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Teaser & part 1 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

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Zindagi ki Khata... Zindagi ban gayi...

Kya aisa bhi hota hai ke sirf ek ghalti, ek khata, ek gunnah ... jeene ki waja ban jaye?
Kya aisa bhi hota hai ke ek anjane shakhs se itni mohabbat ho jaye ke khud ko hi bhula dein hum?
Kya dil ke rishte aise hi bante hain?

Kya zindagiyan aise hi jurti hain?
Kya pyar ka dusra naam hi khata hai?

Wo pyar nahi tha. Aitbar nahi tha. Dooriyan thin. Kuch majbooriyan bhi thin. Dil to the, dharkan gum thi. Aise mein dil kese mil gaye?

Kya kahani hai do logon ki ghaltiyon ki?

Read about the lives of Armaan and Riddhima in this fan fiction to get answers to all these questions.


part 1

Two girls entered a coffee shop.

Anjali: Pata hai ridzzy yahan ki coffee bohat achi hoti hai...

Riddhima smiled. Anjali's phone beeped and she received the call. After some time of talking she cut the call.

Anjali: I am so sorry ridzyy.. meri ek bohat important meeting agayi hai. I need to go. Tu chali jaye gi na ghar...?
Riddhima: yeah...

Anjali left Riddhima in the coffee shop. Riddhima looked around and found some guys staring at her. She felt uneasy. She payed the bill and made her way out of the shop. It was already dark outside and no cab was to be seen.

Suddenly someone held her arm. She turned around and identified the guys from the shop. One of the boys tried to get even closer to her. Riddhima somehow managed to break free from his hold and ran.

Riddhima ran frantically, looking at her back every now and then. The people were after her, chasing her. Sweat was covering her entire body. Her hair were sticking to her face. Tears had blurred her vision and made her entire face wet. Her heart was pounding hard against her chest. It almost felt like her skin would rip apart and her heart would fall out any moment. For her it probably would have been better. A sad but easy death would have been better. The people after her would rip her soul apart and leave her on the bridge between life and death.

She was still running when she looked at her back to see if they were still following her but she collided with someone.

She looked in front of her and found a tall, masculine man standing in front of her. His hands were securely holding her shoulder. Even with her blurred vision she could make out his face properly. He had big blue orbs. His cheek bones were made prominent. He had light beard.

He looked at her and then angrily at the men who had just stopped behind her. The men looked rowdy from all aspects. Riddhima too looked at her back and then at the stranger in the front.

Riddhima: bacchaao...

This was all Riddhima managed to utter before fainting in the arms of a complete stranger.


Riddhima's eyes fluttered open. She observed her surroundings. She was on a road. She tried to get up but her body hurt. She took a view of herself. Her clothes were torn and there were bruises on her body. Some cars stopped by and men with cameras in their hands ran towards her.

Another car stopped just in front of her and Anjali came running to her. She hugged her. Riddhima started crying as dim and fading memories from last night came to her mind. She sobbed on Anjali's shoulder as she helped her get to the car.

To be continued...

Here people the first part of my brand new and fresh fan fiction. Please drop your views in the comment box below. Hit the like button. And keep supporting me.

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