Saturday, 14 May 2016

part 21 : Hangover

Next Day

Riddhima abhi bhi so rhi hoti hai and armaan tayyar hokr hospital ja rha hota hai...

Kumud: Armaan nashta to kr lo....

part 41 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

Riddhima was reading reports in general ward and she did nt notice armaan was coming from other side. She collided with armaan and she lost her balance she was about to fall. But armaan hold her
But riddhima first was looking in armaan s eyes then her eyes became moist and she said armaan chodo mujhe.

Friday, 13 May 2016

part 20 : Hate story

When riddhima got her sense back saw that she was lying on a bed .She tried to remember what was happened to her then suddenly recollected that she was getting married with sumit . barat came ,all went there and she was alone in the room,suddenly power went off and someone grabbed her keeping

part 23: Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with raizada house..
Scene 2
Nani: bechari khushi bitiya hamare kahene pe kitna kuch karahi hain..

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Part10 : AR SS- You are my dream

Part 10

Next morning,

Armaan was talking to megha n atul nd told them about everything happened last night.. How ridz confessed everything in front of him. How shattered she was nd how his heart wrenched seeing her in tears nd pain..



Riddhima was just done with her dinner and she was busy washing her hands when she sensed some presence around her. As she turned around she found Armaan standing by the door looking at her; "Riddhima... mujhe kuch baat karni thi tumse. Vo... umm... us raat, actually... maine thodi jyaada pee li thi aur----"
"Armaan agar aapko us raat ke baarein karni hai toh mujhe kuch nahi sunna Armaan. Vaise bhi bohot raat ho gayi hai aapko so jana chahiye."
"Maine jaan bujhke kuch na---"

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

part 37 : meant to be

when sid got to know that shocking truth that shilpa was not that girl,he jumped with excitement and thought to ran to arman and give this news but his mind said :'' ├Ągar shilpa jinda hai toh wo itne dino tak wapas kyon nehi aayi? sirf fight ki wajah se wo itne dino tak arman se alag hoker ji rehi hai aisa

Happy Birthday Dershu Shona (dershika 11th may)

hi friends,today is happy birthday of my lil sis dershika,a old member and a great writer she is.let's wish her...

happy birthday dershu shona,many many happy returns of the day. I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

part 40 :Shona and Shonu ki love story

Armaan after submitting reports to dr. Kirti he came in
Fire escape kya se kar dia tumne riddhima?? He hid his face in his palms
He cried like a small kid he was scared of loosing and so riddhima was the diff was armaan was showing this in anger form and riddhima was not able to show her insecutity

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Part 78 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -


Elders were moving here and there checking if everyone was comfortable around, girls and Muskaan cousins were dancing and some were applying mehendi on their hands... Muskaan was sitting on the stage with cushions around her while her hand was resting on pillows as it was spread to make the mehendi dry along with her feet... 


Armaan snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Riddhima's voice. She walked towards the swing talking on phone unaware of his presence as he stood to the other side of the tree. He had thought of leaving instantly but her words caught his attention;
"Haan Maa main theek hu, sab theek hai aap tension mat lo. Aur aap kyun humesha aisa kehti ho... I know Armaan thode ghussa hai mujhse par unki galti nahi hai. Vo bas apni Maa se pyaar karte hai aur isi liye sach samajh nahi paa rahe Maa. Aap bhi jaanti hai ki vo dil se kitne ache hai, bas haalat ki vajah se thode pareshaan hai."
Armaan stilled hearing her words.  It was just an hour ago he had insulted her in front of his entire group, muttered so cheap things that he himself didn't know why. Still she was saying she was fine. He had never bothered of what she told her mother, or whether she discussed her pain with anybody or not, but right now as she potrayed him as a good husband in front of her mother he was surprised. He wondered for a minute if she know he stood there and said all of it as a pretnce, but realized it couldn't be.

part 22 :Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

Episode starts with khushi..
Scene 1
khushi: hay devi maeeya yeh laad governor jan ke humse itna sara kam karwa raha hai hamara toh sar ghuma jaraha hai bhook bhi lag rahi hai aj toh channe bhi hamare paas nahi hain..

Monday, 9 May 2016

Part9 : AR SS- You are my dream

Part 9

Armaan entered in ridhima's room who is reading a novel while lying on bed..  As her gaze fells on armaan she put her novel aside ns stood up..

" tum yahn kya kar rhe ho mere room  mei "  she asked..

part 39 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

armaan: riddhima mujhe tumse baat karni hai
riddhima: haan bolo na
armaan: mujhe tumse kuch puchna hai

Sunday, 8 May 2016

part 36 : meant to be

when sid came in the room saw that riddhima was sobbing while staring at the alone road through the window. sid scared thought that what happened to her suddenly . he came running and asked softly dragging her in his arm: "kya hua jaan?

last part : Childhood Friends - Love Finds its Way

part 1 -15

They all were goin when AR lost their way while the others got the map. They were stuck.
"Armaan M feelin scared..hum akise jayenge"
"Min tension nhai...M here naa..."
"Armaan Ik u r here but u know naa tumhe chot lag gayi thi...U can't do much..hell we can't even walk on rocky paths..."
"Min..U still have nightmares due to the accident..."
she looked at him and nodded a bit...
"Why Min.."
"coz u r my bestfriend..I can't see u hurt ever"
"Min the truth "
"m sayin the truth only armaan"
"the truth ridhima" he drew her close
"u. "

part 38 : Shona and Shonu ki love story

Armaan: riddhima tum over react kar rhi ho such me
Riddhima: acha really??