Saturday, 13 February 2016

part 6 : saviour

Recap: ARSH meeting...n a basket ball match...

episode 20: pyar to hona hi tha

(riddhima tayyar hokar niche aati hai to dkhti h...ananya suit case k saath khdi hoti h vo akar khti h...)
riddhima - mom what happened? kha jaa rhi h aap...

part 2: Bus Rona Mat TS / SS


Armaan ridhima Reached home to find gupta’s and malik’s setting together in living room waiting for both armaan ridhima. When they saw both the children coming in together they smiled, ridhima reached towards ananya and padma sitting beside each other catching hold on one hand of both

Friday, 12 February 2016

Part3:AR SS- You Are My Dream

Part 3

Next day,
It was her last exam today , and its really hard for her as her atonomy professor is such a brain sucker tongue emoticon she was higly tensed and stressed, she opened her drawer took a choclate from it and eating it in a hurry..

part 13: Meant to be

RECAP: Armaan n Shilpa in London - Sanjeevani...
Day passed wid intro wid different staff members n tour of the hospital''..n a new day begin wid new hopes n desires..let see wat change it will bring in Armaan Shilpa life''


Part 26 : And we are made to be one

After the happy affair of dinner mixed with the laughter draggers jealousy promotion and blessings they all moved to their respective room to give rest to their tiered body after long day of working.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Part2:You Are My Dream- AR SS

Part 2
Ridz car halted in front of the gupta house , Ridz , ridz.
Anjali tries to wake her up as she was sleeping peacfully.
""""Uffffhhhh ridz uth na kya tu kumbhkaran bani rehti hai uth
nahi to ye pani tere uper dalndgi"", but seems ridz lost in her
dreams as a cute smile adoring her lips.

part 60 : An Arranged love Marriage

Having a hard time to keep his hand all to himself as she looked ethereal in her rich purple outfit; he got down from horse cart and held out his hand for her. She was already too excited about the entire cart ride, it had made her feel like a princess.  Intertwining her arm with his they walked towards the restaurant he had made their reservation in. Having a king style meal as they walked out of the

part 4: My Happy Ending

The venue was tastefully decorated and there were banners of Gupta Industries and large posters of me, some From my concerts, a few from my music videos and surprisingly some were the candid shots from interviews, that even I wasn't aware of.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

part 5:Rang badalti zindagi,

Months had passed and it was Ridhima and Anjali’s graduation day….
Days later both were looking for some jobs or internships……. Both applied…… days later ridhima got a call from A&M Co. International Company…… she got a job in that company….although Anjali was still looking for a job…….it was ridhima’s first day at her job

part 4:Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with sanjeevani locker room
(Toh larte jhagarte arman ridhima aur baki sab ko sanjeevani join kiye 20 din hojate hain)

Locker room:- scene 1

Sare interns subha subha locker room mein hote hain ridhima ko chore ke
Armaan: khushi basket kahan hai tum aur anjali yahan hou toh
Khushi: ridzi pata nahi ammm..

part 11 :Life Style

*****************Episode starts with ridhima****************
same day

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

episode19: pyar to hona hi tha

(riddhima red dress pehle niche aati h to ananya use apne frnd se introduce karwaane lgti h..par riddhima ki eyes sirf door par armaan ko dkh rhi hoti hai...ananya apne frnd k jaana k bd riddhima se khti h..)
ananya - ridhzi. ...armaan kha h?sb pch rhe h...
riddhima - mom abhi aate hoge...

part 10:Life Style

**************Episode starts with gupta house***************
(armaan ridhima gupta house aajate hain)

part 5 : saviour

Armaan n Atul lived in NewYork wid their bro n SIL whi they take as their parents...both r FBI officers n are selected to handle Gupta Sisters case as some one is after them...n the cute moments b/w Mallik family...Armaan n Atul left for Mumbai...ArSh n AA met...n now..wats next...
They slept dreaming abt the other person'deep in their thoughts'they were really feeling special after meeting each other'.

Monday, 8 February 2016

part 7 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Armaan - riddhima ek baat poochun...
Ridhima – hain
Armaan - tum khush ho...

Part1:You Are My Dream

You are my dream

Part 1

A girl in her mid twenties siiting on the edge of window and looking at the sky as the weather is cloudy after sometime rain starts she extended her hand to feel the rain drops and she engrosed in deep thoughts her chain of thoughts broken when a girl around 19 years entered in room in a very chirrpy and jolly mood and called her name anjjjiiiii diiiiii. (Yes the girl who was already present in the room and lost in thoughts was non other than anjali gupta, she is beautifull yet full of atitude ,

part 3: My Happy Ending

I started my day with signing the contract papers and sending them to Gupta Industries. The only thing I'm looking forward right now is receiving a call from Ms. Gupta. *seriously, what the hell is wrong with me*

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Prologue :Suicidal Marriage

"Why do i have this feeling that you are not gonna jump off this thing anytime sooner?"asked Armaan while staring intently in front.

siggies by sanju

episode 16:True Love Never dies

armaan was recovering really soon
this was the only thing which shilpa was relieved.
she did nt go anywhwhere armaan ko chod ke
its been two days