Saturday, 20 February 2016

episode 22 : pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan nurse station pr khda hota h...aur interns ka wait kr rha hota tabhi vo dkhta riddhima sb se phle akar khdi ho jaati vo armaan se kuch bt nhi krti h...armaan bhi use khda dkhta rhta kuch nhi bolta h...riddhima bas niche dkhti rhti h...tabhi sb interns aa jaate h...sid riddhima k ps akar khda ho jaata h...aur usse kaan me khta h..)
sid - mujhe tujhse kuch bt krni h...
riddhima - sid bd me bt krenge...

part 8 :saviour

All the interns reached the nurse station n Dr. Kirti gave them their duties.

Rahul n Armaan were given duties together'while moving towards the ICU ward.

part 3 : Bus Rona Mat TS / SS

Ridhima was lost in the flashback when armaan who was walking along her in the memory lane pulled her hand bringing her on to the real word. Looking in each other eyes armaan spoke “thank u so much ridhima that day u not only gave me your consent towards this profession you also gave me

Friday, 19 February 2016

character sketch : Hangover

Main Character's Sketch

Note: This ff is going to follow the religion of Hinduism

Armaan Malik: A succesful Indian doctor working at a famous hospital named Sanjeevani. Handsome, charming and every other quality that one can wish to possess already exists in his persona. He is pretty rich too.

part 15: Meant to be

RECAP: Armaan realized he is in love wid Shilpa...


Armaan was in his gym'practising boxing''wearing black vest n black track pants'.he was consistently hitting the bag''n was sweating badly'but still he didn't stop'''he didn't know'wat going on wid him'why he is behaving like this'why Shilpa is on his mind'

Part 27 : And we are made to be one

It’s been days from armaan and muskaan confrontation. Armaan was been making himself a little aloof once again from everyone as he was the first time they meet.
Ridhima was wondering about what made armaan go back to that state again of aloofness and why he was hiding himself from the people around.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

episode 17 :True Love Never dies

Armaan took discharge by himself
From bed to which dr. Kirti rebuked him and armaan is back to duty now

In path lab
Armaan was trying to mix some medicines but he was having difficulty coz his hand was swollen (remember because he has ripped off his drip forcefully).

chapter 2: Suicidal Marriage

Recap :-

"Tumhe kya lagaa ki tum itni asaani se bach jaogi? Chalo ab mere saath" said Sunny bhaiyya glaring at me while pointing gun in my direction.I shivered sensing so much hatred in his voice.Did i forgot to mention that my Eldest cousin brother is an ex-police officer? Guess i did forget.

part 6: My Happy Ending

I stood close to her, almost holding her in my arms, looking straight into her deep brown eyes, she stared back with equal intensity, just as I ran my fingers on her back, I felt her body shiver. She

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

part 13 : Life style

****Episode starts with ridhima*
same day

part 7:Rang badalti zindagi,

At Ridhima’s house…
Rahul and Rahul’s mom were there … to talk about Anjali and rahul’s rishta..
Rahul’s mom: ye anjlai kidar hae… har baar ki tarah hamain to bilkul bhi nazar nahi a rahi hae…
Padma: g bass wo idr e tii ….. main bulati un useyyy..

part 6 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with khushi
Next day morning

Khushi: ridzi humein aj sham ko jana hai OK

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

part 14: Meant to be

Recap: came across Armaan memory lane...n some feelings for Shilpa...

now ................

episode 21: pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan apne room me betha riddhima ke bare me soch rha hota hai....aur smile karta h...tabhi use surbhi ki door se awaaz aati hai....)
surbhi - mere bare me soch rhe ho...
(armaan use dkhkr fake smile krta h aur khta h...)
armaan - nhi..vo bas...
(surbhi akar uske BILKUL paas beth jaati h aur uske haath pakadkar khti h..)
surbhi - ab jhooth bolne ki zarurat nhi h...vese it ne din me tumse door thi tumne mjhe miss kiya....
armaan - hmmm...
surbhi - kya hmmm ha ya na..
armaan - ha kiya...

part 7 : saviour

Recap:finally ARSH came face to face...

But Shilpa was in shock………duty wid this loser…where as Armaan smiled………..get ready for the fun Dr.Basket…………n gave her a cute n sweet innocent look…which made her agitated……n she left cursing again…but Dr.Keerti this tym…for giving duty wid Mr.Arrogant……..

Shilpa already left for her work in the General Ward…n Armaan followed the suite…they both entered the ward together….which was filled with patients n nurses b wardboys were also there takng care of them..

Monday, 15 February 2016

AR-FF Hangover


Kehte hain jore asmanon par bante hain... Kahanian bhi wahin likhi jati hain.... Hum iss bari si dunya me ek chote se tinke (speck) ki tarah hain... Lekin yehi tinke apas mein takrate bhi hain... Chot pohanchate hain... Hasate hain manate hain.... Pyaar krate hain....

Chapter - 1 : Suicidal Marriage


I am sitting on my bed and tears are continuously flowing through my eyes ruining my eye makeup which my aunt did oh so reluctantly.I cant believe this is going to happen for real.I am married to the

part 5:My Happy Ending,

Now that the Gupta sisters has given their speeches, it was my Turn to speak, "To tell you guys honestly, I wasn't very sure of the idea of being associated with any brand, but Anjali Gupta, who is my close friend, suggested that I should at least check out the Panache collection, I did and it turned my reluctance into a confident yes. The designs are refreshing and dynamic And just as Ms.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

part 12 : Life style

_______________Episode starts with ridhima______________
next morning
gupta house

part 6: Rang badalti zindagi,

At Rahul’s house

Rahul’s mom: Rahul ye kya tareeka haee abhi tak Anjali ney hamain koi reponse nahi diya hae… agar aisa raha to main unky ghar dubara rishtey ki baat karney nahi jaounn gi… mujhy wese bhi wo larkii pasand nahi haeee… main sirf tmhare liye hi pehly bhi gayi thi….

part 5:Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with sanjeevani
Same night

Scene 1