Saturday, 31 December 2016

chapter 29 : My Soulmate My wife

chapter 1- 28
she stretched her hand holding his
coat , waited Armaan to take it,
looking down.. but when didn’t feel
any movement, she looked up

Friday, 30 December 2016

part 3 : Meri pahli khataa

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It had been some days since the tragic incident. Riddhima had pulled herself together somehow, for the sake of her family. Reporters were always outside their door waiting to get a glimpse of Riddhima for streaming hot news.


Next day …

Joshi house

Sab log breakfast krne ke liye table pr bethe hote hain ..... riddhima is only playing with the food in her plate …. And gazing at Anjali …. Anjali noticed this and assured riddhima that she just needs to wait a little more ….

Thursday, 29 December 2016

part 8 (last part) : ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Next morning, Muski comes to Ridzi's place to talk to her about the incidence. Muski asks her is she loves him?
Ridzi was feeling the soreness all inside her. The pain of losing a loved one was distressing her. She was completely broken.. so many things were happening inside her that she almost went into the depression. It was critical for her to break her silence and tell all her feelings to someone as the guilt inside her was assassinating her.

part 9: Teri meri prem kahani


Armaan will be in hospital
Closing his eyes and thinking
What all happen in his life

Only tears roll from his eyes

On next day morning

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

part 2 : Meri pehli Khataa

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Gupta House

Riddhima was crying bitterly while Anjali was consoling her.

Anjali: Ridzyy... Ridzzyy bata to hua kya tha... kese hua ye sab...



Next day …

Shilpa : attention everyone! Aaj mere ghar pre k party hai …. And you all have to come ….
Riddhima : party kis cheez ki ….
Shilpa : are riddhima tumhe nhi pta ? meri aur armaan ki 3rd month anniversary hai aaj ….

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

part 46 : dard ka rishta


At morning when riddhima’s sleep broke,she got herself in arman’s arm.riddhima was surprised thinking that she didn’t know when arman came last night and slept beside her. She looked at arman’s face and lost herself but in a while she remembered that she was angry on him and had promised to not to talk to him.she tried to free herself from arman’s arm and in this process,arman’s sleep broke,he opened his eyes and uttered in a sweet smile : “good morning jaan..

part 7: ~*Ek duje ke vaaste*~

Ridzi run towards her room crying and lies down on her bed. She cries like this for the first time. All the trouble or pain given by Shashank or Anji wasn't that painful as compared to the pain given by

Monday, 26 December 2016

part 8 : Teri meri prem kahani

In the hospital

Shilpa runs out from the door

Ananya:bitiya bithya

But shilpa runs from there

On the other hand


6 months later

Anjali ek phone krti hai …
Anjali : han ridzyy … sab kuch change ho gya hai …ab tu bas jaldi se wAPIS aja …

A week later …

Sunday, 25 December 2016

part 45 : dard ka rishta

Riddhima turned hearing it and saw an unknown person was smiling looking at her.he forwarded his hand but riddhima didn’t.she only stared him once and closed the locker with a bang and stepped out.she heard the person was saying : “haye!gusse me bhi itni khubsurat koi lagti hai aaj jana.”

Riddhima thought to get information about that person and to teach him a lesson .she came in nurse station where dr. kirti was instructing something to junior doctors and senior doctors of hospital. Dr. kirti smiled looking at riddhima and uttered: “dr. riddhima ,aaj aapki duty dr. arman…