Saturday, 20 August 2016

part 26 A : Life style

Episode starts with riddhima____
Next day

Chapter 6 : My Soulmate My wife

When Ridhima came back Kapoor house.. she
own-self realized in whole day for once
she didn’t remember about her past or

Friday, 19 August 2016

Part 20 :My Love, My Life - AR FF

Part 20
Everyone reached near their cars.. to head towards the orphanage.. all of them were quiet.. "Armaan.. vo.. atul.." muski mumbled as they saw Atul drove his with car Anjie nd Steve without even looking at anyone.. "Don't worry.. he'll be fine.. main baat karunga usse.." Armaan said with a heavy heart nd all of them reached the Orphanage in a while..

part 9 : Dard ka rishta

the bhoot started laughing horribly while uttered in his horrible voice : "'mai aaj tumhe kha jaunga dr. gilhari..hahhahhaha.""

riddhima ,who was hiding her face in her palm because of fear,jerked hearing gilhari and removed her palm and yelled in anger : "'you!arman!mai tumhe nahi chodungi...i will kill you...

arman laughed and ran from there saying : "'bhoot ko kaise marogi gilhari..wo toh pahle se hi mar chuka hai..hahahhaha

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Part 19:My Love, My Life - AR FF


All this while Shashank observed how Armaan nd Ridhhima behaved with Arav.. how they teach him whenever he is wrong.. how they adore him nd he giggles.. when the realisation dawned him of what he has lost by scolding Arav, though unknowingly but he did.. he has lost his grandson who till now

part 61: meant to be

When shilpa back to home with riddhu and mayank got that arman was lied on the bed closing eyes. She came to him and called him in a low tone but he was seemed that in deep slumber so she thought that he was tired because of journey and switched off the light of the room and instructed riddhu not to disturb her papa.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

part 7 : Life Partner

_Episode starts with collage_________

Chapter 5 : My Soulmate My wife

Nidhi : [ Armaan.. it’s you who kept condition ..not me –but didn’t tell it]..Okay.. come soon..i’m waiting..[ she’s
happy..after long time her Armaan is coming..]

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Part 2 :Shikayat 2 - An AR SS -

Sun rays peep inside the room announcing starting of another day, Armaan and Riddhima was sleeping peacefully in each other arms not being aware of the time... While Armaan was sleeping side way with his one hand resting on Riddhima bare waist, Riddhima head was resting on his arm as her

Part 18:My Love, My Life - AR FF

Part 18
Armaan entered the locker room to change as he was drenched completely.. just as he was about to dry his head he found a tug at his towel.. looking back he found Ridhhima standing there with

part 8 : dard ka rishta

riddhima's eyes stretched reading the notice on the door..."girls under 25 are not allowed in arman's room.""

she greeted teeth and yelled from outside : "'sahil!!jaldi bahar aa...

but no one answered or came out so she kept her ears on the door to hear what is going on inside and heard a loud music was playing.she started banging the door and in a while door opened slightly and breezer peeped with his vow he was asking : "who the hell u...

Monday, 15 August 2016

Part 10 :No love for me


We see a guy entering sanjeevni in his branded car..
As he moved out from car all eyes are set on him
Some of the girls n nurses are blisshing...
The guy enters hospital
We are shown his blue eyes n smirk on his face..

Nurse station
Rahul muskaan anjali n atul reach nurse station just to see that guy has reached there already N a lady is there with anger clearly visible on her face
As AA and  RM enter
L- drs. App pure 5 min late hai?? Apko koi sense of responsibility hai ya nhi?

part 60 : Meant to be

2 months passed.arman was now completely recovered. They joined in sanjivani a few days back.shilpa was very happy joining again her favorite place. Riddhu started to go in school with aman in same stndered and she became very famous between students and teachers in this short time.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Part 2 B :Will Love You, Till My Last Heartbeat An AR TS

On the other side, Armaan was hoping that Riddhima would get melt seeing those flowers and pizza but he was so wrong as the next moment he was welcome by the bouquet which he has given to her... First she just shut the door on his face without giving a chance him to say anything and now she hit

part 6 : Life Partner


_Episode starts with collage__________
next day
(shilpa aur karan class ke dauran ek dusre se baat nahi karparahe hote hain karan jab bhi baat karna chahata hota hai shilpa koi aur bahana kardeti hai aur uss baat ka ab tak jawab nahi deti armaan ridhima larh rahe hote hain)

Epilogue : Hate Story

after 5 years

riddhima was sleeping peacefully while losing in dream ,suddenly she felt a sweet honey voice near her ears : "'shona..good morning my darling wify,uthna hai ki nehi?""

but riddhima turned other side and uttered putting pillow on her face : "'sone do na arman,meri need puri nehi hui .""

arman uttered kissing her cheek : "'raat bhar aap kar kya rahe they meri begum jo need puri nehi hui?