Saturday, 12 March 2016

part 2 : Hate Story

Zarina di usey achchi lagne lagi thi. Now she started to go and back from college with zarina di and surprisingly noticed that those boys didn’t make comments when she was with di.she felt relaxed now.zarina di has a very jolly nature ,whole college knew her. Sometimes when riddhima was in

part 23 :Shona and Shonu ki love story

muskaan: par bata toh sahi kya hua???
armaan: kuch ni hua tu tension na le me hun na me mana lunga chal bye
muskaan: ohk ji byeee

Epilogue: Bus Rona Mat TS / SS

“daaa daaaa” a joyfull voice flowing with a wave in the air followed with more joyfull words to the person hearing it..

Friday, 11 March 2016


Back to our hero heroine

Armaan take shilpa inside the jungle after walking for 10 minutes they stop
They are mesmerized by the view in front of them all fear of shilpa go out of the window
armaan n shilpa are standing side by side n drinking the beauty of this breathtaking view from their eyes.

(Peaceful jungle,jungle ke bich lake,asmaan me pura chand,sitare
Sirf chand ki roshni he or kuch nhi its beautiful simply awesome)


Both said together : I LOVE U SHONA/I LOVE U ARMAAN"wid bright smile on their faces
Suddenly the smile vanished from their faces.
Shilpa : no shilpa yaad rakh u r angry on him
Armaan : no armaan yaad rakh wo naraz he tujhse uff"while saying this he moved towards his bed n sit there n self talk himself"
Armaan : kya karu use manane ke liye is bar wo asani se nahi manegi armaan man u screw up janta he ki wo kitni over protective he tujhe lekar teri safty ko lekar and what u have done man itne saalo baad tujhe tera pyaar mila he wo tere samne he but but u are an idiot u moron mallik mujhe pata hota to.. to to kya karta kuch nahi kar sakta me ab jo karna he wo wo karegi
On the other side
Shilpa : huh.. kitni bar kaha he apna dhyan rakhne ko but wo sunte hi kaha he meri kitni kitni chot aayi he unhe nahi is bar me unse baat nahi karungi samjhna hoga unhe unka is tarah careless rahne se apne aapko chot pahuchane se mujh par kya bitti he me nahi manne wali bilkul bhi nahi hmmm he have to pay for his this carelessness yes ARMAAN SIR.. huh...
Here armaan was cursing himself for the same while thinking how to manofying his sweetheart
And there she was thinking how to teach him the lesson for his carelessness
Neend to dono ko hi nahi aati whole night dono ek dusre ke bare me sochte rahte he kab sochte sochte wo apne dream land me pahuch jate he unhe pata bhi nahi chalta
Next morning
Shilpa was sleeping with the beautiful smile on her face she wakes up when alarm rings but aaj uske face par koi sweat nahi he na ankho me aansu koi dar koi ghabrahat nahi he after whole six years this is the first time koi pareshani koi chinta ke badal nahi he uske zehen me she is happy after long time

PART 1 : Agar Tum Saath Ho

It was month of lovers, where lovers and husband's spend making their partners feel special and shower them with unconditional love... Some spend their precious time with their love ones alone making the day memorable while others spend with several people announcing their love in front of the whole world... In different place of the City, Country and World people was eagerly waiting for this day making several plans how to celebrate or confess love for the person they felt the strong connection and blissful feeling....

People have different ways to celebrate this day, some with families and friends while some make special plan for their lovers or wives.... For those who don't have a partner, sometimes in such place they get their soul mates... In this Valentines, something like this was plan for two strangers but they were unknown with it unless they came face to face... They never thought, their life would be changing for better...

Thursday, 10 March 2016

part 13 :Rang badalti zindagi,

Armaan and Ridhima at their date!!!

part 21 & 22 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

part 21

armaan said to muskaan aao betho na have some sandwich
muskaan: how sweet hero kitne sweet ho tum

part 11: My Happy Ending

I came back home expecting to go to sleep, but much to my amazement, bii sat in the lounge waiting for me.
"Bii it's late, you should have gone to sleep" I said.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

part 2: The Last Walk

PART 2:The Coming Years..Growing Up..!!!

"Mommyyy" a girl of around 6 years shouted from the kitchen cabinet.
"Kyaa hua angle...whts up..why r u shouting..." mother of the girl asked her...

part 10 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

Episode starts with sanjeevani same day..
Scene 1

part 20 :Shona and Shonu ki love story,

armaan came in locker room and found riddhima everywhere actually he was imagining
pareshan hogya hun me ab toh
rat me sapno me toh aati hi thi ab din me b har jagah dikh rhi hai

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

part 19 : Shona and Shonu ki love story,

riddhima:armaan please chodo mujhe
armaan: kyun riddhima tumhe fark padta hai kya?? mere pas ane se
riddhima: ni mujhe kyun fark padega tumse

part 1 : Hate story

She jerked hearing ambulance siren which was coming from the road .she looked down and got that an ambulance was running there very fast making a high piercing sound.she remembered the black day of her life when an ambulance had come in her house to take her papa in hospital as papa had tried to suicide by burning himself,his body’s 80 percent had burnt and he left her alone in this cruel world to live.

part 20 : meant to be

Recap: ARSH sweet and hot moments and Shilpa's plan, Sid inviting ARSH for the beach picnic and Armaan's warning.

Monday, 7 March 2016

part 18 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

Armaan and riddhima on terrace
Riddhima: tum yhan kya kar rhe ho??

part 5 : Hangover

Next day

Armaan uth kr tayyar ho chukka hota hai and riddhima abhi tk so rahi hoti hai....

part 10 :My Happy Ending

I woke up with a lazy smile and wore the same stupid grin all my day. Everyone I met today at the studio, must have thought I've gone mad, Sid looked at me suspiciously and I broke down into chuckle.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

part 1 : The Last Walk

"When two bestfriends Armaan and Ridhima became apart it was their doom, but when they'll meet again will they be the same like always, together...or not...?? What will it be called??!!!
The Doom or The Luck...!!???
To Know further do come with me on the Journey of 'THE LAST WALK'..!!"

Part 1: Start Of A New Friendship

part 17 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

riddhima: stop staring at me ohk??
armaan: oh acha?? kyu tumhe stare karne pe tax dena padta hai kya???
rahul: aap chodiye na dr riddhima aap ajnti hi hai sika screw dhila hai

part 12 : Rang badalti zindagi,

Ridhima and raj were back from pune….. ridhima didn’t know anything what raj had done with her in Pune( taking her pictures with him )