Saturday, 23 July 2016

part 1 : life Partner (ss)

Episode starts with axcel collage
(ek car collage ke bahar aake rukti hai sab ki nazar ussi pe hoti hai and then uss mein se armaan utarta hai aur apne sun glasses utarleta hai aur smile karta hua kaheta hai)

Part 13:My Love, My Life - AR FF

Part 13

They all had their supper nd headed to their rooms hell tiered yet ready to romance..lolz..
RM's room..
Rahul was in a good mood to romance.. Seeing his brother romancing all the time to his WIFE, he wanted the same so he entered the room with some Red Wine nd muskaan's favourite Purple Malasiyan Lilies..

Friday, 22 July 2016

Part 79 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -



Boys were waiting for their respective partners in mandap as Rahul sit waiting for his bride... Chadda's were moving here and there attending the guest as well serving them not letting anyone complain about the arrangement... Mandap was decorated with differences color of flowers, white and gold curtains... Spots lights were on the mandap in such way that it show the beauty of the place...

part 21 A : Life style

____Episode starts with Riddhima____
next day
(riddhima kitchen mein khana bana rahi hoti hai laptop mein songs laga ke aur saath hi saath dance bhi karahi hoti hai ke armaan aajata hai riddhima usse dekh ke ruk jaati hai armaan irritate hoke usse dekhne lagta hai aur glass mein pani nikal ke usko deta hai riddhima use confuse look deti hai)

Epilogue : Pyar dosti hai

A man is standing near the balcony..he is of his early 30s..suddenly a woman of almost the same age came and stood near him

Guy:kitna kuch badal gaya paanch saalon me sab hoga..mene kabhi socha bhi nahi tha..

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Part 1 : Will Love You, Till My Last Heartbeat An AR TS

Beach was packed up at the time of evening, it was weekend and families where here to spend a day with their love ones... Guy was sitting under a big tree while his eyes were focus on two figure near the water as they splash water on each other and laughing out without any tension...

part 34 : Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

**Episode starts with ridhima*******************
same night

part 34 : Hate story

they were on the way of delhi as arman decided to catch flight from there,he didn't want to go mumbai as riddhima had a horrible past there.arman was driving the car while shonu was sitting beside him and riddhima was on the back seat. arman was staring her through the mirror while

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

siggies by anshu

Part 12:My Love, My Life - AR FF

part 1 -11

Whole night Anjie tried to sleep but in vain.. All her father's nd her accusation were ringing in her ear.. how they blamed Armaan for destroying their family nd Ridhhima for betraying their trust.. she kept tossing nd turning for an hour or so but then she decided to read more of it.. she quickly grabbed the diary again from under her pillow nd sat on the bed resting her back on the bed rest.. She flipped pages aimlessly nd found the page saying "WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT..?" It caught her eyes nd she started reading:

part 55 : meant to be

Arman shilpa was back in Mumbai with riddhu .when their flight landed in the Mumbai airport shilpa felt that she got her life back. This is the place whom she loved so much cause it gave her love and life ,her arman to her. She had tears in her eyes which she wiped softly.but nothing hide from arman’s eyes. He uttered giving her a side hug :'' shona ,tumhari ankhon me ansoo mujhe kabhi achche nehi lagte.”

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

siggies on DMG

part 12:pyar dosti hai

After 10 minutes they reached the spot..

Nik:I dnt want her in a state of a girl..i think u knw wht i mean?? Hena sid
Sid:par Nikki,why r u doing this to her?
Nik:Mr.Siddhant,its ur wife Tammanna's Operation right?? If u want the money wch i offered wch is 40 lakhs ,just do wht i just said.

part 33 : Hate story

arman took in her room while dragging her and made her sit on the bed and said with an angry tone : "chupchap so jao aur kabhi aisi harkatein karne ki sochna bhi mat."' and left the room with banging the door leaving riddhima in a dumbfounded state. riddhima sat on the bed in this state for some time then got her sense back and started sobbing while hiding her face into her palm.arman's words were

Monday, 18 July 2016

part 54: Meant to be

shilpa and arman got to know that sukanya and mayank were college friends. mayank was senior of sukanya.after completining mbbs ,sukanya went mumbai for completing internship and PG there

last part : ~ OS on ArSh - Rango Me Hai Pyaar Ki Holi... ~

"yaar tu use rokega kaise...soch soch kuch Armaan" he muttered to himself while roaming here and there in elevator "tu use kahega b kaise uske saamne aate hi bolti band jo ho jaati hai teri" he scolded himself "aise kaise tu Dr. Love ban gaya Sanjeevani ka...ek kaam kar chal practice karte hai" he

Sunday, 17 July 2016

part 32: Hate story

riddhima was standing near the window while staring at the alone road. 6 months had passed after mr.maliya's death.after that incident riddhima stayed in mumbai only for 1 month then she was taken in dehradun .she was taken she was ordered to leave that place with shonu. shanta told riddhima

part 33: Ishq leta hai kaise imtehan

Episode starts with armaan***************
armaan: sir
shashank: main tumhe haath nahi balke poori ridhima dunga