Saturday, 19 March 2016

part 4: hate story

When riddhima came to meet with zarina di saw that she was eating chocolate ice cream.seeing her zarina uttered :”kitna late kar di tune..dekh ice cream pighalne lagi toh mai tumhari wali bhi kha

part 8 : Hangover

Armaan riddhima ko club se bahir car ki taraf lata hai. The goons were not following them anymore. Armaan unconscious riddhima ko car ke bonnet pr leta deta hai.

part 25 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

rahul: muskaan me bol rha hun ye apni stupid harkate band kar tu
muskaan: oye langur tu chup kar samjha
anjali: shut up both of u
tumhari wjah se armaan riddhima hume sun lenge

Friday, 18 March 2016

part 5 : The Last Walk

Part 5: The Lost Bet Punishment

"Hey sweetheart.." RSS hugged her
"So...I have a good news" the girl jumped
"What..??" RSS asked

part 21 : meant to be

Recap: Shilpa planned an outing, gang and Arsh along with elders played Truth and Dare, ArSh moments on the beach and accident.


Abhi Nikki and all others heard the crash and they stopped to check if all is fine, they came out of their cars and moved towards the 2 cars which were banged with the trees on both sides of the road.

part 1 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

Assalam o Aleikum
Mai Arima..ap log mujhe nahi jante..par mai ap logo ko janti hu..Aur mai yaha ap logo se thodi Aur jaan pehchan badane aai hu...
Mai yaha ap logo ko ek mohabbat ki daastaan se rubaru karane aai hu..
Ek Aisi daastaan,jaha khuda ne apne bando ki imtehaan Lee..unki kahani khud likhi Aur Ab use pura karna na karna,bas wahi khuda ke haath me hai..

Toh is mohabbat ki daastaan se rubru hone ke liye apko mere sath chalna hoga...jaha jaha mai apko le jau waha.. wink emoticon


A small lane,where many house were decorated with lots of lightening and series. It has some Small banglows and some row house, with beautiful architecture and design.Usually this time,nothing should be seen,but the lightening is so bright that everything is clear like day is 3:30@ night,no actually in morning.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

part 1 : When Opposite Attracts

"Armaan tum mujhse ladna band karo..samjhe Na..nahi toh mai Dr.kirti se tumhari complian kar dugi..."Riddhima says all irritated.

"Riddhima tum choti bacchi ho kya...complain kar dugi.." Armaan Mirrors her words.

"Tum meri nakal kar rahe ho..??" She stood from the chair stomping ground.

"Ohh wow..Dr.Riddhima Mallik kitni intelligent hai.." He to stood up throwing his chair taking attention of all the people in canteen."Haa dr.Riddhima..mai apki nakal kar raha hu..ab ap kisse complain karegi..Mr.narendra modi se???"

Rahul Atul Muskaan and Anjali stood up with their friends to calm them but here the fight was on fire.

part 13 : My Happy Ending

After an uneasy sleep of about 2 hours Riddhima got up
exasperated, she looked at her watch to find she still have
more than enough time to get ready and be a part of the
sangeet function.

part 15 :Rang badalti zindagi,

At ridhima’s house….
Rahul and his mom were there…
Rahul’s mom: pir ridhima ny kya jaawab diyaa….

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

part 7 : Hangover


Armaan: dr.keerti .. wo dad.. wo... wo kese hain ....
Keerti: don't worry doctor Armaan wo ab theek hain....
Ananya: kya hum unse mil sakte hain ....
Keerti: nahi ... abhi unhe rest ki zarorat hai ....

Chapter 17: AUTOGRAPH (Kash Fairy Tale)

hi friends,so so sorry for not continuing this ff from a long  but now i decided to complete it .thanks a lot to princess jayeeta who reminded me about this ff and requested to complete it. i know most of readers forgot about this ff,so i am giving link,if u want u can go here...
chapter 1-16


6 months passed after kash married.all things going smoothly but shilpa didn't get courage to make close to karan. now karan was a very popular actor,he was so busy in his work,most of time he stayed out of india. after their married,  he took shilpa with him in his shoot place but later shilpa refused politely and may be karan understood the reason. he realised that whenever he got closed to the heroine during his shoot ,shilpa felt restless. karan too felt weird so he kept quiet when shilpa said that she got bored in his shoot place and now decided to not to go with him.

part 4 : The Last Walk,

Part 4 : The New Chapter...A New Beginning.,!

"Good Mornin Papa..Morning Mom" A girl in her late 20s wearing a golden sleeveless top and levis denim jeans havung curly hair with minimal make up came and hugged her father and mother.
"Good Morning baby" her mother looked back at her and kissed her on forhead.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

part 3 : Hate story

The whole night riddhima was restless thinking about her friends’ words. Her heart and mind was fighting with each other.her heart was saying that :”di aisa nahi kar sakti.wo kitni achhchi hai,wo mere sath aisa dhokha nahi kar sakti aur di ka bhai hota koi toh mujhe kabhi na kabhi dikhta na. aur didi bhi toh kitni baatein karti hai,toh kya apne bhai ke barey me nahi batati? “

Part 4 :You are my dream

Ridz get up early morning to have sargi to keep fast, she knew armaan would not come to break her fast but even then she want to do all the rituals.. After getting shower she wore light pink colour saree and move her way towards the dinning area where prerna is waitng for her she gave her sargi..
After sargi she went to her room found armaan sleeping peacfully on his king size bed she wishe to be there in his arms but sighed and move to couch she sank on it closed her eyes a lone tear escape from it.. How her life took a turn , how destiny plays a game to her all the bitter nd sweet memories came across her mind...

Part 77 : From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -



Girls left to Muskaan house in the afternoon, boys had been out with Rahul to do some arrangement in the Hotel where the marriage would take place... So after lazying around in the morning in farm house, girls left to join the Chadda's and Families for lunch...
After the lunch, they sit around talking to Muskaan cousin's for an hour... As the beauticians would be coming in 5 pm, Mrs. Chadda ask the girls to take some rest before that... Function was arrange for the night so after readying their cloths, they hit the bed to get some sleep...

Monday, 14 March 2016

part 3 : The Last Walk,

Part 3 : Separating Ways...Is it the end..??

It was one such morning when Jumbo and Stuart were playing on the beach making a sand castle.
"U know what Jumbo..One day I may'll be living in a castle like that." She said keepin her hand on his shoulder.

part 24 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

riddhima: armaan stop it stop being childish ohk???
tum sanjeevani chod ke ni ja skte

part 12 :My Happy Ending

Riddhima woke up smiling, her smile vanished in flick of a second as the reality drew upon her, she wasn't at her home, she wasn't around the person she loved the most.
"I'm where I deserve to be" she thought bitterly, getting out of bed.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

part 6 : Hangover

Next day


RIddhima ek short dress me shoot krwa rahi hoti hai... tabhi bahir se media andr ane lagta hai .... and uss sab mein riddhima ko armaan nazar ata hai .... armaan reaches her...

PART 2 :Agar Tum Saath Ho


Its been seven months that Riddhima had been living in Mumbai away from her parents... Shashank and Smriti used to visit her every two months and again this month they would be coming to meet as well as to attend Karan and Nandini wedding anniversary to which they are invited by the Mallik's...
Now Karan and Nandini is so used to see Riddhima in the house, they were thinking to bring her making her as a family member... They had been noticing Riddhima relation with Armaan, as well as she has make a good bonding with Rahul along with them...

part 14 :Rang badalti zindagi,

Next day!!
At armaan’s office