Saturday, 30 January 2016

Episode16: pyar to hona hi tha

(Armaan riddhima ko vha aate huye shockingly dekhta rehta h...aur shock se bahar aate hi uske face par gussa a jaata hai...riddhima akar stage par khadi hokar sabke saath pics click karvaane lagti hai vo armaan ko dekhkar ignore kar deti hai...armaan waiter se juice ka glass lekar stage par aata hai...aur sid aur riddhima se kehta hai)
Armaan- congratulations...

part 8:Life Style,

-Episode starts with Ridhima---
(ridhima room mein bethti hui haathon pe nail paint laga rahi thi hoti hai armaan kamre mein aata hai aur ridhima ko dekhta hai ridhima usse dekh ke muh banati hai aur dubara se nail paint lagane lagti hai ke armaan apni shirt utarne lagta hai ridhima armaan ko aankhein phar phar ke dekh rahi hoti hai)

part 3 : (last part) : Mistake

Recap: Armaan in one liking him..all against him..he made some that Ridz left him within the 8 months of their marriage..Atul n Anjali trying to support him..but he is so much into his guilt...Ridhimaa living in Lonavla one knows why..but she misses Armaan...n though he made a mistake but still loves him...

Armaan Mallik the spoiled son of the biggest industrialist in Mumbai. Drinking, Smoking, Gals, Partying all were his hobbies and he was famous among his college mates and his company of friends were other spoilt brats and that was the main thing which always make Ananya worried.  He is indulging himself more and more into bad habits sleeping around with gals and every other bad habit, though after all these bad habits his studies never get effected he was the topper of his class the only student who is both admired and disliked by his professors.

Friday, 29 January 2016

part 2: Rang badalti zindagi


At armaan’s house..

Armaan: mom… where are you I am getting late… hurry up momm…. Setting his tie and suit
Armaan’s mom: betaaa.. aj tum khudi chaley jao .. I ill accompany you later.. I don’t feel good …
Armaan: are you sure… kya hwa apko/…. I ill stay with you.

part 1 : Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Pahela episode shuruh hota hai ridhima se bachon ko baloons dete hue..

Ridhima: yeh tumhara yeh tumhara aur yeh tumhara

PART 1: saviour

Jahan Mumbai mein ek taraf raat hai......wahin duniya ke dusre kone mein subah ki kiranen har taraf roshni pehla rahein hain..........
New York.............America ki ek bohat hi kubsurat si city....waise tu yahan har koi busy hai...aur har pal kaam aur sirf kaam........magar yahan rehta hai ek sweet sa parivar.........

Thursday, 28 January 2016

part 1: Pyar dosti hai

Sun light caressed Riddhima who was sleeping in her bed.. She slowly opened her eyes and balanced herself sitting leaning ti the bed post..

Part 8 & 9:My Love, My Life - AR FF

Part 8
After the breakfast AR, RM, AA along with Arav went for shopping , they all wanted to shop for the wedding so they  went to the mall nd split up in their respective couples..

Atul nd Anjie were too quick coz as they entered the shop both of them liked the same outfits (unlike actual DMG) they tried them nd ended up sitting in an Ice-cream parlour..

part 11 : Meant to be


Armaan: listen to me carefully its my life....n i want to live it the way i want........u r no tell me...wat to do n wat not....if i want to move....i will n if i not.........then let me be wat i thankful...u helped me in settling my plzzz i didnt gave u any rite to boss on plzzz stay in ur limits..........n dont cross them.............i know u want my i will live my life the way i want........i can never forget her....she love.....who teach me..wat love is......she is always there in my memory....n "Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Prologue : Saviour

Disclaimar: all written is just completely fiction...anything related to anyone living or dead is certainly plzzz do take it seriously...

part 7:Life Style

................……………. Episode starts with ridhima........……………………
ridhima: kya karuh bhaag jaun shaadi se ya phir mandap mein apni jaga maasi ko bitha dun hahhaha phir armaan ko bhi apni tarah ki koi mil jaegi haahah aur main bhi bach jaungi..

part 3: A gypsy's fantacy


"No no not like this. Like this. Follow me. Pout your lips." She made a pouty face, holding his lips and turning them. "Like this, turn them more," her fingers pressed against his lips curling them, while she stared at them peculiar fascination and concentration. "I will teach you how to whistle; no really it's very easy." Armaan stared at her fascinated with the closeness of her body, the touch of her, the soft voice that rendered him speechless.
His hands slowly extended to her mask to peel it off her face when she held his hand giggling, "Heyy that's cheating. It's not allowed." She turned around and took down another vodka shot. Armaan grinned at her. "That's like your 8th shot." The girl returned his grin, "See? I am so strong. Nothing at all." She swayed a little falling into his arms.
"But I want to see you." He whispered into her ear huskily.
"Why dear love, what's in face? What if I don't look good? You'll run away?" she giggled trying to balance herself while his arms remain locked around her.
Armaan woke up sweating. His hands cradled his head which was aching immensely. He knew it was flicker of the night. He kept having the flashes in no certain recurring pattern; however they were always so blurry that he always woke up sweating trying to read through them.
He looked at the wall clock and cursed. He had taken a nap for just an hour, but ended up sleeping two. He had been working continuously for two days without a break.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

episode15 : pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan sanjeevni me enter hota hai aur khud se kehta hai)
Armaan- finally I am back riddhima.....aaj pure 15 din ho gye h tumhe dekhe huye tumse baat huye.... Ab bas tumhe dekhna chahta hu isiliye to airport se sidha sanjeevni aaya hu....
(armaan briefing ke liye sabhi interns ka wait karta hai khaaskar riddhima ka... Sab log briefing ke liye aa jaate hai... Bas sid aur riddhima hi nhi aate hai... Armaan muskaan se puchta hai..)
Armaan- dr muskaan...dr riddhima aur dr siddhant kha hai...
Muskaan- sir aaj un dono ne chutti li hai...

episode 12:True Love Never dies

armaan unknowingly touched shilpa s hand and a current passed down through their bodies equally.
armaan was hiding his arms in blanket as due to cold wind which was coming from window was making his condition worse



So much noises were around the house, people were moving here and there while kids were running around playing as they chase each other... Some were giving orders to the workers while others were checking the work happening in and out the house...

Monday, 25 January 2016

Prolouge :Pyar dosti hai



" It's perfect... Let me call Armaan"

character sketch & part 1 : Rang badalti zindagi


Character Sketch

Armaan Malik: rich, dashing, handsome and charming man…. Just came back from abroad to start a new business back in his motherland.

part 2 : Mistake

im sorry ridhima...mein ne jo kiya...woh ghalat tha...plzzz wapis ajao...its been 2 months waiitng for u...plzzz wapis ajao na...plzz Ridhimaa...but nahin mein ne jo tumhare saath kiya...woh ghalat tha...i deserve more n more punishment then this...that m family disowned me...i hate hating that moment...the moment i gave u sooo much sorry...
"he hit his already bandaged hand again on the floor...but feels no the ain inside him is more than this physical pain..."

plzzz wapis ajao Ridhima...plz..."repeating this...he slept on the floor...holding the frame close to his heart...wid her picture in it..."


Sunday, 24 January 2016

part 6:Life Style

•••••••••••••••Episode starts with Armaan••••••••••••••••••

Armaan: dhang ke kapre pahene toh aate nahi hain bass ilzam lagane hi aate hain ab chup chaap chalo yahan se..

part 10 : meant to be


Armaan saw SR hugging each other....he got distrubed...............feels imense pain...n got drunk...Shilpa couldnt see him like this n he burst on her.....
Shilpa hold Armaan in his arms....n slept taking support of the couch.........

episode 11 :True Love Never dies

armaan was feeling a new feeling
he was having a gut feeling that something and new is gonna happen in his life
but before he could figure it out
he just could nt get what he should do
or where he should go