Saturday, 9 January 2016

episode10: pyar to hona hi tha

(riddhima piche hokar armaan se kehti hai...)
Riddhima- acha armaan ab jao.
Agar kisi ne dekh liya to...problem ho jaogi...
Armaan- kaisi problem ?me kisi se nhi darta hu..

Part 4 & 5:My Love, My Life - AR FF

Part 4

"bas armaan...Itna gussa matt karo plz ..maan jao' hum papa ko kuch nai bataenge'meri baat samjho armaan..!" Ridhhima tried to convince armaan when he was all worked up nd wanted to tell his father all the truth..

part 52 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

After the match, in evening all getting fresh and sits in Armaan's room.Riddhima comes with coffee for all and armaan smiles seeing her but she doesn't smile and pass them all their coffee mugs. Armaan cries to call Riddhima towards him but she without saying anything, goes out.

"Bhai mere,yeh game to tujhe bhari pad gaya.. " atul saying making others laugh and jeevika feels guilty, "sorry armaan...meri wahaj se riddhima tumse naraz ho gai..." She apologize but armaan denies saying, "no jeevika...if she don't trust me and our relationship,then no one should be sorry..."

He gets up kicking the cushion on the floor in anger and goes out to see Riddhima standing on the door with guilt but he without stopping goes out and shouts,"mom dad I am going out..will be late..."

Riddhima from up,kept on staring his retreating figure but he didn't turned.she felt bad as it was actually her fault.she should have not over reacted,she thought.

Friday, 8 January 2016

intro and part 1 : Life Style

Main lead

•Shilpa anand as Ridhima Gupta
•Karan Singh grover as Armaan malik…

Part 1
…………episode starts with a girl.........

episode 5:True Love Never dies

As shilpa was walking on road feeling gush of wind on her face 
Armaan came out in car
And he opened the gate of car furiously
And got hold of her wrist and
Said ander betho 

Dil De Diya (one shot)

Music was blasting in the pub as boys and girls were dancing crazily with friends and their partners... Some were enjoying their drinks while talking with their friends while some were enjoying their moment in corners with their partners... Guy were sitting near the bar as he was talking to himself while looking at his mobile every then and now...
'Yeh Champ bhi pata nehi kaha rehgaye... Ek toh mujhe Basket ke paas jaana hai, usko samjhana hai woh us Modi ke saat kaam nehi kar sakte aur yaha yeh Champ pata nehi kaha rehgaye...' Guy said as he look around when his eyes caught two guys with a girl who was wiping her cheeks...

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Part 15:Cant Forget You

Everyone in the room were standing still..
Ar:Tu.. Tum.. Ri.. Riddima
Ri:ha, me hi hu Riddima
Sid:mein batata hu

Part 18:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

 PART -18

RECAP - in last part we saw
ananya insulting ridhima in front of whole office
raj came to ridhima ' rescue
armaan became restless seeing his love suffering Alottt
he takes her with him n Everyone in the office are shocked by his step

"A beginning of an end " (one shot)

Well her parents were no more...and the only one she could call her was her nani n nanaji...who also left for their journey leaving her behind in the earth to survive...and then she used to live with her uncle n aunt(chacha chachi)her father's brother...they lovd shilpa alot and made her feel homely with them...they took her as their own daughter...
it was difficult for shilpa to cope up with sudden loss of her parents n nana nani as she was only 15 years old...but her chacha chachi cared for her a lot and brought her back to life...

shilpa was a happy-go-lucky girl...she has suffered alot...but dint let anyone know about her misery......she was strong in ront of everyone...but everyone was unaware of the real simple and nave shilpa...

all was fine...but as say happy days dosent last for long............but was it not enough that she has already had sufered lots of pain....still...........

A girl in twenties , standing there....with head front of her uncle(chacha ji)...
Her uncle standing there in front of her...and her chachi beside him...scolding the girl...for............

This heated discussion was on from last half an hour...The atmosphere is really very very tensed...

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

segment 34: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


At night

Arman : "riddhima ,kal mai Mumbai ja raha hun….tum bhi chalo na……….
Riddhima :" kuch kaam hai kya?.....
Arman :" yes,hospital ke kaam se jana hai,evening tak wapus aa jayenge.tum chal rahi ho na?.....plz…..

part 5 : meant to be

Ridhimaa: Shona..Shona'Shona bas har waqt har samay yehi bolte ho tum tumhein apne doston ki nai is larki ki fikar hai kaun yeh haan bas kuch waqt tumhare saath rahe tut um tu bas iske deewane hi ho gae ho har waqt iske saath rehte ho mana mein ne tumhein dard diya lekin ab tum apne dostoon ko

Part 3:My Love, My Life - AR FF



It was clearly visible that Shashank, Anjali and Ridhhima were not comfortable eating together at the same table.. Padma was only looking at Arav who was a splitting image of his mother.. Ridhhima knew if Rahul again catches her being uncomfortable then he was bound to question so she quietly involved herself in serving Mr.Mallik nd Rahul as usual nd then made Arav sit in her lap to feed him with his cereal, which was really a battle.. He was making groogling sounds, patting table with his chubby lil hands while Ridhhima was partly getting irritated nd partly was amused looking at her naughty son..

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

part 51: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

All reached to joshi house and Muskaan was too happy to see Rahul after a week.she hugged him as soon as they entered the home. Atul took Aryan in his arm kissing him and hugged anjali.they introduced jeevika to anjali and muskaan.

All soon had lunch while talking, telling about the trip and what all happened catching up the things they missed.

Riddhima was the only one who was silent while armaan was busy admiring her and thinking why she is not happy as they have met after a week.he tried to hold her hand under the table but she not let him do it.

After lunch, all were busy talking in sitting room when armaan whispered in riddhima's ear,"terrace pe aao..."she nobbed and he excusing went up to the terrace.

He was in terrace,Waiting for her from last 10 mins and when he felt someone behind him,he smiled and turned hugging the person but soon left as he didn't felt the same affection,the same touch what he feels while hugging riddhima.

episode 4:True Love Never dies

Aisa daraunga na is baar
Next baar mujhse panga lene se pehle sau baar sochegi
Miss akdu
Here i come
Armaan slept thinking evil plan which he was about to execute next day.

episode9 : pyar to hona hi tha

(shock hokar riddhima bas dekhti hi reh jaati hai...vo dekhti armaan bed par leta hota hai...aur surbhi short Nighty me uske uppar uske lips par kiss karne waali hoti hai...riddhima ko armaan aur uski kiss yaad aati hai...aur uski ankhen bheeg jaati hai....uske haath se jug gir jaata hai...jiski awaaz se surbhi aur armaan gate ki taraf dekhte hai...par riddhima chupkar vha se rote huye bhaag jaati hai...armaan surbhi ko apne upar se uthakar kehta hai)

Monday, 4 January 2016

Part 2:My Love, My Life - AR FF


London Airport

""Mr.Mallik said that he would see us in his office.. His driver would be here to pick us up.."" Shashank informed..

Soon they spotted the driver nd now they were sitting in the lounge of Jai Mallik's cabin, talking to him.. ""so Mr. Gupta.. How was ur flight..""

Part 20 :Fateful love in an arrange marriage

Mallik mansion

@ 7pm

ri - Armaan jaldi kijiye
hamey der horahi hai

ar -( from bathroom)  hogaya baba
aaraha hun

Part 13 & 14:Cant forget you

Girl:Arm.. I mean hi.. I'm Rid.. Shilpa
Ar:ji, aap mujhe jaanti hai
Sh:ji nahi. Mene ek ad dekhi thi ki yaha ek servant ki zaroorat hai..
Ar:ha andar aayiye
Sh:ad me likha tha ki ek choti bachi bhi hai
Ar:ha wo meri beti Armidhi hai
Sh:kya me usse mil sakti hu

Sunday, 3 January 2016

part 4 : meant to be

Days passed on like this Armaan n Shilpa were busy wid Mrs.Mehra's case n others in their life n duties but they do feel that Armaan is ignoring them n don't want to talk them personally it's just limited professionally. They all were in the same hospital but there was a invisible wall b/w them n

PART 3 (Last Part) :Chup ChupKe ( An AR TS )


Armaan was walking in front of OT while Nandini and Priya was sitting outside the OT along with Padma... Anurag, Karan and Shashank were standing few feet's away from them while Shubankar was standing close to Armaan with Raj... Everyone eyes keep going on the red light above the room as they want to hear any news of Riddhima...

Ishq Hone laga (one shot)

People say that marriages are made heaven..all say that "bhagwaan insaano ko jodiyion mein banaaker bhejta hai..hume bas unhe pehchaanna hota hai"  many people believe in this say and many don't. Well here's the story of a couple named- Armaan Mallik n Riddhima Gupta..two individuals..who don't know each other but god n destiny will bring them together anyhow n will tie them in a long run relation.