stepped backwards.. his word to word was so correct. He goes to her and keeps her hand on his head "aur Riddhima sach sach batana.. kya kal moon mein tumne mujhe nahi dekha??".
She trembles like anything, she remembers how she put extra effort on herself before she meets him, she remembers how his phone made her pat to herself for being awake at late night.
She remembers how his presence make her feel so complete, so protected. All this cant be just friendship… it is something else… she knew it.. she feel something more towards him.. she finally realizes that she loves him… It was her love that she has been trying to ignore for such a long time. She loves him.. but her acceptance would spoil everything.
Her dad who just started to see her as his daughter would feel betrayed. She was finally getting his love after so many prayers. Now she can't betray him… the tears from her eyes kept on flowing thinking about her dad and Armaan.
She comes out of her illusion and sees Armaan standing infront of him with so many hopes in his eyes. It wasn't easy for her to reject his love but the priority for her was her family.
"nahi aapne jo bhi kaha sab galat hai.. main aapse pyar nahi karti..".
He ignores her words as he can see the love in her eyes. He was happy that she too loves him. He finally felt relieved that she loves him too. Love does not need words to express.. its feeling itself expresses millions of words.
"I love you too Riddhima", he whispered with the huge smile on his face. His wet dimples made her shocked. She was trying to tell him the lie that she hates him but he is not paying any attention to that.. he himself is assuming the truth.
She was scared now.."please mujhe chod do.. mujhe jaana hai".. she pleaded.
But his smile widens "maine tumhe pakda hi nahi hai Riddhima".. Ridzi looks around and sees he has left her such a long while ago and get embarrassed.
"Dulhan to tum meri hi banogi Riddhima", he winks at her and she leaves from there in a daze.
That night both couldn't able to sleep.. they didn't have any dreams left in their eyes. Both stares at the moon again.. For Armaan it was the last night of their separation, as tomorrow his life would take a new turn. He would make Ridzi his for always.. his love will be with him.
Ridzi on the other side was feeling restless. She did saw a spark in Armaan's eyes when he said "Dulhan to tum meri hi banogi".. she was scared. She didn't want to loose her family. But for the first time in her life, she found true love.. the only person after her mother who loves her unconditionally. She was afraid to hurt him too. Yes, she was frightened to loose him too.

Us rab ne jab dil diye
Dil ke do tukde kiye
Dono mein ek naam leikha
Ek radha ek shyam likha
Ab ye dil dhadakte hain
Milte aur bichhadte hain
Ek duje ke vaaste
Ek duje ke vaaste
Ek duje ke vaaste


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