Saturday, 30 April 2016

part 18: Hate story

Riddhima was very angry on her masa but that time she could do nothing to him and she knew if arman got to know about it he would punished him breaking his legs or by something worst but then masa would told papa everything and riddhima didn’t want to make her papa more angry .so she

part 2 : Amar

same night
(shilpa room mein bethi songs ki parctise karahi hoti hai gaa ke.. Ke ek dam se shilpa bahar kisi ka saya dekhti hai shilpa darte hue bahar jaati hai toh andhera hota hai poori haweli mein aur uss kamre se awaaze arahi hoti hai jiss kamre mein taala laga tha shilpa taale ki taraf dekhti hai toh woh bhi

Friday, 29 April 2016

part 17 : Hangover

A few days later


Doc: So riddhima... agar aap apni theek se care karein to you can stay at home and you can come for your therapies and stuff...

part 19 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

Episode starts with khushi
scene 1

ridz: han di bolo
khushi: hamein naukri mil gayi hai
ridz: thats great news di kahan kaise i mean

Thursday, 28 April 2016

part 1 : Amar

Episode starts with studio
(bili gusse mein idhar se udhar walk karaha hota hai)

part 12 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

Faisal was shifted from ICU to special ward by evening as his vital states were good.

Nikki sat next to him not looking towards him just helping him with things he want. He was busy staring at her but as their eyes met for some interaction, she unwillingly moved her eyes away from him.


"Jee ye lijijy apki medicine.." She cut him off and gave him meds but he made an attempt to sit and groan in pain.

"Kya kar rh hai..dard hoga apko.." She hepled him and was moving away but he held her hand making her sit next to him.

part 33: meant to be

shilpa's trance broke when train started running .she back in the present. at early morning when her sleep broke she thought a lot and decided to leave the house. she knew that there was no any

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

part 4 : Dard ka rishta

after that 2 days were like a dream for riddhima. ananya wished to go to their village and padma agreed happily. in village,ananya and padma's relatives were welcomed them warmly.where ananya and padma was busy to recollect their childhood ,aryan and riddhima started sharing their views about the life,about their dream,about their future and became friends.aryan didn't talk much only listened like

part 17 : Hate stroy

Riddhima’s sleep broke hearing arman’s calling and getting soft touch on her cheek.arman was trying to awoke her while calling and patting softly on her cheek .riddhima opened eyes and in a while she got scared remembering everything which happened last night .but then she removed her fear from

part 35 :Shona and Shonu ki love story

back in sanjeevani
all interns
nana: aee apple tu na abda shaitan hogya hai apne birthday pe mujhe ni bulaya haan
achaa hai acha hai
haan bulbul mili toh mujhe bhul gaya

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

part 32 : Meant to be

after 2 hours rahul and muski tired of calling friends and came to arman who was sitting like a defeated man. rahul saw that dr. kirti made him to take breakfast but arman was looking like a 60 years old man.tears were continuously making their way down his cheeks.he sat beside him and uttered holding his hand : "'arman,himmat mat haar,mill jayegi shilpa."'

part 16 : Hangover

please like the page..

Kumud's room

Armaan enters.

Armaan: tum theek ho?
Kumud: app ne riddhima se baat ki?

part 18 : Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

Episode starts with ar..

Armaan: i love you 2 ridhima

Monday, 25 April 2016

part 3 : Dard ka Rishta

riddhima woke up hearing dadi's bhajan. she smiled,folded her hands to god and moved down the bed and went for a shower. she remembered that today mumma's friend is coming so she had to help mumma to arrange all things and to clean the room. after freshened up,she wore a sky colour churidar and came down and inhaled the sweet fragrance which coming from kitchen.she peeped in the kitchen and saw that mumma was instructing kaki (maid) something. she came with tip toe and kept her hands on mumma's eyes from back.padma smiled and kissed her hands while uttered : "aa gayi meri riddhu...need puri ho gayi?"

Teaser : Amar

Armaan: array dad woh pagal phir kahi chali gayi aray dont worry main janta hun kahan hogi
Billy: what do you mean kahan hogi jab man karta hai iska studio se bhaag jaati hai pagal
Armaan: apki hi laadli hai
Bili: aur teri best friend

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Part 31 : Meant to be

rahul was busy in making dinner while muski was watching her favourite serial "sabdhan india."'. rahul heard her exciting voice from the drawing room..."'wow!maar de salon ko priya..chodna mat..darna mat tere sath punjab ki sherni hai.."'

part 11 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

Faisal was too numb to think or do anything. His eyes were fixed on the gun which Riddhima has pointed on her head.

His trance broke and his eyes wander around the room to meet up with Nikki who was standing looking at Riddhima too and then to Suvreen who was sitting next to nikki.

But She wasn't looking at Riddhima. Instead she was looking at him and again the same unknown and un-heard conversation passed between them.