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chapter 33 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan slightly rubbed his check with
her one.. but this time
softly..Ridhima just feel his skin but
barely his stubble… taking more

time.. Ridhima has stopped struggling
long time ago… Armaan with a smile
left her but even today also he
didn’t kiss her…slightly rubbing on
her upper arms he walked out
leaving a flabbergasted Ridhima …..Ridhima softly patted on her cheek…
a ripple of joy came down through
her mind to body…. She turned back
to see Armaan but he was out of
room.. Ridhima ran till door n and
looked on him from back side..
seeing his walking off…
Ridhima don’t know but she felt like
she got back her all energy… she
never denied the fact that it’s
always Armaan who help her to
increase her willpower .. made her
more strong, confident and
enthusiastic … Ridhima with all zeal
and elation has concentrated on her
work… she worked intently for whole
day forgetting all time…
At noon –lunch hour… one of intern
who worked under Ridhima knocked
on door..
Ri : come in… [ Intern peeped
into room]
Intern: Maam.. won’t you have
lunch ..
Ri [ not stopping work or
looking back] : later.. lot’s of works
have to finish ….you guys carry on …
After 30 minutes.. again someone
knocked on door , Ridhima thought
maybe any intern
Ri : hey, don’t wait for me.. please
you have yours.. I’ll have later…
Ar nope… I won’t and you have
to have your lunch right now… with
me.. [ Ridhima turned back to hear his
voice and surely surprised ]
Ri : Mr. Malik..I have works..
Ar : I know… come… [ he held
her hand wand pulled but Ridhima
didn’t move ] .. so you’ve intended
to go on ramp into my arms… well, I
won’t mind ..
Ri : excuse me !!! [ Armaan stood
before her but didn’t let Ridhima stepback ]
Ar : If you skip you foods then
you might be complete your designs
and certainly will win but won’t able
to walk on ramp.. so then I’ve to
carry you… ummm is it any kind of
tactic to come in my arms… [ Ridhima blushed when he asked it but then composed herself and spoke up]
Ri : where have to go ?
Ar : good girl!!!… come .. in my
cabin [ again Ridhima stopped to hearshe has to go in his cabin][ Armaan whispered ] don’t worry..I won’t eat
you up… will just have lunch…
nothing else.. promise.. even I have
no intention to increase my sugar
level before the show.. Ridhima certainly understood what
Armaan meant.. she tilted her head in shy and her chin touched her chest…
Ar: will you go there by foot for
would I pick you up ?
Ridhima instantly walked out and
Armaan smirked then follow her…
Ridhima opened Armaan’s door and
walked in… she saw there were
foods box on table .. and it’s
ordered from restaurant .. She
looked back at him..
Ri : you’ve ordered foods from
restaurant .. how do you know , I’ll
skip my lunch Mr.Malik?
Ar: I know all about you…
except one thing ..
Ri : what ?
Ar : when you’ll stop calling me
Mr. Malik ? what I’ll do that will
stop you calling me Mr. Malik
rather Armaan…
Ridhima didn’t reply but sat down
on sofa and has started serving
foods on plate… when Ridhima one byone opened all plastic box , she was
surprised that all was her favorite
foods,, but she never ever told
anyone about it.. in fact except
Ved, hardly Nidhi knew about all..
leave rest of all then.. then how
come Armaan knows ?
Ri : Mr. Malik. how could you
know these is my favorite foods ?
Ar: Ohh!! Really .. I just ordered
what I like to have.. it’s coincident
Ri : don’t lie..I know about your
food habit don’t even like one
of them ..
Ar : how ? who said ?
Ri : Dadi,Bhabhi…. The day
you’re coming back from USA, I’s in
your house.. and I’d cooked lunch
on that day.. then Nani, babhi told me
what do you like to have ?
Ar: ohh !! so that tasty foods
were cooked my you as you’re
preparing for my welcome …good.. I
never knew you’re waited for my so
long… [ Ridhima jaw dropped ]
Ri : Ji nehi.. and from where
this thought turn up? I don’t even
know you then, why I’ll wait for you
then ?
Ar : now you know me .. don’t
you ? [ he demanded ]
Ri : Mr. Malik.. foods getting
cold,, have it first
They both have started having foods
and Ridhima sighed as she could
changed topic..
Ar: tell me one thing.. suppose
you get married with a man named
X Singh then what you’ll call to
him ?
Ri: X !! what else?? [ she
replied innocently ]
Ar: ok.. that means to hear from
your mouth “Armaan” I have to get
married you .. ..
Ridhima stopped having foods and ser
facial expression changed into no
time.. Armaan got the reason… Ridhima was about to get up but before she
could move Armaan held her left hand
and pressed it.. Ridhima was looking
down but tried to free her hand..
Ar : just stop it… I said stop
[ Ridhima stopped struggling ] look at
me.. Ridhima look at me [ he
demanded and Ridhima with teary
easy looked at him ]..
Is that person predominated so
much in your heart that you just
can’t forget him and accept who is
before you ???
[Ridhima blankly looked at Armaan as
she has no answer of his question]
couldn’t I draw any line in your
heart that you just can’t forget that
person and accept your present ?
will you let win your past over your
present and future ? I ask why ??
Ri : you don’t know the reason
of my divorce ?
Ar : I don’t even want to know… I
just know one thing that , that was
your past and I‘ve nothing to do
with that.. I know you in present,
and your present & future matter to
me not your past..
Ridhima shoved off his hand and ran
towards door to go out.. Armaan spoke
up from back
Ar: I’ll wait for you to see beside
me on the ramp… [Ridhima walked
out].. Damn it !!! I shouldn’t have
tell her right now.. it’ll effect on her
work… no.. how long she will live
like that.. she has swept all her past
and moved on … I’ll make sure that

Malik Mansion….
Ananya : Nandani, do you have
talked to Atul ? what he said about
Ridhima ?
Nandani : Didi.. he is ready,, in fact he
liked her at the first point ..
Dadii : hmm.. that’s good.. then
We’ll go kapoor Mansion.. umm no at
first will hint them before to go kapoor
Mansion to ask for Ridhima’s hand ..
don’t want same thing repeat again
ummm At Akash’s reception Party
will discuss to Mr. kapoor if he gives
ant positive sign then will go their
house , if will fix date also on that
Nandani : why they will say no.. we’re
accepting their divorcee daughter ,
they should be happy and grateful
Dadii [ scowled at her] : Nandani..
tum kabhi nehi shudhroge .. tum
unke beti ko apnake unper koi ahsan
nehi karhari ho.. unke beti to intni
acche hai ki koi bhi acche parivar
apnayenge.. samjhe !!! [ you’ll never
change for sure.. accepting their
daughter you’re not doing any favor
on them… rather their daughter is
enough worthy to be accepted from
any family.. got it]
Dadii : Ananya you just once discuss
it with Nidhi
Ananya : ok ..I will…
Dadii : where is Ammy ? do you ever
ask what you’re thinking about
getting married ?
Ananya : no maa.. I don’t have any
interest to know when he will get
married to Anjali…. I won’t even
mind if he leaves the house with his
wife.. as for sure I won’t accept
Anjali as my daughter in law..
Nandanu :Didi.. how long you’ll be
angry on him.. now forgive him..
Ananya : what he has done to get
forgiveness ? nothing.. he even
didn’t bother to let us know about
his marriage but just announced
before media ?
Dadi: but, what if he seriously leave
the house ?
Ananya: Maa.. are still scare for that ?
I won’t mind if he does it.. if fact
I’m going to sat him get separated
and live his own apartment ..
Being so much angry Ananya got up
and walk in…. Armaan heard all
conversation of three ladies, who
came to his mother to inform that
Billi had called you but she was
out so inform her that he is coming
tomorrow… he went back to his room
and was furious to know his family
was in full mood , even in hurry to
send proposal in kapoor mansion for
Ar : I’ve to stop it.. anyhow.. at
least not before I want my answer..
After that colloquy Armaan& Ridhima
was not in term of talking but Armaan
made sure she did well. Everyday he
was checking her input and her
needs… day passed away like that…
Armaan didn’t want to disturb her
more that’s why didn’t come to
before her…
Today was the day of Show – Delhi
couture-2013 ..
Malik’s and Armaan friend circle
were present there to enjoy show…
as per rule every designer will done
one of her won designed dress…
Ridhima's all models were ready
wearing her designed dress .. she
checked them in green house then
it’s her turned to change and get
Someone Knocked on door… Ridhima turned back and saw Armaan after 4
days she was seeing him..Armaan
walked in and offered her a packet..
Ar : wear this one… I want to see
you beside me wearing this one…
[ saying it Armaan walked of
Ridhima : how could you’re so sure I’ll
the winner and walk with you, stand
beside you ?
Armaan[ without turning] : I know you
will.. and if your forgot that I
remind you ,I Armaan malik
make my destiny and also others…
Ridhima ; over confidence , high hope,Mr. Malik
Ar: then get used to live in
that.. because it’s going to be your
present and future ..I’ll make sure
After 10 minutes, Ridhima walked out
from greenroom.. the show already
had begun but neither Armaan was
there to see nor Ridhima was …
Ridhima slowly walking towards
model’s rehearsal room… then she
stopped to see Armaan was waiting on
corridor… he walked towards her
Stood before Ridhima for few
minutes.. then held her hand and
took her along with him… Ridhima
walked in rehearsal room…
Ar : all the best… [ Ridhima
nodded yes]
Ridhima : thanks [ scarcely whisper ]
Ar: I’m here for you… and will
Armaan went back to grab his seat ..
as now his company’s model will
start walking on ramp.. and Ridhima
walked in rehearsal room….
One girl : is she any model ?
Intern : No, she is the designer
which dress you’re all don… [ internwalked to Ridhima ]
Intern : maam, you’re looking so
pretty in this dress… why don’t you
become showstopper ? it will be
more great.. we’ll win.. [ Ridhima
passed a faint smile to her ]
Ridhima [ in thought] : here everyone
has hope she will win the
competition … but why she can’t
enjoy this all ? did Mr. Malik said
it true .. that unknown person
predominated in my life so much
that I can’t see anything before
him? … why I can’t accept what Mr.Malik is trying to say.. …
As expected Ridhima’s designed dress
were praised by fashion critics…
Armaan to give his speech and to
intrudes the winner of the
competition walked on Ramp.. he
walked till middle of the ramp…gave
his speech greetings all guests jury
members and rest of competitors ..
Ar: Good evening to all… BM
always privileged to accept the
honor and for whom we’ve won this
time.. I would like to call on stage
her.. Ridhima Gupta…[ Armaan
waited for seconds and also from the
corner of eyes looked back,, then
again asked for her] I would like to
request Ridhima Gupta to
come on stage …..
But there was no sign of Ridhima
Armaan has planned to announce
today who is his secret girlfriend …
to propose Ridhima before all… but
her absence ruin everything.. every
plan ,had Armaan made…
Armaan was felling awkward more than
angry.. a little commotion has
started.. people started peeping,
looking here to there where … to
know who is Ridhima Gupta
and where she is ?
Armaan got call through his
microphone …
Coordinator : Armaan Malik, Miss. Gupta
unfortunately not present here..
we’ve seen her nowhere..
To be continue…………


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