Saturday, 27 February 2016

part 4 & 5:Shona and Shonu ki love story,

Armaan: but tumne toh mujhe maaf kr dia na???
Riddhima: haan kar dia tha but tumhri commenting band hi ni hoti
armaan: chlo thik hai me hi jata hun happy????
Riddhima goes to children;s ward and armaan wahan se paas hota hai
Armaan chupke se dekhta hai and riddhima pyar se ek bache ko pucti hai kya hua tumne daawai kyun ni khai????
bache ka name arnav hota hai

part 10 : saviour

Atul: "MOM Atul was completely shocked seeing the number", how come mom called this time this time they never called this time usually do it at night. Oh God I just gave him medicine and he is sleeping agar poch liya tu kya kahoon ga. [mummering].

part 4: Bus Rona Mat TS / SS

Armaan got 2 week holiday from the head base for the achievement of the mission.
Both armaan ridhima were sleeping, but then ridhima woke up before armaan as it was past lunch

Friday, 26 February 2016

part 2 & 3 : Shona and Shonu ki love story,

Riddhima: what are you doing here???
Armaan: yahan p sab docs banne ate hai toh me b wahi krne aya hun miss kyun kya hua????
riddhima: ohhh wow tum serious type toh lagte ni ho toh doc kese banoge???
Armaan: oh really? first time me decide b kar lia nt fair wese anjali what r u doing todays eve??
Anjali: shut up armaan .
Riddhima: we should go on nurse station guys we should nt be late on first day.

part 2 : Hangover


Riddhima subha tayyar hokr breakfast table par ati hai ....

part 17: Meant to be

Flash back End'

The sun peaked in through the window sills and fell upon the two figures lying on the bed cuddled with each other, holding each other so tight as if not ready to let go of each other, their life depended on it. if they didn't hold each other they wont be able to breathe.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

part 1 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

in the beginning of the story we have our sweet riddhima who is kind to all nd helping kind of and shy too and armaan a cute loveable sweet and sumwhat naughty guy.
so for the first time armaan and riddhima met because of aryan. Aryan friend of Armaan. riddhima was in the basket ball court. and aryan and armaan came there too. riddhima knew aryan and was talking to him in btw ladka vs ladki chal rha tha tabhi aryan said girls are always like this only they only irritate boys. At that point riddhima said u all guys are like this not girls.
Armaan enters and cutting btw in really girls are like this kya??? not irritating i don;t think so.
riddhima said who r u??? i have not asked you ohk

Shona aur Shonu Ki Love Story

Armaan: yup i know but i have my right to present my opinions on anything.

chapter 3 : Suicidal Marriage

Chapter - 3 : My Saviour

My legs started shaking and i felt like this is my end.I can feel Sunny bhaiyya moving towards me.Though i cannot see him.But i have this strong gut feeling about it.Then i remembered something and shivered thinking about it.

part 7 : My Happy Ending

Riddhima switched on the radio and changed channels and stopped at a station playing my recent hit. Seconds later I found her singing along.
She has beautiful voice, though she did made a few mistakes with the nodes, but her honey like voice made up for that, I lowered the volume and she looked at me flustered.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

PART 15:Arsh ss "MAHE JAAN"

Shilpa wip her tears n says
Shilpa : u need rest sir chaliye lets move from here.
Armaan : shona listen"but shilpa intrupt him in mid"
Shilpa : I said na lets move from here"in anger"
Armaan just sigh
They both starts to move with silence after walking for 5 minutes they reach the road
Armaan stop the cab both settled in it
Armaan try to talk to her but shilpa she remain silent all the time.
Like this they reach shilpa's house jese hi ghar aa jata he shilpa fatak se cab se utar jati he n starts to move towards her gate.
Armaan to cab driver
Armaan : bhaiya wait
He also come out from the cab and walk towards shilpa
Shilpa knows that ki wo piche aa raha he but ni rukti
Then armaan called her
Armaan : shona
Shilpa stops but she didn't turn
Armaan move little faster and hold her hand
Shilpa na turn hoti he na hi hath chudane ki koshish karti he

part 9: Rang badalti zindagi,

Part 9

At A&M Office..
Next morning..

part 8 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with sanjeevani nurse station
Scene 1

Next day morning:-
All interns and senior doctors:-

( kirti Sab ko sab ki duties bata deti hain)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

part 16 : Meant to be

RECAP: Armaan missing Shilpa...realized his love for her,...Vikram pulling her in a store room...

Now .....

Shilpa got soo scared being pulled in the dark room..she closed her eyes tight..fearing any mishap wid her'she was really scared to even open her eyes'not knowing whose infront of her'

episode 23: pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan ka khud par haath uthata dekh pehle to riddhima Dar jaati h par phir uski ankhon me ansoo aa jaate h aur vo hurt face ke saath khti h...)
riddhima - maarlo armaan...isi ki kami thi ab bas....
(armaan haath niche kar leta h aur gusse me vha se chala jaata h....riddhima rote huye vhi khadi ho jaati h..armaan apne room me jakar window k paas gusse me khda riddhima aur sid k bare me soch rha hota h... ki surbhi uske paas aati h...aur khti h..)

part -9 : saviour

Armaan saw fire spreading around him in great velocity and he cant even see what is happening all the chemicals and the things are catching fire and he was standing in the middle im mobile just like a statue.

Monday, 22 February 2016

part 1 : Hangover

 Mumbai International AirportRiddhima Airport se apna luggage carry karte huey nikalti hai, wearing black denims coupled with a white shirt and black leather jacket. Wo apne sunglasses utarti hai aur ruk kar idher udher dekhti hai…


2,yrs later...

*knock knock..

A boy in mid 20's was knocking the door...
boy : Chachu..??
Man in mid 40's opens the door...
Man : are aoo atul..
Atul : chachu apki help chahie..
Man : are bol kya hua...
Atul : kl sham ko armaan ka first concert hai.. Apko toh pta hai.. He wants sabhi vahan ho pr vo bolega nahi n na hi dadi ji or dadi bua mnenge .

( boy is non other than armaan's brother atul and his shubhankar chachu...)

Shubh : baat toh tri sahi hai kuch toh krna pdega .

A lady in mid 40's entre the room.. : kya krna pdega.
Shubh : vo kerti...
(she is kerti armaan's chachi. )
Kerti : ab boliye bhi...
Atul : chachi main btata hn. .
(atul tels her rhe problem. )

Kerti : kuch sochna pdega. .
Shubh : vahi toh main bol raha tha.


Shilpa : n u are FOR ME""wid all the love she have for him""

N armaan also understand the depth of this tiny two little words FOR ME

Armaan only says

Armaan : ALL URS

They again hugged each other.
Armaan says

Armaan : wese don't u think shona tumahra blouse kuch jyada reveling he
Shilpa blush hard on his blouse comment than compose herself n says after sometime like she is thinking on this matter
Shilpa : hmmm yup I agree par mujhe dekhta kon he
Armaan raise his eyebrows in his typical way
Shilpa : ok ok thora jyada hi..
Armaan : thora jyada r u really think like that, its only had a thread on it shona
Shilpa blush hard n lower her head
Armaan : A THREAD shona
Shilpa : sry""wid sad face""

Sunday, 21 February 2016

episode 18 : True Love Never dies

Shilpa: armaan please tum aisa kuch ni karoge
Armaan: me aisa hi karunga shilpa agar vicky ki wjah se tumhe problem hui toh i will not leave him
Armaan went from locker room directly saying it
Anjali: hey shilpa kya hua??

part 8:Rang badalti zindagi,

At ridhima’s house…

Padma: anjlaii zara ridhima ko to call karo wo kidar reh gai hae…

part 7 : Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

Episode starts with raizada house
Arman riddhima
Scene 1

Ridhima: tumse toh mujhe baat hi nahi karni