Saturday, 8 October 2016

part 6 : A gypsy's fantacy

Chapter 6

Shilpa didn't get two hours to herself before Armaan was back and Muskaan was knocking at her door. She didn't want to see Armaan right now. She couldn't explain her situation to him. She couldn't tell him why she was doing what she was. But when Muskaan said it looked urgent and he looked really serious, Shilpa pulled her sneakers back on and followed her out of the room.
Surprisingly, Armaan wasn't inside the house. He was outside, waiting in his car. Shilpa walked to him, then pulled the door of the passenger side open and plopped in.
"Okay Malik, say what you've to say. I need to go back." He hit the accelerator and they were up on the road, the car speeding up.
Shilpa yelped then looked at him, "Armaan! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? SLOW DOWN!" She caught the seat belt and shrank in her seat with fear. Armaan didn't respond. He simply kept on driving. It must've been fifteen minutes but it felt like a lifetime. When he braked, every limb of Shilpa's ached. She inhaled sharply and looked out. They were at some remote place. Barren land, more precisely. There was too much sand and dust everywhere, and trees with spikes for leaves. There was a railing now all corroded but withstanding, and it looked like they were at some kind of bridge. Armaan shoved out of the car, slamming the door on his side and walked to the railing with a stiff neck.

Part 6 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 6- Just With You beside Me

One day there was an accident case of a bus came in causing a high rush in hospital. Being the senior in the hospital four of them volunteer to take full charge of the situation. One of them giving instruction to get stretchers soon. Other was asking to get OT ready. Another asking for blood bottles.

Friday, 7 October 2016

chapter 17 : My soulmate my wife

Ridhima was feeling that her ex-
husband was mocking on her
Kapoor house ……..

part 25 : dard ka rishta


arman came to kitchen searching someone and peeped there if she was there or not. he wanted to kill her right now. he had a beautiful but burnt shirt in his hand which he was looking and grinding jaws. he saw mumma was in the kitchen but the culprit was not there.he came inside stomping his feet and yelled on top of his voice..""mumma,yeh kisne kiya hai? see..."

Thursday, 6 October 2016

part 34 : Life style

armaan smilingly: main tumhare saath hi hun han agar mar mara gaya toh uski garauntee nahi hai..
(riddhima gusse mein armaan ko thapar mardeti hai armaan hairani se usse dekh raha hota hai aur phir uske face pe ek smile aajati hai woh uske haath pakarke kiss karta hai)

Part 5 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 5 – Some Confrontations

It’s been a month since ridhima wasn’t letting any window to let Anjali spoke to her on one or other pretext she kept her distance from Anjali. But today Anjali had it all, she is determined to have a confrontation with her little sister.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

chapter 16 : My soulmate and my wife

Before Armaan could reply , they all
hears hullabaloo at
outside..being perplexed everyone
came out hurriedly.

part 5: A gypsy's fantacy

She stared at him, mouth agape. Armaan Malik was a man in his own entity. He was, in forever, the only man who could hex her and vex her, intimidate her, and exhilarate her, entice her, and frustrate her, mesmerize her bones, and bewitch her senses. She, not in years, had known a power as such existed, but for what was worth, he made her alive"she breathed, the first and last.
Shilpa soaked in his enigmatic presence. His sleeves were folded back, and his raw, callous hands stretched long and hard. The silver band in his right hand's smallest finger glittered, the glitter, as hot as the molten blue fire in his eyes. Armaan had eyes that destroyed. She'd never in her life, before, seen eyes as haunting as his. For all his masculine discipline and coldness, his eyes burned with roaring flames. He looked at her, with naked hunger and determination"one to burn, one to strip, and one to gulp. Her nostrils filled with his heady musk and her body responded with an urgency she didn't know she'd ever possessed.
He made her discover her own self, and she was yet to decide if it made her powerful, or rendered her powerless.
"Look Armaan," her words came out scratchy, like she'd been running under the hot gaze of sun for hours. She shrugged then, her shoulders tensed as she looked at him again.
"Let's discuss," she ended firmly.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

part 24 : Dard ka rishta

after that some days went,now riddhima is good but still couldn't able to walk . arman used to care her and now their relationship had deepened.

one day sahil came to arman and uttered in a hesitant tone : "bhaiya,aapse kuch kehna tha."

arman looked at sahil and uttered : "toh is tarah ghabra kyon raha hai sahil,bata na."
sahil thought a while then uttered in a low tone : "di ka bd hai kal..

Part 4 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 4 – Getting Back To Old Memories

Next day Sid came out of the room only after getting ready to leave finally from India with his luggage. As it was early in the morning so he expected ridhima to be at home only but when he went

Monday, 3 October 2016


Months passed and many things changed in Mallik Mansion and all happened for good especially for harish Avantika n Armaan Ridhima. Its been six months that both Ridhima and Muskaan came to London for with Avantika n Harish. Since the celebration of holi since Armaan had taken that one step on insisting by Ridhima to play holi with his parents the relation between both parents n son had improved a lot. And now since with Ridhima in life of Armaan he had almost left all the bad things

part 33 : Life style

(armaan car rokta hai aur utar ke gusse mein andar chala jaata hai riddhima ka muh khula ka khula reh jaata hai)
riddhima: hawn?... Yeh yeh kya tha.. Matlab leke bhi aya aur ab andar bhi nahi leke gaya.. Huh.. Main bhi nahi aungi ab..

Sunday, 2 October 2016

part 4 : A gypsy's fantacy

part 1-3
As soon as the realization of her wedding embraced her she ran across the room to stare at the mirror. Her eyes grew wide and she screamed at the top of her lungs.
In few moments her door was banged hard and she went quiet.
"Miss Malhotra open this God damn door or I am going to break it." Armaan demanded furiously.
Shilpa turned around staring at the door like it was satan himself grinning at her with his horns upright proud and wicked.
Armaan went shocked at the other side for a moment then decided he really needed to break it.
"Is it one of those times when you have your fits?" he demanded from outside.
"NO! It is one of those times when my cannibal genes take over and I EAT PEOPLE!" she screamed back trying to find sharp objects to hit him with.
"Open the door right now or I really have to break it."
"TOH TORDE KAMEENE KAUNSA MERE BAAP KI PROPERTY HAI!" she shouted back staring at the door with daggers as if telling the nonliving object to follow her command.
"EXACTLY! MERE BAAP KI PROPERTY HAI ISLIYE NAEE TORRA! APNE HI GHAR KO TORDOON MAIN?" Armaan replied back in her tone. Then he shouted out for a servant telling him to bring the key.

prologue & part 1 : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Kitne hi door door hon, hum donon ke raaste
Mil jaate hain jo bane, ek duje ke vaaste
~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Ek duje ke vaaste, destined to be together