Saturday, 16 April 2016

Intro & Part 1 : Dard ka Rishta

hi guys,its my new ff which i am posting  in dmg page with kash/AR and here with kajen/AR  hope,u will like it.thanks.

sashank gupta -- a famous businessman ,lives in mumbai with his ma -sohini gupta ,wife padma gupta and 23 years daughter dr. riddhima gupta and 14years son sahil gupta.

dr.padma gupta -- a very jolly nature woman who is a surgeon in sanjivani.

part 33 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

Armaan s birthday
Only riddhima remembered that
But nobody was aware of it
Atul: kya yar me pagal ho jaunga sanjeevani me

part 14 : Hate story

Riddhima was stopped to go BB court for some days as zarina di’s wedding was fixed with zakar bhai .she was excited so much and requested riddhima to go with her for shopping and all.riddhima too was very happy and agreed but sighed as not to meet with arman.she wished if arman was with them but he was missing from some days .riddhima wanted to ask zarina di but hesitated so one day she caught raju and asked where was arman.

Friday, 15 April 2016

part 13 : Hangover


Riddhima beth kr ro rahi hoti hai....

Riddhima: kyu hua ye sab mere sath..... akhir mere sath hi kyuunnn ... ma se pyar kiya wo chin gayi aur ab armaan bhi..... lekin ... mein ussee kabhi ye nhi pta lagne dungi.... ke mein usse pyar krti thi.... i am strong....I am Riddhima gup.... Riddhima Malik,, riddhima armaan malik....


Shilpa literally pounds over armaan n kissed him armaan disbalance from her sudden attach n landed flat on the bed...

Here inside Both armaan n shilpa busy in their love land exploring each other all over again

N out side sharad was cursing himself n his timing

Sharad : humari bhi kya timing he jab jab guru apne romance me busy hote he hum pahuch jate he guru ko to sharam nahi aati ulta hum sharminda ho jate he

Kuch der pehle jab arsh apne romance me busy the tab

part 15 : Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with raizada house..
Scene 1
* Anjali: khushi ji hum apko apne ghar waalon se mil waate hain aiye na...
* khushi: ji
*anjali: yeh hamari Nani hain

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Part 4 : Bin tere

Gupta mainson
It was early morning..but all the elders were awake..
Karan and Nandini were getting ready to go..

Karan : shashank ab hum chalte hain..
Shashank : abhi toh subah hui hai.. Baad m chale jana
Nandani : bhaisabh hum evening m ya kal aa jayenge abhi hume jane dijiye..
Shashank : ji thik h.. Lekin kal aajayiga... Koi bahana nhi sunuga mein..
Karan : theek h.. Nandani mein soch raha tha thode der baad chalte h..
Nandani : kyu..

part 28 : Meant to be

dr. sashank got ready for hospital and came to downstairs for having breakfast .like everyday,nani and padma was there with a sad face.sashank touched nani's feet and sat on the chair while asked : "riddhima kaisi hai ma?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

part 13 : hate story

When riddhima entered home saw that papa was sitting with a tensed face.seeing riddhima his face flushed and he uttered anxiously:”kahan reh gayi thi shona?kitni der kar di,meri toh jaan hi nikli ja rehi thi.”

prologue : Sirf Tum

Shukh Dhukh Jhute

She was standing between the girls. Wearing a yellow and peach colour lehnga

Dhan Bhi Jhuta

   Jhuthi Moh Maya

Turning around she moves her hand in air. Pulling her lehnga up a bit showing her golden anklet

Sacha Man Ka

part 8 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

Eid day

Iqbal with Rahul,Suvreen,Farha and Dilshad were sitting on sofa talking when Faisal came with 2 men who were well built and looking like goons.

Riddhima with Muskaan and Nikki came with trays of sheer khurma and Riddhima without seeing the men,walked and bumps with the man in black jacket and grey shirt. he turned and looked at her.

Faisal came forward,"tumhe dimag hai ya nahi Riddhima.. Yeh kya tarika hai mehmano ke sath pesh aane ka.."he shouted from the top of his lung.

"Are are,Faisal.. Shant ho jao..hota hai yaar.."," sorry bhaijaan.. Wo galti ho gai.."His voice a bit scared.

"Koi baat nahi Faisal..hota hai.." He smiled and his eyes were fixed in Riddhima. She felt embarrassed so she keeping the tray went in. all were looking at the person whom she bumped but he was still looking at the way she went in.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

part 14 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Same day
Scene 1
Nana: a hero kya kya hua hai aise muh kyun lat kaya hua hai
Armaan: array kuçh nahi Nana woh


Armaan caressed his mother's forehead who was in her deep sleep since hours and hours. She looked so pale; no movements no reactions. She just lay there with machines and wires attached to her body. Planting a kiss on her forehead he turned to find another face sitting on the other end in a not-so-comfortable position. His heart for a minute went out to her and she looked equally worn out as she slept; but soon memories flooded his conscious and emotions died. Getting off the bed he strode towards his room thinking about the recent changes. Entering his room as he sat down; shutting his eyes, relaxing his muscles but the wedding ring once again flashed in front of him and he lost his just gained relief in a snap.
He let the adamant piece of fabric away from his face to see that angelic face glowing with a shy smile putting every other beauty on earth to shame. She was an epitome of beauty, a perfect example of God's best creations.

part 32 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

Armaan hold her in him peacefully he found his solace bahut tang kia tumne mujhe
Kitne nakhre hai tumhare
Riddhima: oh acha toh kisi or se pyar kr lete mene toh ni kaha tha aao pyarkaro

Monday, 11 April 2016

Part 12 : hate story

When riddhima entered BB court saw that arman was roaming the whole court restlessly .as he saw riddhima coming, ran to her and caught her hand while asked eagerly : “kya hua riddhima? Kisine kuch kaha? Kuch problem hai?tell me please..”

part 13:Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

Episode starts with raizada house..
Same night
Scene 1

part 2 : Pyar me kabhi kabhi

Armaan entered Gupta Mansion after getting a call from Mr.Shashank Gupta..he was a little tensed for his loan..He saw Shashank sitting on the couch reading the newspaper
Armaan : hello sir
Shashank : aao armaan mein tumhara hi wait kar raha tha.. Aao mein tumhe apne guest se milwata hu..
Armaan : ji sir

Sunday, 10 April 2016

part 27 : Meant to be

but one day something happened which changed arman and shilpa's life completely. riddhima was taken in the hospital in unconscious state. she tried to suicide cutting her wrist. beside it she

Part 3 : Bin tere

Ron : hey man.. Nice entry
Atul : ha mere bhai tune kya entry mari h yr.. Ek dam mast..
Armaan : thnx champ..
Atul : bhai mein tere ko abhi dance dikhata hu.. Joh tune mujhe shikahi thi.. Grand entry wali..
Anjali : oh plss... Atul.. Tum fir shuru mat ho jao... Pichle baar tumne dance kiya tha.. Toh kitne log gir gaye the..

A Note

Hello guys.
I have no clue of the outcome of this post but it's high time I just speak up. I completely understand if most of u wish to unfriend me or never ever talk to me ever again after this piece of information, but I never intended to bluff anyone.

part 7 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar,


"Tu Chup kar..Riddhima ko saree pasand aaegi.." Muskaan taking the saree from Rahul fold it while Dilshad and Farha both were looking at them.

Armaan was making some call. he saw Muskaan putting something in the bag and he cutting the call came running to her asked"ye tu kya kar rh packet Riddhima ka hai."

Dilshad shook her head thinking in-bachho-ka-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta and smiled with Farha.

"Ha pata hai mujhe ki ye Riddhima ka pack hai.." She said snatching the packet from him but he again snatched it from her,"toh tu apni chizze isse dur rakh..isme bas Riddhima ki chize rahegi.."