Saturday, 15 October 2016

part 6 : Bheege Pal

At: Anjalii tum yahaaaaannn
Said Atul excitedly, after seeing his love from medical college..
Anjali almost shocked.. 'Atul.. tum??'
Riddhima was puzzled..what's going on?
At: anjali main yahan intern hoon'

part 37 : Life style


Episode starts with riddhima_____
(riddhima kamre mein bethi hui hoti hai aur headache ki waja se bahar nahi jarahi hoti)
riddhima: aah.. Lagta hai zyada hi bhaang peeli

Friday, 14 October 2016

chapter 19 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan: I’ve told you I’ll make sure
you’re with me.. and here
you’re.. he passed a smirk to her..

part 27: Dard ka rishta

dadi came in kitchen while searching arman and asked annya : "yeh arman abhi tak hospital se aaya nahi kya ananya?"

ananya replied smilingly : "aa toh gaya hai,shayad study room me hoga ya garden me."

Thursday, 13 October 2016

part 5 : Bheege Pal

Armaan goes to the room where Riddhima is already changing her dress.
Background music: tara ra ra ra' tara ra ra tari ra.. tara ra ra ra tara ra tari ra..tu zindagi
He slightly opens the door, and finds Ridzi already standing there in front of mirror making some funny faces.. Armaan smiles seeing her'

part 8: A gypsy's fantacy

"Rahul I'm going mad here."
"Why?" Rahul threw the ball through the hoop watching it dribble back to him, "are you going mad, baby?"
Muskaan plopped down on the recliner and crossed her legs, "well? For starters Armaan fell off the face of the Earth. It's been a week! A week! Where the hell is he? And Second, Shilpa is losing it. Do you know what she's been doing? Literally? Writing his name everywhere! She's been writing his name on the walls of Modhis!" she huffed, "only last night we were talking about the weather, which by the way is going colder and she was like yeah, it's too hot nowadays isn't it?' and she had this funky notebook in her hand and she was scribbling his name and drawing floral patterns all around it."
"You don't say," Rahul had another perfect shoot.
"Rahul!" Muskaan shrieked making him laugh.
"Armaan Malik is in denial. Shilpa is a little crack. Nothing new."
"She's getting married in a week Rahul. News Flash! Can't afford another week of denial from Armaan."
"Muskaan, stop worrying already. Both of them are cracked in the head but I do trust their hearts."
"I'm not worrying. Wait, I am worrying. This is about my sister's life Rahul! She doesn't deserve all this pain she's going through. All of this because of me. I'm supposed to worry!"

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

chapter 18 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan looked at her and could see
how much she freaked
out.. Armaan slightly held her head..
and doctor started cutting

part 36 : Life style

Episode starts with armaan______
Next morning
(armaan soke uthta hai toh riddhima bed pe nahi hoti)
armaan: yeh kahan chali gayi ab subha hi subha..
(maid door knock karti hai)
lovely: sahab

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

part 7: A gypsy's fantacy

If love made me and love made you;
How can I be wrong if you stand true?
Shilpa marked the calendar with a bold, red marker. She drew a thick, uneven circle around the date and gawked at the unclean edges. She'd never been good at drawing circles, even, when she was at school, she couldn't get them straight with a perfectly circular cup, either. She'd always go wrong and rub and redraw, most of the time, tearing the page in the process.
Today it'd been three days since she last saw Armaan. He'd mailed her legal papers. Divorce papers, to be more precise. She should've been happy. That's what exactly what she'd wanted. She'd wanted to be free from this relationship and suffocate herself by plunging into another. Her marriage to Armaan was an accident, her marriage to Abhimanyu would be a sin committed. She was rather very eager to jump into this particular pit before she met Armaan. Before she'd seen those bright azure eyes that glinted hard like diamonds when he directed them at you and that scorched you and seared you. Or those slight smiles; just a minimal tilt of his lips as he suppressed his amusement, or the way he folded his hands behind his back raising those thick and perfectly arched brows. Aristocratic brows to be more precise.

Part 7 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 7 – You Will See Dreams Fulfilled With Ur Eyes

Next day ridhima woke up to see herself in Armaan’s arm. Instantly last night flashed in her brain replaying everything from her walk out of the hospital till her requesting Armaan to let her be in his arms. Her face was resting on his chest arms around his waist holding on to him with legs over his.

Monday, 10 October 2016

part 8: Woh Lamhe

Armaan Riddhima looks at each other with so much of affection, care, and warmth in their eyes. Riddhima stepped down the stairs hurriedly and came out of her house running. Once she was at her house door, they were in front of each other with meters of distance in between.

part 26 : Dard ka rishta

sahil came to arman and uttered : "arman bhaiya,aap busy ho kya?
arman looked at him and said : "kya hua sahil?kya baat hai?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

part 4 : Bheege Pal

Armaan sees someone coming from the stairs, and gets nervous. He decides to look in the other direction as he was least interested in seeing her.
Anjali brings riddhima in the white saree, which she got from nani's room and made her wear ghoonghat. Ridzi was about to fall on the stairs but anjali gets hold on her
An: Ridzi kya kar rahi ho? dhyaan se chalo!!

part 35 : Life style

Episode starts with muskan_____
muskan: hahahaha armaan tuh toh gaya..
anji: armaan tum ek kaam karo ek gana gao..
armaan: please..