Saturday, 7 May 2016

part 6 : Dard ka rishta

riddhima scared voice echoed in whole house
sashank ,ananya and sahil ran to her room where dadi ji started trembling with fear. when all reached in riddhima's room saw that she was standing while hiding her face in her palm and trembling with fear.sashank asked in a scared voice : "'kya hua beta? kya hua?""

part 20 : Hangover

Armaan recording sun kr phir se riddhima ko hug kr leta hai...

Armaan: tum ye recordign mujhe na bhi sunati to bhi mujhe tum pr pura yaqeen tha...

Friday, 6 May 2016

part 37 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

Soumya said armaan m so sorry but riddhima ne acha ni kia tumhare sath
Armaan; m sorry soumya but you are my friend then b limited like that only
I dont want anyone s interference. In my personal s life. Leave me alone he took his labcoat and went.

part 21 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

...Episode starts with armaan..
Scene 1

Armaan: mujhe keh rahi thi ke aafe ghante mein canteen mein milte hain jhooti kahenki..
Ridhima: arman im sorry arman main aa nahi payi woh actually..
Armaan: its ok
............and he ran towards................

Thursday, 5 May 2016

part 14 ( last part) : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

"Riddhima.." She heard him whispering and answered, "hmm"

"Bolo na.."

"Kya kahe??"

"Karogi mujhse nikaah??"..

" Haa "she answered softly.

He smiled and hugged her tightly and she did the same smiling.

6 months later

"Janab Rahul siddhaque, kya apko ye nikaah qubool hai??" Ask the Qazi

"Jee qubool hai..!!" He answers smiling.

part 19 : Hangover

Same day

Riddhima hall me ek side pr khari hoti hai... wo thora weak feel kr rhi hoti hai... Tabhi koi uska naam leta hai...

Voice.. riddhimaa...

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

part 35: Meant to be

arman was lying on the bed like a dead man. he was admitted in the hospital more than 15 days. doctors and his friends were very worried about him who didn't want to survive in this cruel world without his shona. when everyone had left him,the only one person was with him,she is shilpa,who always tried to give him mental support ,always encouraged him to move in his life. arman

part 19: Hate story

Arman didn’t know how long he stood there like dumbfounded. then suddenly he realized that something wrong happened in his absence .riddhima had tried to inform about it surely but couldn’t able as his phone got switched off and now the situation got worst. Somehow riddhima’s papa got to know about their relationship and now he wanted to keep away riddhima from him by marrying her with someone.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

part 5 : Dard ka rishta

one month was not so long for anyone as riddhima felt. but she was happy that her counting was ended and the day came when they were about to go delhi but all of a sudden dr.padma became very busy in some cases so shshank went delhi with dadi ,sahil and riddhima. sashank did not want to go delhi without padma.he argued : "'mujhe chod do padma,mai wahan jaker kya karunga batao? waise bhi tum nahi ja rahi ho toh mera wahan kya kaam?""

part 36 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

Riddhima: m kab se tumhe dhund rhi hun armaan
Or tum yha khade ho
Armaan: wo m sorry soumya ko kuch kam tha mujhse

part 3 : Sirf Tum

             "Toh ! kya kaha unhone" Ananya asked to Billy who looked at her in serious expression
"" Billy spoke nervously to which everyone was looking at him hopefully
"aree Dadji kya kaha uncle ne plz batao.." Aditi asked worriedly

part 20 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan,

Episode starts with khushi..
Scene 1

Khushi: dar hume nahi balke apko lagega woh bhi humse yeh hamara wada hai mr arnav singh raizada..

Monday, 2 May 2016

Part8 : AR SS- You are my dream

Part 8

Next morning,

Armaan booked tickets for trio to mumbai, he make an excuse to Prerna that he is going to  attend his meeting with a Production house nd he took megha along with him for outing nd as its a professional meeting so Atul must have to go.. Prerna nobbed nd  all left for mumbai.

PART 19 : U Make My Life Worth To Live Again

Siddhant who was badly beated, difficulty stood up hoping to explain Anjali whatever he said was not true... Everyone else wanted to know what Anjali has to say to Siddhant, he was having difficulty to stand proper thanks to Armaan... Siddhant open his mouth to speak but his words didn't come out from his mouth... Before that, there was *SLAP* sound and Siddhant was holding his cheek...

part 18 : Hangover

Two days later


Ananya riddhima and kumud ko saree deti hai....

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Part7 : AR SS- You are my dream

Part 7

Next day,,

Ridz woke up her eyes were swell due to constant crying.. She once gazed at armaan...

" kash jo kal rat humare bech hoa wo humare pyar ki waja se hota to mujhe khushi
hoti k tumne mujhe apna kiya but kal rat tumnen mera sirf use kia hai.. She sighed.

part 34 : Meant to be

train had stopped the station from 5 minutes because its last station had to reach. all passengers were moved down from the train and went for their destination but a girl was lied on the berth unconscious and an old lady was next to her berth,was shouting on a boy.

part 13 : Mera Pehla Pyaar Sarhad Ke Paar

After the surgery, the doctor came out and all rushed to him.

"Inke parents??" Doctor asked

"Jee mai Armaan ka bhai hu.." Rahul said. Doctor nobbed saying,"jee ap humare cabin me aaye,hume apko Kuch batana hai.."

"Jee.." Saying he walked with him and all waited for Rahul to come back.

Riddhima broke down completely and sat on floor crying not knowing what will happen to her Armaan. Nikki and Anjali held her and make her sit on chair.