Saturday, 9 July 2016

part 20 B : Life style


garewal house
(riddhima armaan piya ke saath party mein enter hote hain armaan hamesha ki tarah apne black and white suit pahena hota hai with black coat riddhima rahul hug karte hain aur phir rahul peeche hoke kaheta hai)

part 9 : Pyar dosti hai

Next day
Abr:Interns I would like ur attention please..
All:Yes sir
Abr: Dr. Armaan and riddhima - OPD
Dr. Abhimanyu and Nikita- ICU
Dr. Atul and Dr. Muskaan - PATHLAB
Dr. Rahul and Dr. Anjali - GENERAL WARD
Dr. Piya, u will assist me today

Friday, 8 July 2016

part 30 : Hangover

Rahul-Muskaan Sangeet

Riddhima tayyar hokr phoolon ki tokri lekr ja rhi hoti hai ke tabhi wo armaan se takra jati hai .... and dono niche gir jate hain... With riddhima on top of armaan...

part 28: Hate story

when mrs. sethi got sense saw that she was lying on a bed while her hands and legs were tied with rope and mouth was shut with a tape.she shievered not to see her beloved daughter sanju there.her eyes started flowing uncontrollbely thinking that surely mr.maliya caught them and she couldn’t save

Thursday, 7 July 2016

part 7 : Muhabbat ki kasautiyan

Armaan turned around and shocked... sneha was standing there with hurt face suddenly she smiled came towards him made him sit on the bed and sat beside him.

Sneha:kiya hua??
Armaan:wo.........ab yahan........
Sneha:a rahe hain haina.

Armaan nodded his head.

Sneha:to is mai preshaan hone wali konsi baat hai.
Armaan:par wo................
Sneha:armaan maine sachai ko accept kar liya hai ab mujhey koi farq nahi parta aur tum hi to kehte hona zindagi ek dish hai jis mai sukh dukh har cheez ka hona zaroori hai warna ye dish achi nahi banti hame to khush hona chahiyena meri dish achi ban rahi hai.

Armaan and sneha smiled.

part 6 : Rivals

CHAPTER 6 - DECISION NEXT DAY Armaan was ignoring ridzi. His behaviour was same like before but this time ridzi was getting effected. She was feeling guilty. She had tried many times to say sorry but armaan didnt listen her. On the other hand Muskaan was waiting impatiently and pacing in front of Armaan's house. She sighed when she looked at him. Muskaan: shukar hai tum aaye!! Person: aana to tha hi!! Muskaan: kya tumhey ab bhi lagta hai ke hame unhey sab bata dena chahiye ?? Person: han !! Yehi sahi waqt hai. Muskaan: mujhey bohat dar lag raha hai. Person came towards her and held her hand. Person: sab sahi hoga!! Fikar nahi karo.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

part 5: Rivals


Chapter 5- She is missing !!!

Zainab came home and told hafsa about her day out excitedly. Hafsa smiled. She went to her room and looked at her mobile. She switched it on and found 25 missed calls. She immediately called on that number.

Voice: kahin thi tum ?? Meri call q ...
Zainab: wait !!! Mai ammy ke sath thi !!
Voice: ammy !!! Tumne kabse usey ammi kehna shoro kar diya ??
Zainab: jabse unhone kaha ke mai unhey ammy bulaon !!! ..
Voice: strange!! Wo kabhi kisi se itna jaldi free nahi hota !!!
Zainab: mai sabke dil mein jaga bana hi leti hun !! BTW kuch pata chala ??
Voice: nahi meri abhi us se baat nahi hui !!!
Zainab: theek hai phir jaldi pata karo phir hum unhey .....

part 29 : Hangover

Armaan behosh hokr niche gir jata hai. Riddhima bhagti hui uske paas ati hai..

Riddhima: Armaan... armaan tum theek ho... armaan..

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Chapter 2 : Thoda sa pyaar huya hai

Do you remember? Do you remember the endless nights, The endless nights spent talking, Talking about the past, Talking about the future, So badly we wanted our dreams, Our dreams to come to life, How we didn't want to lose, Lose each other, When my worst nightmare came true, When I lost you, I was lost, lost forever, In an endless sea of shadows, That now shall forever hide my soul, My soul from the world. Everyone in hospital were quite tensed thinking about Riddhima’s condition. No one knew why this happened on such a day where everybody was so happy and were celebrating Armaan and Riddhima’s 1st marriage anniversary.

part 4 : Rivals


Armaan: maine aaj yahan aap logo ko ek khas maqsad ke liye bulaya hai. Mujhey ek announcement karni hai ....

He looked at her and smiled. She was confused. Why was he so happy ?? Dimag satyagaya hai kya gham mein , she thought.

Armaan: infact mujhey aap ko kisi se milwana hai.
Reporter: kis se ??
Armaan: mujhey aap logo ko apni WIFE se milwana hai !!

Ridzi was hell confused. Now what about this WIFE. He was not supposed to announce this.

Reporter: Wife !!!! Kahan hai wo !!
Other one: aapne shaadi kab ki aur ye baat humse chupayi q ??
Armaan: relax !! Aap logo ke har ek sawal ka jawab milega. Meri wife yahin hai aap logo ke beech. Hamari shaadi yehi bas ek din pehle hui. Agar baat chupani hoti to yahan announce nahi kar raha hota.
Reporter: kon hai aapki wife !!
Armaan: wait mai abhi bulata hun.

part 8 : Pyar dosti hai u r the new Intern
Pi:y..yes sir
Abr:hmm..u can join the others after this please leave from my cabin
All were shocked to her Abhays response to Piya..they instantly guessed that there is something between them..
Abr:Interns,now you may get back to work.

Monday, 4 July 2016

part 28 : Hangover

Riddhima nashe me hi hoti hai...

Riddhima: mein itni nafrat krti hun tumse to phir tum ye sab kyun kr rhe ho...
Armaan caressing her face: riddhima kyun kr rhi ho ye sb tum... mene tumhari ankhon me khud ke liey pyaar dekha hai...

part 16 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat


Following day they stepped out to explore around. Going through road they end up in a Curious Corner house. Buying their entrance for the house they moved in to experience the real illusion of all time. Curious Corner house is the package of illusions that one can experience with his open eyes making their mind felt the curiosity to know how it happens. Trying to gather all the knowledge to get their answer seems to fail for that moment.

part 3 : Rivals


Ridzi: Mr.Malik aapko is baat ka andaza bhi nahi hai ke kahan phase hain aap !! Aur rahi baat celebration ki to ye haar ka nahi jeet ka celebration hai !!

She smiled.

Hafsa: matlab ???
Ridzi: kuch nahi !! BTW zaini kahan reh gayi ??
Hafsa: mai bhi yehi soch rahi thi mai dekh ke aati hun.

On the other hand Zaini was pacing in washroom waiting for someone.

Zainab: ye phirse late !!! Marwa na de ye !! Ya Allah bacha lena agar ridzi ya aapii ne dekh liya to mai to gayi. !!

Someone entered in washroom. Zainab looked at the person and gave him an angry look.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

part 20 A : Life style

______Episode starts with armaan_____
(armaan tayar hoke perfume lagane lagta hai ke riddhima aati hai)

Part 2 :Rivals

Chapter 2 - FAMILY

Armaan entered in his house and practically threw himself on the couch , closing his eyes , relaxing. He felt someone's presence. He opened his eyes and found soumya with a glass of water , smiling. He took it and mumbled a thanks. She sat on the couch facing him.

Soumya: aisa kya kaam kiya jo itna thak gaye ??
Armaan: Riddhima gupta ko harana itna bhi asaan nahi !!

She rolled her eyes.

Soumya: ek Miss gupta aur unke Mr. Malik !! Tum dono ko ek dosre ke ilawa kuch sojta hai jab dekho ek dosre ke peeche pare rehte ho.
Armaan: tumhey us se kya farq parta hai ?? Ah !! Dont tell me you feel jealous !!
Soumya: shut up ammyy !!

Armaan grinned.

Armaan: maine galat kaha kya ??
Soumya: tum kuch sahi kehte kab ho ??
Armaan: jab tum jaisi galat cheez aas paas nahi hoti !!

part 52 : meant to be

they were looking at each other. their lips were trembling to call each other name ,to talk to each other ,to express their feelings but they had lost words.this time ,when they had to say a lot