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part 8 (last part) : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Next morning, Muski comes to Ridzi's place to talk to her about the incidence. Muski asks her is she loves him?
Ridzi was feeling the soreness all inside her. The pain of losing a loved one was distressing her. She was completely broken.. so many things were happening inside her that she almost went into the depression. It was critical for her to break her silence and tell all her feelings to someone as the guilt inside her was assassinating her.

"Haan muksi.. I love him.. I love him…", a fat tear fell from her eyes
"but why are you doing this to yourself and to him? Why Ridzi? he loves you…" Muski said courteously..
Ridzi was drenched thinking about Armaan. It was even painful to think about his condition. He too didn't do any crime then why doesn't he deserve his love?..
Just then they hear a loud voice of Padma who was calling Shashank. They all go out surprisingly when they see Atul, Armaan and Rahul there.
They all blow up seeing them all there. Ridzi gets frightened and holds Muski's hand in shiver, as she knew they were there for her. Muski tries to consolidate her while Shashank hurriedly goes downstairs followed by Anjali. Anjali too didn't have any clue for Atul's presence there.
"Armaan.. what are you doing here? Who are they?", Shashank asked in the harsh voice pointing towards Atul and Rahul.
Armaan was ready to face this type welcome after yesterday's incidence.
"Uncle, I am sorry.. kal jo bhi hua uske liye main aapse maafi maangna chahta hoon", Armaan folded his hands in front of him and said facing downwards.
Shashank felt a bit relieved after noticing him guilty. Bringing the tone lower a bit he asked.. "woh sab to theek hai.. magar aap sab yahan kaise?"
Riddhima was happy and proud to see Armaan's polite behavior with her dad. Although she knew what he did yesterday wasn't wrong.
When Padma hopped in between "he is Rahul.. Shashank.. he is a good friend of Ridhu" she introduced Rahul to him while she too wasn't aware of Atul.
"Uncle hum aapse kuch zaroori baat karne aaye hain.. can we come in?" Rahul asked tactfully from the door.
Shashank welcomes them as they settle down in the sitting area. Muski forces Ridzi that they too should join them but Ridzi was scared to face Armaan.
Anjali asks Atul through her eyes that why have they come? But Atul assures her that there would be nothing wrong.
Shashank looks at Armaan with the questioned eyes, as he wanted them to initiate. Armaan gulped the terror throat, as he knew this was his last chance to convince Shashank.
He sees Ridzi standing upstairs looking at him with the whimper. He assured her by blinking his eyes that he would fix everything.
"Uncle main aapko sab sacch batana chahta hoon ki maine Anjali se shaadi ke liye kyun inkaar kiya".. listening this Shashank's hyper started to rise while making Anjali alert.
"uncle yeh Atul hai.." Armaan introduces him in front of everyone.
Armaan signals Atul to take the charge.. "uncle main aur Anjali ek doosre se bohot pyar karte hain".. Atul stated keeping his eyes down making others shocked to their death.
Shashank's temper rose up listening a false thing about his darling daughter. He stood up and shook Atul collar tightly.
Everyone stood up "tumhari himmat kaise hui meri beti ke baare mein anaap shanaap bolne ki?"
He bowled his palm in air to slap Atul with all the force but Anjali hopped in between and catches his hand at the right time to save Atul.
"how dare you dad.. aapka koi haq nahi banta Atul ko yun maarne ka". Her words traumatized them completely. He couldn't able to trust his own ears..
"Anjali beta yeh tum..?"
"Haan dad.. I love Atul aur agar main shadi karungi to sirf ushi se..".
Atul, Armaan for the first time were proud of her. They now were sure that Anjali loves Atul truly.
Shashank leaves his collar with the shock. The tears were falling from his eyes when his balance trembled and he falls down on his knees. Padma hurriedly comes to hold him.
"Shashank… sambhaliye apne aap ko".
He broke out completely.. Ridzi and Muski too come downstairs. Ridzi quickly goes to Shashank and tries to console him. "Papa.. please apne aap ko sambhaliye.. please papa"..
 "mujhe yakeen nahi aata Padma.. ki meri beti.. meri beti mere saath aise kar sakti hai.. kya kami chod di thi humne??".
Seeing Shashank in such a bad order everyone felt water in his or her eyes. Armaan feels sorry for everything but it was important for Shashank to know the truth.
"I am sorry uncle.. hum aapko yeh sab batake thes nahi pahunchana chahte the.. we are really sorry uncle". Armaan apologizes in front of him.
"Uncle aap yakeen maaniye main aapki beti ko humesha khush rakhunga".. Atul gave his explanation..
All this made Anjali too really sad. She never knew her dad could get this hurt. She goes towards Padma and Shashank and sat in front of them.. "I am sorry dad.. I didn't want to hurt you.. but I really love Atul.. please dad… he has supported me for my every problem like you and Ridzi.".
Padma and Shashank were surprised to hear Ridzi's name from her. Padma looks at Ridzi "Ridhu.. did you know about all this?".
Ridzi slowly nods her head with the glum face. "I am sorry mumma.. main Atul ko bohot ache se jaanti hoon.. aur mumma sacch mein woh bohot acche hain.."..
Anji was touched how again Ridzi was taking her side.
Listening to everyone's views.. Padma and Shashank were sure that Atul is a good person. He only came to them to take Anjali's hand.. Anji too was feeling guilty for her mistake. Everything felt nice and positive when Anji started whining heavily.
Atul goes to her and soothe her affectionately before Shashank could go. He felt happy that finally his daughter has found someone who could take care of her like him.
He goes towards Anji and Atul and keeps his hands on their head. Both looks at him surprisingly. But seeing him smiling.. both felt happier then anything.. "khush raho mere bachchon" and he happily accepts their relationship.
All cheers up with this. Anji runs and hugs Ridzi while Atul hugs Armaan. Afterall, today they are together because of them. But there was someone who wasn't happy.
"magar.. iss sab mein Armaan aur Riddhu ki kahan galti hai Shashank", Padma  spoke her heart out making everyone realize the real pain in them.
There is another love that is incomplete.. 'kahani abhi baaki hai mere dost'… Every one turns toward Armaan and Riddhima.
"main samjha nahi Padma.. tum kya kehna chahti ho?" Shashank asked in a confused tone.
"uncle… Ridzi aur Armaan ek doosre se bohot pyar karte hain", Rahul lets him know clearly.
"Yeh kya keh rahe ho tum.. hum sab jaante hain ki Riddhima ko yeh rishta manzoor nahi hai.. usne kal hi sabke samne keh diya tha". Shashank made a point there.
"nahi uncle, aisa nahi hai Ridzi bhi Armaan se bohot pyar karti hai.. woh bas maanti nahi hai kyunki woh aapko hurt nahi karna chahti." Muski added making Ridzi look at her with disbelief. She could not believe Muski, her best friend revealed everything in front of everyone. She felt sudden scared thinking what if Shashank again stops talking to her?..
"Nahi papa.. aisa kuch nahi hai.. mujhe bas aapki khushi chahiye", she spoke keeping a stone in her heart as a fat tear dropped from her eyes.
Shashank looks at Padma for help.. He was confused. "Shashank.. maine inn dono ki aankhon mein ek doosre ke liye pyar dekha hai..", Padma assured.
Armaan looks at Riddhima with the moist eyes who was just kept on gazing down at the floor.
"Aap to jaante hi hain Ridhu ki nature.. humesha doosro ko dena seekha hai usne.. kabhi apne liye kuch nahi maangti.. humesha compromise compromise, compromise.. bas.. kabhi yeh nahi maanegi ki yeh khud Armaan ko kitna chahti hai.. bas aapke liye aur Anjali ke liye ek aur compromise karne ko ready hai..". Padma blames Riddhima for her goodness and bursts out crying. She wanted her daughter to be happy.. and she knew her happiness in only and only with Armaan.
Shashank remembers all those compromises, the way she helped Anji for everything without even taking the credit.
"Ridzi kya tum sach mein Armaan se pyar karti ho?" Anji asked only to see her shedding tears. She didn't say a word. If she agrees, she would hurt her dad and if she disagrees Armaan would be hurt.
"haan Anjali.. maine khud dekha hai inn dono ko saath mein itna khush..", Atul affirmed.
Armaan kept mum as he didn't knew what turn would his life take now. He didn't wanted to loose her and if by chance Shashank disagrees, he would end up his life only. It was his final decision.
Padma was jolted to see Shashank still keeping quiet. "Shashank.. aakhir aap hi to Armaan ki kitni praise karte the.. magar Anjali ko koi aur pasand hai to kya aap apni doosri beti ki shaadi usse nahi karwa sakte??.. Shashank bhagwan ne aapko ek mauka diya hai ki aap apni galtiyon ka prayshcit kar sake aur apne dono betiyon ka kanyadan khushi khushi kar dien..".
Shashank was touched listening to her.. it was true that he was feeling guilty for his behaviour towards Riddhima. All her life, Riddhima has just given not taken anything and if she loves Armaan, it was now his responsibility to unite them.
"Please uncle yeh dono ek doosre ke bina nahi jee sakte", Muski goes in front of Shashank folding her hands and sat on her knees.
Rahul and Atul too go there and join her for persuading him "please uncle inn dono ko mila do".
Anji too goes there and joins them saying "dad please hum aapse kabhi kuch aur nahi maangenge". Padma also folds her hand in front of him.
Shashank was feeling so blameworthy for everything. He looks towards Armaan who was silently standing there folding his hands while Riddhima kept her gaze low. The tears from their eyes were unstoppable. He felt a tug in his heart that he has done so much bad with her then also everyone was praying him for their unitedness.
Shashank too folds his hands infront of everyone, with tears in his eyes "please mujhe aur sharminda mat karo bachchon.. ki main apne aap se hi nazarien na mila saku."
He too howls out "mujhe maaf kardo Riddhima, main kabhi  tumhara dad na ban saka.. tab bhi tumne apni beti hone ka farz itne ache se nibhaya.. main bohot buzdil hoon beta jo tumhare pyar ko samajh na paya.. mujhse khush kismat insaan kaun hoga jise itni achi beti mili.. please Riddhima main to tumse maafi mangne layak bhi nahi hoon.. magar ho sake to..".
When Ridzi ran towards him wiping his tears "please papa.. please aisa mat kahiye.. isse badh kar mere liye kya hoga ki aaj mujhe mere papa mil gaye"..
She hugs him tightly as finally her family was complete. She found her dad today.. they cried and cried in happiness when Padma too goes to them to console them Shashank wipes up her tears and happily tells Riddhima "ja beta.. jee le apni zindagi.. Armaan sirf tumhara hai"..
Everyone looks at each other with the disbelief. All cheers excitedly while Ridzi again hugs Shashank with contentment. Atul jumps over and hugs Armaan. Everyone becomes so happy that the tears of jubilation were flowing out of them. All congratulates Armaan and Ridzi when Shashank takes Ridzi with him and keeps her hand on Armaan's.
Armaan and Riddhima, both smiles at each other and hugs Shashank together for giving such a big happiness to them. Shashank goes and soothes Padma while Ridzi and Armaan stood facing each other..
"kaha tha na dulhan to tum meri hi banogi". Armaan says with the wet smile making her tee-hee.
 "Haan Arm…" she again stops taking his name making them both giggle when they finally hugs each other "I love you Armaan..", she finally says it.. "I love you Riddhima". The happiness was raining in Gupta Mansion today.

After exactly 21 years, Gupta Mansion was again fully decorated with flowers and lights, there was again a wedding today. It was a big day for the father Shashank and mother Padma as their dearest daughters are getting married tonight. Yes, the wedding board proudly declares Armaan weds Riddhima and Atul weds Anjali. Yet, there was another couple's name present there.. and it was Rahul weds Muskaan.

Finally after the 21 years of exile, Riddhima and Padma were happy again. All get excited and cheered when the brides were called to the mandap. Grooms eyes were just stuck on their beauties. It was a forever moment for them…. Soon after taking the pheras the journalists asks Armaan and Riddhima to stand close to each other and smile as the camera clicks the happiest moment of their lives. Riddhima was now one of the biggest fashion designers in the country and Anji too joins her well-recognized boutique/fashion house.

"Padma.. ab humari dono bachiyon ki shaadi to ho gayi hai.. kyun na hum ab.. ek aur..", Shashank stopped only to see Padma blushing heavily and hitting him affectionately "dhat..Shashank.. aap bhi na.."..

It was the first marriage, where in bidaai, nobody cried.. Why would anybody cry??.. They were going to start the new beginning of their new lives with their lovely life partners. And hence, god again proved it correct..

Kitne hi door door hon, hum donon ke raaste
Mil jaate hain jo bane, ek duje ke vaaste
~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Ek duje ke vaaste, destined to be together..


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