Saturday, 10 December 2016

Post 1: shilpa's GIF

hi guys,as i promised ajuswa to make a GIF corner for her ,as  she is an amazing gif maker and makes mostly siggies on kash or shilpa's . i started it today,on shilpa anand's birthday, as aju is a die hard fan of shona.hope u will like it .i am starting it with aju's gif on shona.thanks.

Ek ladki bheegi bhagi  si...............

part 12: sirf tum

After two weeks...

                                                                 Haal-e-Dil ko sukoon chahiye
                                                                 Poori ik aarzoo chahiye

 "Uncle Aunty kab tak aayenge Armaan?? Aditya asked lying beside Armaan who was laying on couch wd closed eyes

part 43 : dard ka rishta

Ananya and dadi bid bye to arman riddhima ,wished a happy journey then came inside the house. Sahil and ar’s friend went to see –off them to airport. Dadi wiped her tears and came to the temple to pray for their happy married life. When she came after doing puja,saw that ananya was waiting for her with tea. She gave dadiji tea and uttered : “aaj sham ka ticket hai ..

happy birthday shilpu shona (10th dec)

Image result for happy birthday message

hi friends,today is happy birthday of our shona...our shilpa anand..she is the most beautiful  and best actress of telly world .i thought to celebrate her birthday making many things like siggies,gif and vm  on her. but my phd exam is  started so unable to  do. so i am posting some gifs on her which i found in a course ,credit goes to the original creater.

at first i want to wish u shilpa.u gave me a lot.but i miss you badly.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

part 10 (last part) : Shanti Villa

* Shanti villa
riddhima: Usne kaha.. Usne kaha...
Woh.. Woh kuch nahi chahti woh sirf hume marna chahti hai..

Part 2 :AR-FF Alvidaa

Next day

Dr.keerti : so doctors… jesa k mene aap sab ko btaya tha ke aaj ek doctor hmein join krengi …. So wo doctor aa chukka hain ….. Dr.shilpa …..

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

part 42 : dard ka rishta

Wedding rituals was started when riddhima came and sat beside arman. Their eyes met once and riddhima bent eyes immediately but arman was staring her constantly.panditji asked him to chanting mantras but he was lost in her beauty,couldn’t able to hear him. Atul uttered : “yeh arman ko kya ho gaya hai? Panditji ki baat sun kyon nahi raha?”

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

part 9 : Shanti Villa

(tabhi niki aur abhi ajate hai)
(aur phir armaan riddhima unse sab bata dete hai ke lights phir on off hone lagti hai niki bahar bhaagne lagti hai toh saara darwaze band hojate hai)

Monday, 5 December 2016

Part 1 and 2 :Teri meri prem kahani

At college
Atul :mein bohot excited hoon hum log seniors bangayi hain

Anjali:yes iam very excited to rag the juniors

Atul:nahi anji nahi ragging galat bat hain
Rahul tum anji ko kaho na

character sketch & part 1 : Alvida


Armaan Malik : A handsome young doctor :)Yaaro ka yaar hmara armaan :D loves his friends and most importantly his wife ;) he is a bright doctor ....

Sunday, 4 December 2016

part 8: Carpe Life with Love

Next day Armaan got every report from Ridhima’s house where she was staying alone. Seeking permission from Dr.Keerti Armaan took a week off from his work handling all his cases to his inters

part 8 : Shanti Villa

Next day
ruhi: rashu main such keh rahi hun sheena somya ache nahi hai... Tum mat karo unse dosti woh dono bohat buri hai...
rashi: ruhi tujhe nahi dosti karni na mat kar mujhe pareshan mat kar...