Saturday, 22 October 2016

part 9 : phir se

part 1-8

Next morning
* "Kasam tere pyaar ki set"
producer: yeh riddhima abhi tak nahi ayi hai whats wrong with her yeh aegi bhi ya nahi?

chapter 23: My soulmate my wife

Though Armaan was talking with her,
but his eyes were fixed on
front view. Ridhima looked here and
there but didn’t look on them,

Friday, 21 October 2016

part 2 : KhamOshiyaan

RinG........... RinG..... RinG....
(ExactLy 2 BaJe Armaan Ka Phone BaJta hai)
Armaan: Kon....
(Koi Awaaz Nahi Aati Armaan Phone Band Kar Deta Hai)

part 39 : Life style

Episode starts with muskan____
Anji: muskan riddhima ko kuch khila dou
rahul: phir se nahi khaya?
(Anji nodded her head in no)
muskan lightly smile: dont worry main ridzi ko khana khila dungi aap yeh khana mujhe dedo
Anji hand over the tray to muskan..

Thursday, 20 October 2016

chapter 22 : MY soulmate my wife

Armaan : listen everybody.. [everyone
moved a bit and looked at
him with full attention] …This is
Anjali Sharma our new head

part 29 : dard ka rishta

after karva chout,a few days were not good for arman and the members of malik and gupta family as riddhima got sick suddenly. dr. atul suggested for blood test but thank god its only viral fever.but dr. atul scolded arman hearing about riddhima's whole day fast.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

part 10 : Woh Lamhe

Next day, Rahul goes to Riddhima's place to wish her Happy Birthday.

He directly goes to her bedroom where he found her totally lost in her thoughts holding her teddy..

Ra: my my. Someone's in deep thought today.

Epilogue : A gypsy's fantacy

As he watched his wife give sloppy kisses to her pathetic pug, Armaan Malik came to a realization.
He was sexually frustrated.
Now you would've thought how could that be possible? They'd made such a grand exit from the Modhis and Armaan had had every intention of taking his wife home and then homing inside her.
But, intentions as they were, the night turned out pretty different.
So there they were, pathetically happy, kisses here and kisses there and he was all ready to shut them in his room and go big.
But that's not how the night went.
Just before he could pull her wedding dress down there was a loud knock at their door.
And there he was.
The bane of his existence.
"What the hell is the problem with you?" Armaan glared at him. He smiled back and barged in making Shilpa squeal.
"Yo, Shilpa. Listen, I've been meaning to say this to you but well, I'm really sorry for what I did a few days back. I was an asshole to you and my behavior wasn't justified. I hope you'll forgive me? Right?"
Armaan held the bedroom door counting the seconds.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

chapter 21 : my soulmate my wife

Ridhima : I’ll surely deny for this
allience but don’t think being
scared of your words.. for my own
reason.. and I don’t care

part 38 : Life style


Episode starts with riddhima___
same night
(riddhima poori raat roti raheti hai aur dusri hi taraf armaan bhi riddhima apna haath dekhti hai jahan kalayi ki taraf usne armaan ke naam ka tattoo banwaya tha chhota sa likha hota hai poora poora ARMAAN riddhima usse dekhti hai aur haath pe kiss karti hai uske naam pe)

Monday, 17 October 2016

part 9 : Woh Lamhe

After reaching home, she finds everyone waiting for her with a huge birthday cake.  "Surprise" they all shouted.. Riddhima's mouth was wide open when she finds Anjali her sister was standing there, wishing her cheerfully. She went running and hugged her tightly

Ri: Oh my god di.. aap kab aayi?

An: main to bas thodi der pehle aayi..par tu bata.. tu kahan gayab thi?

part 28 : dard ka rishta

arman didn't sleep the whole night. riddhima's words echoed in his ears...."mai janti hun tum mere paas kyon nahi aana chahte...mujhe sab pata chal gaya hai.tum kyon mujhse dur bhagte ho,kyon mujhe khud se dur rakhne ki koshish karte ho...sab pata chal gaya hai mujhe...mujhe aunty ne sab bata diya..."

Sunday, 16 October 2016

chapter 20: my soulmate my wife

Armaan ran to her.. before
Ridhima could turned back to see who
was coming.. in a swift
Way he picked her up into his arms
…she was about to shout

part 9 : A gypsy's fantacy (last chapter)

"I'll put your poison in my veins;
They say the best love is insane"

"Tell me more about her," she combed Armaan's hair back with her fingers.
Armaan was astonished at how light hearted he felt. He shouldn't have been. His grandmother was among the few people knew him so well, who had been there for him like a wall of steel in his difficult times. When his father had passed away, his grandmother, too, had lost a son, but she'd kept her grieve aside and helped Armaan take on all the responsibilities. His father's death after Atul's was enough to crumble him. He would've not for her.
He realized for how long he'd kept everything inside him. He had no one to tell, no one who understood him like her. The realization made him sad. He had very few people in his life he could call his own. And his mother and sister didn't make it to that list. Atul would've. Atul would've.
After a delicious dinner, where, to his amazement, he'd gobbled down a healthy amount of food, he'd bled his heart out to his grandmother out on the deck. All those stars had followed him and were bleeding with him in the night, or maybe, it was just his teary eyes making them shine brighter.
"You know how proud I am of all that I've achieved after my father left. How I am so protective of all my assets?" he put his head in her lap and continued.