Saturday, 23 January 2016

episode 14: pyar to hona hi tha


(Armaan aur riddhima ek dusre ki baho me soye hote hai..pehle armaan ki ankh khulti hai...vo riddhima ko sota dekh ek sweet smile deta hai... Aur uske chehre par aye uske hairs uske ears ke piche kar deta hai....tabhi riddhima ki ankh bhi khul jaati hai vo armaan ko dekhkar smile karti hai armaan usse kehta hai....)

episode 10 :True Love Never dies

as armaan hold vicky s collar but being shilpa so close he decided not to fight
armaan: tujhe me baad me dekh lunga
vicky: kyu dar gya??
tch tch ladki ke samne har gya college ka president dekho
shilpa tumhra dost aisa hai

part 55 (last part) :Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

5 yrs later

AR room

The same room which was before Armaan's is now of both AR,arranged nicely by riddhima. Armaan has hanged their wedding picture on the wall above the bed where both are smiling looking at each other,with riddhima having a blush crap on her cheeks.on the opposite side,there is dressing table with both AR usables.some more family pictures and one more picture in which,5 kids are there.a boy in left is 6 yrs old and a 4 yrs old girl next to him holding her pink teddy kissing its nose,2 more kids of 2 yrs old next to her sitting on baby arm chairs,one is girl and other one is boy.and behind them a 3 yrs old boys. And a small baby girl of some 7-8 months sitting on floor with lots..actually lots of chocolates around her and her both tiny hands,cheeks and cute lips filled with chocolate.

As we go in,get to see...

Riddhima is in golden-pink heavy embroidery designed saree with 3/4th deep back and halter neck blouse of green color.long matching ratings and mangalsutra and her engagement ring adoring her, sitting on dressing table making hair.

Friday, 22 January 2016

episode 9: True Love Never dies

shilpa s throat choked with water. She
could not bear it. Her mission to have all those paani poori successfully was aborted....😇
Armaan : - "hello?? What happened??? Heyy you ok naa?
Have some water."
He patted her back and rubbed it...
She(choking a bit): -" Idiot was it necessary for you to
comment?? "

Part 6: Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Armaan *Addressing anji he said - Isse milo.. ye hain anji.. As in Anjali par hum isse anji bolte hain...

Ridhima - hello Anjali ji...

Anji *serious face - armaan ye sab kya hain... ye sab bilkul nahi chalega... le ja isse yahan se...

part 3 (last part) :True Love

she gasped in fear when she felt a manly hand on her shoulder....she closed her eyes frantically...praying god......she then felt the man getting closer to her...threat..was what she feeling right now...sweat forming...she was hell scared now......

The man then moved forward and taking hold of her both shoulder he turned her such that now she was facing him...he saw her.......eyes closed...threat clearly seen on her face...sweat on her forehead....he saw a strand of hair on her forehead n moved his hand forward...he tucked those hairs behin her hears...n heard her mumbling something on her own........

The was getting restless........she kept on mumbling sumthing....not even opening her eyes to see who is in front of her...

Armaan-"open your eyes baby....."

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Part 7:My Love, My Life - AR FF

Part 7

Drona  [New Character Enters here]

""hey Muski.. hey Rids..hey Armaan..!"" a handsome man with sweet face entered in the conference room nd greeted his friends..

""hey buddy.."" armaan said looking up from the file..
""hi bhaiya.."" ridhhima said with a smile..

episode 8 : True Love Never dies

Hand of armaan was still on mouth of shilpa
Shilpa: mmm mm she tried to remove his hand from her mouth
Armaan: what aram se khadi raho smjhi
Shilpa pouted

PART 1 : Mistake

A mansion.....just bcoz of one mistake......which was always filled wid dark today..........hapiness which was always a part of this no where to be seen........
the house which was always filled wid sweet filled wid silence.........
the darkness is everywhere in the house........leaving the hearts of the people living in this house dark n shartered too........
a dark room filled wid all the things needed........n along wid that........fotos...of someone.......
a figure...sitting on the floor....wid a frame in hand......tears rolling down the cheeks........
someone opened the door...n seeing it completely dark....switched on the lights.......
: Armaan........
yes it's Armaan.........sitting on the floor.........with eyes puffy red......n swelled...coz of constant crying.......
Armaan: bhai she left me.........n its all coz of me..........
Atul: Armaan...Armaan try to control urself.......

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

episode13: pyar to hona hi tha

(riddhima khaate khaate kehti hai...)
Riddhima- mujhe nhi pta tha armaan ki tum itne romantic ho....
Armaan- abhi tumne romance dekha hi kha hai...
Riddhima- acha ...vese tum yeh sab I mean tumne yeh sab pehle bhi kiya hoga...i mean jaise surbhi ke liye...

part 9 : meant to be

Armaan went in the firescape n sat down on the stairs with tears in his eyes n again n again remembering wat he saw.

part 5:Life Style

••••••••••••••••••••••episode starts with club•••••••••••••••••

(Ridhima muskan anjali aur atul ke saath ek club aati hai Ridhima ek short dress paheni hoti hai)

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

segment 37: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

At hospital

Muskan :" hello riddhima….kaisi hai?...barey joron se sadi ki taiyari chal rahi hai na?....tu khush hai?...
Riddhima uttered smilingly  : "arey itne sare sawal?...saans toh ley….kya baat hai?...tu thodi nervous dikh rahi hai?...
Muskan  uttered while stammered : "nahi,kuch nahi.dekh riddhima tu tension mat ley….bas  ghabrane ki koi baat nahi….. tu dar mat……….

Part 5 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Armaan looked towards them and stood up to greet them...
Armaan -hey bhaiya... and hugged shubhankar warmly from side.
And the acknowledging Ridhima's presence
Armaan - hello ridhima...
Ridhima - hi armaan ji ... Kaise hain aap...
Armaan - I am good aap kaise hain.
Ridhima - mein bhi aachi hun..

part 54: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Gupta house

Jeevika in green color lenhga choli with little make up and some matching jwelleries is ready and is looking at the arrangements.

"Bhaiya,sara Khana ban gaya hai na...dekho mujhe kuch bhi kam nahi chahiye... Sab kuch perfect hona chahiye.."she told the caterers who replied," ha ha madam jee...sab thik se ho jaega...aap fikar mat karo... "

She then moved towards the stage where everything was properly placed.two master chairs in middle with a beautiful decoration above it on wall and written, "ARMAAN WED'S RIDDHIMA" with red rose petals and desinged with orchids.Garden is placed with tables and chairs decorated with white satin cloth and purple satin ribbon.

She scanned the whole hall and it was just perfect for the occasion.YES It is the D-Day...the day when the lovely couple, head over heels madly in love with each other are going to get marry.

Monday, 18 January 2016

part 2 : A gypsy's fantacy (arsh ff)

Three years earlier:

Armaan stood leaning over the bar taking his sixth vodka shot. Manners be damned, he thought sourly. It was his second last day in London, and he had mixed feelings about returning to his homeland. He could not wait to see his mother and sister, but he was the least elated about inheriting an empire he had no idea of.  He took another shot, swearing under his breath. He had not planned for his evening to like this, but for some reason he wasn't in his usual self. The swaying bodies and flirtatious invitations were presenting no allure to him, as if he had been frozen in an ice compound.
"Shilps," he turned around annoyed at the disturbingly loud voice, only to follow the gaze of the woman beside him.  He stared for a moment, his eyes searing through the woman descending the stairs. She was clad in a satin green gown, falling into flares as it went down her hips. His gaze took in the shape of her body clad behind the gown that stuck to her body like second skin.
 . His eyes moved over the bare skin that was revealed in her sleeveless gown.  The dress was . Her gleaming milk white skin glowed in the illuminating light of the chandeliers. He could trace every single bone etched over her collar, and the hollow dents in her neck. She had a voluptuous body catching the attention of every single man in the room. His eyes traced every single curve until it disappeared behind veil of promising fantasy, the honey brown curls that fell across her face descending all the way down across her chest, the curvy delicious mouth, the sway of her hips, sensually enticing as she came down the stairs. He wanted to tear off the mask from her face and stare closely at her.

part 2: True Love

Shilpa got ready as she knew she cant escape through this she new she has to face it.....she prepared a kind of plot to how to react ...she prepared herself for the heartbreak she will get now....she was busy in her own thinking of preparing herself in front of armaan....she heard the car horn.........awwohh.......the last thing I wanted is can I say dat I wanted dat to be the last thing also.....uff...shilpa u going insane......oh no...i cant do will I face him now...she thought.....she heard the honking again

PART 3 : Tum dena sath mera (ss)

Days passed AR friendship grew stronger n stronger... Both were inseparable the entire time except their music instrument class as armaan wanted to learn guitar n ridhima keyboard.. And every wkend ridhima used to leave for her home town.. It was one her her dadi's condition that she will just be delhi for music clas n will not spend a day free there...!!!

It was another friday afternoon...!!!

Armaan : ridhima yaar plz mt jao na... Maine pura wkend tumhare bina bore ho jata hn...!!
Ridhima : i camt stay armaan mujhe jna hoga...
Armaan : this is not done na tum yahan rukti ho or nahi mujhe tumhare sath bus stamd tk ane deti ho.. Meri guitar class se pehle mujhe bye krke chali jati ho.. Upar se do din tk tumahre sath no contact.. Vahan jake toh t mujhe bhul hi jati ho...

Sunday, 17 January 2016

part 4:Life Style

episode starts with Gupta house____________

(Armaan Ridhima ke room mein enter hota hai toh dekhta hai Ridhima sorahi hai uske side table pe pani ka jug rakha hota Armaan sercastically smile karta hai aur jug ka poora pani Ridhima ke muh pe daal deta hai Ridhima gusse mein cheekti hui uthti hai aur apne saamne Armaan ko dekh ke aur gusse mein hojati hai aur khari hoke kahti hai)

PART 18 :You Make My Life Worth To Live Again

Silent was broke by the clap sound, everyone look at Anjali who was clapping her hands as if Riddhima has made a good speech... Nikki and Abhi were surprise with Anjali action but somewhere in Riddhima heart, she felt that Anjali wouldn't believe her words when she speak about their father...

'Wah, Ridzy... Kitni acchi kahani sunayi hai tumne...' Anjali said...

part 8 : meant to be

part 8:

Armaan asked Ridz what she want n she chose Sid, Armaan n Shilpa left Sanjeevani but came back after 3 years n the gang is back, ArSh r happily married, gang insulted Shilpa n got scolded by Armaan, n now the flashback ARSH moved to Delhi n Shilpa supported Armaan n he got ill being a workaholic.....