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chapter 34 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan was felling awkward more than
angry.. a little commotion has
started.. people started peeping,

looking here to there where … to
know who is Ridhima Gupta
and where she is ?
Armaan got call through his
microphone …
Coordinator : Sir, Miss. Gupta
unfortunately not present here..
we’ve seen her nowhere..
Armaan gnashed his teeth but
instantly wiped out all of his
frustration and anger as he knew
very well all light, cameras were fix
on him..
Ar: Miss. Ridhima Gupta
is not currently present here.. I
would like to request her assistant
to take the honor on behalf of her….
Ridhima’s assistant walked on ramp
and Armaan & COO of the show
organizer handed the award…
Armaan finished his speech and went
Here on front seat, kapoor & Malik
family were sitting.. they also allmost
shocked why Ridhima didn’t appear
on stage.. it’s a great chance,
turning point of her life… hundreds
of fashion critics, leading Fashion
company’s owners were present here
and thousands of people were
watching this show live on Tv…
people will start knowing her very
fast after this event…
Ved : Nidhi, you get the car with
all.. I’m seeing where Ridhima is ?
and don’t speak anything about it to
Nidhi : hmm.. ok..I hope she is ok…
should I come with you ?
Ved: nope.. you go with mumma,
papa… tell them I’m coming along
with Ridhima
Nidhi and rest of family members
walked out from the auditorium.
They all went to parking lot.. all
were tense and shocked to see
Ridhima’s this queer behavior ..
Nandani : strange !!! where she
disappear ?
dadii :hope she is alright…
Mrs. kapoor looking at Mr.kapoor as they
both knew what’s her real problem…
Ananys: don’t worry… Ved has gone
to see her… I’m sure she is ok..
umm may be little scared to be walk
on ramp, stand before lot of media &
Nandani : then she should to inform
about it to Armaan before things
turned up like this.. for her Armaan
bate hast feel awkward if front of
Dadi [ glared to Nandani] : nothing
happened that much.. and Ammy
has to be aware of his each & every
employee’s mental condition .. when Ridhima is his relatives also ..
Armaan was finding Ridhima
everywhere, every green room and
rehearsal room even store room also.
Then from security guards he
confirmed she didn’t leave the
Ar: damn it !! where are you
Ridhima ??? where ???
In frustration when Armaan was
running his hand through hair, his
eyes caught suddenly CC Camera…
he strode towards CCTv room and
checked it… after rewind and
checking at last he found Ridhima ,
who was seen 40 minutes also
crossing back stage corridor… Armaan
ran there…
Nifhi called Ved
Nidhi: did you get her
Ved : no, I don’t understand
where she’s gone, all of sudden even
not informing me at least..
Where are you ? I’m coming.. did
you called Ammy?
Ved: no.. you left for home with
all… I’ll call you… no I’ve not called
Armaan started opening all door and
checked in through corridor.. at the
last room he saw her.. sitting on
ground, hugging her knees….Armaan
couldn’t control his anger.. he
stormed in ,and in shift motion
gripped her upper arms.. made her
stand before him.. his eyes were all
red due to anger ,frustration..and
mostly fear to lose her..
Ar: where have you gone ? why
you didn’t turn up on stage ? why
you’re not coming to me ??? why ??
damn it ??? speak up !!! have not I
tell you, I want to see you beside
me ? then why you run away? ?
don’t you dare to be dumb ? Speak
up Ridhima ??
Ar : you.. you’re the most selfish
person on earth.. who only think
about her.. bhar me jaye puri
duniya .. you don’t care who is
around you.. you know you actually
don’t deserve to be loved .. you
should be alone forever… [ Armaan
thrust her back hardly ..]
Armaan vent out his all anger in one
breath … he shook her body badly
and eventually hit her back against
wall… the beginning she was
quite but when Armaan‘s last word
hit on nail.. she shoved his hand off
and shrieked out…
Ri : why ? why I’ll come , only
that you wanted ? why I’ve to
accept others decision..
Ma Papa get me married in
childhood with their choice—I
accept that..
My in laws wanted to continue this
marriage— I accept that..
Bua told me to wait for him— I
accept that
My never seen husband divorced me
— I accept that..
Everyone wanted me to move on -- I
accept that ..
You wanted to enter my life – I also
have to accept that…
Can you tell me ,where is my wish ?
anyone of you ever asked what I
want ? don’t I have rights to knit my
own dreams.. to chose my life in my
terms… how long I have to accept
other’s choice..
How long I’ll change my dream, my
wish for all of you .. Mujhe kyun haq
nehi hain apne jigdegi apne marji
se jeenai k liye… why I can’t decide
to whom I’ll love, to whom I’ll marry,
what I’ll do, where I’ll go ???
WHY ???
Ridhima shouted from her lung… she
was panting… but choked back her
Ri : yes ,you’re right.. I don’t
deserve to be loved.. I deserved to
be alone forever… just go away…
didn’t you hear Mr, Malik… just go
away.. leave me alone… [ Ridhima
looked down but her looks were
fixed nothing particular- lost ]
Armaan was beyond shocked… this
thought never crossed in his mind…
he was numb and gawping at Ridhima
being dumbfounded ..
Ridhima slowly turned and walked
out… Armaan stood there for long…
then suddenly he came back in
sense that she left… so hurriedly he
strode out through corridor… Ridhima was walking onward but she
didn’t know where she was walking
Or which one was right path to go
out… Ved was searching possible
everywhere just then he was about
to bump with anyone.. then saw it’s
Ridhima.. certainly he lost his
coolness …He was about to shout on
her for her this insane behavior but
to see her faded , white face he shut
his mouth… he gently held her hand
and took her along with him…
Armaan was totally despair of the
whole incident… he had lost his
hope …Armaan was dejectedly sitting
on recline.. it’s late night.. all went
for sleep… Nidhi was talking with
Ved about Ridhima’s condition
standing near window.. after keeping
phone off when she turned then
noticed Armaan was still sitting out,
poolside on chair… gazing on
water..she came out and approached
towards him.. to hear foot sound
Armaan got alert , he turned his
face.. Nidhi pulled a chair and sat
down before him..
Armaan: dii, why you still awake ? go
and get sleep ..
Nidhi : what happened ,Ammy? do
you angry on Ridhima what she had
done today ?. ammy… she was
afraid.. umm for her some personal
reason .. she is not strong like
others,.. so please don’t get upset
for that… [Armaan was still looking
down ]
Ar: No, Dii..It’s ok..I can
understand… You go…
Nidhi : look at me.. Ammy .. look at
me , [When Armaan wasn’t looking up
then Nidhi pulled up his chin]
Nidhi : what’s wrong ? won’t tell your Dii ?
Armaan instantly kept his head on
Nidhi’s lap… Nidhi smiled and
caressed his hair…
Ar : dii .. it’s too hard.. it’s too
Nidhi: I can see that in your eyes..
If I ask what is it then you will say
nothing.. so I won’t ask it..but will
say don’t lose hope… Ammy. open
your heart… to get others love
you’ve show your love.. to get care
you have to show you care for them..
you have to show your trust.. have
to give reliance.. why you can’t get
it.. hiding your emotion you won’t
gain anything.. sometimes we have
to accept the situation and have to
act according that.. you won’t get
everything in your life as per your
wise.. you have to surrender to your
fate.. .. do it Ammy before it’s too
late …
Nidhi didn’t disturb Armaan more…
she stood up and walked off.. but
once again stooped and turned
back.. for once she thought to ask
Armaan “ who is she”’ then in second
thought she knew ,Armaan will never
open his mouth .. no use… so she
Same night –kapoor mansion…….
Ved walked in Ridhima’s room..
Ridhima was sitting on bed taking her
parents photo frame see ved
she kept it under pillow… ved
pulled a chair and sat down..
Ved : are you ok ? [ Ridhima nodded
yes] .. ok.. I won’t ask , what
happened ? why you’ve not appear
on stage !! .. I just will say you.. it’s
not the right way you’re venting your
grief … well, what do you want ? live
your whole life like that.. fleeing
away , hiding yourself ?? then I
won’t say anything.. and if not..
Then fulfill your dream.. do what
you want to.. Ridhima look at me..
[ Ridhima looked up at him[
you’ve hurt me a lot… you proved
that we’re failed to give you enough
love that you could forget your
past…. I wish you to see happy and
for that your have to accept present
and walk towards your future…
Ved said all what he has to..
there was nothing left to say or
hear.. now it’s upto Ridhima how she
will live her life…
5 days later……….
Akash and Ritu’s wedding …… all
guests were started arrival… kapoor
family also reached.. though Ridhima
was feeling awkward for her deed on
that day but as per Billi's
instruction no one asked anything to
her.. al behaved nothing happened
… though Ridhima asked forgiveness…
Ridhima was sitting with Atul and
Armaan’s few cousins… in 5 days Armaan & Ridhima didn’t meet with eachother…
Ridhima didn’t attended
Sangeet on pretext she was not
feeling well actually to escape
dancing with Atul though she
attended Haldi but Armaan didn’t
come downstairs for once as he
didn’t like hullabaloo and applying
Haldi on body ..
Ri : Atul..I’m sorry… I couldn’t
keep my words..
Atul : It’s ok..I understand , after all
you’re unwell …. [then Nandani came
Nandani : Atul, when Armaan will come
back ?
Atul : umm.. very soon, Anjali’s
flight had landed 2 hours ago..
Nandanii: umm.. it’s time to start
ritual.. call him to come soon…
Atul was about to call just then Armaan and Anjali walked in… Anjali
greeted Nandani and hugged Atul also
passed a look to Ridhima, as
usual..But Ridhima was silent today…
Atul : hay, let’s go to alter.. it’s time
to start wedding ..
Anjali: oho,, really . then go..Ammy
Atul ,Nsndani, Anjali and rest of
cousins walked ahead…
Atul : Ridhima come [ Atul turned
back and Asked her] Ridhima stood
up and walked ahead.. she was
looking down.. but when she was
passing Armaan ..Armaan spoke up..
Ar : hello, Ridhima How are you ?
[ his voice was calm and soft]
Ridhima was shocked as she thought
after that moment Armaan will be soon
angry and won’t talk to her ..
Ri : umm.. good… [ she once
looked up than again turned her
gaze down.. she wanted to sat sorry
to spoil his event but before her
Armaan replied ]
Ar: will you mind to come with
me for few moments ? please ..
With utmost shock, Ridhima looked
up.. Armaan Malik was
requesting someone ,, it’s just
Ar : shall we ?? after you.. [ he
showed Ridhima to path ]
Ridhima walked ahead and Armaan
followed him… Armaan gestured her
where to go… she stooped beside
pool… Armaan walked in his room and
then came out in next second.. he
offered a gift box to her..
Ar : it’s for you… will you care to
open it ?
His soft voice made Ridhima
perplexed and spellbound]She was
following his word… She opened
packed and found a gold color
narrow cylinder shape box.. she
looked at Armaan. Armaan gestured to
opened that.. Ridhima twist it’s cap
and opened,, that brought out a chit’s in rolling shape like
cigarette..she plain the chit..
It’s written “ I LOVE YOU RIDHIMA”
In the whole time Armaan was eye
Ridhima… yes, Armaan Malik
was never good to open his heart..
to speak up ,even not now.. so this
his style to propose his LADY LOVE..
All were busy in alter to enjoy and
experience Akash and Ritu’s
wedding.. they both could heard
applauses and sound or crackers
blasting … but they both have no
time to care for that..
Ridhima looked at Armaan but her
facial expression was not shocking..
Ar : that’s what I feel for you..
It’s my feelings .. my wish.. my life ,
my desire, my emotion.. and all for
you.. I will be happy if you accept
it But I’ll be the happiest person if
you do what you want .. do what
To be continue……………….


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