Monday, 9 January 2017

chapter 32 : My soulmate my wife

Aman : Miss. Gupta.. today Sir is
working from home.. and I
think you’re here to collect your

files [Ridhima nodded yes].. well
in that case you have to take some
trouble.. I mean have to go his
house.. umm Malik Mansion.. you
must know.. pls go there
collect files and submit them to
show organization team to resister
your design copy.. before 11 am of
day after tomorrow .. All the
best.. hope Armaan Sir will select all of
your designs..
Saying that Aman walked of and
Ridhima passed faint smile as she
again hast go in his den.. which she
least wanted..
Mohan : Dii, Bade sahib has called for
you ..[Nidhitook receiver from
Nidhii : hello, dad.. how are you ?
when you’ll come back ? we’re
missing you so much..
Dad : Me too dear.. it’ll take few
more days.. ok do me one
favor.. go to your dearest brother
and tell him to mail me RPG
file.. I’m trying to call him but his
phone is switched off..
Nidhi : ooho.. so you’ve called for
that.. not to talk to me.. that’s
not fair dad..
Billi [ smiled] : I love you dear..
take care of yours and rest of all..
Nidhi : me too.. ok I’ll tell Ammy
you too take care of yours and
come back soon.. Akash wedding
date is coming close …
Nidhi after finishing het talk with
her dad kept phone and walked
towards Armaan’s room.. she met with
Nandani Aunty on stairs..
Nandani: Nidhi come with me..
Nidhi : but, Aunty..I’ve to pass a
massage to Ammy
Nandani: nahi.. nahi.. you come with
me right now… I’ve to go
parlor right now…come with me..
[ Nandani dragged Nidhi with her]
Ridhima was about to press door bell
buut then she found door was
opened as just few minutes back
nidhi and nandani were left.
Ridhima walked in and Atul was her at
first who was pacing back &
forth there… to see Ridhima coming in
Atul alwast ran to her and was
about to hug her but Ridhima
stretched two hand orward as a
protesting manner..
Atul: Ridhima thank you so
much, you have come .. I’s so
tense …. Now we’ll practice and will
win…. Come..come..
Ri: Umn… Atul actually.. I’m
here for other reason .. [ Atul
sulked to hear her and Ridhima saw
that ]..
Atul : ohh !! so you won’t dance with
me ?
Ri : No..No…I’ll.. I’ll teach you..
just le me finish my works..
Mohan : Ridhima didi, Armaan bhaiya has
called you in his room …
[Ridhima shockingly looked at mohan]
Ridhima [ in thought] : how come he
knows I’ve come here ?
Mohan: abhi [ right now].. [ Mohan left]
Ri : Atul you keep practice on
… I’ll see you later..
Ridhima was frighten little and she
slowly walked upstairs…she
knocked on door but didn’t get any
back response ….
Ri : Mr. Malik… Mr. Malik
Ridhima slid door and walked in… she
looked everywhere but Armaan
wasn’t in the room…
Ri : Mr. Malik are you there ?
Ar : So you’re going to dance with
Atul ?
Ridhima a little bit startled to hear
Armaan suddenly from back ,,she
turned to him and saw him, Armaan
was standing on door way of
poolside ..he walked in wiping hand
on towel… he threw towel on
bed and stood before her holding
hands on chest… looking at her
,waiting for his answer.. Ridhima
stepped back …Armaan raised his
eyebrow to make her understand he
was waiting for her reply.
Ridhima ignored his gestured and
asked him …
Ri : why you have you called me
at your house ?
[Armaan sifted his weight on other
leg ]
Arnav : really !!! did I have called
you miss. Gupta ?
Ri : yes.. umm.. no but you've
told me [ Ridhima saw Armaann
again raising his eyebrow].. ok not to
me... ok leave it.. Mr.
Malik.. I'm here to collect my
design selection files.. so will you
please make it fast.. I have to go
back home
Armaan walked onward looking at
her..stood few inches before her.
Ar :it's not my answer... you
came here just for files ?
Ri: yes, for what else I'll come ?
Ar : really Ridhimai ? just to take
files.. nothing for else ?
Ridhimai become little irritated to
hear same question again and
Ri :strange !! for what I'll come
to your house ?
Ar : we've not meet last two
days.. we've not talked with
eachother since two days.. didn't
you wanted for once to meet me? to
talk with me ?
Ridhimai isn't not that she didn't get
anything but she was frighten..
for everything she didn't want to
build dream house on breeze
,which a wild can blow away..
Ri : I didn't get you Mr. Malik you're my boss, and if
is anything important to tell me
then you surely would have called
me.. so why I'll want to meet you or
talk ?
Armaan stormed towards her and
holding her hand folded her back
on.. he was angry and didn’t try to
hide it..
Armaan: You didn’t miss me for
once ? You didn’t want to meet me
? you didn’t want to talk with me ?
[ he twist Ridhima’s hand more
so she hissed , and subside pain she
pulled Armaan’s sleeve.. Armaan
drew her more close.. pressed her
against his chest].. tell me ..
didn’t you miss me at all ?
Ridhimai[ teary eyes] : but why I’ll at
least tell me that ? Uhh !!.. Mr.
Malik you are hurting me ?
[ Armaan gritted his teeth and drew
Ridhima’s face dangerously near his
lips .. Ridhima got scared ]
Mr. Malik you are misbehaving
with me.. leave … let me go..[
when Armaan saw Ridhima’s eyes welled
up he soften his hold] what
do you want ? why you’re doing all
these ?
Armaan [ softly held her upper arms
now ]: you really didn’t get it
yet Ridhimai ? You didn’t understand
what I want to say ? really
I’m just hurting you ? don’t you feel
anything else ? [ Ridhimai
shoved off his hands and stepped
Ri : what I will understand ?
what I’ll feel ? why I will ? I
wonder do you even know what you
want to me ? why you’re
always behind me ? why can’t you
just let me go away ? why you
always interfere in my life ? what do
you want Mr. Malik, for
God sake make it clear ..stop hurting
Armaan grabbed her hand more
tightly and twist ..
Ar : Oho.. so I’m just hurt you,, I
won’t let you go away.. [ he
passed a black look to Ridhimai ].. GET
OUT !!! [ he suddenly braked
out pointing towards door].. I said
get out miss. Gupta…
Ridhimai at first with disbelieve
expression looked at him then ran
out… Armaan flung everything which
was near his hands… kicked
tea table.. recline.. even on bed
also.. he was furious .. in anger his
eyes became all red …
Nidhi walked in to pass the massage
that Billi had told her in
call. But when she entered in she
found Armaan in a devastated
condition… he threw few files on
corner of the room and when saw
Nidhi walking in he slumped into
Nidhi didn’t ask him anything..
picked all files one by one ,
gathered them and arranged them
on table.. Nidhi tapped Armaan’s
shoulder.. after so long time.. after
he got divorced ,there was a
unnamed distance was working
between these two adorable
Nidhii : Ammy !! what happened ?
will still feel good to share your
problem with your Dii or right now
I’m no one close to you ??
she’s seen Armaan’s despairing face..
she could read it better still
now that he’s in mess as always.. he
was never good to express his
feeling and always messed up with it
and ended up hurting others
also earned pain for himself.
Ar : It’s nothing.. Dii.. for what
you came here ?
Nidhi : well, no need to change
topic.. I got my answer.. [ Nidhi
was about to turned to leave but
before that Armaan wrapped her
hands around her waist, hid his face
into her lap]
Nidhi : what’s wrong ? [ caressing
his hair]
Ar: Dii, why it’s so difficult to
get people.. why just can people
understand what I want to say ?
why it is so difficult ? [ he said
raising his hear a little bit…his
words were not enough clear to
understand ..But Nidhi figure out it]
Nidhi : I don’t know who or what is
so difficult.. but ammy
sometimes .. in life we need a
security , an assurance , for
example.. we girl always need a
straight-forward surety from
whom, who loves us… because that
gives us faith and strength
we’ re weak Ammy, we scares to be
alone.. so until we don’t get
that , we don’t even dared to
imagine to love from one side..
That’s what I’m talking about girl…
So what is you finding difficult
to make it clear..I would advise you
to go that person and express
your feeling by words.. open you
heart before him/her.. sometime
you have to speak up..
What Nidhi has to say she said and
walked off.. but on door way
she stopped and turned.. called
Nidhii : Ammy Ammy
Ar : haa ..Diii [ he was lost in his
thought].. say..
Nidhii : send RPG project file to dad
by mail.. he asked for
it..[Armaan nodded] ..make sure you
send that file only but nothing
else.. [ she teased him and walked
Armaan [ Smiled] : I know Dii ..what
I’ve to do ..
Next day at BM Office……..
Ridhima was all angry on Armaan and
mostly confused.. for his
clueless behavior.. .. she made sure
she didn’t turn up before him.
She was working alone in extra room,
which half hart was used for
store room… she was drawing but
unwillingly last days incident
was flushing into her mind again
and again which was breaking
her concentration ..and when this
thought engulfed her thoroughly
she didn’t noticed that.. holding
pencil she was gazing at drawing
board…. Just then someone entered
in.. but she didn’t noticed..
Armaan twist door knob and found
Ridhima lost.. he walked in and
from back side wrapped one hand
around her waist.. Ridhima
startled and shrunk…before she
could shout she felt Armaan’s hand
pressed her knuckle and drew it
towards art paper.. holding her
knuckle Armaan drew some lines…
Ridhima was under shock… but
she regained when Armaan stopped
drawing and neared her lips on
her ear.. Ridhima wiggled and tried to
make her free which always
proved a vainest attempt… To see
her wiggling Armaan wrapped his
both hands around her waist…
pressed her again against his chest
but softly… Ridhima also could feel a
change… it’s not usual his
pinning and pulling… Ridhima felt
something in her stomach.. she
once felt when Armaan bit on her
lower side back…. Armaan softly
rubbed his hands on her belly and
pulled more near to him..
Ar : Don’t you will play your
favorite game ??.....
[he said it nearing his lips on her
ear.. which was almost whisper..
but his hot breath blew on her
skin… Ridhima felt shiver run
through her shoulder to leg.. she
started feeling numb .. Ridhima
was silent.. couldn’t react physically
.. Armaan seeing her quiet.. now
rubbed his lips on her ear to jaw
line… then spoke]…I’ve selected
your designs.. they are incredibly
good….[ he stopped and
whispered into her ear]..I want you
to win the competition…I want
you to beside me on ramp… I want
you with me…
His words were ringing into Ridhima's
brain.. beyond shocked she
turned her face to him… she never
saw him to talk like this… his
voice was cold but determined
enough to make her understand he
meant all those… his this nature
reserves of his usual nature.
Armaan slightly rubbed his check with
her one.. but this time softly..
Ridhima just feel his skin but barely
his stubble… taking more
time..Ridhima has stopped struggling
long time ago… Armaan with a
smile left her but even today also
he didn’t kiss her…slightly
rubbing on her upper arms he
walked out leaving a flabbergasted
Ridhima softly patted on her cheek…
a ripple of joy came down
through her mind to body…. She
turned back to see Armaan but he
was out of room.. Ridhima ran till
door n and looked on him from
back side.. seeing his walking off…
To be continue……………


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