Saturday, 24 September 2016

part 21 : Dard ka rishta

riddhima was now recovering fast but she refused to meet anyone only allowed anjali as she told that she is a junior doctor in this hospital .
arman : "dr. atul.riddhima aisa kyon kar rahi hai?

Epilogue :My Love, My Life - AR FF

EPILOGUE / AR SPECIAL.. (whatever you guys take it to be)

It has been 4months since Atul nd Anjali's marriage.. Even Nikki nd Abhi were married just a month after that.. Nikki nd Abhi also stay in london.. whenever Abhi has to go for any business trips Nikki stays with malliks or sometimes accompanies him too..

Friday, 23 September 2016

part 1 : Raaz --Ek Anokhi Kahaani

Part 1
"This is an Unusual love un told love story...

400 years ago

chapter 13 : My soulmate my wife

Billi : Ridhima, Ridhima beta… he called
her loudly.. did you hear me ?
[ Ridhima came back in present]
Ri : Ji, JI uncle….. I’ll start working

Thursday, 22 September 2016

part 20 : dard ka rishta

annaya nodded in na and uttered : "'wo..wo...mai ab kya karun?mai us bachchi ko kya khaungi...."'saying it she broke into tears again.

arman looked around helplessly and yelled : ''kya koi mujhe batayega kya chal raha hai? kya hua hai aur kise? damn it!"saying he picked the vase from the table and threw it on the window.
anjali came in front and said : "'shant ho jao arman,yeh letter padho toh sab samajh aa jayega.""

arman gave her a weird look and took the letter from her hand and in a while he understood it's from aryan as he knew his handwriting. he started reading...

Part 29 :My Love, My Life - AR FF (last part)


Part 29

"Papa.. kya baat hai.. aapko mujhse aur Armaan se kya baat karni hai..? you look serious.." Ridhhima said looking at Mr.Mallik's face nd then at Armaan.. while Padma nd Shashank who were sitting there with Arav decided not to intervene..

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

part 5 : Woh Lamhe

Precap: Everyone forgot about the marriage took in the temple. Armaan and Riddhima both are busy in their respective hospital work. Padma's suggestion of collaboration with Sanjeevani, to this Ridzi goes there and adores herself in the one side mirror of Armaan's cabin.


part 32 : Life style

_Episode starts with muskaan___
shashank: jo bhi hou main riddhima ki shaadi rishi se kara ke rahunga main apni bachi ko aise nahi dekh sakta

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

part 4 : Woh Lamhe

Reaching home Ridzi locks herself in her room. Lying on the bed she cried raucously, thrashing her fist hard on the bed taking out all her frustration. Suddenly her eyes got trapped with the mirror. She went near it and spots the sindoor on her maang and nose. She remembers once Padma told her that, during wedding when the sindoor falls on the bride's nose it means that she is very lucky and her

part 19 : Dard ka rishta

in between hospital staffs came there, some took those repoters whom arman hit and some gave support to aryan and took him in cabin as his BP started falling in this situation. arman's friends ran to handle arman and tried to calm him ...but arman was so angry,hit the glass of window and injured his own hand. his eyes were still burning in anger.

rahul and abhi didn't understand how to manage the situation.ananya,who went to talk to doctor leaving aryan for sometime,came back and started crying seeing the whole scenario. just then anjali came and yelled angrily : "'arman! ab chup bhi hoge ya dun ek thappad?

Monday, 19 September 2016

Chapter 12:My soulmate and my wife

Armaan: why not ? I won’t mind you to do
that for OUR AMMY….. [ he stressed his
last two words ]

part 3 : Woh Lamhe

Armaan takes some sindoor from the plate to put a tilak on shiv ji and parvati ji without noticing Ridzi is still bending down to get her dupatta. He moves his hand slowly towards Shiv ji and co-incidently Ridzi also moves up facing Armaan's side. As he slowly move his hand, ridzi's head co-incidentally come just below Armaan's finger and the sindoor on Armaan's finger directly hits the Ridzi's maang and unknowingly Amraan fills up Ridzi's maang. And before they could react on it, everything was done.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

part 31 : Life style

part 31
___Episode starts with muskan____
Anji: muskan riddhima ko kuch khila dou
rahul: phir se nahi khaya?

Part 28 :My Love, My Life - AR FF

Recap:Ridhhima is fine now.. Shashank's apology.. Jai Mallik's approval to AA relationship.. cute AR nd Arav moments..

Part 28
"Ammy.. kya soch raha hai.." Atul asked being normal himself since the time he came to know that Finally both the families are happy with his an Anjali's realtionship.. "Kuch nahi yar.. bas aise hi.."