Friday, 6 January 2017

chapter 31 : My soulmate my wife

Next 10 minutes.Ridhima felt
thirsty.. she stopped dancing..
Ri: Atul .I’m coming
quenching my thirsty.. Atul nodded
and sat back on sofa where Nidhi
was already sitting and taking

Nidhi : Ridhima are you going in
kitchen.. then bring a gall of water
for me also..
Ri : ok..Bhabhi…
Ridhima walked towards kitchen who
was unaware that Armaan was
still in kitchen .. she walked in and
saw him doing something on
kitchen counter.. She silently walked
to refrigerator.. opened it..
brought out cold water.. Armaan had
seen her coming through the
corner of eyes but feigned hasn’t
seen… Ridhima drunk one glass of
water and poured one glass for
Nidhi.. She was about to walked
out than something caught her
attention.. She called Armaan
Ri: Mr. Malik.. [ but Armaan
didn’t stopped his work or
turned to her ]
Ar : WHAT ?? [ Armaan shouted Ridhima when she stopped
him adding coffee powder holding
his hand ] ..what are you doing
here ? now won’t you let me have
coffee in peace ? it won’t waste
your time now ? go out .. Atul must
be waiting for you .. GO!!
Ridhima startled at his sudden burst..
she instantly left his hand
and blankly look at him..
Ar: will you say or continue
staring at me ?
Ridhima [ composing herself] : It’s
not coffee powder.. It’s chocolate
Ar: what ??? [ Ridhima pointed
her index towards the bottle
was holding in his hand ]
Armaan looked at bottle, ..spun it
then saw it’s label … in irritation
Armaan almost smash it but instead
kept it on counter.. Ridhima
hold that bottle when it’s whirling
on counter and ready to fall
down on ground.. Ridhima kept water
glass aside , then picked that
bottle.. looked around kitchen and
traced coffee powder bottle.
. she kept chocolate bottle on right
place and tried to bring down
coffee bottle.. when she was almost
jumping to reach it.. Armaan
saw her doing that.. instead of
helping her he was gazing at her..
and honest he gain felt something
inside him.. it’s getting so
difficult to wipe his wild thought for
her…. After a good effort
Ridhima failed she turned to Armaan’s
side for asking help and found
him lost ,but staring at her.. she
felt uneasy and pulled her dress
unnecessarily to cover her more as if
she was n***d and standing
before him.. Armaan saw that and
instantly moved away his look..
then walked to her.. Ridhima moved
back.. he brought down bottle
and kept it on counter.. Ridhima
turned that side and started
making coffee for him.. Armaan folding
hands on chest, shifting
weight on le, he leaned over kitchen
counter.. looking at her..
Ar: so, you’re going to dance
with Atul?
Ri : hummm….
Ar : what if I say no ?
Ri : why you will say that ?
Ar : ok, then I’m saying you.. I
don’t want you to see dance
with him.. is it enough clear ?
[ Ridhima stopped stirring and
looked at him]
Ri : you can’t order me like that
Mr. Malik Bhabhi told me
to be his dance partner.. so I’m
doing this.. but I don’t get what’s
your problem ? take you coffee.. it’s
done .. [ Ridhima was about to
pick coffee cup but before that Armaan
gripped her upper arms and
pinned her against counter.. ]
Ar : don’t you still get it ? don’t
you understand what’s my
problem.. what I want ? well, fine..
you don’t have to get it.. but
just get one thing in your head,, if I
see you dancing with him at
first I’ll kill him and in next this
time will bite you somewhere else
that neither you can hide it nor can
reveal it..
Ri : NO !! you can’t do that..
Ar: I swear I’ll .. you know me
what I once said I do that.. So
You better got it miss. Gupta…
say it Armaan slightly shook her and
through this process Ridhima
right hand pushed coffee and
few hot liquid spilt on her index
finger ..
Ri: ouch… [ Ridhima hissed in
pain and brought hand before
her mouth.. blowing on hand .. her
eyes became teary ]
Armaan saw it.. left her arms and held
her knuckle.. looked once at
her.. Ridhima tried to pull back but
couldn’t then giving her big
shock he placed it into his mouth..
his tongue was licking her
finger.. and his Saliva making it wet
and cold.. soothing her
burning sensation though he was
licking her finger but it’s giving
her goosebumps.. a thrill wave run
down through her spine..
when Armaan was sucking her finger
he’s looking at her without
Ridhima looked at him once and tried
to pull her finger but instead
of leaving her Armaan pulled her
towards her.. and his left hand
wrapped around her waist .. her
finger still into his mouth.. he was
lick, sucking it as if it’s lollipop ..
Ridhima slightly pushed him to
leave her.. but her body lost enough
strength to push him heard..
Just then they heard footsteps… Now
Ridhima became conscious..
and nervous… but before her push ,
when sound neared them..
Armaan left her and just stepped two
or three feet back.. both
looked at door.. It’s was mohan .. he was
about to say something but to
see Armaan present here he lost his
voice at first moment then
gathered courage..
mohan : Ridhima didi, nidhi Dii is
calling you… [ then he picked water
glass which Ridhima kept on counter
and walked off from doorway ]
Ridhima without looking back at
Armaan. Ridhima was about to walked out but
in no time Armaan grabbed her , this
time wrapping both hands
around her waist.. and pulled her
hard that caused her to hit her
back against his chest …..
Armaan [ tilt his head, brushing his
lips on her left ear ] : don’t
forget what I’ve told you … BTY do
you want to know advance
where I’ll bite you this time after
killing Atul ? [ his voice was slow,
cold like grave ]
Ridhima [ in thought ] : will he really
do it ? or just scaring me ? he could do it.. he had once
done … but will he really kill
Atul ? how cruel he is !!!
Ridhima got scared so much.. she
started struggling to make her
free.. used her nail to untie Armaan’s
hold.. which pricking into his
skin badly but he seemed enjoying
her all acts.. no wish to leave
her. Ridhima nipped him, pinched
him.. even tried to bite bending
her head but couldn’t reach his
hands.. but all vain.. after lot’s of
efforts Ridhima couldn’t loosed up his
hold.. being tired she
dropped her all further attempts..
hanging both hands down , in
moist eyes she stood now straight..
Armaan tilted his head onward
and looked at her..
Ar : done ? or want to try more ?
is it your favorite game ?
well then keep it on …..will see how
long you can play it after
Marri…. [ he stopped at last word
without completion ]
Armaan shook her thoroughly again
causing hit her back on his
chest just to show without his
content she couldn’t move a bit ..
Then left her but.. not before
brushing his cheek with her one
when his stubble pricked hard on
her soft cheek… It’s Armaan’s
favorite game.. and he did it
deliberately to punish her as she
didn’t let him to kiss her…
Ridhima rubbing her cheek ran out
but didn’t dare to look back..
When Ridhima hurriedly walked in till
middle of the living room..
everyone has started dancing for
second season.. when Atul was
waiting for Ridhima.. Atul stood up
and walked to her.. luckily all
was busy in dance that’s why Ridhima
escaped from teasing or
being questioned ..
Atul : hey, Ridhima what took so
long ? I’s waiting for you see.. all
has started second found of practice
.. let’s start.. I don’t want to
lose. Ridhima from corner of her eyes saw
Armaan who just stopped ,
putting his leg on upper stairs…
might be to hear her reply.
Ri : ummm.. Atul sorry .. pls
don’t mind.. but I..I’m not
feeling well .. could we continue this
later.. I need to go back
Atul: Ok.. Ok.. it’s perfectly alright..
may I drop you at home ?
Ri: need… I’ll manage..
[ Ridhima walked to nidhi ]
Ri : Bhabhi.. I need to go back
home.. have works..
Nidhi : right now !!! wait for Ved
Ri : No.. I’ve to go.. please.
Nidhi : ok.. then wait.. I’m saying
Ammy to drop you at home..
Ri : no.. Bhabhi.. listen ..
[ Nidhi walked off]
Nidhi went to Armaan’s room…
Nidhi: Ammy, drop Ridhima back at
home.. she has got some urgent
work.. have to go back..
Ar : I’m not her driver.. tell Atul,
her dance partner..
Nidhi : Ammy.. why you always
behaved this way with her ? what
wrong she has done to you ?
Armaan[ shutting down his laptop, he
shouted] : everything.. she
just impossible.. it’s you and Jija ji
pampering her too much.. she
is here , wasting time.. without
doing her official work..
Nidhi [ totally shocked] : what’s
wrong with you.. it’s I who had
Called her to come here.. that poor
girl had no idea for what I’d
called … why you’re so angry with
her ? it’s weekend.. and one
more thing Ammy.. today you’ve said
but never dare to say
henceforth.. she is not you servant..
she will finish her official work
in time..
Nidhi got angry and walked off… she
went down to tell Atul to drop
Ridhima back but Atul informed her
she had left already.. Nidhi
really felt bad.. she went to her
In Armaan’s room….
Armaan stood up and to subside his
frustration, anger started
watering in plants..
Ar: So she didn’t know for what
Dii had called her.. she came
here blankly ..
Next two day Ridhima kept her totally
busy to finish her drawing..
Though Atul had called her but on
pretext of Fashion competition
she avoided to go MM. She also
avoided to Armaan. which made
Armaan more angry and tetchy ….
Third day…… Ridhima called peon …
peon entered in..
Ri : I’ve sent some sample to
selection board.. they are
supposed to return back today.. but
it’s afternoon.. so where are
those file ?
Peon : Maam, I haven’t get any file
to deliver you ..
Ri : really ? are you sure ?
Peon : Of course Maam,, If I get than
I’ll keep on your table..
Ri : hummm.. you may leave..
[ Peon left] then where the files
have gone ? This time also rejected
.. no way.. how is it possible..
Ridhima walked out of her cabin and
checked notice board.. if she
missed any noticed.. and there she
went !!!.. yes.. there was a new
list .. which board will chose and
when and which day, which
patter of design, what’s last date to
submit samples.. actually list
was not new but there was a
change.. to read that Ridhima’s eyes
became widened ..
Not any board but directly Armaan
Malik will select her
sample and approve her design
which will be shown in show…
Ridhima read trice but everytime
same thing.. she gulped her fear to
meet him again.. after that kitchen
incident she was all scared to
even go in front of him. .. but she
has to … she knocked on Armaan’s
door.. just then Aman came t o
Aman : Miss. Gupta.. today Sir is
working from home.. and I
think you’re here to collect your
files [ Ridhima nodded yes].. well
in that case you have to take some
trouble.. I mean have to go his
house.. umm Malik Mansion.. you
must know.. pls go there
collect files and submit them to
show organization team to resister
your design copy.. before 11 am of
day after tomorrow .. All the
best.. hope Armaan Malik will select all of
your designs..
Saying that Aman walked of and
Ridhima passed faint smile as she
again has to go in his den.. which
she least wanted..
To be continue………………


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