Saturday, 2 July 2016

Part 1 :RIVALS


Muskaan entered in Ridzi's cabin with a file in her hand. Ridzi was working on her presentation. She looked at muskaan and smiled.

Ridzi: File mil gayi??
Muskaan: yess mam !!

Muskaan handed the file to Ridzi. She read it and smiled.

Ridzi: ab to ye contract hame hi milega qk Malik enterprises ko to milne se raha. Unki saari information ab hamare paas hai.

A girl entered in her cabin.

Girl: Mam !! aapse koi milne aaya hai.
Ridzi: Mujhse !! wo bhi is waqt!! theek hai bhejo !!
Girl: Ok mam!!

part 7 : alone

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears!! Was Sanjana saying That person!! killed her??!!
How can it be possible??!!
I looked at her in total disbelief whereas she stood there motionless.. I looked towards Nikki who was now possesed by Sanjana.. She looked at me with hurt eyes.. A tear trickled down my cheeks.. I don't know for whom this tear was for..

part 51: meant to be

all were stunned getting shilpa's survival news but more than all were happy getting her back. it was like a celebration to all . sid uttered giving her a side hug : "'thank god tu wapas aayi,i missed "'siddhu"' name from u.

Friday, 1 July 2016

prologue ;Rivals

Media was gathered in front of Malik enterprises and waiting for the breaking news about the ARMAAN MALIK. Few days back media got the news that Armaan Malik involve in few illegal works. But Police didn't have any proof but this morning they got to know that Police have found proofs against Armaan Malik and came Malik Enterprises to arrest him. Let's see what's happining inside. Armaan: but officer listen ye papers !! ye ... mujhey kuch nahi pata inke baare mein !! Officer: dikheye sir !! hum kuch nahi kar sakte ye papers saaf zahir kar rahe hain ke wo ghar aapke naam pe hai jahan se drugs supply ho rahi thi Armaan:nahi officer mujhey drugs ke baare mein kuch nahi pata!! Rahul: yes officer sir ko is baare mein kuch nahi pata!! Officer: dhekhiye wo hum kuch nahi jaante hame hamara kaam karne dijie please chaliye hamare sath. Officer was dragging armaan outside while Armaan and Rahul was trying to stop him when they came out media gathered around armaan asked questions about it. Reporter: so sir is this true that u r involve in supplying drugs?? Rahul: see please leave him alone aisa kuch nahi hai . Repoter : to kya aapne ye empire bhi dhoke aur illegal tareeqe se khara kya hai ??? Rahul: maine kaha na akela chor dijea inhey .

part 6 :Muhabbat ki kasautiyan


Armaan was sitting on the bed sneha came in his room with coffee armaan saw her and smiled sneha came there and sat beside him.

Armaan took the coffee mug.
Armaan:tumhey abhi tak yaad hai nahi mujhey laga ke.............
Sneha:mai bhool gayi haine mai ye kaise bhool sakti hun is ke bagair to hamara din khatam nahi hota.
Armaan:wo to hai.
Sneha:acha tum us waqt kiya keh rahe the?
Armaan:wo mai ye keh raha tha jis ke baare mai tum pata nahi kiya kiya bole ja rahi thi tumhey wo sab nahi bolna chahiye tha.
Sneha:arey par.............

part 13 : You are my dream

Ar nd Aa wedding rituals.. Masti dance.. Wedding night of couples.
Armaan sang a song for ridz at reception party

Part 13


3 days,later...

part 7 : pyar dosti hai

"good morning sir" said The interns as they saw Abhay standing near the nurse station

(Abr=Abhay Raichand)
Abr:Gd morning Interns
All except Armaan:Good Morning Dr. Abhay
Abr: Dr. Arman, lagta hai aaj Apka mood tik nahi hai
Ar:aisa kuch nahi hai sir..

Thursday, 30 June 2016

part 15 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Next day as they woke up, for time being they have forgotten about yesterday’s event and talks that took place with the other couples in the hotel. They woke up greeting each other. One went to freshen up mean while other one ordered of the breakfast in the room only.

part 11 : Sirf Tum

Auro ko to hardam
Saya deta hai...

"finally hum Fair me aa gaye.." she chirped looking at the surrounding of Fair which was very huge and crowded while Armaan chuckled at her excitement

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Chapter 1 : Thoda sa pyaar huya hai

“Accept something that you cannot change, and you’ll feel better”

1:30 AM, Sanjeevani Hospital, Mumbai

A guy entered the gate of the hospital and ran towards reception as soon as he can. His breath was uneven and an unknown fear gripping his heart while he asked nurse "Dr. Atul..".

Nurse just nodded her head and showed him the direction as she was expecting him to be here any minute. The guy was just being restless and sweating badly hoping for the worst. For him, today should have been the happiest day of his life but a phone call shattered his all hopes and happiness.

He was devastated at the moment as he came to know that his Riddhima has met with an accident. His entire world came down in a moment. For him, this shouldn’t be happening; this day should have been marked as a new beginning of their life. It wasn’t going the way he planned. This time of his life should be the time of some confessions and apologies leading to a new start of their life.

But, destiny does not even owe him this much. His Riddhima, his only love, was going away from him and he can't do anything. As soon he reached outside the ICU, Atul made his way to him and brings him back from his thoughts.

part 50 : meant to be

as soon shilpa reached the hospital,ran inside but saniya and joseph was standing near the gate.seeing saniya shilpa screamed : "saniya,princess kahan hai? kaisi hai? tu yahan kyon khadi hai?

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

part 6 : Alone

Armaan came out from his shocked state and said:" Atul... Rahul... Sid.. Ye jo kuch bhi horaha hai.. Its all because of SANJANA.. SANJANA's spirit is doing all these.. "
Armaan said everything in a single go.. All stood rooted on the spot hearing what Armaan said.. The girls, who just returned with Riddhima due to her insistence, we're also shocked...

part 6: Pyar dosti hai


Ra:I can't believe this is really happening
Mus:abbe oye, dikhta nahi hai kya.. Kab se bole ja rahe ho.. CAN'T BELIEVE CAN'T BELIEVE
Ra:mene tumse kuch kaha tha kya.. Bandariya..
Mus:tumne mujhe Bandariya kaha.. Khankajure..
Ra:abbe..thumne Khankajure kisko kaha be

Monday, 27 June 2016

part 19 : Life style

*___Episode starts with riddhima____
(riddhima room mein enter hoti hai saamne armaan aur piya ek dusre ko kiss karahe hote hain)
armaan: I love u jaan

part 5: Muhabbat ki kasautiyan

Nani:kal nai abi .....abhi ja ke deke aao.


Sneha was applying ointement on rahul's wound.

Rahul:Ooch! aaram se karo dard ho raha hai.
Sneha:ok mai aaram se karti hun....ek baat pocho?
Sneha:wo larki kon thi?
Rahul:kon larki?
Sneha:wo muskaan.
Sneha:chahe jo bhi ho uski himmat dekho kaise mar rahi thi aapko
Rahul:han par.................
Sneha:aur aap us se bare maze pit rahe the jaise mar nahi khana khila rahi ho.
Rahul:sneha tum use galat samaj rahi ho.
Sneha:mai koi galat nahi samaj rahi hun maine sab apni aankhon se dekha hai aur aap us ki side q le rahe hain?
Sneha:qk kiya?

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Part 7 : Teri meri Yeh Love Story

part 1 -6

A Miracle

At first I thought we would just be friends.
A little did we know, our friendship would bend
to a love that's so big for the world to see
that you and I are meant to be?

Sun or snow, rain or shine
forever, forever you will be mine
Mine for me, mine to be
Mine for all eternity.
"No nothing is same between us...last month...It was the most awesome time I had in my life...but I guess that was it..I just can't be a friend to you anymore...! I am sorry..! And...And Congratulations...You and Shanaya..both look good together.." And with that she moved away and got busy with some guests from Siddhant's side.

Prologue : Thoda sa pyaar huya hai

AR FF ...Thoda sa.. Pyaar Huya hai...

(Especially for my punam di...ab toh maaf krdo di plsss..:(  )


It was about late in the night, She was standing in the middle of the road all alone. Everything seems to be dark around while rain was pouring down heavily on her. All she can do was stand still letting the water pour on her getting her fully drench..drench to the core.  Letting the water drops soak each and every ounce of pain she is suffering through... Letting the cold water to calm her nerves and the little shattered heart..which wants to burst out showing the world that how it feels when a broken heart cries.

It was all same when she felt a touch on her cheek. It was the same touch..same touch of the man she loved...same touch of the man whom she have dreamt all her life... Same touch of the man who is the reason of her pain...same man who is the reason of her broken heart...

part 14 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

 Note - in the part there is much needed stuff about being a man woman. its not to offend any of the male but it was in general what girls fear of hearing wedding talks going for her. don’t read further if you feel offended but it was needed thing to talk or mention about.


places armaan ridhima will be visiting in 'HAWAII' mentioned with name and photos