Saturday, 13 August 2016


A day passed with blink of an eyes...
Armaan n rahul had a tiring day as they had a farewell party their entire group was
getting splited.. Some were planning for post graduation in different cities of India an
abroad and other were going for jobs in different cities..

Chapter 4 : My Soulmate My wife

Ved : ohh! My god !! Ridhima you grown up a lot.. be
honest I didn’t recognize are you ?
Ridhima : main thik hun , bhaiya [ I’m fine]

Friday, 12 August 2016

part 5 : Life Partner

Episode starts with shilpa__________
(shilpa aur karan canteen mein bethe hote hain shilpa notes parh rahi hoti hai aur karan usko parhta dekh muskura raha hota hai shilpa ki nazar karan pe parhti hai)
shilpa: kya dekh rahe ho

part 59 : meant to be

at evening dmg gang came their home with a bang.they are abhi-nikki,rahul -muskan ,anjali -atul and sid riddhima. they took tamanna and rohan too with them,shilpa and arman welcomed them warmly but friends noticed arman's sulking face .rahul whispered to muski :''ab isey kya hua?

Thursday, 11 August 2016

part 25 : Life style

* ____Episode starts with riddhima____
(riddhima ki aankhon mein aansuh aajate hain aur woh abhi bhi shocked khari hoti hai aur armaan ko dekh rahi hoti hai)
armaan: ridhima

part 40 : Hate story (last part)

AR's marriage

riddhima was getting ready .she was in zarina di's house as di wished for it.she said to arman that she wanted to do "kanya daan"' .raju,shanta with her family and even mrs.sethi came with her daughter. shanta was making riddhima ready .she was very happy seeing that riddhima was back in normal life. riddhima was losing somehere while staring at her

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

part 7 : Dard ka rishta

part 1-6


next day riddhima's sleep broke by someone's wet touch. she opened her eyes lazily and looked who was it but in a while her scared voice again echoed in the whole house. and its reason was not artificial something,it was in real and it was Breezer,who was licking riddhima's hand while sitting beside her. riddhima sprang on her bed,moved down and ran to out of the room but bumped on

Chapter 3 : My Soulmate My wife

After hearing Ananya’s threat they don’t show any courage to ask what has Armaan said to her or why she’s fulfilling his
unethical demand.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

part 4 : Life partner

Episode starts with ridhima_____________
(ridhima bahar aati hai toh uss pe red roses girte hain woh yeh dekh ke confuse hojati hai woh samne dekhti hai toh poora bahar se collage flowers se decorate hota hai aur flowers se heart banaya hota hai jiss pe im sorry likha hota hai ridhima ki eyes moist hojati hai armaan kaan pakar ke khara hota hai aur poora collage inhe dekh raha Hota hai ridhima armaan ki taraf barhti hai muskurati hui par uski aankhon mein aansuh abhi bhi hote hain)

part 58 : meant to be

next day was sunday so aman came in arman's house at morning. riddhu was very happy to see as she was getting bored there. shilpa was busy in cleaning home and preparing dishes as their friends were about to come at evening and arman was busy in helping her ,sorry..actually not helping ,he was busy in disturbing her. sometimes shilpa was scolding arman,sometimes trying to make understand him with a sugercoat voice but arman was adamant like a naughty boy.

Monday, 8 August 2016

part 24: Life style

part 24
* _____Episode starts with riddhima_____
same day

Chapter 2 : My Soulmate My wife

Billi[ angry tone] : Armaan mind your language.. don’t forget ,she is your wife ..& your house means her also.. she
should be here at wedding time.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Part 1 : KhamOshiyaan


Sia: God  You WiLL Be The Death Of Me...
Armaan: Aahaa.....

part 14 :Muhabbat ki kasautiyan

Sneha:Atul ye tumne kya kiya tumne armaan ko band kar dia wo bhi ridzi ke sath tum jaante hona unki kabhi nahi bani.
Atul:han but armaan aisi halat mai thori na lare ga us se.
Sneha:wo kisi bhi halat mai ho wo ridzi ko bardasht nahi karta....sab meri galti hai mujhey un dono ko akela chora hi nahi chahiye tha ab tak to pura hospital sar pe utha liya hoga.
Atul:ab kiya karen???
Sneha:tumhari paas chabi to hogi na??

He checked his pocket and looked at sneha.

Sneha:kiya hua???
Atul:chabi nahi hai lagta hai raaste mai gir gayi.
Sneha:Oh no!!

part 39 : Hate story

( AR part)
they were standing there while hugging each other.suddenly riddhima ditatched herself and went away from him while looking at the door. arman asked surprisingly : "kya hua?""