Saturday, 6 February 2016

part 4 : saviour

RECAP: Mallik Family CS...gupta family's inttro.....n now ahead..........
Anjali was after Shilpa'.throwing all the things come in her hand towards her'all the cushions'pillows'.teddy bears everything''..

part 2: My Happy Ending,

I woke with my cell phone ringing continuously. I peeped at the screen with my one eye and answered the call.
"Anji, it's 6 in the morning what do you want" I whined.

episode18: pyar to hona hi tha

(ananya ko jaate dekh armaan ko bhi gusse aa jaata hai aur vo plate piche karkar kehta hai...)
armaan- mjhe smjh nhi aa rha hai...prblm kya aise kyu behave kar rhe hai...
riddhima - tumhari vajah se armaan....

Friday, 5 February 2016

siggies by sanju

part 4 : Rang badalti zindagi,

Part 4

In restaurant…

part 3:Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Scene 1
Episode starts with sanjeevani and all interns..
Ridhima: hi kya hua hai tumhe

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Part 11:My Love, My Life - AR FF


At Dinner Table Gupta house
""Mom , dad main do din ke liye Kasauli ja rahi hoon..""

""Kasauli..?"" ""Haan mom.. vo Atul, Armaan, Ridzie, Rahul, Muski, Arav.. hum sab jaa rahe hain.. just for a small outing.. "" Anjie explained..
""Beta lekin Kasauli kyun..?"" shashank wanted all the detail..

part 3 : saviour

Recap: Atul n Armaan...packed their packs........n after bidding bye to their parents.......board the flight to Mumbai.............

episode 15 : True Love Never dies

armaan looked away as not want to meet with her eyes
shilpa s eyes became
but she quickly wiped them
shilpa: itne naraj ho ki baat b ni kroge?

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

siggies by sanju

part 9: Life Style

*****************Episode starts with ridhima******************
next morning

part 1: My Happy Ending

Dressing room is as dull as always, but then it is not meant to be interesting as the stage either. I am busy reading best wishes from my friends and fans on my cell, with my make up artist trying desperately to work on my face, *like honestly*!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Episode17 : pyar to hona hi tha

Armaan- tumhe uski fikr karne ki zarurat nhi hai.....
Riddhima- dost hai armaan vo mera...kaise na sochu uske baare me...kitna hurt kiya hai mene use....
Armaan- toh maafi manglena yaar....
Riddhima- har chiz itni asaan nhi hoti hai...vo alag bt h ki tum har chiz ko asaan bna dete ho...
Armaan- burayi kr rhi ho ya compliment h...?

part 2 : pyar dosti hai

All were sitting still when they heard wht muskaan just SAID!!
Muskan also realized her foolishness.. Armaan was the most shocked one..
Ar:Muskan, tumne abhi abhi kya kaha
Mus:ku.. Ku.. Kuch nahi.
Armaan had a confused look while all the others glared at her

Part 10:My Love, My Life - AR FF


Next day Sanjeevni

""All the doctors immideately assemble in seminar room""

As all of them from seniors to interns gathered there Shashank informed them about the inspection but AR & Muski are a part of it, the fact was not revealed there'.

Monday, 1 February 2016

part 12: Meant to be

So finally ArSh were in London'.the journey from airport to their apartment was filled wid wonder'as Shilpa was busying admiring the beauty of London'..n Armaan'.stealing glances of her''.he don't know y his eyes were again n again going on her'to see her smiling n admiring the beauty of London'..

part 2 : Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

2sra episode shuruh hota hai sanjeevani se arman ridhima aur baki sab locker room ajate hain aur ek dam se anjali bhi aajati hai..

episode 14:True Love Never dies

armaan was about to fall but
shilpa hold him with shoulders
and with a worry look she saw armaan
armaan was not able to concentrate on anything

Sunday, 31 January 2016

part 3 :Rang badalti zindagi,

At ridhima’s place..
Next morning…
Ridhima: dii.. ap kahan ja rai hain.. hamain to college jana hae..
Anjali: hiding the chat with armaan from ridhima… ohh woo main apny friend k ghar ja rahi hn usi k sath college aun gii….
Ridhima: okay jaldi a jaye gaaa…
Both left on their own ways…

Part 2 : saviour

its basically about Mallik family..........Gupta the next i want to sum up this first.......
Armaan n Atul : Gud morning Sir......

episode 13 :True Love Never dies

shilpa tried to make distance from armaan
armaan felt hurt although they were sitting on same seat but
they were Lost in their deep thoughts