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chapter 30 : My Soulmate My wife,

Ar : What you’re doing last
night ?
Ri : what type of question is
this ?
Ar : answer..

Ridhima [ folding hands on chest] :
normal people usually sleep at
night and I’m a normal people..
Armaan [ closed more] : then why your
eyes red ? dark circle spotted
under eyes ?
Ridhima was bewildered , yes, she has
passed a sleeplessness night
yesterday .. but how could he figure
out it .
Ri: Mr. Malik I’ve lot of
works to finish.. and I don’t think
your girlfriend will like if she finds
you to ask my
you better join with her…[ saying
that she turned to drawing
board but Armaan in no time spun
her holding her waist.. drew her
close and pressed her against his
Ar : you don’t have to tell what
I’ve to better take care
of yours , otherwise I’ll make sure
you do it and never forget in my
style& term. .. ok ?
Ridhima struggled and tried to make
her free but as much she
struggled Armaan tighten his grip and
drew her more close
..pressed more against his rock-solid
chest.. Ridhima looked
everywhere but not met Armaan..
Armaan pulled up her chin then
gazed at her for few moments.. then
slowly caressed on her face by
his fingers… Now Ridhima looked at
him…. Armaan slowly running
his hand from Ridhima’s shoulder to
her wrist giving goosebumps
through her all body.. making her
shudder little … Armaan’s
closeness always made Ridhima weak.
Armaan again spun her and
now her back pressed against him ..
Armaan left hand wrapping
around upper part of her bosom.. he
slightly clenched her
knuckle by his right hand and then
pulled till drawing board when Ridhima was holding pencil.. holding
her knuckle he drew some
lines when Ridhima blankly looking at
him turning her face… she
didn’t know her hot breath how
much havoc was creating into
him. How much it’s tough for Armaan
to refrain himself to kiss her
cheek which was slightly brushing
his stubble… Armaan talking
long breath ignore his all wild
thought and complete his dask..
then looked at Ridhima who was still
staring at him.. gestured her
through eyes looked at drawing
Ridhima was surprised to see how he
changed her design drawing
just few lines.. these was missing in
her design whish she couldn’t
figure out.. it’s looked best now…
before Ridhima could say Armaan
left her.. though he didn’t kiss her
but without doing something
naughty how it possible Armaan Malik would leave her..
Armaan brushed his left cheek with
her right one and then left cabin
instantly.. Ridhima caressing her
cheek turned back and saw his
At Malik house……
Nidhii : ummm.. Me with Ved
Ammy either won’t dance or if
dies then with Anjali. Akash &
Ritu. but Atul? [ she turned to
Atul] Atul.. who is your dance partner ?
[ Atul-sad face.. trying to fix a
puzzle] Atul : don’t know.. I don’t have any
Nidhi who came Malik mansion to
stay till end of Akash’s
wedding.. .she was making list for
Sangeet performance.. all were
sitting there.. Armaan who was
working sitting in living area with
all. he laughed to hear Atul’s reply..
Atul: Armaan..that’s not fair.. don’t
laugh at my helplessness..
Ar: Shut up Atul
Ved : yea.. Ammy don’t
laugh on Atul. [ though he’s
grinning ..Armaan looked at him and
to see Ved grinning laughed
more ]
Atul : Diii… see now Jija ji also joined
with Armaan.. that’s not
fair..I won’t come in Sangeet.. [ he
was about to get up but Nidhi
held his hand]
Nidhii : aha, Atul let them laugh
now.. but when they will see
your partner.. then they will envy on
your luck ..
Armaan [ raised his eyebrow ]: Really
..Dii!! who is his partner ?
Angelina Jolly or Katrina kaif ?
haan ?
Now Ved, Armaan & Akash trio
laughed out
Nidhi : Ridhima Gupta !!!
[ only Atul clasped]
Arnav : what !!!
Ved : kya ?
Aksh : really ?
Nidhi: kyun ? now why widened
eyes ? haan.. tell ..tell. Atul
your dance partner is the best.. so
just rock on dance floor.. [
Nidhi and Atul passed a hi-five]
Ar : Dii.. why Ridhima ? who told
you she will dance with Atul ?
she won’t dance with this Lallu ..
Anjali : raeeeallyyyy Ammy !!!
[ she roll her words] how could
you know ? who told you she won’t
dance ? are you jealous ?
Armaan stood up folding his laptop
and scowled at Atul then strode
to his room. He was boiling from
inside . his Ridhima will dance
with others.. no way.. has to do
something.. for that if he needs to
break Atul’s leg he won’t think twice
before to do that..he was as
much in bad mood.
Armaan on pretext didn’t come down.
Had her supper in his room.
Ved after supper bid bye and
went back kapoor house leaving
Nidhi here.
Next Day…………. At BM
Armaan stood up and walked glass
wall of his cabin. Looked
down..just then he was Atul was
walking in.. instantly he gritted his
Ar : what the hell he
is doing here…
Armaan turned and walked out to faceAtul…
Atul strode and passed
stairs.. Armaan blocked Atul’s path on
corridor ..
Ar : what areyou doing here ?
don’t waste my time.. I’m
working here.. go back home and
play puzzle box..
Atul [ grinned] : he he he..Armaan
who said I’m here to you.. I’m
here for Ridhima . Dii has sent me
to bring her at home.. now you
don’t waste my time.. move aside
Atul moved Armaan’s hand a bit and
walked towards Ridhima’s cabin
leaving back a roaring Armaan Malik
In Ridhima’s cabin……….
Ri : haan Bhabhi.. all is good in
home.. you tell how is going
on Akash’s wedding preparation
.. is still Aunty ji upset with
this alliance ..
Nidhii : umm.. little bit.. but she
will be ok.. now I need your help..
you have t0 come here.. are you
Ri: umm yea.. little bit of.. few
show lined have to
complete designs .. but if it’s so
urgent then I can come..
Nidhi : no..It’s not that much
urgent that you’ve to come here
running , leaving all works..ummm…
tomorrow is weekend.. so
better you come tomorrow.. we will
spend whole day together..
and your bhaiya will come at evening..
will take you back.. how is
the idea ?
Ri : superb Just like you.. ok
see then tomorrow…
Ridhima hang up phone and heard
knocked on door.. she turned
back and saw Atul with a broad smile
standing here..Ridhima stood up..
Ri : Atul ji,, you here ? !,, pls
come in .. [Atul walked in]
Atul : how are you Ridhima I’m here
to you.. are you busy
[ he looked around her cabin..
whole cabin full with drawing
papers, rough sketches , all is in
tousle condition.. Ridhima has
noticed his direction and cleaned a
Ri: yea, tille bit. Pls have a
Atul : did Dii call you ? did you have
talk with her ?
Ri: yea..just now ,,I’ll go here
Atul : then will see you there
tomorrow.. bye.. I’ll wait for you..
Atul turned and walked out..
Ri : but for what you’d
come ? !!! strange…
Armaan was watching these from
doorway of his cabin but couldn’t
hear them.. Anjali was coming
there looking into file which was
in her hands.. so she bumped with
Armaan.. Armaan looked at her..
Ar : Anjy what ?
Anjali : what ? what are you doing
here blocking path ? ] then
she saw Atul coming out from Ridhima
cabin and she instantly got
her answer].. [ Anjali laughed
out] .. Ammy god !!! don’t be so
jealous.. can’t she talk with other
people.. can’t she has friends..
Ar : shut up Anjy.. she can’t
[ Armaan walked in his cabin and
Anjy followed him]
Anjali : why ? what do you mean ?
don’t be so cheap narrow
minded ,suspicious over possessive
boyfriend..give her space..
Ar : do hell with your moral… I
don’t want to see her dancing
with other.. of course not with that
stupid Atul
Anjali : ohh!! Now got it.. so she is
Atul’s dance partner in Akash
& Ritu’s Sangeet.. so why you even
letting her to participate with
Atul. make her your partner… Armaan Malik
can do it,, don’t say you can’t..
then shame on you .. do
something !!! [ she winked and left
with grin..Armaan smirked]
Next day,, Sunday………..
Armaan got ready and was about to go
out as he was not interested to
experience melodrama of his family
during wedding preparation.
He was climbing down stairs then
someone pressed calling bell.
Mohan ran to open door… Ridhima was
on door..
Ri : Mohan bhaiya.. how are you..
Mohan : Namaste Ridhima didi..main thik
hum.. umm Dii is waiting for
you.. come in… Ridhima walked in.
Hp closed door and hurriedly
he was walking towards door and saw
Ridhima coming in.. to see
her here, at morning he became
surprised at he had no idea she is
coming here.. then he understood
for what she is here. He didn’t
paying any attention walked out…..
Ridhima turned back once to see
Armaan going out slamming door
and looked forward to hear Nidhi’s
voice.. Nidhi ran and hugged her..
Nidhi: ohh… you’re here.. Atul now
no tension.. [ Atul nodding head
smiled ]
Ridhima [ confused] : but Bhabhi.. for
what you’ve called me ? ..
Nidhi : seat here.. Mohan bring water
for Ridhima ..[ rest of all also sat
down ].. umm Ridhima have to be
Atul’s dance partner in Akash’s
Sangeet ceremony ..
Ridhima [ shocked ]: kya !! ? no.. no
Bhabhi..I won’t dance..
[ Ridhima remembered Tina’s
Sangeet ceremony function.. what
Armaan had done with her.. she has
no courage to repeat that scene
again ] ..Bhabhi.. please.. [ she
herself doesn’t know why she is so
scared of Armaan or ever bothering
what he likes or dislike ] ..
[ Nidhi’s face fell.. she pouted to
hear Ridhima's reply] ..
Atul : Ridhima pls.. don’t say no..
can’t you do this for me to help a
helpless man… [ hemade a very sad
face with fake tears ]
Nandani : Ridhima we all heard you’re
a very good dancer.. so please
make us privileged to watch your
Al was requesting Ridhima so she has
to give in..
Ri: ok.. I’ll..
Nidhi : yippee. .. then we’ll start
practicing once Akash and Ritu
have arrived ..
After 10 minutes.. Ritu and Akash
also arrived but surprisingly
armaan also returned back. He was
directly going in his room
ignoring all in down hall. Nidhi
called him..
Nidhi : Ammy you’re back so soon ?
Ar : why ? now I can’t even come
my own house as per my
Nidhi : what the !! when have I said
that… jao.. hummm..
Ar : yea.. [ Armaan scowled aAtul
and steal a glance of Ridhima
who was talking with Ritu]
Armaan changed his dress and sat
down with is laptop to do work..
but can’t.. he was hearing music
from his room and also giggling ,
laughing sound.. he shut his lappy
and stormed at downstairs..
Ar: Dii..Dii..
Nidhi : what ? why you’re shouting..
don’t disturb us.. we’re
dancing ..
Ar: yea.. yea.. I can see.. just
keep down volume.. I’m working
here.. can’t get peace of mind in
my own house..
Armaan was on fire to see Ridhima was
teachingAtul few easy dance
steps.. he gritted his teeth and
walked back.. again opened lappy.
Akash : strange !!.. what’s wrong
with Bhai ? why suddenly he
became all cantankerous ?
Dadii : yea.. since tomorrow..
Nidhi : yup Dadi just the moment
I’ve decided what we’ll do in
Sangeet.. even he directly refused to
participate in Sangeet with
Ananya: what else happen ? must be
had fought with Anjali.. [ she
said in sarcastic tone as she thought
Armaan divorced his wife just
for Anjali ]
Ridhima who was though teaching Atul
but her ear was on these
After next 10 minutes Armaan again
came down on pretext to have
coffee.. he saw now Ridhima and Atul
dancing closely.. but the
moment Ridhima was Armaan caming
down she stopped and stepped
Atul : what happened ? [ Ridhima
nodded no, nothing].. ok then
come.. let’s do it again..
Ri : hmmm [ she raised her
hands but waited to Amaan
moved from there..
Armaan showed he hasn’t noticed
anything and walked into
Next 10 minutes.. Ridhima felt
thirsty.. she stopped dancing..
Ri : Atul .I’m coming
quenching my thirsty.. [Atul nodded
and sat back on sofa where Nidhi
was already sitting and taking
Nidhi : Ridhima are you going in
kitchen.. then bring a glass of water
for me also..
Ri: ok..Bhabhi…
Ridhima walked towards kitchen who
was unaware that Armaan was
still in kitchen ..
To be continue……………


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