Saturday, 23 April 2016

part 16 : Hate story

Riddhima and her friends were very happy coming goa.riddhima never went out of Mumbai so she was mesmerized to this beautiful place .first 2 days they were busy in seminar so riddhima didn’t get time to call arman .next day early morning she called him but got switch off. After breakfast her

part 15 : Hangover

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Two days later

Armaan: aaj tumhari reports arhi hain....

Friday, 22 April 2016

part 17 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with ridhima

Ridhima auto se uss jaga pohanchti hai han jiss jag ka uss larke ne address diya hota hai woh wahan jaati hai aur uski nazar ek body pe parti hai jo safaid kapre mein dhaki hoti hai

Boy: madam ap wohi hain jinse


Correcting his mood he walked downstairs neatly dressed in a coffee colour suit with a crisp white shirt beneath and to his surprise she wore an ivory coloured saree with a thin coffee coloured border completely complimenting with his attire! She turned around and a sweet smile adored her lips as she noticed his suit and saw him looking at her saree. She knew perfectly well what he was thinking and she thanked herself for choosing this saree over the blue saree that she was supposed to wear instead. The door bell rang breaking his trance and he quickly averted his gaze realizing he was staring at her all the while. The delegates had arrived and Armaan got busy with them. Everybody had definitely complimented Riddhima's culinary skills. Billy was happy seeing her smile while Tani stood by her side giving her some company as Armaan would definitely never do that.
Riddhima who was left all alone for a while as Tani was to attend a call; she saw Armaan and one of his client who he was about to sign the next contract with, standing right in front

Thursday, 21 April 2016

part 20 : I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

RECAP - In last part we saw
Raj n Ananya past revealed n raj slaps ananya in anger
AR got married n raj supports them
ridhima burst out on Armaan as her emotional turmoil was too much to handle for her n Atlast Armaan confessed his love for Ridhima

ab aagey

part 10 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

At Khan house, a guy came in to Nikki's room who was sitting in corner of the bed. He came to her dragging her up from bed and slapped her hard making her jerkingly fall on floor.
"Irfaan...??" Faisal entered and picked up Nikki and put his strong arms Around her,"tumahri himmat kaisi Hui humari biwi pe haath uthane ki.."
"Aur tumhari biwi ne kya kiya hai wo Jaan ke tum bhi yahi karoge Faisal.." He barked giving a piercing look to Nikki.
"Jo bhi kiya ho,tum bhool gaye ho ki ye biwi hai humari.."he make Nikki sat on bed who was hell shaken with the sudden outburst and was looking swollen.
" aur tumhari ishi biwi ne,tumhari behan aur firoz bhaijaan ki hone wali begum ko yaha se bhaga diya.."
Faisal looked at him and then at Nikki totally in shock and every possible consequences came in his mind.

part 30 : Meant to be

today shilpa''s leave so she didn't come hospital .muski was getting bored as her duty was finished .she tried to call shilpa but got not reachable .she was blabbering just then anjali entered in the locker room. she took her file in locker while muski uttered : "'anjali 1 min.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

part 15 : Hate story

Zarina di’s wedding ceremony was completed and she went hongkong with jiju.Riddhima was sitting sadly while sinking in past days which she had spent with zarina di.zarina di was not only her di,she

part 1 : Sirf Tum

He was standing outside the restaurant waiting for his old friends
" Hey Armaan ! kaisa hai tu ??" A girl came from behind Armaan and put her hands on his eyes
"Oye tu aa gayyi musibat "Armaan spoke to which she smacked in his shoulder "Aaaww... lagti hai yaar " he spoke while rubbing his shoulder and gave side hug to her to which she smiled
" Tujhe mai yaad hu "  she said while coming out from hug

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Intro & Part 2 : Dard ka Rishta,

ananya malik -- general manager in a reputed bank and a very good and caring mother,loves her sons so much but can't bear wrong things .

aryan malik -- elder son of ananya and late balvinder malik.he is doing senior residency in a famous hospital in Delhi. fair handsome and good looking, disciplined and hardworking ,loves his profession and famous in the hospital for his well manners.

part 16 : Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with raizada house

khushi: theek hai nani ji hum taiyar hain hum karenge arnav ji ke saath kaam
nani: chhote chhote yahan aiye

part 34 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

And all the interns came from behind and armaan was became conscious of the presence of all
All togerher said
Happpyyy bithday armaan
Muskaan said enthusiastically

Monday, 18 April 2016

Last part : AR FF - North South Ki Khatee Meethi Love Stories

"papa I Hate you. How could you just think so low"  Shilpa shouted

"aap chahte kyaa hai" Anjali asked

"Jaanna chahti ho...I want money. Badla lena chahta for which this padma sent me to jaik" Shashank shouted holding Padma's hair

"don't touch my mom" Anjali said pushing him and bringing Padma to her side

"lekin aapko Ridhima di ki zindagi barbaad karke kyaa milega"Shilpa asked him

"wo divorce legi toh usse paisa milega" Shanshank shouted

part 14 : Hangover

Next Day

Breakfast table

Riddhima subah subah phir se apne purane western clothes pehen kar niche aati hai...



She couldn't help but smile at the memory. They had surpassed a new level of their relation that night. But things had only gone haywire thereafter. Now that she recalled things; the past happy memories turned too pricky today as she realized it almost seemed impossible to have them back... ever again!
Her chain of thoughts broke harshly as an ever-enthusiastic Tanishka entered in with a prominent frown; "Hadh hai poora ghar dekh liya... ye Armaan hai kaha?"
"Tani... Armaan ghar pe nahi hai; unhe kisika phone aaya tha yoh vo bas abhi 5 minute pehle hi kisi kaam se nikal gaye."
Her reply surprised Tani a bit; as knowing their status it wasn't so that Riddhima had an idea of his whereabouts. But right now she did and that fact unknowingly brought a smile on Tani's face.
"Vo batakar gaya hai tumhe?"
But she instantly regretted her question seeing Riddhima's faltering smile turning into a sad smile.
"I wish!... unhe koi phone aaya tha na; main tabhi hall mein hi thi toh maine sun liya. Tum kyu pooch rahi thi? Kuch kaam tha unse?"

Sunday, 17 April 2016


 They thought shilpa to unse pehle nikali thi but uski car abhi bhi parking me he so they all return to samjeevani's gate n inform others n thought to wait for shilpa but shilpa andhi ki tarah aati he n toofan ki tarah chali jati he but no one miss the pool of tears in her eyes n get worried for her.

part 9 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

Recap- firoz ask for Riddhima's alliance for him, everyone get to know about Faisal is in underworld don's team,Nikki slapping Faisal, and helping AR to run away from home while all the Mallik reach to airport,AR meets Dua and spend quality time together giving their body to each other

Part 9

AR were sleeping peacefully when there was a hurried knock on door waking them all shattered.

"Ammyyyy..uth ammyyy.." Dua banged.

"Haa aaya.." Saying he hurriedly wore his shirt and pants and with eyes asked Riddhima too move in the bathroom and get Ready.

She hurriedly got up and wrapping the sheet around her body she ran in the bathroom with a constant blush on her cheeks.

part 29 : Meant to be

arman returned home at late night .he had a horrible headache so threw himself on the bed and closed his eyes. shilpa was in the kitchen,busy in making arman's favorite food. she sighed thinking that a few days before,when arman used to come late at night and shilpa was busy in cooking,arman complaint : "kya shona,patidev ghar aaye hain,thoda pyar vyar karogi ki nehi kitchen me baithi ho."'