Saturday, 2 April 2016

part 8 : The Last walk

"Hey Muskaan" a girl comes
"Hey siyali" muskaan said
"Do u know whr rahul is...I wanna than him" siyali chirpped hin
"What..why.." muskan shockingly asks

part 29 :Shona and Shonu ki love story

And riddhima hold him more tightly kyun krte ho aisa??
Armaan: agar aise ni karta toh tum haan ni karti na islie aise kia
Riddhima: tum apni bilkul fikr ni karte ho

part 9: Hate story

riddhima's exam was over.she was relaxed for some days and thought to help papa to teach the children. she was so busy in her studies,forgot about the whole world but after exam she got that

Friday, 1 April 2016

part 5 : When Opposite Attracts

"Diiiiiiiiiii....muskiiiiii" Riddhima shouted just near their ears waking up them from sleep once again.

"Yar ridziiiii,sone de na.." Muskaan winching turn and get back to her beauty sleep next to her.

Nikki got up from the couch and came to Riddhima,"kya hua Riddhima.. Q pareshan ho..??"

Riddhima just shook her head. She was still not sure whether to be friend with Nikki or not. She still was thinking about Nikki having a soft corner for Armaan which is actually true but then she takes Armaan as her best friend and only best friend. Nothing much nothing less.

part 4: Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

"TUMMMMMMMMM......"both shouted together but then he started laughing looking at her horrified expression. She still manage to skip his some heartbeats with that beautiful expression,he thought.he knew she will give him that " TUMMMMMMMMM..."wala expression.

She was hell shock to see the airport guy again in front of her,that too at her phuphi's place.yes he was none other than the great Mr.Armaan Mallik.

All others were looking at them as they have never seen more interesting thing than this before. Riddhima turned to her father,Iqbal and said," abbu..hum isse jante hai..yeh ladka humara airport se picha kar raha hai..."as soon as she finished,Rahul and Muskaan for the first time in their whole life said something together, "WHAAAAATTTT....." And looked at each other in disbelief While Armaan was now smiling ear to ear and Dilshad, Farha and Iqbal were starring him as if he has done some crime...well,following a girl who is very new to the city,in fact the country too,is not less then a crime..that's what Riddhima is thinking????

part 24 : Meant to be

one week was passed. arman shilpa's life was going nicely. from morning to night ,they were in hospital and at night they spent time in their home with a lot nok -jhonk.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

part 11 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

Same day:
Scene 1

Khushi: sirf main jarahi hun Ridhima ya di nahi

part 28 :Shona and Shonu ki love story

Armaan hold riddhima s hand riddhima please mat jao na
Riddhima made armaan s grip loosen with her hand she put his hand on bed carefully

part 18 :Rang badalti zindagi,

at the farm house…
Raj was trying to rape anjali….

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

part 7 : The Last Walk

"U don't have feelings...right...she really loved him and u did what?? Made them break...U r such a inhuman creature..I have not seen a person soo far like u." A girl shouted on a person.
The person listening fists were closed. And when the dam broke he shouted as well "who r u to blame me wuth such allegations...I do flirt IK...I do had many girlfriends but that doesn't mean


At Sanjeevani

Old gang,new gang sab locker room me he

Old gang are waiting for armaan to manofying him ,new gang were talking about shilpa and Sid he is very upset with last night jo kuch hua usse he was very hurt but kisise kehta nahi he n besties abhi tak aae nahi he or na hi riddhima

New gang talks

Naina : shilpa bhabhi kitni sweet hena "all are listening her"

JP : sachme naina flower ji wo bohot pyari he or armaan bhaiya kitne khush dikh rahe the kal nayi

UV : hmm wo to he dr. armaan khush kyu nhi honge unki wife he hi itni cute kyu sid

Tab sid apni trance se bahar aata he n says

PART 2 : Serendipitous love

"Abhi theek ho jayega baby stop crying", Armaan made her understand but Riddhima just won't stop crying. "Uff... chot bhi itni badi nahi hai jitna hungama macha rahi ho!" But that instead made her cry even more.
"Par kitna khoon nikal raha hai..."
Nancy finished the dressing and smiled at her, "Baba theek keh rahe hai, dekho abhi maine dressing kar li na ab jaldi se theek ho jayegi chot aap ro nahi." Patting her head she left the room to get back to her chores while Armaan thanked her for the dressing. Armaan settled beside her and wiped her tears showing his dressing, "See it's all fine, now stop crying varna I will also start crying, should I?"
She quickly shook her head and apologized holding her ears.
Yes HE was hurt but SHE was crying want to know why; aage padho aage padho ;)
"Meri vajah se tumhe ye boo ho gaya aur itna shara khoon nikla, I am sorry."Armaan instantly removed her hands off her ears and cupped her cheeks; Nahi Miffy, it's not your fault. Aur ab bas rona band karo, chot mujhe lagi hai aur ro tum rahi ho ye kya baat hui? Tumhe bhi kahi lagi toh nahi?"

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

part 23 : Meant to be

NOTE--hi friends,i am continuing this ff with a great hope that you will like remaining parts like my other creations/writings..please do a comment how it is.thanks... punam

after spending the whole week in lonavala,arman and shilpa was on the way to back to home. shilpa had lost in those moments which she spent with arman. arman was noticing it from a long and smiling .after some time he uttered : "'paas me itna handsome husband baitah hua hai aur aap na jane kiske khyalon me khoyi hui hai."'

Part 1 :Serendipitous love (one shot)

A protein shake filled bottle ready by the table, his towel placed neatly folded next to the music system blazing through the room, windows wide open to welcome the fresh dawn air. Tiny drops of sweat trickling down his back and his hair, he was enjoying his early morning workout session when his ringing cell caught his attention. Turning the trade mill off he walked towards the bed and was happily surprised seeing the caller id.
"Good morning Dad... Aaj itni subah subah aapko meri yaad kaise aayi?"
"Good morning Ammy, bas jab chahu yaad karu meri marzi. I am really missing you buddy, but right now I need some help toh kya tum India aa jao as soon as you can."
"Dad I am anyways about to come back next week--"
"Armaan... there's a problem, tu bas vapas aa ja fir baat karte hai."
Armaan sensed the seriousness in his voice and quickly asked out of concern;
"Dad everything's fine? You sound tensed. Itni subah subah call kiya hai aapne, aap theek toh hai na, aur Mom---"
"Yes my boy calm down I am fine, aur Annie bhi bilkul theek hai don't worry. Par baat kuch aur hai, phone pe nahi bata paaunga toh tu bas vapas aa ja fir baat karte hai."
"Ok Dad main aaj ki flight se hi aa jaunga."
"Good, so then see you soon. Byee."

part 8: Hate story

Arman wondered seeing shonu here,his eye started search where his love was but sighed not getting her. After that day meet he couldn’t see her as riddhima was staying at home for preparing of exam. He knew riddhima didn’t want to see him,to talk to him,to feel him around her or to allow him in her life but he was helpless cause Love is blind, and a deaf-mute too.

Monday, 28 March 2016

PART 19 : ArSh ss "MAHE JAAN"

Sab apni shock state se bahar aate he or kisise suspense bardash nahi hota so they ask her

Rahul : shilpa

Uski awaz se shilpa apne khayalo se bahar aati he n uski taraf dekhti he

Rahul : shilpa ye sab kuch kya he I mean koi tumhe pareshan kar raha he

Ye sun kar sid ko bohot gussa aata he

Sid said while holding her from both the sholders n says

Sid : kya koi tujhe tang kar raha he shilpa bata mujhe "he was getting angry on the un none person jo uski sweet si behen ko tang kar raha he"

part 27 :Shona and Shonu ki love story

In the party inters got groovy on the dance floor
Except armaan and riddhima

Part6 : you are my dream

Ridhima was getting ready for karvachauth puja where else armaan was already move for his movie premier along with her some co stars..
"Aj shadi k bad mera pehla karwachauth hai jab mujhe mom ne bataya k pati k dil ka rasta uske pait guzrta hai to mene pehli bar kuch banaya tha aur armaan ne wo khake b meri insult ki itni ladu mei pali thi k kabhi kitchen mei qadam hi nahi rkha tha" she smiled with tears in her eyes nd remebered the day when prerna asked her to cooks something ..

Two days after their wedding..

"Ridhima beta aj tum kuch banalo tumhri rasoi ki rasam b is tarha puri hjaegi armaan ko badam ki kher bhot pasand hai to tum wo banalo".. Prerna asked affectintely to her..

Lekin ma me... Ridz said stammering..

Sunday, 27 March 2016

part 7 : hate story

Arman’s blushing changed into anger when raju uttered from back : “bhabhi ji,bhaiya ne aaj bath bhi nahi kiya,ek bucket water la dun kya? Wo bhi daal dena.”

Armn turned and took raju in front of riddhima holding his ears and said in a scolding voice : “sarey dant (teeth) tod dunga aur bakwas ki toh.”

part 4 : When Opposite Attracts

Recap :- Armaan decides to divorce Riddhima... Nikki's entry.. Riddhima getting jealous.. Armaan telling Nikki about his situation with Riddhima.. Gang gets to know about AR divorce.. Armaan announce about going to Singapore for a month.

Chapter 4

In Singapore, Armaan was sitting on his bed,in the hotel room,working on his last presentation.

He came here 2 weeks ago to the 21 world's conference of doctors. every day,almost 20 presentations are held,with the specialist's orientation.

Armaan was glad that he got the opportunity to mingle with all the world's best doctors and listening their experience. He got inspired with many and in mind was planning to step forward to his dream of becoming neurosurgeon.

part 17 : Rang badalti zindagi,

After two days….
Ridhima went to the office…. As she had to continue her life… she had to face the problems….
At the office….