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part 8: Carpe Life with Love

Next day Armaan got every report from Ridhima’s house where she was staying alone. Seeking permission from Dr.Keerti Armaan took a week off from his work handling all his cases to his inters
with advice to contact him if anything need urgent attention from him. Atul tried to know the reason from Armaan but he kept it all secret for the moment not wanting anyone to know anything at all. As they will only crying over the situation freaking out, while not finding solution and not even letting him find it in piece. Even they will drag ridhima in to all crying environment which was strictly in cons list of his. Armaan for 2 days studied all her past and present report making his own report of things to follow and not. Third day he made contact with few doctors around the word getting their guidance once sending the report. He have left on stone unturned to get his answer over her medications. It’s been 4 days of his holiday which went in all research. Every day as an unsaid agreement ridhima came Armaan’s house to be welcomed by Armaan. After her step inside the house she was treated as queen with Armaan serving her. She was loving it all of getting his un-diverted attention, once she made Armaan agree to let her make dinner to which Armaan obelized taking a promise from her that after their wedding Armaan will make dinner for them on weekends. Hearing him ridhima became stiff not wanting to reply him with false promises raising his hope but Armaan have its way to get her promise him whatever promise he asked for. It’s been 5th day when ridhima came home after her duty hours today she was all tiered without even working much as her daily stamina, so they had their dinner soon without delay and went to bed where Armaan spoke out of blue “Ridhima from tomorrow on you are not going to Sanjeevni for any work for some time” ridhima looked at him “Why… let me go na its only few days left with me. After that all I have to do is long rest.” Armaan choose to ignore her saying “Tomorrow you will be in Sanjeevni only but with little difference, that is from tomorrow I will run certain test on you monitoring your blood pressure, cardiac beats, insulin level and other certain metabolism of your body”
“What” ridhima asked in surprise “Yes. It’s necessary to monitor every metabolism levels in our body before operation”
“Yes. Oh sorry I forgot to inform you. My bad it is. So yeah now you know it. Day after tomorrow is your operation which I am doing 90-10% chances. So looking at brighter side I am taking it further. So from tomorrow you will be my patient. So that’s all. Now you sleep” Saying so Armaan closed his eyes cuddling her in his arms. Ridhima was shocked to know all these new developments overnight “Armaan” ridhima was about to question him when Armaan put his hands on her mouth shutting her with other hand he covered her eyes making her close her mouth as well as eyes indicating her to sleep. He too fall asleep for the welcoming the long days coming in his way the other morning.
He have on prior hands took permission from administrator to work operate a patient in new building of Sanjeevni just built and settled with new machines and equipment after inspection. Hiding the name of the patient saying its life and death matter to him. Hearing which they gave their consent looking his all past records.
As said next day Armaan took ridhima to Sanjeevni’s new building to run the series of tests on ridhima with permission of Dr.Keerti he got few nurses and ward boys for helping him. Full day went in series of test that Armaan conducted on her running from one place to another. But his every hard work of the day get good result to him with every report saying everything on normal level indicating him that he can carry on his operation next day. Ridhima was with all her heart praying to keep every wish of Armaan alive and safe for entire life. She was just whole day admiring Armaan seeing his love for her she never felt nervous for herself but for Armaan. She knew he have built high hopes from this so she never wanted his hope to diminish that would be breaking him apart into thousand pieces. She prayed for his success, for his smile, for his love.

At night after all test done every arrangement for next day was made Armaan came in her room with relaxing smile on his face. Looking at him she was also smiling from her heart. She was on the patient’s bed lying with a duvet covering her till her stomach, Armaan walked till her then sitting beside her he caressed her hands looking in her eyes not speaking any word. After sometime Armaan kiss her nose making her smile more, before he can even stand up ridhima shifted herself bit on other side making place for Armaan in there. He understood what her silent actions demanding him for, granting her wish he lay down beside her. She moved his one hand below her head then resting her head over it she kept holding his hands while she kept her other hand on his heart with one leg over his tummy. Armaan smiled looking at her new developed sleeping style. “Basket this new sleeping style of yours will bring huge intricate to you only in future. As this habit of yours from past week is bringing bad things in me. You know…!! Hmm”
Ridhima blushed a little then said “Don’t Worry Armaan few days is all I have. I won’t mind till then. But if I would have been got life time then I would like to give it a thought but since I don’t have that much time so let it be” ridhima once again tried to give a reality check to him but again he ignored her. “Ridhima please honestly say me why you did what you did…?” she was no fool to not get what Armaan was talking about, she caught the meaning of his questions all of a sudden seriousness in his voice. “I never wanted to leave you Armaan. Being a Dr. myself I saw my reports responding more negatively after single check-up I lost all hope of getting better someday. The hope that was keeping me together was to be fit and healthy soon to welcome my life with you but seeing that hope shattering I was broken. I lost all my hopes. But I never forgot to love you any moment of my life. You know all I did was because I wanted you to hate me”

“But why… why you even wanted me to hate you at the first place.” Armaan looked at her in confusion when ridhima smiled at him putting her one hand on his cheeks she said “I wanted you to hate me so that you won’t hate the phase ‘LOVE’.” Armaan was still giving her confused look “Armaan I have very well know you even more then you know yourself. I know what u feels. I know if I never made you hate me and died in front of you then you would have even hate the sound of LOVE leave alone letting others love you. That’s what I never wanted. I never wanted you to be alone. I never wanted to leave you aloof in the big bad world that why I tried that you hate me then be with someone if not love then you would not have closed the doors of your heart. I won’t be loving other but at least have let them love you. And knowing you I knew after mw you would shut yourself from everyone not letting them come anywhere near you so I did it to not let you shut yourself in and not sitting and blaming you fate.”
“So basically It all was just because you wanted me to be open to love all my life not shutting myself out of the world with the thought that all my love one’s left me so I won’t let anyone more in” Seeing her nod like a cute little baby he smiled with teary eyes.
He was looking at her while she was smiling with teary eyes, he moved little towards her and kissed her eyes, resting his head over hers both closed their eyes with smiling face and soon where in dreams.
Next day he was already in OT with Dr.Jain best orthopedic of world. Ridhima was lying on the bed having a bit conversation with Dr.Jain when nurse came in with all the needed surgical kit. Dr.Jain looked at Armaan aware of every situation Dr.Jain left the OT to give a bit moment to the couple. She hold his hands keeping it on her own head looking directly in his eyes she spoke “Swear on me you will be living your life with all happiness and fun, you will be back to the Armaan I fall in love with a carefree fun loving flirty Armaan” Armaan smiled nodding his head “Your words are my command I will be same Armaan who made his basket fall in love with him”. She was a bit perplexed to see him agreeing instantly seeing which he laughed a little looking her shocked face. “What don’t liked me agreeing instantly…? Well then basket bad for you is that you will have to tolerate this old Armaan back now as per your demand”
“Armaan I might not even survive this and still you are…..” cutting her by a small peck on her lips he spoke “You have gone a lot more to the negativity… but don’t worry I will pull you towards positivity soon… now relax and remember just one simple thing one the other end of the day though all this there is one person waiting for you to fight for him, with him.” Ridhima nodded her head Armaan bend down kissed her forehead. Seeing him moving back up he put her hands around his head she pull him back down and placed her lips on his. Their very first small kiss gave them whole new set of energy to fight with each other for each other. Soon Dr.Jain came in and then began with the operation which last for 6 hours.
 In between ridhima have almost lost herself in darkness nearing the dead end but was pulled away from the cliff of death with pairs of hands pulling her in the brightness, towards the ocean of life away from Death Mountains. After 6 hours Dr.Jain came out of the OT followed by Armaan. He congratulates him for his strong-ness that he kept holding himself together all this while, never panicking, fearing or losing concentration seeing his life laying in blood. Dr.Jain complemented him profusely to which he shrugged them of saying “It’s nothing Dr.Jain I don’t thinking I have done anything that need appreciation, letting her die was the last thing more over if it was not for her I might have not get courage to do so. It was not just her it was me even who was on the cliff of death today. But luckily we are being pulled back far from it.” Armaan said all this looking at ridhima from the window while washing his hands while Dr.Jain patted his back guiding him with few precautions, asking him to observe her and report him periodically.

It’s been 2 days ridhima was still in her sleep. It’s today when she will be opening her eyes as they have estimated after operating her. Armaan was waiting for her to open her eyes and see him talk to him impatiently. Soon his prayers answered with her eyes blinking trying to adjust to the light around. Armaan caught her hands instantly kissing them like mad. “Ridhima I love you thank god you opened your eyes... You know from past 2 days I was dying to hear you voice, to see my image in your eyes, to hold you in my arms. Finally you are in your senses. How are you feeling now basket....?”
Ridhima looked at him uneasily “who are you… why I am here” hearing her his world stop revolving. He was speechless to say anything to her while she was looking at him with innocent eyes trying to read her answer from his face. Seeing him standing speechless motionless with blank expression on his face she said “Armaan” hearing her calling his name he have little smile on his face with moistness gathering around his eyes. “Whose name you just spoken…?” Seeing him querying her she repeated her last word “Armaan”.
“One Minute you were asking me who I am and within next second you are taking my name when I have never told you my name after your question. How you know that… are you pranking on me ridhima” asked Armaan looking in her eyes, all he could see was the blankness in her eyes.  Armaan again tried to know from her “How you got that name” but he saw her stressing on her brain. “I don’t know… it’s just that it’s the only name I remember from the time I opened my eyes. Or even before when I was in sleep this was the only name that I was chanting on unknowingly” Armaan caught hold on her hands seeing her pressing her forehead. Keeping her hands in his grip he keep looking on their joined hands “Ridhima I don’t know what happened to you why you are not recognizing me at all even when all you remember is my name but you seem to forgotten my feel around you.
But don’t worry you remember my name is all that I needed at least you have not completely forgotten me.” He said with tears skipped his eyes falling on her hand. She tried to raise his face with her hand but left hissing due to pain of operation came rushing. Armaan looked at her instantly wiping his tears away from his eyes. “Ridhima I promise if you don’t even remember anything but just my name I am happy with it only”. “But your tears are saying set of different story and emotions” ridhima counter answered him. “No no… you are reading between lines... These tears are for seeing you back to your senses talking to me, listening to me, and letting me look in your eyes. And don’t worry one day you will get all your memory back” seeing pain in his eyes she spoke “What If I never revive my memory in future… then…! I won’t be able to see you trying to revive my memories back and breaking yourself”
“Then no matter what we will make new memories together once again to live with. You know forgetting old memories doesn’t matters to me until we are together. If you are with me forgetting the past then no matter, with you I am having my present and will have my future. But if you will not be with me then I will neither have my present nor future. I will have nothing with me to be left alive for” hearing him ridhima was having tears in her eyes flowing freely from the corner of her eyes. “No talks like that… And we will make future together in our home with a puppy for sure” Armaan looked at her in shock with the mention of the puppy. Noticing the change of expression on his face ridhima left a small chuckle “And don’t call me ridhima. Call me basket only. I love it when you call me that, that give me a feel of being loved and a feel that I belong to you.” All he would do after hearing her out was to exclaim “You…!”

“Chillax Mr. Malik I can never forget the love my heart holds for you. You know the work of the heart is to pump blood only but your name is written on every cell of my body so it pumps your name and feel in my body without any restrictions. I can’t forget you even in my entire life even if I got memory issues in old age of mine even then all I will remember forgetting everything else is you and your feel. I love you Armaan” ridhima said smiling at him caressing his hands which Armaan have caught moment back. Armaan looked at her when she pressed his hands as till now he have his eyes closed feeding every words to his heart to by heart them as it’s rare that she exclaim her love to him in words.
Ridhima saw him looking in her eyes when she open her arms welcoming him in hug to which he obliged to without any further delay. “Armaan today I am feeling very proud and lucky. You know why.” He shook his head which he rested on her nape. “That’s because in love every single person says numerous things that are not even meet to be fulfilled. I mean that there are many animated dialogue that are generally lovers uses to show their love which when time came aren’t fulfilled. But you have every single time stood on the grounds of your words. You once said me that you can even give up the life for me and see today you gave me another life to live. This is the 2nd birth that I got today from you. And one surprise it the date on which I got this new birth on.” Armaan who was attentively hearing her still his head resting on her nape raised his head noticing the pause in her words to look her face whispering “What about date” Armaan question her when ridhima smile more than knowing Armaan must have forgotten celebration that the date call with itself. “Armaan who can you forget this day” Armaan looked puzzled at her “Am I missing something” asking worriedly he saw her nodding.

With Luv (Aayushi)

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